Merlin had a plan, a plan that his Glimmer had given him. Looking at Hopix he knew it was dangerous, Hopix’s temper was almost legendary. Merlin smiled when he remembered the first time Glimmer had lost her temper at him, damn but that hadn’t been a very good day that was for sure.

Sighing, first Alan had to defeat the last three. Merlin knew that the last two plain mages would be no problem but this champion was another matter all together. There had to be something that he could do to help Alan. Snapping his fingers Merlin concentrated and created a small ball of light. Smiling he concentrated again and it vanished. ‘There, ‘ he thought, ‘that might help, a little watch dog.’

Alan rolled over his head pounding, what the hell was going on? He didn’t think he’d used that much energy as he thought back over all of the last battle. So that was why the water dark mage had been so confident! He’d been trying to drain Alan while he’d been attacking, basically using all of Alan’s power he’d absorbed against Alan. Damn it! No wonder he’d been so weak afterward, unlike when Merlin gave him his power the dark mage had actually used up all he took.

Another thing I really need to watch out for Alan thought as the room stopped spinning. Opening his eyes Alan looked around the room, huh, this was a first; he was actually alone. Thinking of Hopix a moment his member got uncomfortably hard. Sighing, Alan thought, I’m going to die from just the want of her, long before the dark mages finish me.

Getting up Alan thought he ought to talk to Merlin about the energy draining spells. Looking all over the sanctuary Alan started to get a little worried when he didn’t see either Merlin or Hopix. Walking back in Alan decided to eat before he did another thing. The main problem there was he couldn’t eat what the people here did. He’d already had severe cramps from just a taste of the local food on another planet, shaking his head he wasn’t really ready for that again.

Alan waved his hand and a few dishes he’d had at the diner appeared before him. The food piping hot, his mouth started to water, hell yeah! He thought, ‘that’s more like it!’ An hour later, still no Hopix or Merlin; Alan really started to get worried, reaching out he soon felt both them not far from the sanctuary.

Flashing out Alan appeared next to Merlin, and then his mouth dropped open. What in the hell was going on? Hopix was held suspended in the air in a spread eagle position, a look of fear on her face ‘til she saw Alan.

“Merlin! What in the hell is going on? I sleep for a few hours and this happens? Talk old MAN!” Alan Roughly grabbed the front of Merlin’s shirt.

Merlin’s face was hurt as he tried to speak. “We had stepped out to get some air I didn’t think they’d attack; they captured both us an hour ago. I am unable to move from this spot, as I am afraid you are stuck also.”

Alan scoffed at Merlin and almost ripped the man from where he’s been stationary. Stepping up Alan had ripped over half of what was holding Hopix loose when a dark mage appeared.

“Uh, uh, uh keep it up and she dies bastard! You might have defeated the others somewhat easily but that won’t happen here.” Alan lunged forward freezing when Hopix screamed. “Sweet isn’t she? Her screams will fuel my hatred for the human race for centuries. Now then try to save her and she dies, move and she dies. Be a good little boy and stay right there as we eat your soul and power.”

Another dark mage appeared this one looking like a twisted long legged bird shape. Alan had been examining everything suddenly a smile lit up his face. “So you want me to stand still, ok, hit me if you can!” Alan growled as his face twisted into a mask of rage.

The second dark mage faltered a moment; Alan smiled more as the dark mage was suddenly a huge ball of flame. The first dark mage looked back at the second causing Alan to smile more. Waving his hand across the sight of Hopix in front of him, Alan felt her fade and reappear within his shield behind him.

“I knew as soon as I saw you that you would take every advantage you could. You have a lot of power, and you obviously have more brains than the others. Well you have a little more; here I thought you had been watching me all this time. I am no simple fool as you thought I was. You are the last of an accursed blight upon this planet, it has been a while, but at last this planet will be free!” Alan shouted as he threw several attacks at the dark mage at the same time.

Diving and twisting the dark mage wasn’t even aware when Alan appeared directly behind him. “You are dead! I have much more power than you!”

The dark mage was shocked when the dust and smoke cleared and Alan was gone! Reaching out the dark mage felt nothing of the man, no wait what!? Turning the Dark mage saw Alan behind him, but how he’d felt nothing! “You were just out classed,” Alan said as he made several slashing, flattening and punching motions. Several cuts appeared, then the dark mage was buffeted, then he was suddenly flying backwards all the breath knocked out of him. Appearing above the bleeding gasping mage Alan growled, “good bye you son of a bitch!”

