Alternating Weekends: Pt 2

Alternating Weekends: Pt 2

Jason was sitting on the couch watching TV when the front door opened. Mandy sauntered in looking more than a little odd. Her clothes, which were obviously brand new, and a little skimpy, were wet with dew. Of course, he did not know it was dew and just assumed she walked through a sprinkler or something. “What happened to you?” he asked. His tone revealed he did not really care.

“Apparently I left Dad’s car rolling,” she answered. She had no idea how long ago he had abandoned her on the front lawn but she was not happy about it. For all she knew he had drove by without stopping and kicked her out.

“Your mom’s taking a nap. Have a seat.” He patted the cushion next to himself on the couch. As her mom was occupying the guest bedroom, she had to sleep on this couch every night. That meant that she could not go to sleep unless Jason was done watching his shows. She had tried sleeping in his bed a few times but getting kicked out at two in the morning was more aggravating than just staying up waiting for him to leave the living room.

Jason was a young man, younger than her mother. He had a boyish face and a nearly shaved head of brown hair. He had a one night stand with Alexandria after meeting her at a bar that turned into her living with him after her divorce. They had not actually slept together since he learned she had been married though. At first he urged her to find her own place but he had gotten lax during the court proceedings that seemed to take a lot out of her. He also felt bad for Mandy.

He was surprised when Mandy sat down, rather than next to him, directly on top of his lap. “What are you doing, young lady?” he was ready to scold her. She looked up at him in confusion but did not respond. She seemed to think her action was normal.

He lifted her up by the waist and set her down next to him. Almost immediately she leaned onto his lap though. “Can you knock it off?” he grumbled.

She ignored him and instead stared intently at his lap. Slowly, the bulge in his pants started to stir. She smirked to herself. Even he was interested in her that way. She was surrounded by degenerate men. “Yeah, if a girl keeps looking at it, that’s gonna happen. I haven’t exactly been on my game with you and your mom here,” he explained.

“Want me to help?” She opened her mouth to show him drool dripping from the roof and pooling on her tongue.

“You’d think you were experienced,” he scoffed. His bulge betrayed how turned on he was though.

“Don’t worry, it’s just my mouth. I won’t tell anyone.” She unzipped his jeans, letting his semi stiff cock pop out. He looked over his shoulder at the door to the guest bedroom, making sure Alexandria was not awake. The light under the door was still off.

“Make it quick,” he hissed at her while pushing on the back of her neck, bringing her face closer to his cock. She nodded while gulping down some of the drool that had pooled in her mouth. Her body had gotten used to anticipating this. She was on autopilot.

Jason watched in awe as her head bobbed up and down in his lap. Most of the women who had ever sucked him off in the past were in a hurry to finish the foreplay. She did not touch her own crotch at all or take breaks to catch her breath or anything. It was almost like having her mouth filled with his cock was as enjoyable for her as it was for him.

Not really knowing how to praise her, he patted her head and moved her hair around. She looked up at him with confused eyes, her cheeks puffed up and her lips leaking saliva. “I thought you’d put some powder in your hair, but it’s really been dyed, hasn’t it?” he finally commented on the pink hue. She nodded proudly. “Did your father let you do that? Does he not care about you at all or something?”

“Addy oves ee (Daddy loves me)” she mumbled.

“Really?” He pulled her head off of his cock and looked at her small face, framed with pink hair still slightly damp from the dew outside. “If he loved you, he wouldn’t let you dress like that,” he argued.

“Daddy thinks I'm pretty and wants me to dress like it too,” she assured him.

“He wants to see his own daughter’s belly and her cleavage and thigh lines?” Jason was still not convinced.

Mandy nodded. “He loves my body. In the bath he made sure to wash every part of me.”

“You take baths with your dad? Well it’s no wonder you’re a slut who will suck my cock without coercion.”

She nodded while giggling before lowering her mouth back down over his cock. He gasped when the cold wet head was once again enveloped in her warm lips. They felt softer than any woman’s he had had before. How exactly had he stumbled upon this; the best blowjob of his life? He had just taken a drunk woman home one day. It was pretty crappy sex if he was honest. He had no way of knowing her daughter was a slut with the mouth of an angel.

Mandy was being so proactive with her tongue and lips that Jason did not really know what to do with his hands. He kept stroking her cheeks or patting her head. “It’s okay, you can push me down if you want,” she assured him. “You want to feel the inside of my throat, right?”

“Your mouth feels good enough,” he disagreed. “You shouldn’t try going too deep. You’ll choke yourself or gag and throw up.”

“Throwing up hurts a lot,” she agreed. “It makes my throat slimy though.” Jason’s eyebrow twitched as he listened to her. “You want to see it, don’t you,” she accused him coyly. “You want to see this little girl puke her brains out because of your large cock.”

“Any guy would feel flattered, but it’s odd to hear you say it yourself,” he explained. Her attitude should have been making him concerned but he was still enjoying his luck at getting such an experienced and willing girl.

