New levels of horniness

New levels of horniness

This was the hottest chat i've ever had on omegle..

Stranger: f 16
You: m 19
You: wat brings u here?
Stranger: wanta roleplay
Stranger: bord
You: sure babe
You: got anything in mind?
Stranger: can i b a bad girl and u punish me
You: i like that
You: wat do i call you?
Stranger: slut, whore, cunt, bitch anything
You: u start
Stranger: wht do i call u
You: master
Stranger: ok u walkin and find me fucking ur best friend
You: ok
You: wat the fuck!!
You: wat the hell is this!!!
You: wat the fuck u think u doing bitch!!
Stranger: oh im sorry im so sorry
You: YOU..motherfuckin excuse for a best friend..get outta here..i'm gonna deal with u later..i gotta deal with this bitch first
Stranger: *im sitting on the bed*
You: so dick wasnt enough to satisfy your pussy??
Stranger: no it was im sorry
Stranger: i wont do it again
You: how am i supposed to believe that now u slut!!?
You: how the fuck did ur pussy get wet for his dick?!?
Stranger: im sorry u werent here so i though wht the hell
You: bitch...
You: m gonna fuck u so hard tonight ur gonna think hundred times before even thinking about sex with someone else..
Stranger: ohhh fuck noo im sorry im sorry i wont do it again
You: shut up u slut..its not ur choice to make anymore
Stranger: *i try to get away from u which mads u 10times mader
You: * i take off all my clothes*
You: i hold ur wrist strongly..and slap u hard
Stranger: ohh
You: get on ur knees u two dollar whore
Stranger: yea
You: yea wat??
Stranger: yes master
You: better..and i spank ur ass hard
Stranger: ohhh
You: u like that u slut..i keep spanking u till both ur cheeks are hot red..
Stranger: yes i love it
You: i tab on ur pussy
You: tap
Stranger: ohhh
Stranger: yeaa
You: is this turning u this making ur pussy wet u cheating slut
Stranger: yes
You: wat do u want me to do to you u whore
Stranger: eat me
You: beg for it..
You: and you will NOT command me to do anything
You: you will only seek permission..
Stranger: will u eat me plz im cheating lil slut plz you eat better then he does
You: or else u will be punished even more harshly u get that u little bitch
Stranger: yes master
You: u are forgetting something u slut..i say spanking u harder than ever
You: yes..u will always call me master..
You: now say it again..without any mistakes
You: *SMACK*
Stranger: yes master
Stranger: will u eat me plz im cheating lil slut plz you eat better then he does plz master
You: mmmm..thats better..
You: lie down and spread ur legs
Stranger: yes master
You: play with urself
Stranger: yes master
Stranger: *i start rubbing my clit
You: i remove ur hands and pinch ur clit
You: and rub it hard not releasing it..
Stranger: ohh i scream and try to move your hand
You: u dont touch my hand..
You: i rub even harder now
Stranger: oh oh oh i scream
Stranger: wht will u do if i squirt without premision
You: you will only know wen u squirt without permission
Stranger: oh will i squirt
Stranger: oh will i squirted*
You: who the fuck is will u whore?!
Stranger: wht that dont make sences
You: oh will i squirted???
Stranger: yes
You: wat did u mean?!
Stranger: oh well i squirted
You: typo..
You: ok
Stranger: yea
You: dare you cum without my permission
You: din i tell you you will seek permission
You: you will pay for ur mistake
Stranger: yes im sorry
You: you forget it again u slut..i tap ur pussy slightly harder
You: wat do u call me ??
You: at the end of every sentence..
Stranger: master
You: use it slut..
You: now how should i punish you
Stranger: im sorry master
You: tell me slut..wat makes u feel pain and turns u on
Stranger: umm hard fingering or something shoved in my slutty pussy master
You: maybe i'll tie u up before that
You: and then shove something in ur holes
Stranger: not my ass plz not my ass
Stranger: master
You: why not slut?
Stranger: pain to much pain master
You: u are to suffer..but since u have pleaded properly..i will think about it
You: stand up..i will tie u up standing
Stranger: yes master
You: i tie ur hands and ur now standing up with ur hands tied to a hook on the ceiling..
Stranger: ohh bou
Stranger: boy
You: u like this as well dont u whore?
Stranger: yes master
You: spread ur legs..
