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Milk of Desire, Book II, Chapter 5 : Jake's confirmation.

Milk of Desire, Book II By EFon Chapter 5 : Jake's confirmation. After washing up I returned to my room, satisfied to hear the sounds of lust still coming from my sister's room. Jake, like Katey, liked to be loud. The occasional Oh Yea! was almost comical. I was smiling as I entered my room and slightly puzzled to find it empty. My covers were covered with some blood and lots of cum and even a little shit. I pulled it up and off my bed and headed downstairs to throw it in the washer before my mother got home. Now...


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Mary jane my step mom is beautiful

It was a avarage day nothing out of the ordanary. I woke up around 5 am and had to use the restroom just like anyother morning my step mom would just be getting up and around.she is one of those woman that take 2 hours to get ready. Like anyother morning she was just getting out of the shower and had a towel on. I knocked on the door just as i hada hundred times. She yells out just a min like always. I wait just as always and she comes out for some reason today she looked amazing. I had...


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Charmaines Downfall Pt 1

Their anniversary was coming up this weekend. It would be James and Charmaine’s fifth wedding anniversary. They married when Charmaine was 19 and James was 23. He had a really great job and Charmaine was just graduating. They met a year ago when she came for a job interview and ever since then it was nonstop romance. Her parents were not sure about her marrying at still a young age, but they didn't try to stop her. James is now like one of the family to them, as well as going on family holidays he also now goes on fishing trips...


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Denny?s Breakfast Treat - 4

We stood and watched until Mercedes calmed down and released Cathy from her legs. Cathy and Mercedes got up and joined Rose and I in a group hug. Cathy broke the silence with “that was so wonderful. I fantasized about doing something like this but never thought it would happen. I hope you let me come back for more.” Then she kissed each of us, saving me for last. “Maybe one day your girls will let me have a night alone with you.” Then she gave me a long passionate kiss. Rose replied “Only if he lets us have a weekend...


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College is Fun: First Weekend

Sophomore year in college. No more trying to make new friends out of complete strangers, freaking out because tests are so much harder than anything before, or having to live in a dorm with 400 other guys only 20 of which I like to talk to. This year I am prepared, eager, and single. Well willing to cheat is pretty much the same. Been dating the same cute red head for almost three years and things are great. Having said that, I still need to have fun. I am six feet tall with brown hair buzzed short and amazing (one of...


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Hot tub encounter

I live alone now and enjoying the solitude for now. It was late at night and a cool night so I decided to take a soak in my hot tub. I don't have a privacy fence but I am backed up to a conservation area and just had older ladies living on either side. They went to bed early and had turned off their lights. I didn't want to soak in my swim trunks so I slid them off and entered the hot tub. The only light was a glowing light that was powered by solar panel mounted on top like...


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Samantha and Kaylee_(0)

I had a neighbor named Kaylee that was gorgeous. She was tall, athletic and had a firm body. Probably about 120 lbs. tanned skin, dark brown hair. She definately got my attention. She was no slut, she was more of a tease. We went to the same high school. I saw her alot, but we didn't talk much. Everything about her was mesmerizing, the way her hair was long and had the right amount of curl, her legs, sexy figure, she even had dimples above her ass that i could see when she was in her bikini around her pool. She...


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Their Stories - Chapters Three & Four

Chapter Three - The Second Hotel Room So, the next day, you met him again at the mall? Bobby inquired. Yeah, the blonde 12 year old said. That day, he let me go to the arcade for a while. We played some games, like he was my dad and all. Then he let me buy some CD’s that I wanted, Mariah Carey and Back Street Boys, and a portable CD player and batteries. Then I lay down in the back seat and listened to music while we drove to the motel. Was it the same motel? Bobby asked. No, different, she...


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Incestuous Harem 17: Disciplining the Bratty Sister

Incestuous Harem Chapter Seventeen: Punishing the Bratty Sister By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this! Vicky Samuels “Okay, I want your worksheets filled out by tomorrow,” I said to my World History class, staring out at the students. There were smatterings of groans that made me smile while the more driven students, who cared about their grades, nodded brightly. I tried not to linger on any one face of my students as they gathered their supplies into their backpacks, particularly one. It was so hard not to stare at Master as I taught. I just wanted...


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