The dark mage screamed as he caught fire, and was suddenly flattened to a pulp. There was a clapping behind him making Alan whirl firing with all his rage. The champion’s eyes grew large as he increased his shields. What in the hell? It wasn’t enough as the bolts quickly ate through his shields smashing into his left arm. His own rage building the champion pointed his right hand at Alan.

“Just for that you little bitch!” The champion growled out, “I’m going to kill you as slowly as I can!”

“Yeah right! You and what army you pathetic little ass! Have fun healing; there is none higher than us here. Though you could beg the dark council, I’m sure they’d love to help you. Oh yeah that’s right they aren’t allowed! Go away little boy!”

The champion growled again then was gone, though Alan knew he wouldn’t get that far with his injury. Turning Alan tenderly picked up Hopix, and nodded to Merlin and flashed back to the sanctuary. Alan was just starting to take her into the sanctuary when her eyes briefly opened, “I’m sorry my love, I’m sorry I haven’t told you who I am. Who my family is, I was so afraid that I would loose you. I love you more than life it’s self. My mother you have met before, my father you also know.”

Hopix’s skin started to glow, again Alan could only stare. What was going on with her? This was a lot like on the other Fairixie world when she had confessed that she wasn’t what she appeared to be. “What are you trying to tell me?” Alan asked her.

“I have denied who I am for so long out of the guilt I have felt. It was a mage I trained that betrayed and enslaved my home. I never allowed myself to grow close to anyone ‘til I met you. Please forgive me my love.” Here Hopix’s body started to levitate out of Alan’s arms.

Turning to look at Merlin the old man was smiling tears falling from his eyes. “Merlin? What in the hell is going on here?” Merlin only shook his head and motioned toward Hopix.

“Again my love,” Hopix’s voice stated as it grew louder. “I am sorry I hid it from you, I was so afraid of loosing you, even as I am right now.” Her eyes flashing as the glow around her radiated brighter from her.

Suddenly the light council appeared, Hopix’s friend Nealiex standing at the front a proud look on her face as tears were streaming down her face also. Then the cube in Merlin’s hand flashed and a vision of the queen appeared next to Nealiex, tears also in her eyes. “Finally,” Alan heard her say.

Floating to an almost standing position, a strange authoritative voice issued from Hopix’s mouth. “For centuries I have denied who I truly am, what I am. As of today I can no longer do this.” Here she looked at Alan. “I wish to accept Alan Glanto’s union promise, if after this he still wishes to. Before all assembled, before my family and friends, I now declare myself as Hopimer, First Princess of the Fairixie home world; next in line for the throne.” Here she looked at Alan, “I know you have to decide you have a day then either way the waiting ends.

Hopix now Hopimer lowered her voice as she spoke to Alan, “I love you with all that I am my love. I’ll understand if you reject me.” With that all but Merlin vanished.

Alan stood there in shock what in the hell had just happened? Where in the hell had everyone gone especially Hopix? “Alright talk old man. What in the fuck is going on? Why didn’t you give me a hint or something?!!”

Sighing Merlin sat, “I couldn’t Alan it is their law, they have to declare and relate all things about them their selves. I especially as an outsider could say nothing, even if she is my daughter.”

Pissed as hell Alan growled about to punch Merlin in the face but struck the wall instead. “What the fuck! Does everyone think that I am a child they have to spare the feelings of? Give me a break!”

“Just tell me one thing Alan. Do you love my daughter?” Merlin asked praying that the answer he got wasn’t the right one.

“Of course I love her! Christ what in the hell is up with you people! I’m not a damn machine that can just turn it off and on!” Alan shouted still pissed.

“Look Alan it has...” Merlin started.

“NO! You look old man! I have an asshole to kill, so that these people no longer live in fear. If I die then problem solved, we aren’t bonded yet so she’ll survive. If I live? Then I come back here and I kick the shit out of you! Agreed?” Alan said his eyes flashing the anger he felt.

Merlin smiled so Alan wasn’t against his daughter yet, good they needed to build on that. “You might find that harder than you think but you can try young man.”

“HA!” Alan shouted back over his shoulder as he stormed out of the sanctuary.

