My Brother's Genie - Chapter 11

My Brother's Genie - Chapter 11

“What do we do!? What do we do!?” Charlie asked, panicking.
“Mistress, calm down,” Afericus said, trying to comfort her. “Everything will be okay.”
“Of course it’s not, they’re going to destroy the universe!” Charlie shouted.
“Oh shut the fuck up,” Sarosa said to her.
“Well sorry, I just don’t like the idea of not existing!”
“Any reality where I don’t have to listen to your whining is a good reality.”
“Girls girls, break it up!” Daniel shouted, getting between them.
“Honestly, is it me or do humans get less intelligent as time goes by?” Alexis asked. “Look, there’s really no need to panic.”

“No. No it’s not,” Alexis said, before pointing to one of the other genies. “YOU! What’s your name?”
“Um…Asrah…” she said, hiding behind her Master, as she was slightly intimidated by this other genie.
“Well Asrah, if you’d be so kind as to remind these humans as to the rules of the genies.”
“The existence of genies may not be revealed to the general public,” Asrah said. “Genies may not use their powers on their Masters without their permission. Wishes may not conflict with another Master’s wishes, or physical or mental state. Masters are forbidden from preventing the work of the genies.”
“Yep,” Alexis said. “Which is why we’re safe. Because time travel is heavily restricted by the rules. When travelling in time you may not do anything which would change history to where a Master does not receive their genie. And preventing the creation of the universe falls into that I think.”

“Even so, Alex Brookman could still do considerable harm in the past,” Lumiosa said.
“So let’s stop them then!” Daniel said.
“Great. And how do you suppose we do that?” Alexis asked. “We don’t know where or when they are. It would be impossible to find them.”
“So what, we just give up?” Charlie asked.
“I don’t know,” Alexis said, sitting back on the sofa. “I have no idea what to do at all.”


1195. Outside the door of the back room in a tavern in Jerusalem, a man dropped dead. Had a doctor examined him, they would not have been able to establish a cause of death. More superstitious people would put it down to witchcraft or some sort of curse. They’d all be wrong though, as the actual cause was the genie Alexis granting her new Master’s wish. She’d not wanted to, but having just experienced the punishments her Master was willing to give her, she wasn’t about to say no.
“Wonderful, that’s the final loose end cleared up,” her new Master said. “Isn’t it wonderful, genie?”
“Yes Master,” Alexis said.
“Oh cheer up, genie, I thought your kind were supposed to enjoy serving humans?”
“Yes Master, granting your wishes fills me with joy beyond comprehension,” Alexis said, trying to resist punching him.
“I would punish you for that sarcasm, but I’m still so happy at acquiring you that I’m feeling generous. Now come on.”

Alexis followed her Master back out into the main tavern area, where the patrons all gasped.
“That whore is naked!” Someone shouted. “Put some clothes on girl! God is watching!”
“I think that the closest thing in this room to God is me,” the Englishman said. “And I like how my genie is dressed. In fact, I wish you were all naked as well.” Alexis waved her hand, and in an instant, her Master was the only one wearing clothes.
“Witchcraft!” Someone shouted, and the people started running.
“Well that won’t do. Genie, seal all the doors. No-one will escape.”
Alexis snapped her fingers, and no matter how hard they tried, no-one could get out of the room.
“Who are you!?” Someone asked, trying not to appear afraid.
“I am Charles. That is all you need to know. And as of this moment, I am your God.”
“Genie, I wish for all the men in here to turn into beautiful, sexually-promiscuous women. And I wish for everyone here to worship me as their one and only God.”
“Your wish is my command, Master.”

Alexis snapped her fingers, and all the men groaned and fell to the floor, their bodies awash with magical sensations. They felt all their body hair disappear, before their cocks and balls retracted into their groins, turning into moist, succulent vaginas. Their butts expanded to just the right shape and size. Their muscular bodies re-arranged themselves to give them toned tummies and enormous boobs, which they felt growing on their chests. Their facial hair all disappeared, and their hips widened. Finally their hair grew longer and more lavish.
“Oh my God…” Charles said as he looked on at the utter bombshells that stood before him. They were absolutely perfect.
“WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO US!?” One of the new women shouted, before the second part of Charles’ wish took effect. The women all prostrated themselves before him. “OH LORD! WE GIVE THANKS TO BE ALLOWED TO BE IN YOUR PRESENCE! HOW MAY WE SERVE YOU!?” Charles just grinned.
“Well then,” he said. “Your God demands pleasure. Pleasure me.”