She lowered her head as far as it would go, struggling to pop the head of his cock into her throat. The veins on her neck bulged slightly and the whites of her eyes became more visible and slightly bloodshot, but she eventually had to pull back. “I haven’t eaten since yesterday,” she gasped while catching her breath. “If you want to see me puke, you’ll have to feed me something.” His cock was coated with her saliva, which she used to glide her hand over the shaft rapidly.

“If you’re hungry, go eat. Don’t just sit here sucking me off,” Jason was starting to question why they were doing this at all.

She shook her head before opening her mouth again to show him her pooling saliva. She had to take care of her bodily anticipations before she could worry about food or anything else. Jason sighed as he realized that if she was this turned on just being near him he would probably be using her tiny mouth on a daily basis for a while to come.

“I bet you could do it,” she moaned. “If you pushed my head down enough, you could fit your cock in my throat and fuck it like it was my pussy. It’s wet enough for it. I want to know how deep I can take it.” She let her tongue hang out. Her drool ran down her chin and over her collarbone, soaking her already wet shirt and causing her nipples to become more visible through the fabric. Miles had not bothered to put a bra or even panties on her when he had redressed her.

Jason cautiously pushed her off the couch so she was kneeling on the floor. He then leaned her head back until it was resting on the coffee table behind her. He straddled her head on either side and pressed his cock down as far as it would go. She had no room to pull back and instead simply opened her throat and swallowed. She felt some of her saliva going up her nose but she did not react.

His cock slid into her throat almost too easily, lubricated by her constant drool. Her fingers flexed as she struggled not to resist and push him away. Her head thumped against the table when he pushed in deeper. Her eyes spun dizzily as she tried to straighten her neck to give him a clearer path.

With his fingers in her soft hair he held her head still while lifting his hips and lowering them back down. She squealed as saliva squirted from her nose and around his cock, dripping down her lips and up her cheeks, getting in her eyes. Her airway was now blocked with her own pooling drool. Her chest heaved several times as her lungs tried to fill unsuccessfully. Her face turned very red very quickly.

The wet squelching sound that came with each thrust of Jason’s cock deeper into her throat was the only indication that she was even still conscious. He continued to pet her head, admiring what a slut she was despite her innocent appearance. It was his preference in porn that the actress look as young and innocent as possible, like a virgin who would never agree to more than the most boring missionary position, only for them to get gang banged by five guys in every orifice and forced to swallow more cum then they could fit in their mouth at once.

Mandy was the perfect representation of Jason’s preference. He was actually getting to live out one of his fantasies, seeing an innocent young girl take a cock she should not have been able to.

After several minutes of Jason fucking Mandy’s perfectly lubricated throat like a jar of Vaseline, she began to arch her back and rise off of the table. Her legs began to kick and her throat was vibrating against his cock as she tried to scream. To Jason she looked like she was drowning. However, the liquid soaking her shorts proved she was actually cumming. Having her throat fucked had brought her to orgasm.

Jason pushed his fingers into her crotch and moved the fabric of her shorts against her slit and her clit. She thrashed beneath him even more, unable to keep from spasming in reaction. At the same time, Jason began to cum directly into her throat. Already having been swallowing her own drool, she gulped his cum down into her stomach in no time at all.

As soon as the last string of cum left Jason’s cock, he pulled out of her throat and mouth and began to focus solely on Mandy’s crotch. He yanked her shorts down around her knees and admired her cleanly shaved cunt for a moment before plunging his fingers into her slit, causing her to squeal and convulse again.

Once her mouth was empty, she tried to speak but ended up gasping as her lungs finally filled with air. She coughed for a whole minute before choking out a single word, “Stop!”

Her whole body was thrashing continuously as Jason refused to let her orgasm end. He had not planned on violating more than her mouth at first but the sight of her spasming on his table with her legs spread and kicking was sexier than he could take. He wanted to make her orgasm last as long as possible.

Eventually the movements of her body died down until only her cunt muscles twitched every time Jason’s fingers scraped the inside of her slit. She was somehow still cumming but her body was too tired for her to keep reacting. Finally Jason pulled his fingers out of her and let her rest.

She kept her eyes closed for several minutes, still kneeling between the couch and the coffee table with her head all the way back. She eventually opened her eyes and stood up. Her legs were wobbling slightly. Jason stared at her shiny wet thighs and her shorts around her knees. She looked like she had been interrupted peeing on the toilet.

Following his gaze she giggled as she showed off her shaved cunt and her bare legs. She slid her shorts down slowly and stepped out of them. “Mom always says to keep my legs together, but it’s so hard.” She walked slightly bowlegged as she sat down on the couch.

“Are you going to take all of your clothes off?” Jason asked a little eagerly.

She shook her head. “It’s just too uncomfortable to wear pants right now. Do you mind if my butt touches your couch. I just took a bath before I came home.”

