Bitten (Chapter 4)

Bitten (Chapter 4)


Paragraph 1: Nikolai's POV (some sex)

Paragraph 2: Eva's POV (sex)

Paragraph 3: (some sex)

POV: Nikolai

Johannes stands above me, eyes leering over Eva's barely covered body next to me in the bed. I sit up and block his view to her with my body protectively. From the light coming into the window it feels about six in the morning. It's warm and my body still feels loose and relaxed from the night before with Eva.

“What do you want?” I ask him. I lock the doors but he finds a way in sometimes. He turns to me like we're having a conversation over coffee.

“You owe me for the Russian girl you left on my living room floor.”

I feel Eva stir next to me and I move my finger to my lips to tell him to be quiet. I slide my underpants on and lead him out of the room and into the hallway.

“I thought you knew well enough to clean up after yourself after I've done you a favour.” It's dark but I can see his eyes lit with a manipulative excitement.

I rub my eyes and sigh. “Carry on,” I tell him.

“You're coming to a party I'm throwing.”

“It's not like you to throw a party,” I say dryly.

He exhales a small laughter and continues. “As a favour to me you can invite the young woman in your bed. I'm assuming she's the one you've been seeing so often.”

He says it almost curtly, as though he's my father and I've pushed him towards disappointment.

“How is that a favour to you, Johannes?” I ask.

His face changes and he smiles. “Because I know you're a generous person. She smells very nice.” He glances over my shoulder and into the bedroom behind me. He wants her blood.

“No,” I say angrily enough for him to raise his eyebrows.

“That fond of her?” He asks. “Fair enough. Make sure she brings a plus-one, then – otherwise there won't be enough to go around.” He says it as though it's a threat. He slaps my shoulder and turns to walk down the hallway. He disappears into the dark and I hear the front door close behind him quickly.

I'm faced with Eva's huge round eyes looking up at me when I walk back into the bedroom. She's sat up in my bed and the light coming through the curtains gives her a warm sleepy glow. She shakes her head and her messy curls fall around her face and down over her breasts. I see her nipples peeking through, small and pink.

“Who were you talking to?” She asks sleepily.

“Nobody,” I tell her, sliding next to her into the bed.

“I heard you,” she protests softly.

I pull her onto my lap so she straddles me and start to rock her back and forth against me. She feels swollen against the underside of my hardening cock, and I know she'll still be sensitive from just a few hours before. She moans and forgets about what she was saying.

I reach down and position myself in front of her entrance so that I slide inside when she rocks back again.

“Have a few orgasms before you go to work, my love,” I tell her. She begins to ride me, her wetness gliding back and forth over my shaft, her perky breasts bouncing just above me, effectively distracted.

POV: Eva

We sit silently in the car, all three of us. The country lanes are dark and I feel too tired from my shift at work to be in a party spirit. My cousin Beth jumped at the chance to come when Nikolai mentioned it to her, and my frail complaints about the situation could do nothing to sway them both from the idea. I sit in a huff: legs crossed, stare fixed out of the window, ignoring Nikolai when he reaches over and strokes my thigh for a few seconds.

We pull onto a long drive and a large converted barn comes into view. Beth almost squeals. She sits in the back, clapping her hands, looking pretty in her black, plunging jumpsuit and red heels.

When we get out of the car Nikolai jogs to walk next to me, leaving Beth behind to admire the house.

“What's the matter, little lady?” He asks me in a soft purr.

I keep my gaze to the ground, watching my step in my heels as we step onto the porch. “I'm tired,” I tell him flatly.

“And still you look so awfully pretty,” he whispers, stroking the velvet of my dress just at the small of my back.

The door opens, despite nobody being there to answer it, and the noise of music and laughter and conversation spills out. We're welcomed inside, all three of us, by a wave of people. The open plan ground floor is packed with people and every step towards the host brings a new face and a new introduction. Drinks are passed to us from the kitchen, our jackets are taken and most people are greeting Nikolai like an old friend before smiling politely at Beth and I.

He turns to me, leans in so we can hear each other and shouts, “Mingle with Beth, I need to speak to our host.” He winks and tugs a lock of my hair before he turns and disappears into the crowd.

I make a beeline for the French double doors leading out to the back of the property, reaching for the cigarettes in my bag. People sit in small groups in the garden, though it's less crowded than inside and I feel able to breathe again.

An Indian man with strikingly bleached blond hair, slicked to the back, reaches over and offers me a lighter. He's tall and slender, leaning in his chair like a cat. I light my cigarette and thank him.

“Anything for you,” he says, his voice is soft and accented, and when his eyes meet mine it's hard to look away from their depth. He pushes a free chair towards me and I take a seat. He pulls out a cigarette for himself and lights it.

“What's your name, my darling?” He asks.


“Are you having a nice evening?” There's a gently soothing quality about him and when I feel my tiredness deepen it's impossible to stifle my yawn.

I laugh, embarrassed. “It's lovely so far, I'm just terribly tired.”

He pulls a sympathetic face and takes a drag of his cigarette.