The champion smiled as he looked at the clone that Alan had defeated with ease. Turning toward the sanctuary he felt the ultra high power spike. Damn he thought it felt like that bitch of Alan’s. Appearing outside the sanctuary the champion’s mouth dropped open as he watched everything. Damn it! She was no longer Hopix! Under the agreement she was free, then he smiled, good this ought to screw Alan up enough to make him an easier target.

The champion waited a while then saw an extremely angry Alan leave the sanctuary. Ah! Good now to declare his right to start the battle now.

Appearing in front of Alan far from the Sanctuary the champion smiled. “I think it’s time to end this, or are you too tired?”

“You really don’t want to do this right now.” Alan warned the man.

“Oh but I do, you ass wipe, shall we?” The champion sneered as he started to power up.

“Fine you that eager to die so be it!” Alan said as the champion mockingly nodded at Alan.

Alan contacted Merlin letting him know he was about to start the last battle. He needed to get all the Lobrits to safety UNDER their cities. Alan told the man that he knew he now had the power, he needed to hurry this was going to be extremely messy.

At first they just threw a few bolts at each other feeling each other out. Satisfied the champion suddenly started to fire with increasing power at Alan. Several bolts missed as Alan thought they might. Flashing out and behind the champion at the last second the man was shocked as his own attacks hit his shields.

“Nice move ass wipe now then...” the champion started just as Alan let loose an extremely powerful bolt. The champion’s mouth dropped open as he could feel the heightened power of it fueled by Alan’s rage. Hitting his shields it sliced through brushing the champion’s left leg. Screaming he retaliated smashing Alan’s shields with a myriad of attacks.

It seemed they were going for hours the champion was a little frustrated. Everything he’d learned about Alan was doing no good he had to resort to something of desperation soon if this kept up. The champion could feel his power actually dwindle a bit. No he thought I have plenty Alan will fade long before I do.

Alan wasn’t all that sure he could defeat this little piss ant as of yet except for the first bolt Alan had only been fighting the champion to a standstill. Though he’d used a hell of a lot of power Alan still had a huge reserve if he had to resort to it. As of yet he thought he was still good though.

For another hour they continued to fire at each other. Now four hours into the fight they were both starting to pant a bit. The gash on the left leg of the champion still wouldn’t close, though he’d sent abundant healing to it. A few bruises on both arms but they were nothing compared to the wound the white mage had given him.

Alan had small cuts across his face, his chest, arms and legs, plus he face was now bruised. Still Alan had only been fighting the champion to a stalemate. Damn it Alan though not sure I can keep this up all that much longer, this is as tiring as straight battling was.

It was four and a half hours into the fight when Alan made his first mistake, instead of avoiding a bolt from the champion Alan took it full as it sliced across his shoulder. Laughing the Champion had dropped his protection, as Alan fired through the pain catching the left arm of the champion. Smiling Alan heard the man scream as the bolt burned the arm to a useless piece of meat.

The champion’s eyes flashed as he started to send several bolts at Alan again, this time one actually got through hitting his right leg. Sealing it as fast as he could Alan felt a little better then felt his power falter a bit as he started to sink toward the ground. Looking over he could see that the champion was also sinking fast toward the remnants of the largest city. Shaking his head Alan thought I’ll have to try and rebuild these. Hate that we destroyed the other two already.

Alan tried to reach out to find the champion. Alan was surprised when he felt that the champion was as weak as he was now. Maybe I’ve got a chance Alan thought if this goes on with us using our powers we’ll be into our life force before too long. Merlin appeared not long after they had both sunk toward the land. Shaking his head Merlin thought this was going on far too long for his tastes. There wasn’t a whole lot he could do, he could help in small ways only energy or healing but no actual fighting.

Searching like Alan had taught him, he could feel the champion in front of him. Damn the man was so weak compared to what he had been, when Merlin had gotten his ass handed to him by the man.

There Alan was! Holy crap! Alan was weaker than Merlin was! Hell Merlin was stronger than both of them right now. Flashing out near Alan, Merlin knew he had to stay as far away as he could. “Alan?” Merlin said before he rounded the corner behind Alan.

“I’m around the corner from you,” Merlin heard Alan’s whispering voice.

“Why are you here? You cannot interfere.” Alan told the man.

