The Girl With The Wolf Tattoo_(0)

The Girl With The Wolf Tattoo_(0)

I quickly made my way through the throngs of other students as a headed towards my locker. This was one of the fow times that I could make to my locker before my next class and I couldn't wait to get rid of the arm load of books I was packing down the hallways. Suddenly now the crowd appeared my friend Jeremy, just when I started to work the combination lock to my locker.

Jeremy and I had been friends since the forth grade. We did drift apart from each other for a while in middle school when Jeremy joined the football team. Once Jeremy realised that I could help him with he's school work, so he wouldn't be kicked off the football team, we became closer then ever. It didn't take long before half the football team started hanging out with me too. This was very adventitious for me because when I became a freshman I did not have to put up with the hazy that many of my peers had to.

"Hay Ben, do you have your bluetooth on?" Jeremy inquired of me. Every time Jeremy had something that was off color that he wanted to share he always did it through a bluetooth connection. This was do to the fact that his parents weren't tech savvy and Jeremy could easily delete the bluetooth history so his parents wouldn't find out what he was sharing.

"My phone is off right now." I replied as I put the book I was holding away. The school's policy about cellphones was that they had to be off while in class. Which allowed students to check their phones between classes. Except for lunch, it was easier for me to leave my cellphone off while I was at school. This saved me from having my phone ring in class and getting emberessed by the teacher, which I seen many of my fellow class mates suffer.
"Well hurry up." Jeremy practically bounced in place as I worked my phone out of my pocket.

"What is it?" I asked while I waited for my phone to power up.

"It's something I got from John right after gym class." Jeremy replied. John was one of the members of the varsity football team and he shared a lot of pornographic videos and pictures, along with other sports things, with the other football members. So there was no way to be absolutely sure what Jeremy was about to send to my phone. Once Jeremy heard the sound of my phone turning on he watch over my shoulder as we waited for it to boot all the way up. The home screen appeared a split second before a notification pop up that I had a request to receive a file from Jeremy's phone. I knew that it had to be a rather small file because it only took a secent to download. "Look at it when you get a chance to be alone." Jeremy said before he rushed off to his next class.

Before I retrieved my binder I took a quick look at what Jeremy had sent me. As I had expected it was a google drive url which ment it had to be pornographic in nature. In everyone's freshman year we were walked through setting up a google drive account for our school work. Then our school mail everyone's parents with detailed instructions on how to access their kid's accounts. Some of the students used what they had learned to set up a secent drive account so they could better hid what they didn't want their parents to find.

When I turned around the crowd was all but gone. The only students that where left were half way joging down the hallways. I would have been doing the same if it wasn't for the fact that my next class was straight across from the locker. As I walked through the door Mis. Johnson stood up so she could get to the door by the time the bell rang. This day Mis. Johnson was wearing a white and ivory brocaded dress that complemented her long blonde hair. Mis. Johnson always weard dresses that covered all of her but they also hugged every curve of her hourglass shape. During the first trimester of taking her class I only got a B grade because I was distracted by her 34D breasts and the form fitting dresses Mis. Johnson woer all the time. Once my parents seen that progress report they demanded to know how I could possibly be getting a B in keyboarding. I blamed the gared on the fact that it was the second to last class of the day so I was tired. After all I couldn't exactly tell my parents then I was getting distracted because the teacher was so hot looking. This explanation seemed to satisfy them untill parent teacher conferences came around. That night my father came into my room and explained that he understood me being distracted but I need to overcome the distraction. Over time I did some what overcome being distracted my Mis. Johnson's looks with a lot of hard work on my part. Through a lot of focusing on my screen I made it through the class.

My next class was creative wirtting which I wasn't that interested in. The only reason I was taking the class was that it was one of the prerequisites for advanced programming. I could understand the need for advanced keyboarding and calculus but I had no idea what creative writing had to do with advanced programming. Other than not knowing why I need the class was it's timing because keyboarding and creative wirtting where on opposite sides of the campus which ment I had to jog the whole way there to make it in time. Mr. Sanders, who tought the class, was one of the teachers that would wait by the door and even if you where just a few feet away would close the door the ensant the bell rang. This practise forced students to go to the office where they would have to explain why they where late to class before getting escorted to their class. Rounding the last corner I broke out into a dead run know that the bell would be ringing some time soon. When I was two feet away I could tell by the grin Mr. Sanders had on his face that he was just about to slam the door shut on me. Not knowing what else to do I took a headlong dive for the doorway. I slid into the class room a split second before the bell sounded.