Stranger: yes master
You: i kiss u hard and push three fingers in ur pussy...and rub them harder than u can imagine
Stranger: ohhhh fuck shit
Stranger: u feel cum run down ur hand
You: i smack ur tits..
Stranger: ohh
You: wats that..
You: are u cumming again slut??
You: do u want me to punish u harder
Stranger: no master
You: u are to ask before u cum u understand??
Stranger: yes master
Stranger: ur just so good
You: with that i push my fingers deeper and rub harder
You: so good wat??
You: i spank ur ass
Stranger: ohhhhh fuck
Stranger: master
You: if u forget wont be pleasant for you
Stranger: yes master
You: wat did u say about ur ass bitch
Stranger: plz dont put stufff in my ass
Stranger: master
You: wat if i do
Stranger: ill scream and cry
You: and enjoy it wont u slut?
Stranger: yes
You: i put my thumb in ur mouth..
You: suck it!
Stranger: mmm
You: make it wet
Stranger: yes i will
You: i show my thumb to this wet slut??
Stranger: yes
Stranger: master
You: i slowly push that thumb up ur ass
Stranger: ohhhh screaming
You: i slowly move my thumb around inside ur ass
You: and i suck on ur neck and shoulder
Stranger: ohhhhhhhh fuckk
Stranger: ur so good
You: did u forget to say something!!!
Stranger: master
You: do u want me to get mad again u cheating lil cunt!!
Stranger: no
You: that was ur last chance
Stranger: im in trouble now right master
You: i lick every inch of ur back..and pull out the thumb from ur ass
Stranger: mmmm
You: as soon as u stop saying that i push two fingers in ur mouth..make these wet now bitch
Stranger: mmmmmmm i lick ad suck ur fingers
You: i pull em out of ur mouth and push them in ur ass
You: now i start fingering ur ass
You: i start slowly and i'm increasing pace
You: i think i like shoving stuff up ur ass
Stranger: ohhhh fuck plz plz o my god plz stop
You: shut up bitch
You: i slap ur tits
You: u've made me a bit pissed now
You: i smack ur ass real hard
Stranger: mmmmm ohh
You: and start fingering ur ass harder
Stranger: oh stop stop stop omg stop
You: again..
You: bitch ur in a lot of trouble tonight
You: thats twice
You: after so many warnings..
You: i loosen the hook and have u kneel..
Stranger: oh fuck
You: unfasten my pants.. (ur hands are still tied)
Stranger: oh noooooooo no no no no
You: unfasten my pants slut!!!
Stranger: ohh
Stranger: im in so much trouble right
You: i'm telling u the last time pants...
Stranger: yes master (i try to unfasten ur pants)
You: do it faster..
You: use ur teeth if u have to
Stranger: yes master ( useing my teeth)
You: (off the much has this turned u on??m like..on new levels of horniness!! )
Stranger: very
You: u unfasten my pants..
You: good job slut
You: i take off my boxers
You: suck my dick
Stranger: if u untied my damn hands i could do it faster (me being mouthy$
You: i slap u hard
Stranger: i dont wanta suck ur dick
You: u tryinna act smart slut??
You: wat did u say??
You: i holdu by ur throat
You: and slap u again
Stranger: ohh
Stranger: im sorry
You: wat did u miss slut??i say slapping u again
Stranger: master
Stranger: im in so much fuckig trouble right
You: yes u are
You: now..suck my dick u slut
Stranger: p.s i like being throat
You: or do i have to ask again?
You: (will keep that in mind..wat about anal??do u really hate it or was it an act??)
Stranger: maybe
You: suck my dick bitch!!i push my dick down ur throat
You: no funny stuff..
Stranger: yes master
You: else this is gonna be a dreadful night for you
Stranger: mubbles under my breath it already is i have to be here with you
You: i slap u again..wat did u say??
You: u say sumthing??
Stranger: no i didnt
You: goood..
You: i grab ur head with both my hands and push my cock all inside ur mouth
Stranger: gaggig
You: and feel the head of my cock touching ur throat
You: i pull it all that??
Stranger: gasping for air
You: like that slut!!!!!???
You: i say with lil anger in my voice
Stranger: yes i love it
You: i push it down ur throat again..and again..
You: well if u love it..u rather let it stay there..
You: i push it down ur throat and let it stay
You: u cough and gag on my cock and i dont move it an inch
Stranger: gagging tryin to move away and push away
You: like this do you??
