Becoming the Devil Ch. 02

Becoming the Devil Ch. 02

Becoming the Devil Ch. 02

I stood there, naked, my dick still dripping cum and a smile on my face. This had been the single most fulfilling sex experience I ever had. The way she had moaned, grunted, orgasmed everything was perfect. But I still needed to wipe everything up. Why? I was a movie maker, an art director and the main actor, the better question would be, why not? Why would I not want to do better? What would I do all day in this world? Walk around getting pretty ladies with a smile and wiping my dick in front of them to witness their surprised, lust filled look? No.

I took a deep breath, bracing myself for the effort to come but to my surprise deleting was effortless compared to creating. In a matter of seconds, the barmaid disappeared and my clothes were back on.

I walked out of the bathroom to witness a scene closely related to the one I had seen before but without the looks nor the smiles, it was the weirdest feeling: from being the center of attention back to a nobody.

I laughed at myself for feeling this way. How pitiful do you have to be to create something fake and be surprised when it is.

When I got home, I started working right away. I took some paper, a pen, and tried to create a new scenario. It took me hours to get something I was ok with. It read like this:

The world stays the same but a new profession has been added “Sex Counselor”. They work in universities or colleges.

For example: If a couple wants to have sex for the first time, they would have to take an appointment with a sex counselor where the girl would then have intercourse with the counselor for educational purpose. That’s not the only reason you would have to book an appointment, couple issues, trouble in class, even parenting issue…

It’s a prestigious Job, which is highly respected, however that does not mean everyone is happy to come. The job specification being unknown to most people, pretty much everything asked in a session would be accepted. They have extensive sex training and are expert on pleasuring the opposite sex. Sex with a sexual counselor would not hurt especially with a virgin. If a baby was born from the intercourse, it would not be considered the child of the counselor even if it was.

similarly, to the previous scenario, dick size average will be reduced to 3 inches, with a maximum of 6 inches and they are premature ejaculator. Those stats, however, do not include sex counselors with an average of 9 inches and a maximum of 10. Their dick also has an aphrodisiac effect which would multiply pleasure three-fold.

To compensate their tiny equipment, the average male is good looking and has higher muscle mass which is not the case for sexual counselors.

On the female side, obesity does not exist. Most women are considered “hot” or “cute”.

I’m a new sexual counselor, just got my first job and this is my first day, my first appointment is in 5 minutes, just got all the information on my desk.

I started concentrating on applying the changes. The world spined around me, quickly my room disappeared to be replaced by a large office with a desk and a large bed.

As i had written, my first appointment information was on my new desk. Emma Sloane and Tim Burtlone were a new couple looking to have sex for the first time. Both had previous experiences.

A few minutes later, they knocked on the door and entered the room.

“Hello sir, we took an appointment, um, we were told this was the room to go to”

“Yes, yes come in take a seat” I answered with a smile “Tim and Emma, right?”

“Yes, that’s right”

The couple in front of me was looking perfect. The part I added about male being good looking with a higher muscle mass had not failed, he looked like a Greek god. She, on the other hand, was a cute red-haired girl with a floral dress. She didn’t say much and kept looking at him, with loving eyes.

A shark like smile appeared on my face.

“My file here says you’re here for your first time as a couple?”

They looked at each other with a smile and answered in unison “Yes sir”

“Ok, so let me first tell you how this will go, I will start by having sex with Emma. You can take notes, Tim. Then I will give you the room to have sex with each other. Is that alright?”

They nodded

“Ok, get naked and stand there. I want to take a good look at you”

She stood up and took off her dress, revealing her beautiful curves. Seemed like her boyfriend had never seen it either because he looked at her with lust in his eyes.

I brought her to the bed where I started fondling her expertly. Even I couldn’t really understand what I was doing but I was doing it as if I had done it a million time.

While my fingers played with her pussy and clit my other hand grabbed the back of her hair and kissed her.

She silently moaned and in a matter of minutes my fingers were drenched in her juices. She occasionally still shot embarrassed looks toward her boyfriend which annoyed me.

I stood up and took my pants down witnessing for the first time my own flaccid dick which was massive. Emma must have thought the same thing because her eyes got glued to it for a few minutes which brought a proud smile upon my face. I sat back down and asked her to give me a blowjob. She went down her knees and started licking the tip.

“As you can see Tim, I’m going to teach her how to give a proper blowjob while we do that you might as well gather your thoughts on all I showed you about foreplay since I haven’t seen you take notes…”

Tim panicked and started rummaging through is bag in a hurry

I turned my attention back to Emma who had stopped licking

“Keep going” I said with a frown “You really need to focus. Take my dick with both hands then use the tip of your tongue to circle around the tip of my dick. OOooh yeah that’s it. Then take it all in your mouth, drool all over it, make a mess. Don’t hesitate to fondle my balls”

She executed most of my advices to the letter and soon I had nothing to say.