"Safe!" one of the guys in the class exclaimed as he waved his arms infront of himself like an umpire. Causeing the whole to roar with laughter.

"Mr. Mills, this is creative wirtting and not creative entry." Mr. Sanders chided me while I was getting up from the floor. By the time I took my seat there was still some students trying to russell there laughing under control.

The rest of class was unremarkable as Mr. Sanders droned on about that days lesson and assigned our home work. I was tiping out that ever same assignment, on my laptop, when I got a notification from Skype that Luke had sent me a message. That message got me note what time it was and knew that the rest of the guys would be getting on line soon so I posted Luke's question in our group chat before I answered it. Doing things in this manner kept me from having to swimming through a big bunch of private messages. Besides when I answered homework question in the group chat I would get lucky and help out one or two other people with just one answer. After a took a break to eat dinner I came back to my laptop to find the Jeremy had asked in group chat if I had seen "the play" he shared with me yet.

In our last year of middle school we heard about a whole baseball team that was suspended for sharring pornography. It turned out that one of the player's parents had put spyware on their computer in order to keep track of the computer's usage. So when the player in question used Skype to walk with their friends everything was being logged. Like me a lot of the guys wheren't consumed by pornography. All of use did agree that we did want to be able to talk about it though so we came up with "the play" code. We used things like batting curve to talk about body shapes and running yards for legs. For some time we where stumped on how to talk about breasts in till I hit on a "play gared" because of cup sizes. This format made sence to us do to the fact that the majority of the group was involved with one sport or the other. Up to this point a had forgotten about the url that Jeremy gave me.

I got my phone and pulled up th url but I paused before I opened. Not wanting one of my family members coming up behind me I crossed the room where I shut and lucked my door. Now that I knew I wouldn't be disturbed I opened the url which caused me to be totally mezmorized. It was a picture of a girl in a locker room stile shower.

The shower room was covered in bluish grey tiles with some kind of fluorescent lights set into a high ceiling. I wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not but the subject was off center of the photograph. It looked like the girl was leaning into the water to finsh rinsing her long blonde hair which cause her back to be halfway arched and her buttocks to be lifted. Her forearms blocked part of her breast so it was hard to tell much about them. Someone had work out the girl's face so it was impossible to tell who she was expect for the face of a wolf the was tattooed above her left hip. After I got a good look and imagine what it be like to put my hands around her hips as I took her from behind I went back to the group chat.

From there on the whole conversation revolved around the picture. There was a lot of conjecture about who the girl was. One of the wildest thoughts was that it was Mis. Johnson in the picture. From my first year in high school there was a rumor going around that Mis Johnson dressed the way she did because she was into young guys. Even as hard as guys had tried no one could prove the rumor to be right. Of course to my knowledge no one had ever proved the rumor wrong eather and I didn't think anyone had ever asked her about it. I suppose nobody ever asked that question because it would put an end to the fantasy of making it with a teacher.

About midnight I finally got off my computer and started to lay down when my phone chimed. I figured that one of the guys was texting and part me wanted to tell who ever is was off for texting so late on a school night. When I unlocked my phone I found that is was from my sister Riley. Riley was a couple of years older than me and in her last year of high school. This night she was texting because her computer had frozen up and she didn't know what to do. At first I tried walking Riley through simple things like holding down control, alt and delete to bring up Windows system manager. All this severed to do was to annoy Riley because she had already tried such simple things. Riley and I had a good relationship with each other but like any siblings we did get on each others nerves from time to time. In the end I had to walk my sister through a hard shutdown which ment she lost a good part of the assignment she had been working on. Like myself Riley had a 4.0 gpa but unlike me she had to work hard for her grades. So I felt bad about her losing all that work because I knew Riley would be up almost all night to get her assignment done.

Suddenly I found myself walking through endless rows of gym lockers. From all around me came the sound of a shower runing along with the sound of a girl humming to her self. I started walking faster as I took random turns in an attempt to figer out the labyrinth. I was just about pass by a row when I noticed that there was steam at the other end. Following the steam seemed like it would be an easy way to reach my destination but it was any thing like easy. Several times the steam be came so thick I could barely see where I was going only to find myself back in the ends rows of lockers so I had to back track. In the end I found myself standing in the doorway of the familiar bluish grey shower room.

