Anya Battles the Hammer

Anya Battles the Hammer

Part 4 Anya Battles the Hammer

Numb and exhausted Anya felt something soft brush under her nose, reaching up with her hand she brushed it away, only to have it return seconds later. Mumbling incoherently she rolled away from it, and hit a wall, reaching a hand up she felt the wall. Well it was hard, but there was a weird soft texture on it, like she was pushing into a body. Smiling at her stupid thoughts Anya rested her hand against it and snuggled closer, only to hear an extremely human laugh come from the wall.

“whaa” muttered Anya as she forced her eyes to open to an unfamiliar face, but she recognized the mouth instantly as the memories from the previous day came slamming back.
“Thor” stammered out Anya, sitting up slightly she looked around. As far as places to stash an un-willing person went, this wasn’t half bad. They were on a huge four poster bed with dark brown sheets and a rich looking black cover. There where bookcases by a massive window that no doubt had an amazing view, overall the room reminded her of a old fashioned study, only this one had a very revealing mirror above the bed.

“Do you like my room?” asked the naked giant next to her, ‘what was he doing naked’. Forcing her eyes back to the “Hammer” she realized he was very naked, looking down she realized she was equally naked.

“Ah…” squealing Anya pulled the covers up to her neck, and adjusted her glasses to make sure she was seeing Thor right. ‘Good god, he was a well god.’ Thought Anya with a smirk at the coincidence considering his name was Thor.
Natural platinum hair hung to his shoulders with two braids threaded with black on either side of his eyes’ framed his face perfectly. Broad forehead, a long nose with a slight bump where it had obviously been broken, lips made to torture girls and high cheeks bones completed his god like features. Anya could tell James and him where related, apart from the hair they nearly looked the same, points for James she had never noticed how handsome he was until she saw his look alike cousin. Oh god where was James, had he left her or sold her, bastard he was dead. She was going to feed his balls to a lion while he watched then she would….

“Stop thinking” growled Thor as he placed a finger on her forehead, instantly halting her thoughts of James.

“Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t know me’ he gave her a condescending pointed look ‘Ok putting your cock into me does not a relationship make. Ok so just back off and get off I have to go neuter your cousin, just be thankful I won’t do it to you. I would need a fucking chainsaw to do that” mumbled Anya, Thor didn’t move though he only looked amused.

“Sorry Little one’ Thor reached under the covers where she was hiding and laid his hand on her stomach possessively. “But James gave you to me; he has to work something out before he joins us.”

“Oh hell no’ stated Anya in shock, first James breaks her heart and now he plans to…keep her to give away at his leisure? No way in hell. Without pause Anya brought the heel of her hand into Thor’s nose, and heard a satisfying crunch followed by a roar of rage. Shoving him away she made madly for the door, not even caring if the entire neighborhood thought she was some crazy girl when she started screaming rape while running naked down the street. But there was nothing she could do about the naked part considering the circumstances. Sadly she didn’t count on the rope tied around her ankle, how the fuck hadn’t she noticed that.
Screeching in frustration as she landed on her stomach and breasts, blocking out the pain Anya shoved herself up and started on the knots. Too late though, Thor had quickly recovered, and looked like an insane body builder with a serious grudge. Jeeze all she did was make his nose bleed.

“Oh crap” whispered Anya, Thor surprisingly didn’t rush at her like she though he would. He started laughing like some demonic devil sent to torture her, double crap.

“Oh Little one, that was stupid. Now we are going to play a game, it’s called run and catch.’ Walking over to her quickly he grabbed her glasses of her face before she could even move back, shit he was fast for such a tall guy. Tugging desperately on the rope Anya felt it suddenly slacken, realizing he had cut it Anya looked questionably in the general direction she though he was. Then she realized what he meant by run and catch, he was going to…

“Ah I love seeing that look on your face Little one, it’s like a deer caught in the headlights, one who realizes it’s trapped. I’m guessing you have played a game similar game to this one so I won’t bothering explaining… you have one minute, and counting” growled Thor.

Panic instantly filled Anya, unlike any she had ever felt. She was truly terrified and considered crawling up into a ball and begging for mercy, but she knew that wouldn’t work with this guy, it would only make him madder.

So that left one option… hide. Crawling as fast as she could Anya bumped into the door before she found the handle and pulled herself up, placing on hand on the wall she practically ran down the thankfully empty corridor. All the while she could hear Thor counting.

“Forty, thirty nine, thirty eight.”
Panicking Anya tripped over her own feet and landed on her knees, she knew they were bleeding but that was the least of her problems.

“Thirty five, thirty four, thirty three.”
Opening a random door Anya raced inside and as quietly as she could shutting the door, breathing deeply she reached desperately around.

“Twenty three, twenty two, twenty one.”
Yes a wardrobe, not much but it was the best she could do while practically blind and on a timer. Crawling inside Anya found herself praying it was a magical wardrobe that would take her to a nice place called Narnia, no such luck. Resigned to the non- magical wardrobe, Anya found a corner easily and snuggled into it with clothes all around her.

“Three, two, one, ready or not hear I come”
Placing a hand over her mouth to halt the scream of terror that almost escaped, Anya burrowed down deeper and deeper into the clothes, like a rabbit hiding from a hound. Nearby she could hear Thor’s loud thumping feet down the hall way, and in her terror began reciting nursery rhyme quotes in her head.
‘Fie fie foe fum’ played over and over in her head like some kind of demented broken record, she was going crazy. Shaking her head Anya forced her body to not move a muscle as she heard the door to her room creak open, holy crap this guy was terrifying and knew it.