I look into the doorway and see Beth stood in the kitchen, chatting to a man. She's so involved in the conversation that she can't see the people around her watching the two of them, groups of people with hungry eyes moving towards her. I move my head slowly and cast my gaze around the garden. Another woman has joined us at the table, and she watches me with a cold stare, while the people closest to me quickly avert their eyes when I see them watching me.

The Indian man leans over the table. “Would you like to go somewhere quieter?”

I feel exposed and very alone. I turn to see Beth, but when I look into the kitchen she's nowhere in sight.

“I need to find my cousin,” I tell him.

He places a hand on my bare thigh and squeezes it roughly. “Why not try to relax?”

I jolt back in my seat but his hand keeps its grip on my leg. He moves it upwards slowly and deliberately past the hem of my dress and to the very top of my inner thigh, his fingers grazing my underwear. I grab his hand and tell him to stop. I notice the watchful eyes of even more strangers around us, and yet nobody does anything.

In a panic I dock my cigarette out on the guy's forearm and push back with enough force to be able to finally stand. I hear him yelling as I walk as quickly as I can in heels towards the door, rushing through the crowd to find an empty room to myself.

I head up the staircase to the first floor, where the crowd dies down into couples sat on the stairs and people occupying the bedrooms. I find a bathroom, duck inside and lock the door behind me. The room is open and bright – modern with old features like the rest of the house. A floor length mirror stands in the corner and I go to check myself. I find my dress uncomfortably short, and I tug the hem as far down as it will go. The sparkly velvet is a deep navy colour that you could mistake for black, the material clings to my body at the waist and hips, finishing over halfway up the thigh. My legs look slim and long, but the feel of the man's hand against my thigh makes me want to cover myself.

I jump when I hear a knock at the door, but Nikolai's voice instantly calms me. “Eva, it's me,” he calls.

I unlock the door for him and perch on top of the sink, craving all the time alone with him I can get.

“I thought I saw you scuttle into here,” he says playfully, locking the door behind him and moving towards me to hold me for a second.

“The people here are weird,” I whisper to him.

He gives me a tight squeeze. “Have they been bothering you?”

“Yes,” I tell him, visibly distressed. “A man groped me and everyone just sat there watching.”

He cups my face in his hands and kisses me, slow and deep. “You poor thing,” he murmurs. “Don't worry, I'm here now.”

I rest my head against his chest. I expected him to be shocked and outraged, but still his warmth brings tears to my eyes. My shoulders shake a little as my tiredness and nerves overflow with a few tears.

Nikolai squeezes me harder. “Don't cry,” he says gently. “Look at how beautiful you are.” He holds me back at arms length and admires me, as though it might absolve me from any sadness.

He looks at me with the same hunger the party guests did downstairs, only his version of it doesn't make me want to look away and cover myself. It makes me want to open myself completely to him and be part of him.

I grab the collar of his shirt and pull him into a kiss as he adjusts my weight on the sink and holds my legs open with his arms. It's quick and needy at first. I manage to release his member from his trousers and slide my panties to the slide, I moan sharp and loud when he fills my cunt too quickly and starts thrusting before I have a chance to get any wetter. My pain seems to excite him further, and he begins to thrust with enough force to push me back and knock bottles of toiletries onto the floor. In just a few seconds my breaths are quick pants, brought on by the warm sensation building in between my thighs. He grabs a fistful of my hair and tugs it sharply, bringing the tears back to my eyes. He sees them overflow and his thrusts become even harder.

“You're hurting me,” I whimper in between my tears and my moans of delight. I don't expect him to stop, I say it just to excite him.

He slaps my face with enough force to make it sting, bringing me into a climax around his thick shaft. “Good,” he tells me and I moan and sob loud enough for people downstairs to hear, “you've been a brat all night.”

“I'm sorry, daddy,” I whisper, the sound coming out in short jagged pants as my body rocks back and forth with each thrust he makes into me, each one feeling deeper than the last. He towers above me over the sink, making me feel impossibly small, thick muscular arms pinning my arms to my sides so I could barely move even if I wanted to. A black curl falls down over his face as he leans in to nip at my shoulder and draw blood for a second. He reaches his orgasm soon after, fucking me into such an overwhelmed mess I can hardly stand in my heels when we're finished.

“Come on, then,” his voice warm again. I feel his cum inside me, slowly dripping into my underpants and pooling, thick and still warm. “There are people you need to meet.”

I pull my dress back down as he pulls his zip of his trousers up. Having him by my side for the rest of the night makes returning to the party feel at least bearable. He slaps me hard on my behind before we leave the bathroom, and I stifle a tiny squeal as we head towards the rest of the guests.

POV: Nikolai

“Mingle with Beth, I need to speak to our host,” I tell Eva. I look back at her as I make my way through the house. She stands alone for a second like a startled deer, long legs and big eyes, the delicate and innocent air she holds about herself attracting the stare of every male in her proximity. I need to be quick. I turn off towards Johannes' office where I know he will be. I look over my shoulder one last time before heading into the room, and see Beth surrounded by a growing crowd of people, pale thin hands reaching out to touch her.