“Why would I mind a sexy girl sitting naked on my couch?” Jason teased her.

“Yes, being naked means sex all the time. If I take off my pants it’s an invitation for anyone to fuck me.” She recalled her encounter that morning with Miles while she was just trying to wash the couch cushions.

“You disagree?” Jason could tell she was annoyed with something, her father’s carnal actions against his own daughter.

“No, if I show my pussy to you, I know I'm gonna get fucked,” she agreed. “Men are such simple creatures. Just being pretty is grounds to talk, talking is grounds for flirting, flirting is grounds for touching and touching is grounds for stripping and being naked is grounds for sex. Just by being pretty, I'm asking for every man I meet to fuck me, all the time.”

Jason could not tell if she was just setting up some elaborate role play or something else. She basically just admitted that by existing in his house she was giving him full permission to fuck her whenever he wanted. Of course, she could have just been justifying her desire to take off her pants by saying if he really wanted to fuck her he would whether she was dressed or not. Both assumptions led to the same result though.

Mandy laughed as he picked her up by the waist and set her on his lap. She could feel his hard shaft pressing into her bare cunt from below, still wet with her saliva. She was about to get fucked for the umpteenth time today. It was the only certainty she could rely on in her messed up life anymore. “You took advantage of your rights really fast,” she teased him.

She expected him to remind her it was his house and he deserved her cunt if he wanted it. What he did say shocked her. “You’re really pretty.”

She blushed feverishly. “You think so?” She knew she was pretty but she still felt like an ugly whore after this terrible weekend.

“I’ll prove it to you.” He began to run his hands over her stomach. He lifted her shirt up while caressing her breasts. He was slightly surprised that her nipples were pierced but it fit with his desire for contrast between her innocent appearance and slutty actions. Once she was completely naked, he began to touch her mouth with one hand and her cunt with the other. His fingers mashed her lips and her gums, making her drool again. With his other hand he did not poke inside her at all though, choosing to press against her pelvis and stroke the rough skin from where she was shaved.

“You don’t need to use foreplay,” she assured him. She had said as much before, that he could skip right to sex. However, it sounded more to him like she wanted to flirt and be touched and stripped first.

“Today we’ll do it this way, if you like it rough you can go find the guy who raped you and do it with him later.”

“I wasn’t raped!” she almost shouted. “How can it be rape if my body is made for sex?”

“While the purpose of life is to reproduce through sex, even animals don’t have sex constantly. They have moments of heat during the year, but the rest of the time they do other things. Life means more than just sex.”

“How can that be,” Mandy asked as tears ran down her cheeks. “Why would they puncture my breasts like this if I wasn’t supposed to get fucked constantly? I don’t want to have these things sticking out of me. I can feel them all the time. Even when I want to think about other things, all I'm reminded of is sex because they have permanently changed my body. If I wasn’t meant to be fucked constantly, why would they do that to me?”

“Who?” Jason was getting very worried. Mandy shook her head, refusing to tell him. He already had a pretty good idea though. She had just spent the weekend with Miles and had come back a slut. The answer was obvious. If he had any proof he would have called the police right then and there. Unfortunately, the person whose cum was inside her right now was not Miles but Jason himself. He had to wait and gather evidence first.

“What are you doing?” Mandy asked when Jason began to unclip the earrings from her nipples. He did not answer and just kept a solemn expression as he removed each one. She whimpered a little and rubbed her legs together as the sensation turned her on slightly.

Looking down at the girl in his lap, Jason felt her expression had changed from a slut to an innocent girl quite completely. Her bare cunt was still getting wet and she was eyeing him with expectation that he would help her resolve the sensation but she still just appeared less sure of herself than when she was begging him to fuck her throat.

Jason felt like a terrible person as he began to touch her wet cunt. Despite the conclusion he had just come to about her weekend with her father, she was still a naked girl in his lap and he could not pass up this opportunity. Miles had already done the damage and if that son of a bitch deserved to enjoy her cunt then so did Jason.

“You’re so mean,” Mandy whined when she realized despite his bout of kindness he was still going to use her at least once more.

“Do you have any room to talk?” Jason was surprised at how wet she was.

Mandy spread her legs apart slowly, revealing her bare cunt completely. She was obviously embarrassed but she seemed to want Jason to compliment her. He stared down her front at it the best he could. It was always a turn on for him when a girl spread her legs in the porn he watched. If she kept her legs pinched shut so nothing could be seen but the man’s cock as he poked her then they may as well have shot the video in the dark as far as Jason was concerned.

Without really thinking about it, Jason took out his phone and snapped a picture of Mandy from the front. She covered her face partially before the flash and then turned to glare at him. “I just want proof I'm not dreaming,” he explained.

“You don’t need pictures though. This doesn’t have to be just once. As long as you let Mom and me live here I’ll let you do whatever you want,” she assured him.