Before me was the girl with the wolf tattoo leaning into the shower as she rinsed out her hair. As I took in the sight I could feel my manhood becoming incredibly erect. When she finished rinsing here hair the girl looked over here shoulder and I could finally tell that it was Mis Johnson in the shower. Being shocked that I was standing in the doorway Mis. Johnson subconsciously took a step back as she turned around. At first the shock of suddenly seeing me was all over her face but slowly the shocked look was replaced by a hungrieful lusty one and I thought this new look must be the same one a wolf had as it zeroed in on it's pray.

"Why don't you bring that over here?" Mis Johnson beckoned to me. That was when I noticed that I was naked. My parents always told be to obey my elders I'm sure my parents never had something like this in mind but I really didn't want to disobey my teacher especially in this instance.

When I got close Mis. Johnson spun me around and push me into the wall. That was when she leaned in so she could whisper her question into my ear. "Do you like watching girls in the shower?"

"I do when it's you, Mis. Johnson." I replied trying to be as smooth as I could be.

"At least you where thoughtful enough to bring me a new toy." Mis. Johnson stated while she rapped her fingers around my shaft. Just after the words had left her mouth she started gliding her hand up and down my rod.

"Dose this feel good?" Mis. Johnson asked. Her had felt so mind blowingly good All I could do was nod my head in response which caused her to giggle. "Do you know what would feel better?"

"I don't know." I panted out in answer.

"Well it's a good thing that I do." Mis. Johnson half mockingly replied before she lowered herself to her knees.

Before I knew it Mis. Johnson had her mouth around my member and start bobbing her head upon it. She only worked her mouth a few times on my manhood before I felt my testicles begin to tingle. On her next up strock my scrotum clinched hard and I felt my semen shoot into her mouth. That was when I woke up.

For some time I laied in my bed as I regained my breath. Once I had my breathing back under control a dreaded thought occurred to me. When I reached under the bed covers to my cratch I found the huge wet spot that I was afraid was there. I thought I had out grown having wet dreams and mentally kicked myself for looking at something like that picture without masturbating before I went to sleep. Looking over at my clock I realized it was only an hour before I normally got up so if I hurried to clean things up I could get everything done and be in the shower before anyone was the wiser. In a rush pulled the covers of the bed and rolled them up into ball. With that completed I carefully made my way down into the family room where I turned the corner to go down into the basement. After getting my beding in the washer I moved as quickly as I could while being silent so I could get into the shower. Upon getting to my room, after my shower, I put my soiled night clothes into the camper underneath everything else.

Over the next couple of weeks every guy I know tried any thing they could think of to figer out who the girl was in the shower picture. John was questioned multiple times about the picture but all he would say is that he couldn't give up his sources. I heard about a few guys that hacked their way into the school's computers hopping to find some clue only to get suspended when they where cought. As I made my way out to the bus I bumped into Jeremy who gave me new link to another picture.

Seeing how it was Friday I went straight up to my room so I could look at the picture. This picture had flat grey gym lockers In the back ground and a light brown wooden bench in the foreground. The girl stood between the bench and lockers with her back to the camera while she looked over right shoulder. At the time the picture was taken the only thing she had on was a pink thong which accentuated her tight round buttocks. Just above the top line of the thong was the widely talked about wolf tattoo that let everyone know that it was the same girl from the shower picture. Like the last picture the girls face was blurred out but not just enough to hid the girls identity while still being able to see her long blonde hair. Because of the camera angle you couldn't see her breasts but the angle did sirve to show off her hourglass figure.

I couldn't take Looking at the picture any more so I moved over to my bed. Once there I reach up under the boxspring and pulled out my cum rag. After pulling my pants and underwear down to my ankles I sat on the edage of the bed. My penis was already erect as I wrapped my had around it. At first I slowly strocked my rod as I imagine what it would feel like to have myself up inside the girl from the pictures. A little at time I increased my strocking while my fantasy had the girl riding my shaft faster and faster until she was bouncing hard upon me. I could feel myself getting ready to climax so I put my cum rag over the head of my penis and When I did reach my climax I cumed hard enough to soaked through the rag.