Charles was taken aback by the two-dozen horny women that pounced on him, knocking him to the floor. They began ripping his clothes off, desperate to pleasure their god. Charles couldn’t see below his neck, his view being obscured by female flesh of various skin tones. He felt a mouth consume his cock, and he let out a moan. He didn’t moan for long though, as another lady began making out with him, while the rest of the women kissed and licked every inch of his skin.
“Oh God…Ohhhhh...” he moaned. His middle-aged body had had its fair share of sexual encounters, but never with two-dozen goddess-like beauties at once. His cock admitted defeat, and spurted out a huge load into whatever mouth it was that was sucking on him. Before he’d even finished jizzing he felt the mouth be pulled away and replaced dripping-wet pussy.
“Master, will you be requiring anything else?” Alexis said, wanting to go back into her lamp.
“Shut up genie, just sit there and watch your Master enjoy himself,” Charles ordered.
“As you wish…” Alexis grumbled.

Charles came again, crying out in pleasure. Another pussy replaced the current one, and resumed fucking him. Charles groaned, his cock beginning to feel the strain of so much continuous stimulation. Nevertheless, he persevered, making out with whatever girl currently had domination of his mouth. After a few minutes he felt his cock give in once more, and reach orgasm. This time though his load was much smaller, and his cock ached a little afterwards.
“Uhh…” he groaned. “Genie…I want to always be hard…and to always be ready for more…every orgasm better than the last…”
“Your wish is my command, Master,” Alexis said. She snapped her fingers, and Charles moaned as a wave of pleasure flowed through his genitals, his cock becoming impossibly firm. He was re-invigorated, as though he’d not cum in years. He responded to this by having the best orgasm of his life, shooting heaps of cum into this girl’s pussy.

Finally, after decades of searching, all his dreams were coming true.


On the 31st of December 1995, Alex, Frank, Miguin and Barakaat appeared. There was a small amount of snow on the ground, and in the house in front of them the four of them could see that the living room light was on.
“Where is this?” Frank asked. “When is this?”
“When is a few minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve 1995. Where is outside 32 Wayford Way, which will soon be home to one Sophie Swift. On the 16th of September next year, she’ll be born, and go on to cause us significant trouble. Inside that house are Jerry and Melissa Swift. They are making love on the couch, and intend to try and cum at exactly midnight. When they do, they will conceive their daughter. We need to stop them from doing that.
“What are you going to do?” Frank asked. “Stop them from making love?”
“Why yes. By killing them.”
“Killing them!?”
“Of course.”
“But sir, that’s really not necessary!”
“You’ve killed people before for the greater good.”
“Well yes, but Masters, not innocents.”
“One day those people will have genies of their own, if that justifies it for you. Miguin, I wish to be able to shoot lightning from my hands, like in Star Wars.”
“Yes Master.”

Miguin snapped his fingers, and Alex grinned. The four of them approached the house, and Alex blasted the front door off its hinges with his lightning. They walked through to the living room, where they saw the naked Mr and Mrs Swift, panicking.
“Why hello there,” Alex said, before destroying the television with his lightning.
“Who are you?” Jerry asked, he and his wife cowering in fear on the sofa.
“Well for now I’m Alex Brookman, but soon I will be God,” Alex said. “Now die.”

Alex fired out torrents of lightning from his hands at Jerry and Melissa. They cried out in terror, but nothing happened to them.
“What!?” Alex shouted. He fired again, increasing the intensity of the lightning. The sofa and the surrounding area were completely destroyed by the attack, but the two humans were completely uninjured.
“You may as well give up.” Everyone then turned to see Alexis and Lumiosa stood with Daniel, Harry, Charlie, Mary, Adam, the future Melissa and Jerry, as well as all of their genies. “It’s useless.”
“How did you find us!?” Frank asked.
“We all decided the only way to find you was to pop through time to keep an eye on all Matt and Sophie’s immediate relatives,” Alexis explained. “I saw you arrive here so I summoned the others.”

