A longing lust of mine for thomas

A longing lust of mine for thomas

"No, Thomas is hott. Jake is just cute. You know, like the boy next door, nothing special."I told Heather as we walked to the locker room . We walked pased the basketball court, and there he was the most georgous guy I new. He was about 5' 11", brown hair, green eyes that could set a girl off, and the best smile. I waved and he waved back. Everyone in the school said he liked me but I denied it, although I knew it was true. We've been best friends forever.
Me and Heather walked around a bit talking before going to the locker room. On our way back the whole b-ball team walked passed us to leave. I was outside the locker room and Heather says, "I dare you to sneek into the boys locker room and spray perfume everywhere, on everything." of course me being the goodie goodie I am,I refused. but she forced the bottle in my hand and shoved me into the locker room and gaurded the door so I couldnt leave. So I turned around to start spraying and none other than Thomas came out of the shower room in a towel. My face turned red and I eepped then tried to leave but Heather put something in front of the door, that was extreamly heavy. I put my head on the door and and whisperd "shit!" "What?!" Thomas said in a really odd voice. I turned around and looked up avoiding eye contact and said, "the door is blocked and I cant leave" I finally looked down to look at him. DAMN he was hott! he was still wet from the shower and only in a towel. I took a deep breath and asked if he would help me get the door open and he complied. I stood by the door waiting for him and because the door was in a boxed off area we were really close. Our arms touched as we both tried pushing the door. He jiggled the door knob and started laughing. "What the fuck is so funny?" "the door knob is jammed with somthing, you cant leave. At least not this way try the pool access. And of course as we went to move that thing happend where we both didnt know which way to go. Finally i got to the door and opened it but all the other doors in the pool area were locked. So i sat on the bench and crossed my arms.

After about 5 minutes I got bored and thomas came out with shorts on and looked at me. he didnt just look at me though he gazzed at me. I didnt think i had a good body but my ex said I did. I am 5'6", Blond hair that goes down to my hips, green eyes and lucious lips. Im about a 34C. When i saw him look at me I got excited somehow. like really turned on but I ignored it. "Im going in!" I said as I started taking my shorts off . "What?!" He said suprised to see me stripping "Im going swimming, hell why not were stuck here right" I took my top off so now i was in my bra and boy shorts. "Are you gonna stand there and stare or are you gonna do something?" i asked in the most sexy voice I could. I could tell he was getting a hard on. At that i jumped in and he quickly folowed. I thought i was a fast swimmer but i guess when a teen gets horny they'll do everything faster. Thomas finally caught my ankle and pulled me to him. Then I turned and looked at him. I stood up and rubbed my hands down his toned chest. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. I looked up and gave him a lustfull smile and kissed him hard like I had wanted to for so many years. He reached back to unhook my bra but got confused. He pulled away and looked puzzled. I rolled my eyes and pointed to the front of my bra and smiled. "Its in front, Much easier access" I said laughing.

He went back to kissing me and finally got my bra off and threw it aside. he watched as my tits bounced out freely, nipples erect and all. As we kissed he massages my tits and played with my nipples. I pushed my self away and floated in the water. He was looking at my boobs the were perfecly floating on the top of the water. He swam uder me and kissed my back under water then came up and kissed me. I just smiled. I got up and asked,"Do you..." "Do i what?" Thomas said as he played with my hair. " Do you.. do you want me?" i asked as i stood up and came up right by him. " What do you mean?He asked stupidly. "What do you think i mean thomas? I know you've liked for a long time and i like you too. So do you want me,cuz I really want you."

I was sitting on the stairs now completly nude underwater waiting for thomas. He swam over an brushed up against my body. we started making out, then i felt his hand on my thigh creeping up. I tilted my head back because i wanted him so much. He was driving me insane. then he started playing with my clit, teasing me running his fingers up and down my slit. I moaned in pleasure."Stop teasing me!"I begged to him. then he plunged his fingers inside my warm virgin pussy and thrusted them in and out twisting and turning them, then he hit my G-spot. I squilled and squirmed in pleasure. he continued playing with my G-spot, for what seemed like hours. After he pulled them out he went and kised me on each of my breasts. I scooted up the stairs and out of the pool so i was on the tile. He climbed up started kissing down my stomach until he reached my hot pussy. He licked up and down it then darted his toung in and out making me scream even loader," FUCK!!!! OHHHH!!!!. Then my hips started buckeling and twisting as i reached my first orgasm. I held his head between my knees as i came. after i came I fell back and started breathing heavily. Then Thomas came up and kissed me. I was tasting my own sweet juices. then I flipped Thomas over so i was atop him, we were still making out, then i started trailing down his abs then to where his hips indented and contined down i kissed around his 8' cock and licked up the entire length until i got to the top. Then i played with the tip of his shaft and said, "You want it?" I was totaly teasing him. "yes i want it! I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!" So at that i started to slowly engulf his huge dick finaly i got to his base then i slowly went all they way back up and during this i was playing with his balls and humming for extra vibration. I continued for a few minutes then he started panting so i knew he was cumming soon. I moved even faster and kept picking up pace then he screamed, " Shit Autumn im cumming im gonna cum!" So i just started stroking his cock and this seemed to drive him wild then i put his dick back in my mouth and gave him head again and then he couldnt take it any more he gave out 8 or 9 loads into my mouth the first couple i gaged on but then got used to it. I suckd him dry then i went and straddled him and leaned down to kiss him and i had him up in a minute, then he flipped me on my back and I said, "Please i want you, now, in me." He wasnt at all hesitant, he slowly started to push his cock into my wet pussy, i bit my lip with pleasure. He was slowly taring though my hymen, i was so happy that i was with him. Then he broke though me and i whimperd so he stopped and waited then i started rocking my hips telling him he could continue. after i got used to it he started pumping himself and i was rocking with his motions i could feel my body shaking and i was screaming so intensly. I was coming to my second orgasim i was moaning and wriggling aroung then as he pumped three more times my back arched and i let out more of my juices but he just kept pumping. now his dick and my pussy coverd in my juices. I grabbed his waist and rocked with him "Oh, ah, im...com..." Then i felt yet another load but this time in my pussy. It felt so good to feel him inside me it was amazing. then he pulled him self out and laid down next to me. i crawled right up next to him and kissed him then started laughing. "What is so funny?" Thomas asked, "Nothing, its just....wow." I said then went to go get up but he pulled me back down and kissed my nose and let me go. I went and got back into the pool to find my bra. the i got dressed and Thomas did too. We walked back to the boys locker room holding hands, and tried the door again but still didnt open so i turned to thomas and said, " I cant beleive she still hasnt unlocked it!" then i heard someone running down the hall and move things out of the way and unlock the door. "Hi heather, forget about me much" i said" Sorry, i........have you two just been sitting here the whole time?" I looked at thomas and then looked at heather and said, "Yea waiting for your dumb ass!"

More stories to come! if you have any good ideas to add to the next one please tell me cuz i will put it in this is my first story please be nice

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