“What will you do if your mom finds out?” he asked.

“You mean what will you do,” she turned the threat around on him. “You can do whatever you want, but hopefully you exercise restraint or you’ll be in more trouble than me.”

As punishment for her lip Jason pinched one of her nipples. When she opened her mouth to moan he pushed his fingers inside and stretched one of her cheeks while looking down at her affectionately. Just because she was pantless in his lap did not mean her crotch was the only thing he was interested in. Girls’ whole bodies were a visual delight to Jason. He was the type to put on a volleyball or tennis match just to watch their butts and chests bounce and wiggle.

Looking down at the pink haired slut in his lap, Jason imagined what she might look like in a tennis uniform. Would she pose for him with the waist of the skirt lowered enough for him to see her hip lines? If she bent over he could take a picture of her panties in plain view. If she did not wear a bra he could angle the camera from below for an underboob shot.

Mandy waited impatiently as Jason continued to daydream while playing with her mouth, causing her to drool incessantly. Her wet crotch was getting cold. It was no wonder girls always kept their legs closed. Guys were so lucky to have a shaft instead of a hole. She felt like she could beg Jason to share his with her if she was just a little more shameless.

After a line of drool had ran all the way down from her cleavage to her cunt, Mandy’s impatience finally overflowed. She leaned her head back to stare up at Jason meekly. “Warm me up already,” she pleaded.

Jason wasted no time lifting her tiny body up above his lap so he could reposition his cock. When he dropped her back down she made sure to angle herself properly. His cock popped past the entrance of her cunt with little resistance and snaked several inches inside of her. She let out a groan while holding her stomach.

He was not as big as Miles but she had not been conscious when her father took her virginity. Compared to the men that took turns triple penetrating her earlier that day, he was not only bigger but better at making sure she could feel it rather than just enjoying himself.

Her tongue slithered around his fingers in her mouth as her eyes rolled back slightly. She kept gyrating her hips while lapping at his fingers like a cat. With the men before she sat still while they shoved their cocks inside of her painfully. Now she raised and lowered her hips on her own, yelping slightly louder each time the tip of Jason’s cock reached a little further inside of her. She felt like she was chasing something.

“You really like sex don’t you?” Jason caressed her hair with his free hand.

Mandy frowned while waiting for him to remove his fingers from her mouth so she could respond. When he did not she simply mumbled her answer. “I ont ate ex, ut I ont ike etting ucked either (I don’t hate sex, but I don’t like getting fucked either).” She simplified her statement but her meaning was clear, just because sex was enjoyable did not mean that she enjoyed letting any random friend of her dad have their way with her.

Jason pressed her clit with two fingers as he bucked his cock inside her. When he felt her getting wetter, he curved them and slid them into her in front of his cock. She groaned as her eyelids fluttered.

Jason still felt like he was dreaming. He had been living with this girl for weeks and this was the first time he had seen her with her clothes off. He had seen her smile and glare and heard her laughing or yelling but now he could hear her moaning and gasping. She barely felt like the same person at all. Before today it had never crossed his mind to touch her.

He had no idea that Mandy was thinking along the same lines. She knew enough about relationships to know that people usually had sex with others of the same age. If people saw her and Jason together outside they would automatically assume she was his daughter. She giggled a little as she imagined herself correcting them by flirting with him or perhaps more.

It was obvious though; her body was so much smaller than his. The last thing he should be doing to her was sticking his cock inside her. Anyone that knew would think he was a predator. No one would believe it was consensual. For that reason she could sense his apprehension. He was using her cunt to feel good but that was all. He was not actually trying to fuck her and make her feel fucked.

She leaned her head back and smiled at him sweetly, showing off her entire bare front. She licked her red lips and winked at him while letting out little gasps each time he tugged on her cunt with his fingers a little more. She wanted him to look at her, to accept what he was doing.

Finally, he lowered his head to hers and bit her ear, making her gasp loudly. Her chest rose and her muscles contracted, making it hard to move inside of her. She blushed in embarrassment. She had not meant for him to act romantically. She bit her lip and stared up at him with half closed eyes while lifting her legs and setting her feet on his knees so she was completely support by him. She began to play with her own breasts while maintaining eye contact.

Jason put his hands on her waist and pushed her all the way down on his cock. She let out a slight yelp but began giggling again as the warm feeling of being filled rose inside of her.

The longer he bounced her on his lap, the more she relaxed in his grip. She did not feel like doing any work herself and simply let him move her as he pleased. She kept leaning further and further forward until her head was right above the coffee table. Jason was caught off guard when she stiffened and slammed her hands down on the table. Her whole body began to shake and she kept lifting her butt in his lap slightly.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind and held her tightly as she shook more and more. She lifted her legs off his knees and held them straight outward as they shook with her orgasm too. It was not long before Jason could not hold back and was cumming directly in her shaking cunt. She moaned and tossed her head, letting her pink hair, stringy with sweat, fall over her face.