“Well there’s still nothing you can do to stop us,” Alex said smugly.
“Oh, we don’t need to,” Sarosa said. “Because as you’ve seen, it’s not working.”
“WHY!?” Alex shouted.
“The rules of the genies are very strict,” Lumiosa said. “You may not prevent the work of the genies, or interfere with another Master’s wishes. Were you to kill Miss Sophie’s parents, or those of Master Matt, you would prevent them from ever getting their genies. What’s more, you would prevent anyone from ever getting their genies, as you would keep the universe from ever existing. So you cannot kill them.”
“NO! This cannot be!”
“You’re beat!” Charlie shouted, sticking her tongue out.
“What’s more, your plan was never going to work,” Alexis said. “Because you can’t become a god, because Matt and Sophie are already gods. You could never have defeated them. What’s more, when they next come back from their travels, they’ll deal with you, and I suspect they’ll be less lenient this time. Better start working on your grovelling.”

“NO!” Alex shouted. “I will not be beaten by the same brats twice! Those meddling adolescents do not understand the meaning of power! I was meant to be God of all creation! I will defeat them somehow! I will crush them, and make them suffer for every millisecond they have denied me my true role! All of creation will tremble before me! They will beg me for mercy, and I won’t show one bit of it.”
“Is this really who you want to work for, Frank?” Daniel asked. “An insane tyrant who wants the whole universe as his plaything? Isn’t this what you wanted to fight against? All you’ve been doing is giving him power.”
“Oh don’t listen to them, Johnson. Magic is much better in one person’s hands. My hands. Follow me Johnson, and I’ll let you rule over any planet of your choosing.”
“Don’t listen to him Frank!” Charlie shouted.
“Why must teenagers always cause me such trouble? I think when I’m God I’ll make it a sin to disrespect ones elders. And you, girl, will be one of the first to taste my wrath.”

Alex had turned back around to look at the crowd, leaving he and Barakaat behind him. It was then that Frank made a decision. He whispered something in Barakaat’s ear, and he in return snapped his fingers.

Alex didn’t get a chance to finish his rant, as at that moment, a series of loud bangs were heard, and 6 bullets had made their way through Alex’s back. He fell to the floor, and Frank fired again, unloading 10 more bullets into Alex, his wish for a revolver with unlimited ammo having been granted. He briefly worried it hadn’t worked, but then he heard Miguin’s lamp, which the genie had been holding, fall to the floor as he turned into clouds of maroon-coloured smoke and was sucked back into the lamp.
“Frank, you…” Mary said.
“He was arrogant enough to not bother guarding himself against ordinary human weapons,” Frank said.
“You killed him.”
“Like he said to me, I’ve killed for the greater good before. And I think that was the greatest good I’ve ever done.”
“So you’ve finally seen sense?” Sarosa asked.
“Yes. That man was insane and a threat to humanity.”
“So I suppose now you’ll be releasing all the lamps?” Harry asked.

“The thing is though, he had a point,” Frank said. “You people are still a threat to humanity. Magic allows you to hold the people of the Earth at your mercy. I still believe you should be destroyed.”
“However, I am also aware that it would be foolish of me to try and go against two omnipotent gods, so yes, I will release all the lamps we have in captivity. But my superiors may disagree.”
“You’re the only one who’s got a genie there, aren’t you?” Adam asked.
“Then that’s fine. We can simply have our genies re-work their minds so that they forget all about this.”

“You people continue to amaze me, not even thinking twice before re-wiring someone’s thoughts.”
“Oh, and I suppose all your co-workers volunteered to have their minds altered?” Asrah asked.
“That was different. They were going to get in the way of the work.”
“It’s for the greater good, something you seem to support,” Alexis said. “They won’t be any worse off for it.”
“Fine, do it then. Not that I have much choice. I assume you’ll wipe my brain too?”
“You are linked to Barakaat, and therefore protected,” Lumiosa said. “Of course, once Master Matt and Miss Sophie return, they may choose to punish you.”
“I understand,” Frank said. “Barakaat, take us home.”
“Yes Master.”