“I know you’re in here Little one, I followed the blood trail. Did you fall, you should probably get it looked at, James and I would be mad if you broke” Growled Thor.

Bastard’s treating her like a toy for them to play with, fury briefly overcame the terror. Before tapping began on the wardrobe walls, knowing he knew she was in there Anya let out a whimper.

“This would have been far easier if you hadn’t hit me, come out now and I promise it will only hurt a little when I enter you.” Said Thor as his fingers tapped on the wall of the wardrobe.

Too scared to move Anya tried to force her arms to unclench, but she was frozen. With a growl form the outside of her haven, the door was ripped open. Anya saw a brief flash of what must have been arm, before she was roughly pulled from her hiding space by her hair.
Crying out Anya’s now un-frozen limbs began rebelling against his huge body, with all of her strength she shoved, kicked and fought. But to no happy end, Thor just brushed off her attacks and continued pulling her away from the wardrobe. Fighting like a cougar in a trap, Anya screamed when she was shoved hard against a wall. Dazed Anya was only held up by a strong hand wrapped around her shoulder and part of her neck, a hard body pushed itself against hers.

“Pl…please don’t” Whispered Anya against Thor’s shoulder, completely defeated and helpless.

“You brought this upon yourself, but I promise to go easier on you if you do one thing.’ She felt fingers brush her lips softly, “suck my cock between those sweet lips.”

Stunned Anya couldn’t believe what was happening, a hand pushed on her shoulders and she ended up level with his huge cock. Swallowing deeply she lightly wrapped her hand around the base, ‘now what’ though Anya. As if reading her mind, or sensing her inexperience Thor pushed her back a little before leaning down on his knees.

“Wrap your fingers around the base tight, and those lips around the head. The rest you will pick up as you go along.”
Tightening her fingers, Anya heard Thor groan. Confidence up a little, she placed the head between her lips and slowly slipped her tongue over it. There was one place that made him groan louder, so she used it to her advantage and licked it again and again, but he soon wanted more. A surprisingly gentle hand grabbed the back of her head and lowered her mouth around his cock, until she had half of its impossible length inside her mouth.

“Ok, let’s see how much you can handle” growled Thor, she felt a hand slide down her back before two huge fingers plunged into her pussy. Crying out in shock, Thor used her surprise to his advantage and thrust his hips up and lower her head. Anya nearly gagged as every inch of him disappeared down her throat.

“Holy… god” groaned Thor. Tightening his hand he forced her head up and down on every inch of his cock, while he ground his fingers in and out of her quickly dewy pussy while circling and taping lightly on her sensitive clit.

Whimpering Anya managed to keep him in her mouth for another minute before air became an issue, when she began struggling like a mad women Thor let her up. Coughing and gasping in the air Anya hardly noticed when Thor grabbed her under the arms and raised her up against the wall.
“Put your legs around my waist” ground out Thor, without thinking Anya obeyed. His cock instantly brushed against her very wet pussy, they both moaned. Looking him in the eyes Anya raised her hips and lowered her pussy onto his cock, moaning softly she felt him part he lips. Slowly she sank onto his cock, until she was halfway on.

“More” growled Thor, in that moment she realized how much he needed this. It was in the shaking of his limbs and the almost pleading look in his eyes, reveling in her power Anya sank fully onto his length. Screaming she felt him go deeper than anyone ever had, the walls of her pussy contracting on him like a velvet vise made just for him. Thor seemed equally entrapped by the feeling, his face a mix of devotion and ecstasy.

“No one has ever… oh god Angel Anya” groaned Thor, taking over their every action. Palming her arse roughly in his hands he pushed her fully against the wall, squealing she felt him pull out and slam back in like a man possessed by demons.
Again and again he pounded into her without reserve but with much care for her, he was treating her like a gift. Keeping her from getting bruised by protecting her body with his huge hands, while alternately slamming his hips against hers so her clit rubbed against him.

“Ah, ahhhh” moaned Anya, her head thrashing against the hard wall.
Jilting her up a bit Thor leaned her onto his forearm, grabbing her thrashing jaw in his hand he held her still as his mouth lowered to hers. Screaming in frustrating at his halting movement, Anya dug her fingers into his arse, her nails going deep.
Roaring in pain and pleasure Thor slammed his mouth down on hers, holding her still he assaulted her mouth while pounding into her with his cock.
Twining her tongue around his she kissed him with as much fever as he kissed her, harder and harder he shoved into her until she felt it all build up inside of her. Breaking her mouth away Anya screamed as she came again and again onto his cock, almost instantly she felt him cum inside of her. Hot spurts that sent her into another world, or so it felt such was her pleasure. Minutes later Anya felt Thor finally stop convulsing, amazed at his virility she could only hang limply in his strong arms.

“Well, well” James voice drifted into Anya’s ears from over Thor’s shoulder. “What do you say cousin?”

Curious Anya looked up into Thor’s face, he stared just as intently back at her. Leaning down he kissed her lightly on the lips, pulling back just as quickly he smiled. Instantly Anya’s defenses went up, ‘what did James mean by his question’.

“You already know the answer to that James, she is ours. Forever” Smiling cruelly with all traces of former kindness gone, Thor slowly lowered her feet to the ground.
Turing away from her Thor walked out quickly followed by James, the door slammed shut behind them. Anya heard the unmistakable noise of a lock and realized that they had locked her into this room, leaving her alone, naked and completely helpless against their strength and ability to seduce a girl blind.

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