She was amazed at how enjoyable it felt to have his cum splashing against her cervix. She had fives times as much poured inside her that afternoon, but they had not given her time to enjoy or hate it before they shoved another cock inside her. It was not that the gangbang was not stimulating; she just did not enjoy those five men as much as having one of Jason. She even began to wonder if she would like getting gangbanged more if she could duplicate him five times.

Jason had to let go of her waist when she kicked off the table and spun herself around to face him. Their joint fluids made it possible but he was still sensitive from cumming. He was wincing when their faces met and she kissed him. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist behind him on the couch.

Jason was used to women getting sick of him quickly after he came. They would lie away from him on the bed and face the wall. None of them were this eager. He embraced her tightly and returned her kiss, again considering himself incredibly lucky.

They stayed glued together on the couch until his cock became completely flaccid and slid out of her. It was then that they realized the TV was still on and Jason’s next show was about to start. He prepared to lift Mandy off of his lap but she shook her head. She usually fell asleep next to him on the couch, waiting for him to go to bed so she could spread out properly. Ignoring her protests, he lifted her and carried her to his bedroom and laid her down. “I’ll be back for you tonight,” he assured her. Finally her mind was put at ease and she put her head down to sleep.


After the way she had awoken that afternoon, she fully expected to wake up to Jason touching her in some way. She was both relieved and slightly disappointed to find that not to be the case. She woke up the next morning, having slept soundly in Jason’s bed. She did not know if he had joined her at all but she hoped he had. She would’ve felt bad for kicking him out of his own bed.

She was still naked, and had to quickly grab a shirt to wear from her shopping in the living room while staying out of the view of the doorway to the kitchen where her mother and Jason were both sitting at the kitchen table. When she entered she sat down on Jason’s lap, just like the afternoon before. After being pushed around by five men at her father’s house, she wanted to have control over something and right now it was Jason’s lap.

Jason suspected and confirmed that she was not wearing panties or pants beneath her shirt by sliding his hand under the hem and touching her. Mandy let out an exaggerated yet low moan. Letting his intrigue get the better of him, Jason ran his fingers over her clit, up her cunt and stomach and over her breasts. Mandy crossed her eyes and rested her chin on the kitchen table as she basked in the feeling of his touch covering her whole body under her shirt.

When he touched her sore, previously pierced, nipples, she gasped loudly. Her mother turned around at the sound and saw for the first time the aftermath of Saturday’s shopping spree. “What happened to your face?” She noticed her hair and the eyebrow piercing first.

“Daddy let my dye my hair,” Mandy adopted a cute persona and blamed Miles immediately.

“What the hell was he thinking? Does he not care about school?”

“Oh yeah, I have to get going.” Mandy hopped off of Jason’s lap. She leaned forward slightly to keep the hem of her shirt covering her lower half in the front and intentionally lifted the back and shook her bare butt at Jason, teasing him for the fact that he had to stop touching her now. Jason kept a straight face but felt extremely turned on. This little girl knew what she had and flaunted it. She reminded him of a model jerking her hips while doing a turn on the catwalk. One weekend with Miles had taught her that her body was an object of men’s desire.

“You’re not going to school looking like that!” Alexandria shrieked at her daughter. “I’ll be humiliated when your teachers send you home.”

“So I don’t have to go to school today?” Mandy asked excitedly.

“You should take her to a salon today so she can get back to her normal routine as soon as possible,” Jason suggested. Despite the fact that he loved his little slut’s appearance, he also felt protective of her.

“I’ll take her tomorrow. Today, I’m gonna talk to my lawyer.” Alexandria used her phone to take a picture of Mandy. “This will make a wonderful reason to appeal his visitation rights.” On instinct Mandy began to follow her mother toward the door. Alexandria stopped in her tracks and turned to Jason, “Can you watch her for a few hours?” she begged sweetly. He shrugged uninterestedly.

As soon as the door closed behind Alexandria though, he stopped hiding his grin. Mandy ignored him and sat on the opposite end of the table. “Ah, that’s cold,” she gasped when she felt the hard chair touching her bare ass.

“Come here and I’ll warm you up,” Jason offered. Mandy began to eat from her bowl of oatmeal while nodding. “I’ll be right over to let you fill my butt with something warm, but first I’ve gotta eat something. I was so busy being fed liquids yesterday, Miles forgot to feed me anything solid.

Jason felt bad to hear she had been starved and tried to hide the fact that his cock was growing just thinking about her having to swallow mouthful after mouthful of semen yesterday. Mandy giggled when she saw him leaning over the table. Getting an idea, she took a large spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth and then slid out of her chair and to the floor. Jason heard her scampering on her hands and knees and looked down just in time to see her pink head appear between his legs.

She did not give him any time to protest before she unzipped his pants and put her mouth over his cock. He gripped the table as the warm soft mush of the oatmeal in her mouth surrounded his shaft. She first sunk her head down, lathering it with the sticky paste, and then licked it back off like a lollipop and swallowed it.