“I know that Alan, but I can provide aid, he’s on the other side of the city. I felt that your power was dropping as was his. As it is right now I have more power than both of you. Strange feeling knowing I am the most powerful mage on the planet right now.” Looking at Alan, Merlin said, “I don’t like it! Nope not at all.” This of course made Alan smile the old man was nothing if not honest.

Merlin started to add his own power to Alan’s. Sighing he knew it wasn’t a lot of help but at least his levels

were high enough for Alan to use. Alan nodded making Merlin stop, the man was a little light headed. “Alright try to get away from here at least a little way. That way I know you’ll be ok.”

Merlin swayed a little then sat back a minute, nodding he smiled and vanished. Well Alan thought both of our powers are nearly exhausted. This rest won’t really help though with what Merlin had loaned him Alan might actually have a chance.

Merlin actually managed to get to a hill side that overlooked what was left of the city. Damn he thought as he appeared and stumbled to the remnants of a smoldering tree. Taking the cube out of his pocket tears falling from his eyes he whispered, “I’m sorry my darling, I guess I did too much. I gave him almost everything; he deserves the chance to be with Hopimer.” Crying harder he kissed the image of her as he felt the last of his strength leave his body. “I did so wish to hold you one last time before I died, please forgive me my love.” With that the darkness took him even as a scream erupted from the cube.

Recharged at least half way Alan started to make his way toward where he felt the champion. This has to end Alan thought. 15 minutes later Alan slowed feeling the champion not far away.

“Hey ass wipe I know you’re there stick your head around the corner I’ll make it quick that way this is done then I can rest and eat your soul,” came the champion’s voice.

“You know you talk too much,” Alan said as he rolled out and fired at the champion in the other leg, dropping the man to the turf. Still rolling Alan was behind cover again when he felt his good arm bleeding. Damn it! Looking out he saw what appeared to be something that looked a lot like glass. Shit!

Alan leaned out for a quick look seeing that the champion had crawled behind cover himself. Moving quickly Alan moved as close as he could ducking behind cover as the champion let loose a barrage of energy blasts. “Feeling better now prick?” The champion yelled, “I saw you were bleeding kind of stupid moving without checking the terrain.”

Alan smirked, almost as stupid as taking on an enemy he knows little to nothing about. “You’re a fine one to talk can’t walk or use one arm, personally I think you are about done!”

“Oh I’ve got more than enough to kill you, besides after I take your power I won’t have to worry.” The champion yelled back.

Alan was about to make a move when a round light orb appeared. Flashing a scene a moment Alan smiled, damn why hadn’t he thought of that? Alan could see the champion was huddled against the wall in front of him had he gone in, he might be dead now. Alan nodded to the orb which winked out Alan started to climb the wall on the far side of it.

Looking down Alan saw that the champion was still waiting on him to make a frontal attack. Aiming Alan let loose with three bolts the last of the power that Merlin had given him. One caught the champion in the chest, another in his already injured arm. The third shot barely missed destroying everything between the champion’s legs.

Alan listened to the screams of the champion as he climbed down and walked to what was left of the man. The man’s eyes went wide when he saw Alan trying to power up Alan waggled his finger at the man and knocked the man out with a solid kick in the face.

Barely able to stand Alan yelled, “I call the light and dark council’s. After they had both appeared the dark council seething that their champion was unconscious, Alan spoke again. “I have defeated the dark council champion; I therefore call for a judgment.”

“This fight was to the death!” The leader of the dark council spit out.

“No, as I remember you said when he killed me, you got us both. My part was if I win not a death, I need a judgment this pitiful creature can no longer fight. Therefore by the wagering the dark council made with me, they can no longer interfere in the affairs of earth. I and my life are also off limits, this includes any worlds that I have visited or am living on.”

The leader of the light council was smiling from ear to ear. Yes, Alan had made that wager and yes he had won.

“I call for a judgment,” the leader of the light council called. All of the members agreed that the champion could no longer fight.

Suddenly there was a groan from the creature / man, “Excuse me a moment, ‘ Alan said and kicked the champion again in the face, “Ok he’s out again.” The entire dark council growled at Alan, and then all slowly started to agree the champion was finished.

“We need a ruling lived Reficul, or are you risking the rightful evoking of your true identities?” The leader of the light council smiled.

