Kumiko - Part 2: Waking Up_(0)

Kumiko - Part 2: Waking Up_(0)

Again, this is part 2 of the repost!


Introduction: Part 2 of the Kumiko Series. Part 3 already being written!

Shorter than the last one but part 3 is on its way.

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He awoke with a shiver, noting the darkness in the room. His eyes quickly adjusted to the light and he saw a fire that was just about out. He didn’t remember there being a fireplace in his bedroom and then he noticed the soft weight in his arms.

It was Kumiko, nude like him, fast asleep with a peaceful look on her face.

He blinked once, twice, and a third time just to make sure that he was not stuck in a dream and was happy to see that he was wide awake. His mind drifted to wait had happened before they went to sleep and he quickly felt ashamed. He had raped Kumiko on the stairs to try and get back at her. But, by the present situation, he could tell that she did not have the same opinion of what went on and he was more than happy to accept her view.

The feel of her soft skin against his chest as his arms held her waist was heaven. Her hair was silky-smooth on his chin and neck and the curve of her supple ass was set right on his crotch and gave a jolt to his already stiff prick. Her arms were laid out before her and squeezed her large breasts up on her chest. Jake just laid there and watched her for a few moments and took in her immense beauty.

The cold, however, began to creep onto him and he quickly got up to put more wood in the fire. He tried to look out the window but he couldn’t see anything except white snow. After throwing a few logs onto the fire, Jake moved up the stairs and entered the first room he saw on the second floor. Flipping the light switch, it became evident that the power was still out. He went to a window and saw that the snow was still coming down heavy and he could see no signs of it stopping.

Coming down the stairs, he saw Kumiko’s figure where he had left her and wondered about what had changed in her. Before, she was always a cold bitch to him. After they had sex though, she kissed him with such fervor that he was shocked and surprised. He had never even figured out why she hated him in the first place and the sudden switch was only confusing him more.

He got back behind her and settled close to her soaking up the heat from the fire. Kumiko stirred slightly as he pressed his cock back against her soft pillowy ass. He placed an arm under her breasts on her stomach and the other across her shoulders and squeezed her hard, not willing to let go. She stirred again and this time her hand slide across her side to her back and grasped his dick. Her other hand went to his chin while she turned her head and kissed him on the lips.

“Good morning.” She said.

“Yeah, good morning.” Jake replied as he sat up. “I think we need to talk about last nite.” He said after a little thought.

Kumiko sat up too and turned to him. “Oh,” Kumiko said, “Don’t worry about that.”


Kumiko looked Jake in the eyes and paused for a second. “I don’t mind what happened. And in fact, I have wanted you for a few years.”

Jake knew that the stunned look on his face might have looked hilarious had he not been in his current situation but he could not believe his ears. “What do you mean? Then why were you always so mean to me?”

Kumiko pulled the blanket back around them and got closer to Jake. Looking down she took a deep breath and Jake could not keep his eyes off of her large tits the rose along with her. “Because, my father.”

“I don’t understand.”

She looked into his eyes and then back down stating, “Three years ago, during the summer, I was doing something and got caught.”

“Doing what?” Jake questioned.

“I was...um…” Her voice trailed off and she kept her gaze down.

“Kumiko, please tell me.”

“But it’s embarrassing…”

“I promise I won’t tell” Jake replied.

Another long bout of silence followed until Kumiko finally started to speak after looking up into Jake’s eyes.

“I was playing with myself…and I got caught. My dad was so angry at me. He told me that I was very dirty and that he better not ever catch me doing that again or he would tell mom.”

“But, what does that have to do with me?”

Kumiko went back to looking down, but this time her gaze only went as far as his chest.

“I was using a dildo and…” She stopped shortly so she could get the words right. “I was doing it while thinking about you. I broke my hymen with that dildo and wished it was you doing it. I even moaned your name out load and that is when my dad heard me.”

Still with the confused look on his face Jake started to piece what had happened together.

“When I got in trouble, I blamed you for making me feel this way. I couldn’t control myself and played with my pussy all the time. Then we got partnered together in that chemistry class and I was happy at first, but later, I wanted you so bad and couldn’t have you that I got angry with you again. I’m so sorry about how I was to you.” With the last word she started to cry a little and leaned into Jake.

He could feel her warm tears against his chest and just held her.

“And, even when you really helped me out two months ago, I was such a bitch to you! I don’t know why, but, when I got in trouble again and you were at the center I got so angry and it wasn’t even your fault. I’m so sorry.” Her tears slowed and she quietly stopped sobbing.

“It’s ok. I forgive you.” Jake said.

Kumiko looked up with her blue eyes and told Jake with a soft and sexy voice, “I want to make it all up to you.”

With that she got up on her knees and held her breasts right up to Jakes face. She held his head and slowly started to hug him to her breasts. Jake felt heaven and wondered how long he would get to stay.

Cupping one of her tits, she said, “I want you to suck on my tits. Oh God! Please suck on them!” She placed one of her nipples to his lips and he immediately went to work. He started with small kisses around the nipples and soon started to lick around her areola. His tongue lightly flicked her nipple and she shuddered. Jake took the nipple into his mouth and sucked sharply and then switched to the other. She went back to hugging his head as he sucked on her and she started to moan loudly into the empty house. She had never felt anything like this before, even when she sucked on her own nipples. She loved the feeling and planned on getting it as often as she could.

She then let one of her hands trails down his body. He was not full of muscle, but he wasn’t fat either. She liked that she could hug him and not feel anything hard most of the time. However, her hand soon got down to the part that she did want to be hard. She grasped his seven and a half inch cock and started a slow stroke with her right hand. She didn’t get to touch it the first time and the hardness of it was an immediate turn on. She squeezed slightly as she stroked up and down and heard a moan escape from his lips.