Frank disappeared, and Melissa stepped forwards.
“Come on Jerry, we need to sort things out,” she said. “Alfresco, I wish for you to put those versions of Jerry and I to sleep.”
“Your wish is my command, Mistress,” Afericus said, the two of them did indeed fall asleep.
“Alright, now clean up the house, and have Jerry impregnate me. The younger me I mean. And take them up to bed.”
Alfresco waved his hand, and they watched as all the damage Alex Brookman caused was undone, the house completely returning to normal. The younger Melissa and Jerry then floated out of the room, and upstairs to bed. Although there was no outward sign of it, sperm had been transported from Jerry and into Melissa’s womb, conceiving the baby that would become Sophie.


In the 42nd century, a full year had passed since Princess Sofia had received her genie, and lost her mother to a magical conflict. Now she was Queen Sofia II, having been given her throne by the Gods Mathulevius and Sorreliftia, at the same time punishing her brother for his actions.

The Queen was sat at her dining table with the gods, eating a luxurious meal that her chefs had prepared for them. Prince Harson had declined to eat with them.
“I gotta admit, this is some pretty nice food Sofia,” Matt said as he stuffed his face. The Queen’s genie, Nyssha, was also eating rather violently. “Sophie, we have to come here more often.”
“Nothing but the best for the gods,” Sofia said.
“So what did you tell your staff about who we were?” Matt asked. “Surely they’ve asked?”
“I merely told them that it is none of their concern. They respect me too much to pry further,” Sofia replied.
“So how is your brother coping?” Sophie asked.
“Better than one might expect. He finally seems to respect my authority as Queen.”

“Well he’d be stupid not to,” Nyssha said between bites. “Your authority came from the gods, and anyway, you’ve got me. He knows the power that you’ve got on your side.”
“I would not dream of using Nyssha’s power on Harson,” Sofia said. “Actually, truth be told, I’ve not used Nyssha’s power much at all.”
“Well that’s your decision,” Sophie said. “As long as you set a good example for your brother. Remember, you’re the one who wanted to supervise him like this.”
“Yes, and I do not regret that decision. I still believe he can become a good prince.”
“And we believe it too.”

“Yes…your holinesses, may I ask you something?” Sofia asked.
“Yeah, sure,” Matt said, finishing his plateful.
“Is my mother happy? In the afterlife?”

Matt and Sophie just looked at each-other.
“Yes,” Sophie lied. Of all the things they had created in their time as gods, such as the universe, Matt and Sophie had never created any sort of afterlife. They didn’t like thinking of themselves as gods, and the concept of judging the dead sounded rather daunting to them.
“That is good,” Sofia smiled. “I look forward to the day when I may join her.”
“Yes…Matt, isn’t it time we were off?” Sophie said, trying to change the subject.
“But I’m still eating!”
“Yes well we can go get Chinese in the Ming Dynasty if you want. Come on.”

Sophie dragged Matt out, and the two of them disappeared from Janosia entirely.
“What was that for?” Matt asked.
“I didn’t want to keep talking about the afterlife.”
“I don’t know why we don’t just tell her the truth.”
“Matt, that planet has had an established religion for centuries. The last thing we want to do is disrupt it.”
“Alright fine, but we’re going back there some time. They’ve got some great food!”
“Oh we’ll go back. But for now I’m homesick. Shall we check in on Lumiosa and Alexis?”


Author's message: Sorry about this being so short but the vast amounts of plot in this chapter ended up taking up far less space than I'd expected. Plus it's nearly 2am and I said I was going to post this tonight.

I'm going to be away until Monday the 15th but I'll start on Chapter 12 then, which I'l post by the end of the week. That WILL be the final chapter. And not a moment too soon. (This isn't one of them. See below for clarification on what I mean here.)

There are two Doctor Who references in this chapter. Your hints are that one's a reasonably well-known McCoy era quote, and one's so bloody obscure even die-hard fans probably wouldn't notice it. Good luck there.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now. As I said, Chapter 12 will be the last so expect an extended author's message in that talking about the story as a whole.

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