“I'm gonna need a shower,” he groaned while continuing to grip the table. She giggled again, teasing him for being out of his element. When he had regained enough composure, he scooted his chair back so she had to crawl out from under the table into view to keep blowing him. Her yellow shirt was covering her entire back but it was hanging loosely and shaking with her movements. He pulled it up to her chest so her entire back and waist and butt were visible.

Smirking he watched her butt bobbing in tandem with her head. Whenever she lifted it enough, he could actually see the valley of her butt cheeks. He wetted one of his fingers with her own drool around his shaft and then pushed it into her butt the next time it rose in the air. She squealed and almost collapsed against his crotch, breathing heavily through her nose. He laughed out loud while continuing to prod her anus.

Annoyed, she began to push his cock deeper into her throat until it popped past her uvula. Jason groaned again as he felt it mashing in the oatmeal that she had barely swallowed. Wanting to get past that sensation quickly, he grabbed part of her hair and yanked her head forward. His cock slid another inch into her throat but she quickly jerked back, pulling the whole thing out. Oatmeal followed immediately, spilling over her lips and chin and down onto her shirt.

She sat back on her knees staring up at him, tears from her eyes moistening the paste on her lips. The shape of her breasts and nipples was clearly visible through her damp shirt. She just stared up at him slightly dazed but also definitely proud of herself for successfully taking his cock deep enough in her throat to make herself puke.

Now you need a shower too,” Jason was nowhere near as pleased.

Mandy closed her eyes and tilted her head upward, thrusting out her chest and waiting patiently. Jason could guess what she was expecting but he still had to ask. “What are you doing?”

“The men yesterday gave me a golden shower,” she explained. “Don’t you want to try it?”

“Not in the kitchen,” he scolded her. He then pinched her nose and dragged her to her feet as she whined. When he let go, she still followed him to the bathroom obediently. She did not bother taking off her shirt before stepping into the shower and turning on the water. It would need to be rinsed somewhat before being washed in the laundry anyway.

There was very little room in Jason’s standing shower, so he waited outside. However, once she was satisfied that most of the vomit was off of her shirt, she turned to face him through the glass door. “Aren’t you coming in?” she asked.

“Are you done?” he asked back.

She opened the sliding door, letting water spill out onto the floor. Luckily there was another drain outside of the shower. “Don’t you feel sticky down there?”

“Whose fault is that?” He frowned at her.

“That’s why I'm offering to help you wash.” She began to lather her hands with soap. Despite having had his cock deep inside her throat twice in 24 hours already, he was still tempted to have her use her tiny hands on his shaft. She giggled as she saw him regain the hardness he lost on the way from the kitchen. He stripped quickly but stepped into the shower slowly, having to squeeze past her in the tiny compartment. She sat down on the bench attached to the wall and put her soapy hands right on his cock. She slid them down to the base and even ran her fingers through his pubic hair a few times.

She was already quite short compared to Jason but sitting down like this all he could see was the top of her pink head. Just like yesterday evening he felt the desire to pet her to let her know she was doing a good job. When she had finished rinsing the soap away, she kneeled down to the floor and moved her head close to his waist. She let his cock lay across her face as she stared up at him, silently asking if he wanted her to continue her escapade from beneath the kitchen table.

The contrast of his rough cock against her smooth freckled face was sexy enough, but he looked past her head to her chest. Her soaked shirt was still clinging to her, leaving the outline of her breasts and nipples perfectly visible. It was kinky to wear clothes in the shower but he really wanted her to be topless. He wanted to see if the color of her breasts matched her cheeks and what his cock would look like resting on top of them instead.

She was caught off guard when he squatted down to grab the hem of her shirt. He pulled it up above her breasts, exposing them with a springing jiggle, but the neck caught on her chin and she was pulled to her feet. Getting an idea, he moved the sleeves of the shirt behind her head and grabbed them like a handle with the rest still wrapped around her neck. He then used it to push her back down to her knees. She gulped nervously before opening her mouth and letting him guide his cock inside.

It felt odd and impersonal to have her head controlled by him despite him not actually touching her. She was reminded of the less gentle gangbang from yesterday. Slightly unwillingly, she was turned on by the memory and ran her hands down her body to touch her cunt. Seeing her getting excited and expecting to be getting back to the same level they were at before she puked, he thrust his hips hard and fast, impaling his shaft in her throat almost immediately. She made a sound as her throat expanded only to rub against her shirt garroted around her neck.

She almost felt like she was being strangled. When she tried to pull back, he did not move with her and she really did tug the wet cloth against her own neck. She became dizzy as her air was cut off. Her eyes rolled back in her head slightly and she relaxed her throat around his shaft. Feeling the relief in pressure, he pulled her further forward until her face was buried in his freshly washed pubic hair.