“You're late,” Johannes announces when I'm finally in front of him. He sits behind a desk, looking calm and collected. Two men sit on the sofa against the wall, both silent.

“No more games,” I tell him, an edge in my voice so he knows I'm serious. “I made sure Eva's cousin came. She's called Beth, you can have her and leave Eva alone.”

He looks at me like he's considering my offer, and I almost feel nervous. Johannes is old and bitter, with a sadistic streak that makes me uncomfortable on occasion. Our relationship to each other makes us family, but the thought of him alone with someone as sweet and willing as Eva causes my stomach to turn.

“When do I get to meet Eva?” He asks innocently.

“Later,” I tell him.

It's the closest thing to guilt I have felt in a long time; Beth had been kind, and I knew that Eva would be distraught to find out I was capable of setting up such a thing. I remind myself that Eva is the priority and clasp Johannes on the shoulder. “Be quick and be gentle with her, then you can meet Eva.”

I describe her and the two strangers leave the room to find her. The silence between Johannes and I makes me uncomfortable, but he sits in his chair smiling for what feels like an eternity. Beth is brought into the room and I can barely force myself to look at her.

Johannes takes one of her hands in his. He's tall and broad and his long fingers manage to wrap around Beth's wrist when he brings her hand up to his lips to kiss. “What a pleasure it is to meet you,” he says charismatically.

Her eyes look around the room she's being led into, she doesn't seem to notice me stood beside her and I know she's been drugged. They give the humans herbal concoctions to make them slightly more compliant. I think about Eva, and start becoming impatient.

“Thank you for having me,” she says slowly, as though she's deep in thought.

Johannes sits on the couch and motions for her to take a seat beside him. His two henchmen stand at the door, which I assume is already locked. He begins to work his charm on her, flirtation and flattery are employed with a skill he has been perfecting for too many lifetimes to count. He puts her at ease with his good humour and charm, and not once do her eyes look away from his. It seems as though they are the only two in the room and it's uncomfortable to watch.

“May I?” He asks, his voice as soft and rich as velvet when he takes her wrist up to his mouth.

She nods, as though she understands what she's agreeing to. He bites down on her skin hard enough to draw blood, though he does it with a gentleness. She frowns as though she can't believe what she's seeing, but doesn't pull away.

He pulls her onto his lap and almost groans when she adjusts herself to sit against his crotch.

I look away and wait for him to dismiss me. The men at the door watch the two of them intensely, and I have a feeling they've been promised a turn.

“Johannes...” I say quietly.

He looks up at me, the girl's blood staining his teeth and lips a dark red. He holds her bloody wrist out to me with one hand, the other hand reaching beneath her jumpsuit to cup a breast. “Don't leave so soon, Kolya,” he says with a grim smile.

Beth squirms with delight against him, her head tilted back against his shoulder as he kisses her neck. I can feel the heat roll off of her in waves and the smell of her blood is making the room sweet and heady with her scent. Johannes pulls the top half of her jumpsuit down to her waist, exposing her breasts and pink, hardening nipples. She's curvier than Eva and her breasts spill out of Johannes' large hands. She moans when he cups them and begins to grind against his leg.

I take a step back, thinking of Eva and my urgency to find her, to make sure she's okay.

“I need to leave,” the scent of Beth is making me feel dizzy, almost faint, and I realise how much I want to leave the room. Johannes dismisses me with a flick of his hand, his eyes fixed solely on Beth and the pulse in her neck. His other hand moves down her stomach and disappears beneath her underwear.

One of the men moves from the doorway to the couch, loosening his tie as he walks over. The other one opens the door for me to leave, closing it quickly behind me and turning the key in the lock. The air feels cooler outside of his office, and I regain my focus when I begin searching the crowd for Eva. I feel a knot in my stomach, and an urgency pulling me towards her that tells me she's afraid. I smell her perfume before I catch a glimpse of her, darting up the stairs and down the long corridor. Her velvet dress clings to her body and sparkles under the lights with every movement she makes, it's short, making her legs look incredibly long and slim. I follow her up the stairs and walk towards the bathroom she ducks into. She finally opens the door when I knock but recoils from the doorway when she hears the noise of the guests, eyes so big they almost make me want to cry.

I hold her, breathing in her scent and stroking the soft velvet of her dress. I still feel slightly intoxicated from the smell of Beth's blood and the temptation of it had excited me. Once my hands start touching Eva's body it feels impossible to stop, and I have to remind myself that she's upset.

“The people here are weird,” she tells me, clinging to my chest.

I squeeze her hard and scold myself for bringing her here, wondering what I ever thought it would accomplish. Now Johannes has seen my weakness for her he'll toy with it for fun, too old, too bitter and too bored to take something as mundane as human emotion into account. I kiss her and hold her, finally taking her over the sink her so I don't have to think about how I could lose her, and how it would frighten her to learn about the world I had brought her into tonight.

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