A Day with my Friend

A Day with my Friend

I groaned softly as I felt myself waking up, yawned, and looked over at the clock with my clouded eyes, sleep an elusive companion and yet just as tough to get rid of. 9:30 am, huh? I thought, obviously thinking I could rest a bit more. However, as I saw the date on the digital screen of my timepiece- Saturday- I all but jumped out of my bed and ran to my bathroom. I was lucky enough to have found a decent job and apartment with the amenities of a home, albeit smaller. I wouldn’t say I was well-off, but at least I could keep myself comfortable.

As I reached the bathroom I stopped to look in the mirror. My russet brown fur seemed dull and frizzy, and I lowered the lids over my sky blue eyes, my ears flicking very slightly in irritation. Back in my mind I knew that I woke like this every morning, but today was a special day and I had to look perfect. Why was it a special day? I was going to hang out with my best friend. Sure, some might call it overzealous, but I really liked to impress him.

Nate was one of the first people I’d met when I first moved here, and the very first who made me feel at ease in this new environment. He was a wolf, just like me, but there was more to it than that. He was genuinely kind and sweet, and he’d done so much to help me get started. It was with these thoughts that I stepped into my shower... and it was with these thoughts that I conjured myself an erection.

“Damn it...” I said to myself, my hands trying to drift downwards before I stopped them. I couldn’t have him smelling that on me. I’d come to age a number of years ago, and found out after a physical that I was what was called an omega. Some kind of mutation that occurred in some males that would give them some similar traits to females. Even so, before I met Nate I’d never had such thoughts.

It was with great reluctance that my shaft finally retreated back into its sheathe as I finished cleaning myself up for the day. I dabbed myself dry, flicked my tail to get the rest of the water out and looked at myself in the mirror. Once I was dry, my fur would have a small sheen and be soft to the touch. Perfect. I smiled at myself and microwaved me a quick burrito before setting out onto the walk to his home


I’d taken this walk so many times before, yet it always excited me as I came to his house. It was a modest thing, something good for a single male or perhaps a small family. I smiled, having made sure my food was done and my face was cleaned, and then knocked on the door.

“Coming!” came his voice, and I smiled and waited until he finally opened the door. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing a bit as I look upon him. He had a deep lavender coat and striking silver eyes that made me melt when they looked at me in the way they did as he cared for me. I had to admit that I felt plain around him, but that didn’t seem to have been an issue yet. “Oh, hey Luke. Glad you could make it.” He said with a smile, moving aside to let me inside.

“Hey Nate… and you know me, I wouldn’t dare miss some time to hang out with you.” I said, walking in while my tail wagged gently. For a moment I felt as if he was checking me out, but easily put it out of my mind. There couldn’t be a way that he was actually interested in me.

“Yeah, I know. It’s still nice to see you” he laughed, gesturing to his living room and then going to his kitchen. “Hey, go ahead and pick a game, alright?” he called. I smiled and went ahead to his living room, booting up his console and quickly going to a tactical shooter.

“Ah, that one?” he chuckled a bit, handing me a can of root beer. “Want to see if we can beat train yard on the hardest stuff, huh?” he smiled over at me, and I couldn’t help but bush. He really seemed to know me well. Sometimes I wondered why he would take so much time for me. But I nodded, and he grinned. “Then let’s get to it!”


The day had passed pretty quickly, I always enjoyed myself when I could spend the day on the couch with Nate, playing some games and ordering perhaps a pizza. Although, at the end of a particularly tough victory, the sun had gone down and I started to dread that I would have to leave soon.

“That one was actually kinda tough, wasn’t it?” I asked him, hoping very quietly in my brain that we could be distracted from my departure for a few more minutes. “Especially at the end... if you hadn’t been there, I bet I would have lost- “

I trailed off and blushed, looking down at a pressure on my hand. It was his own, on top of mine. I gulped, and looked up to him. “I told you long ago, didn’t I?” he whispered, making me blush and shiver a bit. “I’m always going to be there for you. Always.”

Only a moment after I had processed those words, he pressed his lips onto mine. I felt myself blushing even more, but closed my eyes and kissed him back. The feeling was so amazing that I hoped that it could last forever. Alas, nothing does. He pulled away, and I looked into his eyes. “Nate?”

“Shhh, Luke.” He whispered, cupping my cheek. “Just trust me.” He then kissed me again, and I felt any resistance I might have had melt away. I pressed gently into the kiss, and felt my ass begin to lubricate itself, something that happened as part of my omega arousal. I moaned softly as he moved me over to straddle him, and only then pulled from the kiss.

“I love you, Luke.” He said softly, my heart beating quicker and my breath catching in my lungs. “I’ve loved you for a while now, and I want you.” He leaned forwards to lick at my neck, seeming to know all my weak spots as he coaxed out a moan from my lips.

“A-Nate…” I gasped softly, opening my neck to his affections. “I love you too... I’ve loved you I think since we met-“ a yelp as he found a deeply sensitive patch of skin. “And... if you want me... please have me.” I moan out, and after that I knew there was no way to go back if I wanted to. I felt his hands travel up my shirt to play with my nipples until he got another moan, at which point he began to play with the waists of our pants.

“I’m gonna make you mine, Luke.” He whispered into my neck. “I love you, and I’m not gonna let anyone else have you.” The very thought of becoming Nate’s made my tail wag and a moan escape my lips. The anticipation only grew as I felt him yank down my pants, and scented his shaft as he exposed his own.

“Nate… please.” I moan needily, looking into his eyes. “Please... I want you...” he simply smiled and quieted me with a deep kiss to my lips, lining his hard dick with my hole, and then lowering me so it slowly pushes inside. I break the kiss to give a heady moan laced with the slight pain of losing my first time, and then pant as I gaze into his eyes. They were lidded and lusty, and they just sent more shivers through me.

“Of course... you’re mine. You have been for a while.” He growled out, sending another shudder through me at his dominance. Then he began to move, his diamond-hard cock rubbing up and down my walls as he thrusted, agonizingly slowly. “Fuck, Luke… you’re so tight.” He groaned out. “I’m so glad... I got to take such a cute male as my lover before anyone else got you.” He growls out.

At one particularly hard thrust I yelped and clung onto him. “Nate… Nate…” I moan, closing my eyes as I feel him thrusting into me gently but insistently. It wasn’t long before he was going faster, bouncing me on his lap as I moaned loudly with every hit deep inside me. We got closer to orgasm, closer, until finally he slammed is knot inside me and I howled, feeling his warm cum shooting up into me, filling me up.

I gasped and panted after my first time, belatedly realizing that he had bitten down on my neck to claim me. I felt myself slipping into sleep from the pleasure, and the last thing I felt was him standing with me on his knot, and the last words I heard “Let’s go to our bed, my love…”


I’d gotten into the habit of waking up early in the morning so I could turn and watch my beloved mate’s face for a time as he slept. And sometimes, like this morning, I did something more for him. Slowly I lowered my head under our covers to find the cock that had taken my virginity all those months ago. I gave it a few short, long licks to get it stiff, and then took the whole thing into my mouth. The moans he made in his sleep were all I needed to be spurred on, licking around the very tip and getting it as deep as possible into my throat. I continued until inevitably he woke up and pressed my head down as he came, making me moan as I drank down his sweet cum.

Eventually my head comes up, and I look at him with a wagging tail as I lick my lips. “Good morning, my kinky mate.” He teased me, pulling me into a deep kiss, not caring he would be tasting himself. “C’mon, let’s go downstairs.” He said, getting up to go cook. I had no issues with that and got up to follow him, my hands resting on the child inside me that was just starting to show through my shirt…

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