When the head of his cock slipped past her uvula, she swallowed instinctively, tightening her throat. This made his grip on her shirt feel loose so he tightened it as well. When she relaxed her throat again, the shirt dug into her neck even more. Her face was starting to turn red and her pupils had disappeared from sight. Getting afraid that she could not see him, she tried to speak but only gurgled. Eventually she decided she had to breathe and shoved against his waist. When his cock slid all the way out of her throat, it stopped bulging as much.

With the new found space in her throat she looked up at Jason and promptly vomited down her front again. In an attempt to stop her he tightened his garrote around her neck. She managed to stop but remained staring up at him with her tongue hanging out and a look of dizziness. He was pretty sure she would fall over if he was not holding her up by the garrote.

The sight of undigested oatmeal clinging to her breasts was slightly more kinky than when it was just all over her shirt. Almost involuntarily, Jason’s cock became more erect right before he began to cum. It splashed over her face and her tongue and even over her breasts. Mandy barely reacted, still just kneeling with her mouth open and her tongue out, unable to breathe or continue puking until he released his grip on her neck.

Jason was not thinking about how he was choking her at all though. He was wondering about how to turn her to face the shower so he could wash her chest again. While thinking, he recalled what she had said in the kitchen about a golden shower. He had almost no interest before but now he felt this was the only time he would ever do such a thing. He had just cum and the need to piss was present. She was in no state to protest.

With her mouth still open, a third layer of bodily fluid splashed over her face and chest. It washed away the cum and the vomit leaving her smooth flesh looking clean despite the fact that it obviously was not. When Jason was done peeing he lifted her to her feet again and grabbed her hair with his other hand so he could point her front toward the shower head. Her shirt tugged against the flesh of her neck as she was spun around in place.

He kept her face pointed upward until her open mouth had filled with water. It splashed onto the shower floor when he finally pointed her head downward. She braced herself against the wall with her back arched and her legs apart so she would not fall over. Her butt was sticking out right at Jason’s waist height. She finally closed her mouth when she felt his cock between her legs. It was still soft but getting harder. She tried to look at him but could not turn her head, only roll her eyes. She somewhat wanted to laugh at how insatiable he was but the tightness of the garrote prevented her from making any noise.

Jason let go of her hair and moved his free hand to her legs so he could play with her cunt from behind. The water running down her body made it easy to slide his fingers along her slit. She flinched and twisted her lower half when he flicked her clit but relaxed when he ran his fingers further back. Smirking to himself, he began to pull her butt apart as best he could with one hand. She was not all that surprised when she felt him poking her anus just like he had when she was under the kitchen table.

She jerked when his index finger slide inside the hole when it was wet enough and again when his middle finger entered. It took him time but eventually he got three fingers inside her. She continued trying to look back at him but her vision was becoming hazy from the lack of air. She leaned against the wall even more and relaxed most of the muscles in her body. Taking this as an invitation, he pressed his now hard cock to the outside of her anus and stretched the hole with his three fingers until the head of his cock fit inside.

She hardly seemed to notice until he removed his fingers and her anus contracted around his shaft. She was more bothered than she thought she would be by the fact that it could not close completely like it should have. Her whole lower half jerked and she clenched her eyes. She was instantly reminded of the first cock to ever penetrate her, her father’s friend Tom. He had spent nearly half an hour bouncing her on his lap before pissing inside her bowels when she failed to satisfy him.

Unable to separate the two events in her mind, Mandy began to thrash, pushing and pulling her butt against Jason’s penetration in an attempt to get him off as quickly as possible. If she did not make him cum, he would humiliate her again by treating her as a living toilet just like Tom.

Jason sensed nothing wrong and simply took her newfound vigor as excitement. He placed his hand around her front and slid it down between legs so he could finger her cunt. He curved his fingers up inside her and swirled them around, making her muscles go weak. Having lost her movement he instead pulled her against him, both by her cunt and by her neck. He slid her tiny body toward his and his shaft up her butt at the same time and then let her slide back off due to her own weight only to repeat the process again and again.

Whenever Mandy gave a blowjob, she felt like she was at least slightly in control; even when her partner forced her head down. However, sex always made her feel small and weak. Especially when her partner suspended her body and just moved her on his own, she felt tiny in comparison. The fact that her anus was tighter than her cunt and had to expand to suit an adult male cock only furthered the feeling. Being manhandled was exciting and terrifying for her. She was also excited by how terrifying it was and terrified by how excited she was.

Once she was sure Jason could suspend her properly by their three points of contact, her neck, her cunt and his cock in her asshole, she stopped pushing against the wall and let him pull her body away from it entirely. She felt the pressure on her neck the most and quickly slid her thumbs into the gap between the shirt and her throat to relief some of the pressure. Now she really was being slid on and off Jason’s cock at his leisure with no support from herself. She had handed over complete control of herself like a submissive slut and she could not tell if she liked it at all but also did not want him to stop shoving his cock up her asshole for anything.