After I cleaned up I set to work on what little homework I had for that weekend. It took me round half an hour to complete my homework so I use the rest of the before dinner to see what was happing on Skype. I was In the middle of reading a rousing debate about if it was Mis. Johnson was the one in the pictures when I was called down for dinner. Towards the end of the meal my father reminded me that he expected me to mow the lawn over the weekend. When dinner was finished I went back to my room where I split my time between Skype and playing games on Facebook until late into the night.

I thought it would be best if I masturbated again before I went to sleep, especially seen the reaction I had After seeing the first picture. Besides the joke about going blind I never heard about a sixteen year old boy masturbating to much. Going back up under the boxspring and pulled out a tub of KY along with my cum rag before I removed my clothes. Once I was naked I kneels on the bed with my cum rag spreaded out in front of myself. Next I used some of the KY to lube up the palms of my hands. With my hands ready to go I folded them together and inserted my manhood between the palms. Unlike last time I thrusted my hips back and forth at a medium pace as I imagined having Mis. Johnson on the wooden bench of the locker room. Picking up the pace I was mindful of how much noise I was making because Riley's room was on the other side of the wall. This time around it took me longer to climax and by the time I finally cumed I had broken out into a light sweat. I was more than ready to go to sleep by the time I cleaned up and got my night clothes on.

Once again I found myself walking through a maze of lockers. "Ben, did you bring me my favorite toy again?" Mis. Johnson called out when she seen ne walking past the row she was down.

"Why yes, I believe I did." I coyly repaid as I talked over to her.

Upon getting close to Mis. Johnson she pulled my pants down and frownd when she seen my half erect penis. "It's not in the shape I like." she mockingly said.

"I think you have away to fix that." I jested.

"You liked that didn't you." Mis. Johnson half giggled before she took me into her mouth. She lightly sucked my rod as she used her lips to massage more blood towards my glans. As my shaft hardened she started using hand along with her mouth along my length.

When my manhood was good and hard Mis. Johnson had me take a seat on the bench as she removed her pink thong. After putting a foot on either side of me she slowly lowered herself onto me. At first Mis. Johnson just sat there while I reviled in the feel of being bearied deep inside of her. Then she slowly started razing and lowering herself on my shaft. It didn't take long before she moaning with delight and began picking up the pace. The next thing I knew I was thrusting up into her. We where going so fast that our bodies where making a slapping sound every time we collided. The pace began to slow down as her legs started to wear out so the next time our bodies came together I tightly rapped my arms around her waist.

When I was sure I had a good hold of Mis. Johnson I stood up and she rapped her legs around me. As I turned to the side I carefully stepped over the bench so I was straddling it. Afterwards I laid her down on the bench then began thrusting my wood in and out of her as fast as I could.

"Oh. Oh fuck" Mis Johnson delightful cried out. I thought she was getting close to climaxing and it kind of felt like I was getting close myself but something didn't feel rigth.

That was when I woke up panting. Reaching under the covers I couldn't believe it happened to me again. I was immediately relieved when I found the area around my crotch was dry. My penis was hard so at first I thought I needed to masturbate. However when I rolled over to get my cum rag I quickly realized the real problem was that my blater was full. After relieving myself I fell right back to sleep as soon as I got back into bed.

The next time I woke there as daylight coming through my bedroom window. I moved to sit on the edage of my bed as I wondered about my dreams of late. In the past I did have realistic dreams but they never had bin as vivid as my dreams about Mis. Johnson. Not coming up with an answer I look over at the clock and realized I needed to get started on the lawn because it was already ten o'clock. After putting on my blue jeans, that where almost worn out, I went downstairs to get something to eat.

Walking through the dining room I glanced out the sliding glass door and noticed Riley was sunbathing in her simpy bikini. Expet when Riley was sunbathing in the back yard, where no one could see her, she dressed conservely the rest of the time. Riley even went as far as to wear a one piece swimsuit when she would go to the local swiming pool. When her friends where wearing dresses that had split halfway up their thigh to the prom Riley made a dress that was about six inches above her ankles, which was risqué for her.

After washing the dishes from my breakfast I walked out to the shed in the backyard so I could retrieve you the lawnmower. As I walked by her Riley rolled over to get some sun on her back. That was when I seen the wolf tattoo above her left hip. Suddenly the world a round me dimmed as it began to tilt.

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