Stranger: making u mad
You: i pull u hard on my dick..
You: and i hold u by ur throat and give u a very angry face..
Stranger: ive got fear in my eyes
You: i said no funny business
You: "darling"
You: i facefuck u...hard..
You: my cock continuosly hitting ur throat
Stranger: ohhhh im crying coughing gagging
You: i pull my cock out...
You: wow..
You: that was fun
You: did u like it whore?
Stranger: noooooo
You: i grab a bunch of ur hair and pull u up..wat did u say??didnt u say u loved it..din u used to like it down ur throat deep..
Stranger: noooooooooo master
You: why did u lie then slut?
Stranger: im not going to win here am i
You: (is that on chat or off??)
Stranger: on
Stranger: im being mouty
Stranger: mouthy*
You: you have lost every right you had with us
You: you dont get to win..
You: you dont get squat!!
Stranger: i get ur best friends cock
You: i tie ur hands back how they were before..and u hang again by ur hands..
You: wat did u say..
You: i get a whip and whip ur ass hard
Stranger: i get ur best friends cock
You: u want my best friends cock??
You: get this first..and i whip u again..harder
Stranger: no no no no im sorry i take it back
You: u think u can get away with a sorry slut??
You: lets see wats going on between ur legs..
Stranger: mmmmm
You: i tie ur legs on hooks on opposite walls..the more i pull on the rope..the more ur legs are spread...
Stranger: ohh boy
You: now its better..
Stranger: mm
You: lets have a look at your pussy..i pull on the rope
You: i see ur pussy
You: dripping juice..
Stranger: ohh
You: so u've been excited all this long you slut
Stranger: ohh whys that
You: dont u talk back..i whip u on ur tits..
Stranger: ohhh
You: look at that pussy u whore
Stranger: mmmmm u want it
You: one more whip on ur ass...are u forgetting something..
You: do i have to get harsh with u
Stranger: probly
You: acting smart??
You: then harsh is wat u get
Stranger: bring it
You: i spread ur legs and wet ur asshole..
You: and i place my cock on it
Stranger: noooo not my ass stop stop stop
You: with one strong thrust i push it all up ur ass
Stranger: screaming
You: u've asked for it all this while u slut
Stranger: stop stop stop stop
You: now take it
You: i start fucking u crazy hard..
Stranger: scream stop stop stop
Stranger: plz stop
You: shut up slut
Stranger: plz ill behave
You: no u wont
You: i keep fucking u crazy
You: besides..i think i like ur ass..
You: y i din think of fucking it before i got no clue
You: oooh yea!!
Stranger: plz plz stop ohhh stop mmmmm stop fuck
You: ur such a whore..
You: ur starting to like my dick in ur ass
Stranger: mmmmmmm no
You: i thrust harder
You: fine
Stranger: fuck stop mmm
Stranger: oh by the way i squirted
You: so u cumming is a coincidence bitch!!
You: (i've cum three times)
Stranger: lol me to
Stranger: yes it is
You: i spank ur ass hard..many times now..
You: bitch u said u will behave but ur still talkin that u behaving..
Stranger: oh oh oh
You: i fuck ur ass even harder
Stranger: nooooooo mmmmmmm fuck
You: i push two fingers in ur pussy and finger ur pussy vigorously
Stranger: oh im gonna cum
You: yea bitch..i'm gonna cum in ur ass too..
Stranger: can i cum can cum
You: cum u slut
You: cum like u've never cum before
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: im cumming
You: me too
You: i'm rubbing ur clit hard and fast
You: and fucking ur ass with strong thrusts
Stranger: ohh fuck
Stranger: rub it hard
You: i spank ur ass hard..
Stranger: mmmmmmm
You: u dont tell me wat i need to do bitch
You: i pinch ur clit with one hand and pinch ur nipple with another
Stranger: mmmmmmmmm fuck shit
Stranger: can i cum again can i
You: cum u slut
You: cum harder than before
Stranger: mmmmmmmmm fuck (my bodys shaking im cumming so hard
You: i explode in ur ass
Stranger: mmmm fuck
You: spurt after spurt released in ur tiny hole
You: UGH
Stranger: fuckkkkk
You: even though u are a cheating little slut..u have the best asshole in town
You: (that was four times for me babe)
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: fuxk my pussy
Stranger: plz
Stranger: fuck*
You: u want my cock in ur pussy??
