The Adventures of Jenny and Tory Chap. 2

The Adventures of Jenny and Tory Chap. 2

**Final warning! If you’re not into water sports or pee play READ NO FURTHER!

Jenny grabbed Tory’s hand, giggled and led her a little further up the path to a secluded area where Tory could do her business. As Tory eased down her bikini bottoms, Jenny turned away but not before she caught a glimpse of Tory’s beautiful nine inch she cock. She imagined wrapping her juicy lips around that gorgeous girly cock and felt her bikini bottoms get creamy again. Tory let her stream flow and Jenny remembered all the previous hot conversations about pee play they had shared. Jenny had never really been into piss play at all but somehow Tory had piqued her curiosity about it. Tory giggled and a split second later Jenny felt a hot stream of pee flow down her back and down between the crack of her tight ass. She shivered and once again felt her bikini bottoms get even creamier. Without a though Jenny turned around to see Tory holding it in and the next thing she knew she was knelt on the dusty path facing Tory, arms behind her back and her chest and body presented to her. Tory let loose a hot stream of pee over Jenny’s heaving breasts, down her belly and all down her creamy legs. As the pee dribbled all over her body Jenny’s bottoms began to fill with another hot load of creamy cum. She moaned as Tory directed her hot stream all over her body and wondered why she hadn’t tried this before. What seemed like gallons of hot piss covered her body and she opened her wet mouth, tongue curled invitingly to Tory and allowed a stream of Tory’s sweet pee into her mouth splashing on her tongue and wetting her lips. Jenny savored the taste and held in that hot mouthful as Tory pulled her up to kiss her passionately. Warm piss dribbled between their mouths, tongues and lips as the kiss became even harder. Tongues covered in pee lashed against each other and their moist bodies were pressed together rubbing it all over each other and deeper into their skin. Jenny wrapped her arms around Tory’s neck and pressed her lips tight. Both girls moaned lustily as they shared the final drops of Tory’s warm pee.

Jenny shuddered. Never in her entire life had she experienced something so hot, so nasty and completely intimate with another lover. Tory’s eyes sparkled as she asked, “Did you like that??’ Jenny could do nothing but let out a wet moan and Tory giggled. “I knew that you would you dirty slut”. Both girls laughed and suddenly Jenny had an inspiration. She grabbed Tory’s hand once again and led her a little further up the hill. The two girls came upon a clearing to find the resorts European style wood fired sauna next to a babbling stream. Jenny of course had anticipated this moment and already had a roaring fire going under the sauna and a pitcher of crystal clear creek water for the rocks inside the sauna. One pink and one purple towel hung just beside the wooden door of the sauna. Jenny grabbed the pitcher and as Tory followed her into the sauna she ran a painted nail up the crack of Jenny’s piss soaked ass making her eyes roll back into her head. Jenny lit two candles, and splashed some of the water from the pitcher over a pile of rocks in the corner. The heat from the roaring fire below made the water sizzle and the room immediately became sweaty. The two girls sat on the wooden bench just holding hands as the room grew steamier. After a few minutes, Jenny stood up came in front of Tory and straddled her still wet body. They stared deep into each others eyes and Jenny bent down to kiss Tory gently. “I’m so glad you’re finally here, I never thought this day would come.” This had indeed been a long courtship, the two having been separated not only by the Pacific Ocean but also the world wide pandemic. Jenny’s lips softly brushed Torys and she gently licked Tory’s upper lip. Tory’s wet tongue slid from between her sexy lips and tongues tangled lustily as they ground their hips together bulges in their bottoms growing harder and longer. Soft moans echoed through the sauna as their kisses became faster and more intense.

Jenny suddenly broke off their hot kiss. “Oh shit, my turn I’ll be right back.” She started for the door when Tory knelt down on the wooden floor in the same position Jenny had earlier. Jenny hesitated for a moment then thought “Fuck it” and stepped in front of Tory. She slid down to corner of her bottoms to let her own 7 inch cocoa girl cock out. Jenny let her pee flow and covered Tory’s glistening body. Jenny directed her stream over Tory’s gorgeous breasts, her arms, down her belly and all over her still bulging bikini bottoms. Jenny held it for a moment until Tory opened her gorgeous mouth wide open and cupped her hands under her chin. Jenny directed her stream into Tory’s waiting mouth and quickly filled it. Any that spilled over flowed down Tory’s chin and into her cupped hands. This time Jenny knelt facing Tory and pulled close to her. Two juicy sets of lips met and the warm pee flowed from one mouth to each others as they shared another wet dripping kiss. Pee covered tongues lashed hard against each other and as trickles of pee dripped down their bodies the kisses became even harder as their wet shining bodies rubbed up and down against each other. Both girls now oozed freely into their bottoms and they took turns reaching down scooping up the gooey pre cum and sliding it into each others dripping mouths adding the sweet cream to their wet kisses. Tory brought her hands up to Jenny’s mouth and Jenny slurped and sucked the warm pee of her soft hands. Both girls came hard instantly and creamy loads of sweet girl cum was added to the wet messy kisses. Their slippery bodies were pressed tightly against each other as they shared a hot sloppy gooey wet messy tongue kiss with their juices.

Their love juices slid down each others throats and both girls swallowed their mess hungrily. Staring lustfully into each other’s eyes they shared a sweet sexy kiss with the last drops of their juices spilling off one set of sexy lips on to the other.

Jenny splashed a bunch of water over the rocks to let more steam fill the room and drowned the pee soaked floor with the remaining water. The two girls stepped out of the sauna and cleaned off their bodies by splashing in the nearby stream. Hand in hand they just about floated down the path towards the hot tub only to see what looked like a milk tank truck pulling up over the back lawn of the resort.

“Ooh do I have a surprise for YOU Jenny!”, Tory exclaimed and ran towards the tank truck….

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