I grabbed my huge stick and slapped her forehead with it. Her own drool fell down her face. She answered the gesture by kissing it with an enamored look on her face.

I helped her stand and sit toward me, her legs by my sides. I grabbed her ass, fondling and spreading it wide while I used my tongue to lick her nipples and my dick to rub against her clit.

She moaned and squirmed in my arms.

Her boyfriend, still not taking notes, had started touching himself through is pants which is why I tried to help him out.

“You can take it out and touch yourself if you w..”

“Fuck me… please”

She had cut me off. She was breathing heavily in my arms; her juices had wet the bed as she kept pushing her clit against my dick.

I grinned evilly

“Ok, let’s role play a little, you’re gonna act as if Tim, masturbating over there is not your boyfriend, I am. This is our first time, ok? show me how it’s done”

She didn’t answer, she stood up on her knees and violently sat back down on my dick. I felt my dick hit her cervix, Her eyes revulsed, she threw her head and shoulder back, she had orgasmed right away.

I didn’t wait for her to get back to earth, I grabbed her waist and started hammering her pussy.

When she brought her face back toward me, I felt the shyness she once had had completely left.

“Yes! Yes! fuck my little pussy hard, make a mess out of me, make me your bitch!!!! OOOH OOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOH I’M CUMMMING AGAIIINNN NNNNNNNNH”

I stood up, and while still fuckin her, got closer to her boyfriend till she almost was above his head. Her juices splashed on his face while he was furiously masturbating. Even when centimeters away form him she was completely oblivious to his presence now.

“Your girlfriend is a great actor, I just told her to act as my boyfriend and she got right into character”

Talking to him must have slightly brought her back to reality because told him:

“Yes, that’s right, I’m acting baby, aren’t I great?”

“Yes, you’re amazing baby!” he answered

“And yet he can’t see your face, let’s show him” I brought her down, turned her around and pushed her against him, bringing her tits right in front of his face “This will give you a better view”

As soon as I got my cock back inside her pussy, she threw herself against my pelvis. I slapped her ass a few times while talking to her like I would a horse” Faster! Faster! Ya ya yaaa”

She clearly seemed to like it as she milked my cock even faster than she already was

“Oh yeah, baby make it red, make YOUR ass red!”

I grabbed her hair into a ponytail and pulled it back toward me

“Are you gonna cum again? Because I am”

“Yes! Yes baby, cum inside of me while I cum all over you”

I increased my speed, the sound of my balls smacking against her clit resonating through the room. She started mumbling some incompressible things:

“MMhhfucyrpussyufcinstuuu mktityous”

Tim came all over her belly looking at her beautiful aheago face while I came inside her. My cum must have been the signal because I felt her cum as soon as I did. She grunted and fell in her boyfriend arms exhausted.

I looked at the scene in front of me, and almost couldn’t help laughing.

I put my clothes back on and told them

“I will leave for half an hour, it’s time to use everything I’ve taught you”

I closed the door behind me, and headed toward the cafeteria. I couldn’t stop grinning. Just the thought of what had happened and what would happen next made me hard once again.

I sat in the cafeteria with a coffee and sat down, slowingly stirring it.

Not far from me, I noticed a couple having a fight. A beautiful Latina, thick in all the right places was insulting her boyfriend about being a little bitch.

I walked toward their table but when she saw me approaching, she turned toward me right away

“What are you doing Coño, take care of your own shit or I’ll fuck you up in front of everyone”

I backed down right away without saying a word. Accepting the humiliation. I would make the school summon her and her boyfriend to my office and pay her back.

I waited for a few more minutes, and left, back to my office.

When I got in, one look at her face told me everything I needed to know. I sat back down in front of my desk and smiled

“Well, I hope everything was alright?” I asked

“Yeah, it was amazing! Thank you!

Tim seemed to be the only one excited and didn’t seem to notice that he was the only one. Emma who kept looking at the ground the whole time, asked me:

“. Would it be alright to get an appointment later today or tomorrow? It was great but there are still things I would like to get pointers on”

“Baby I don’t think you need to, you were perfect!”

“But I want to get even better for you baby” she answered quickly as she touched his leg and brushed her tits against his arm.

I had to use all my self-control not to laugh once again.

Well, i’ll be quite busy all week but I can squeeze an appointment in three days, would that be alright?

She looked disappointed but still nodded

“Ok, let’s do that. Will you both be there?”

Tim got ready to answer but she cut him off right away.

“Tim was amazing and I’m the one asking for pointers, he really doesn’t need to be here”

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