You: (ps..u wanna do this again??some other time after today??)
Stranger: yes in my cheating slutty pussy
Stranger: yea
You: u got messenger??
Stranger: yahoo
You: give me the id babe
You: take my cock in ur cheating pussy u whore..
You: i push all the length of my cock in ur pussy in a single hard stroke
Stranger: yeah yeah fuck me like the slut i am baby
You: ur pussy is wet...who is it wet for
Stranger: u baby
You: oh yea..i start fucking u harder..
You: i untie u and take u to bed..
Stranger: ur not mad i didnt call u master
You: have u on all fours and fuck u hard from behind
You: ur pussy is making me lose my temper..
You: do u want me to still play it rough u slut?
Stranger: yeah
You: fine then u whore..
You: how dare u call me anything but master
You: i pull u on ur knees from behind and grab ur hair..
You: fuck ur pussy harder..
Stranger: ohhh fuck
Stranger: ima dirty slut
You: i've seen that already u slut
You: now if u forget to call me master one more time..
You: i'm gona shove impossible things in all ur three holes and watch u suffer
Stranger: ik ik im in troulbe
Stranger: oh shit
You: yes you are slut *SMACK*
Stranger: oh
You: i grab ur vibrating dildo from ur drawer and push it in ur ass
Stranger: oh no no no no no no plz god no
You: shut up slut..
You: u deserve this
Stranger: maybe u need a ball gag in my mouth
Stranger: oh oh
You: and u must have that dont u slut?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: i do
You: take it out and put it in ur mouth u bitch
Stranger: yes
You: yes wat!!
Stranger: yes master
You: now do it!!
Stranger: yes i will
Stranger: do u like it
You: yeah
You: now u will shut up!!
Stranger: oh i can talk u just wont know wht i just
Stranger: said*
You: i push the ball in ur mouth
You: i thrust my cock deeper in ur pussy
Stranger: mmmmmmmmm
You: and i start rubbing ur clit harder than before
Stranger: mmmmmmm
Stranger: ima squirt
You: are u telling me or asking slut?!
Stranger: i cant ask theres a ball in my mouth so
You: u can just muffle
Stranger: i can squirt
Stranger: can i squort
Stranger: squirt*
You: squirt u slut
Stranger: ohhhh
Stranger: mmmmmmmmm
You: i keep rubbing ur clit harder even though u squirt
Stranger: oh i cum harder and harder till i collapes
You: i keep fucking u
Stranger: can i take the ball out
You: and have ur clit pressed..
You: ok
Stranger: im scream with pleaure
Stranger: cum in my mouth
You: u wanna drink my cum?
Stranger: yes and wow not yelled for giving an order
You: i push my cock down ur throat and cum in ur mouth
Stranger: mmmmm
You: drink it all u bitch
Stranger: if i dont
You: u dont have a option
Stranger: mmmmmm
You: (sigh that was six times)
Stranger: yeah
You: wow baby that was hot
Stranger: yeah
You: i'll be adding u from my hotmail..u usually online this time?
Stranger: yeah
You: sweet..
You: we'll do this a lot i hope
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: it was fun
You: this was the hottest chat i've had in a very very long time!!
Stranger: yeah ur better then my ex and he actly fucked me that saf
Stranger: sad*
You: wat?
You: he fucked u sad?
Stranger: ncm
Stranger: nvm*
You: alright..
You: how many times u cum babe?
Stranger: ok like 6
You: and u squirted for real or just the act?
Stranger: real
You: thats hot
Stranger: yeah im realy wet
You: i love squirters
Stranger: mmmm
Stranger: how many times did u cum
You: 5
Stranger: for real
You: yeah
You: i can cum a lot!!
Stranger: good ima cum eating slut
You: and i'm a pussy eating animal
Stranger: mmmm
You: so..i think we shud clean up now
Stranger: yeah
You: i'd love to shower with u though
You: sex in the shower is a big turn on
Stranger: yeah shower sex is awesome
Stranger: well email me later ill be ur slut any time
You: will do babe
You: will definitely do
Stranger: ok bye
You: bye

hope u liked it..i'm expecting more chats with this hottie..if u like this one..i'll post others as well..i'll appreciate any sort of feedback

ps..girls looking for dirty chats can pm me

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