The feeling of having her anus expanded for his too large cock and the fact that it could not close even when he pulled out because it was supporting her body weight by clinging to his shaft was sending constant sensations to her head. She wanted to thrash a lot more but she could not while suspended this way.

In complete control of her body, Jason likened Mandy to a doll in his mind. Her pink hair only furthered the illusion. It was the perfect metaphor for a girl that was a toy to both her parents in their battle for control of her. She was even more of a toy in her father’s eyes now as well; something to by played with physically. The more Jason grew to like Mandy the angrier he became at Miles for defiling her first, but he could not blame him. He was surprised it took Miles this long to start molesting his daughter. If Mandy were his, Jason could not say he wouldn’t have fucked her a long time ago.

Jason had to admit to himself that Mandy’s life in this house was only gonna get harder the longer she stayed. Any time Alexandria was out or asleep he was probably going to bother her. She had already lost her virginity and unless she got pregnant he was not permanently damaging her so she could stand to be a little accommodating.

Jason was brought back from his thoughts when he felt his little doll begin to spasm. He had to tighten his grip on her cunt and neck to keep her from falling as she began to kick wildly. He could see her toes flexing like fingers trying to grab anything. Unfortunately for her, all she succeeded at was impaling her asshole on his shaft harder and faster.

Jason felt liquid warmer than the shower water pouring out of her cunt around his fingers as she came. Her spasming was replaced with stiffness as all her muscles clenched and then by a loose feeling when they all relaxed. She almost fell off of him when her anus released its grip on his cock. He had to lower her to the shower floor by her shirt, which he finally let go of when she was no longer suspended. Seeing how red her face was, he checked to make sure she was still breathing before he was able to calm down.

She remained unconscious for the rest of the shower as he properly cleaned himself and her. He kept staring at her bare body lying face down on the floor, particularly her round anus. It refused to close and he genuinely worried if it would forever be stuck pried open in the shape of his cock. At least she would never forget him.

Jason actually wondered if her asshole would retain water if he propped her butt up at the right angle under the shower head. He did not get to try before she opened her eyes and rolled over. She kicked upwards like a child throwing a tantrum for a while before sitting up. She grabbed her stomach and looked up at him miserably.

“What wrong?” he was concerned.

“I haven’t kept anything down since the mall on Saturday,” she explained. She was going on two days without any solid food.

He almost sighed with relief. “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

She had to follow his gaze down to her lower half before she knew how to respond to his question. She could not see what he saw but she could feel it. “You don’t have to worry about me,” she assured him. “I received the worst assfucking of my life in my own living room yesterday from 6 beads the size of your fist and a beer bottle. You’re welcome to try as hard as you want but you’re not gonna do much worse.”

When she stood up she felt her wet shirt slapping against her back. Like a panicking camper brushing off a snake, she ripped it off over her head and threw it at the wall of the shower. When he looked at her a little confused she pretended to be calmer than she was. “No one touched my neck yesterday so I wasn’t used to it. I don’t think I like breath play very much.” She left the shower before he could respond.


By the time Alexandria returned from visiting her lawyer, Mandy had finally gotten something to eat. She and Jason were watching TV on the couch when her mother burst through the front door, swearing and shouting about what a prick Miles was. She stopped when she noticed Mandy sitting in just a pair of shorts, completely topless. Despite Jason’s protests, she had refused to dawn a new shirt after being strangled by her last one.

“Why aren't you dressed?” Alexandria asked the obvious.

“Jason wanted to know if all tits were as ugly as yours so I showed him mine. When he said mine looked better I was too flattered to stop showing them to him,” Mandy made up something random. Alexandria took a moment to process her daughter’s words before realizing they were nonsense and dismissing them as such.

“You’re going back to school tomorrow.”

“What about the salon?” Jason asked.

“My lawyer wants her to still look like this during our next court session,” Alexandria explained. “I’ve told all of her teachers what to expect and why. They’ve promised not to scold you or send you home. Try to put up with any bullying for the time being. If this goes well, you won’t ever have to see your father again.”

Mandy simply shrugged, pretending it was not a big deal. However, the moment her mother left the room she started hopping on the couch on her knees while grinning at Jason. He hugged and kissed her to celebrate as well. Her cheeks turned a little red as her exposed nipples brushed against his shirt. When he noticed he started playing with them forcing her to cover her mouth to keep from moaning. She kept an eye on the kitchen doorway where her mother disappeared, just in case they had to stop suddenly. They had been alone together all day but now that her mother was back was the moment they chose to start acting up again.

However, they were both ignoring the obvious problem. The next court date was not for another 3 weeks. Mandy was set to visit her father again in under 2 weeks. She was going to have to put up with his physical parenting at least once more before Alexandria’s promise came true and they both knew it. Playing around like this was just a temporary distraction from what was to come.

To be continued.

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