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Mary jane my step mom is beautiful

It was a avarage day nothing out of the ordanary. I woke up around 5 am and had to use the restroom just like anyother morning my step mom would just be getting up and around.she is one of those woman that take 2 hours to get ready. Like anyother morning she was just getting out of the shower and had a towel on. I knocked on the door just as i hada hundred times. She yells out just a min like always. I wait just as always and she comes out for some reason today she looked amazing. I had...


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Charmaines Downfall Pt 1

Their anniversary was coming up this weekend. It would be James and Charmaine’s fifth wedding anniversary. They married when Charmaine was 19 and James was 23. He had a really great job and Charmaine was just graduating. They met a year ago when she came for a job interview and ever since then it was nonstop romance. Her parents were not sure about her marrying at still a young age, but they didn't try to stop her. James is now like one of the family to them, as well as going on family holidays he also now goes on fishing trips...


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Giving Up Control

Giving up control You better hurry up. You only have 30 seconds left. I'm trying, I'm almost there. Just give me a few more seconds, PLEASE! Nope, you knew the rules. 3 minutes to cum. 10 seconds left ALMOST THEEEEERRRRRRREEEE- And time, HANDS OFF NOW!!!! And so I stood there, my hard cock throbbing, on the edge and ready to burst. To make matters worse, I haven't been able to cum in over a month. I needed this relief so bad, and if I had 5-6 more seconds, I would've gotten in. But no, I stood there with my hands behind...


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Dance Magic

My first experience at cheating was at a New Year's Eve party. My husband was just finishing university and we were at a party with another couple that were close friends. Now, that party turned out to be pretty boring, and as a result I was drinking way too much. Since we had bought more booze than we would need I didn't worry about my excessive consumption. Part way through the evening our friend, Tom pointed out that he had heard of a 'house' party planned at the university which was just a short drive away. It wasn't long and we...


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Late Evenings Part 5

Part 5 I was just starting to catch my breath as we drove off to Peter and Kathy’s party. They lived about 15 minutes away and we could still arrive without being more than 10 or 15 minutes late. I looked over at Judy and she just gave me a very normal look, like nothing unusual was going on, even though she had just watched me fuck the sitter again and then cleaned up her pussy! As I was driving, I suddenly felt Judy starting to unzip my pants. As happy as I felt about getting a blow job on the...


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Alternating Weekends: Pt 2

Jason was sitting on the couch watching TV when the front door opened. Mandy sauntered in looking more than a little odd. Her clothes, which were obviously brand new, and a little skimpy, were wet with dew. Of course, he did not know it was dew and just assumed she walked through a sprinkler or something. “What happened to you?” he asked. His tone revealed he did not really care. “Apparently I left Dad’s car rolling,” she answered. She had no idea how long ago he had abandoned her on the front lawn but she was not happy about it. For...


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Daddy cums home from work (dads point of view)

I sat down to write a part two of this story and was gonna start off with a recap of what happened last time from dad's perspective, but it kinda took over and well, this is what came out... Hope you enjoy, I still plan on writing more chapters soon so stay tuned. So I had just gotten out of work and planned on heading home after yet another long day of working two jobs. I probably didn't need to keep the second job after all this time, but it helped when unexpected bills came up and when we wanted to...


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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9 Re-Issued_(1)

Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9. Reissued xnxx by gregorthegrant True Story, Cheating Author's infos Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A Report: Previously: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 8 Reissued near the end. Continuing Adventures of my Wife when I am asleep or wasn't asleep. As an introduction to: Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 9. Sandra and I were on our honeymoon. We were the only couple in the entire hotel. There was to be soccer matches all week and the soccer players would be spending the week at our hotel. The only reason we...


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Takin by his employer

A couple of months back my husband was due to go out into town with his 2 bosses, a father and son firm he had worked with for about 5 years. Both father and son were certainly not my idea of attractive, both skinny and obviously not sun worshippers like myself judging by their pale pink complexions. On the night I was feeling a little horny myself and was looking forward to him coming home and satisfying my desires, hence I dressed accordingly, black pull ups, short skirt, lacey black knocks and bra and easily removable blouse!. He nodded with a...


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