“No! We are all in agreement. All that was agreed to will be fulfilled know this Alan Glanto anywhere else you go we will be there. In this respect we will always be watching you!” The leader of the dark council stated. With that the dark council and their champion disappeared.

Alan nodded then took a step toward the sanctuary; that was the last thing he remembered for at least two days.

Hopix was smiling down at Alan, god he thought she was so beautiful. Alan loved her so much but he was going to die there was nothing that he could do. Crying he held her as close as he could, he knew there wasn’t much time but he had to hold her a last time.

It was almost three days later when Alan opened his eyes, shaking his head he was in the cheap motel room. Where was Hopix they said they needed a decision, hanging his head he nodded they had used him. Just like his wife had. Tears erupted from his eyes; I truly loved her now there was nothing left with her gone.

Reaching in his pocket the cube was even gone, so they had all lied to him. ‘Well, ‘ Alan thought, ‘that’s about my life.’ Alan walked out, might as well go eat. got to get a job, sighing Alan shut and locked the door.

On the far side of the bed a light erupted near the floor as did a voice. “Alan? My love, are you there? Mother, father I can feel him his energy is so low. I have to go to him, I don’t care!” There was a titanic eruption of energy then a lightly green skin colored woman, 6 foot tall appeared out of a rift.

Bending down she could feel the cube, then she found it under the bed. Shaking her head Alan was so confused, why had the cube brought him back here? Then her mouth dropped open of course, home! The energy of the planet he was born on had the strongest healing energy.

Looking in the mirror Hopimer smiled; with her absolute power this would become far easier. Waving her hand her appearance changed. Smiling she nodded that ought to do, oh! She best wear clothes, she giggled. Walking out she followed the very low energy of Alan to a strange metal building, taking a deep breath she entered.

Alan had taken a seat at the back in a booth by himself, as depressed as he was he hoped everyone left him alone. Looking up a beautiful 6 foot slender red head walked in the door. Damn Alan thought that is one gorgeous woman.

Then the amazing happened she came to his table! “May I sit with you?” she asked with the sweetest voice that he’d heard since Hopix’s. Looking harder at the woman, damn if she didn’t look a lot like Hopix.

“Are you alright sir,” she asked.

“No not really,” Alan replied. “I lost the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I guess she was taken from me.

The job I had my bosses lied to me, apparently everything I did for them was for nothing. I woke up in my hotel room alone without my ride I got from some good friends, well I thought they were. So no I am not alright, sorry I’m not good company.”

“Oh my god I am so sorry Alan,” the woman said causing Alan’s head to snap up and then he was staring at her.

“How do you know my name?” A stunned Alan asked.

“Why wouldn’t I know my future husband’s name?” The woman said as she giggled a bit.

“Ho ... Hopix?” Alan barely managed to get out. When she only smiled and nodded Alan could only stare at her. “But you’re human looking, they can all see you!”

“Thanks to you I have almost all my full power. You disappeared right after you fell near the Lobrit’s city. We all became frantic searching for you. Apparently the Trembly’s felt you would die if you didn’t heal on earth. I finally felt you a few minutes ago. Please Alan can we go home? You still have to declare your decision.” Hopimer explained. “Oh and Alan my name is Hopimer now, I wear it as the next in line for the throne.”

Alan nodded as they got up and left Alan stopped and kissed Hopimer deeply and passionately, causing her to almost pass out. Hopimer handed Alan his cube as realization settled in. Alan smiled wider; ducking into a nearby alley there was a sudden flash of light then nothing.


Five years later Alan was chasing the twins Donax and Glamix. Alan was far happier than he’d been in a very long time. The simple fact that Hopimer conceived their wedding night was nothing compared to the completion of their bond. Everything was hundreds of times better; his vision, his feelings and did he mention the sex?

Hopimer watched the three loves of her life. Though she wasn’t queen yet she sighed, there were still official things she had to do. She missed going out to different places. Suddenly a thought hit here grabbing both of their seldom used cubes Hopimer walked up to the twins and Alan.

“I was thinking we need to take a trip!” She told all three of them.

“Sure hon anywhere in particular?” Alan asked as she grabbed Alan’s and the children’s hands.

“I was thinking the Trembly’s world,” Leaning over Hopimer kissed Alan then started to whisper in his ear.

Alan got wide eyed, smiled, and whispered, “You are?” Hopimer nodded as she touched her stomach and they all vanished.

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