She had him stand up close to the fire as she stayed on her knees to stroke his dick. To Jake, this was a sight from a dream. The girl of his fantasies has wanted him for a long time and now she wants to give him whatever he wants as she is on her knees stroking his dick, which he had never felt stiffer than now. Kumiko look him in the eyes and held her gaze while she pumped him.

“You cock is so hard. I love it!” She said with a moan. She started to feel her own wetness between her legs the moment she touched his cock and the moisture was only growing.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” She said in as sexy a voice as she could, “anything at all. I’ll even be your slave that only wants to please you.” Jake almost shot his load right there. Was he high? Drunk? Dead? This was more than he had ever wanted and he wanted to just enjoy the ride.

“Do you want me to suck you cock,” she asked, “Master? I really want it in my mouth. It looks sooo tasty! Oh, can I Master?”

Jake just nodded yes, since he was still rendered speechless.

She pressed his cock against his stomach and licked from the base to the head, sending shivers up Jake’s spine. She did so again and he jumped at the feeling. Kumiko then started to lick the head of his prick and she decided that she loved the taste of his cock. She didn’t know if she liked the taste of cock, but she knew she loved the taste of his. She started to put the head into her mouth and just sucked on it for a few seconds.

The pressure on his cock-head was intense and now Jake was fighting just to stand up. Kumiko slowly began to take another inch or two of the cock into her mouth and sucked hard. She wasn’t exactly sure what to do since this was her first time. She slowly started to draw it back out and then she took it back in. She tried to take the dick deeper and felt it tap the back of her throat. She held it there and saw that she still had about another 3 to 4 inches to go. She got mad at herself for not being good enough. She wanted it all. Eventually, she thought, I will get it all.

Jake had only been in her mouth for 10 seconds and he was already feeling the wheels turning downstairs. Since she couldn’t get the entire dick into her mouth, she started to stroke the base with her right hand and held his leg with the left. She knew he was already getting close after a few minutes but she didn’t want this to just be good. She wanted this to blow his mind just because it was him. Her feelings for him ran deep and she knew he cared for her too. Therefore she wanted to be everything for him. She started to suck harder and stroked faster when a great idea popped into her head.

He was hard enough that he was sticking straight out so she lifted herself on her knees a little and grabbed her tits.

“Do you want to fuck my tits with your hard cock Master?”

Again, Jake could only nod.

Kumiko pulled her tits apart and wrapped them around his cock. The cock was already drenched with her spit so it slid very easily between them. She adjusted the angle of her body a little and took the head of his cock into her mouth while she rubbed her breasts up and down it. Jake let out a loud moan and started to move himself between her tits. Kumiko’s breasts were so soft, yet so large and the stimulation on Jake’s cock was unimaginable. He was past the point of turning back now.

Kumiko looked him in the eyes and said, “Master, I want your cum all over my face this time!” She tilted her head back a little and opened her mouth.

With that, Jake moved from in between her tits and started to stroke his cock.

“Give it to me Master. I need your cum!”

He let loose the first blast which landed right between her eyes and trailed up her forehead. The hot feeling of cum on her face got her immediately soaked and began to usher her own orgasm. Half of his next shot landed on her top lip whereas the other half made it into her mouth. She knew before he shot that she would love the taste of his cum. It was an extension of him, and she loved all of him. The salty taste only added extra thrill for he as she waited for his next shot.

Jake’s next two shot covered both of her cheeks and his fifth burst went completely into her waiting lips. The sensation was too much for her as she had a small orgasm of her own. She then took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. Jake’s knees went weak from all the stimulation and he almost fell over.

Kumiko then looked at Jake straight in the eyes and said, with a partial mouthful of cum, “Thank you Master.” She then swallowed all the cum in her mouth and made sure that the rest on her face had the same fate. She needed all the cum, just like his dick, and she planned on getting it.

“Oh, Master, I love your cum. Can I have more later?”

“Sure.” Jake finally said after not having talked the entire time.

Jake fell back down to his knees and she hugged herself to him. He just held her and decided that he was the luckiest guy on Earth.

“I think I’m hungry.” Kumiko said from below him with a sly grin on her face.

“Didn’t you just eat?” Jake said as she quickly slapped him on his chest.

Jake got up, leaving the blanket with her, and quickly put his clothes on so he could go to the kitchen and find some food. He got some bread, peanut butter, the chips that she didn’t let him have last time, and two bottles of water from the pantry. He quickly grabbed two plates and a knife and ran back over to Kumiko. She had put on her clothes in an effort to keep warm and smiled as he came back.

“Hey.” She said.
“Hey to you.” Jake said in return.

He sat down next to her and made a sandwich for them to share. She opened up the bag of chips and offered him one first. Jake said thanks and took a mouthful. He took a little bit more than he could chew and drew a laugh from her. They each took a bottle of water and shared the sandwich. He set the food aside and they lay together next to the fire for a second time.

“So…” Jake said. “Does being the slave turn you on?”

She looked at him with a shocked expression and then quickly said, “Does being the master turn you on?”

Jake thought and said, “Yes.”

This gave Kumiko a smile and she laid her head across his chest. “It turns me on some. But what really turns me on is turning you on and making you feel good.”

The two laid there for a few more moments before Jake spoke again.

“So, are you my girlfriend now?”

Kumiko looked at him and said, “If you want me.”

With that, Jake lifted her up and began to kiss her deeply. Her soft lips stuck to his as he pushed his tongue into her mouth to tango. He tasted a small bit of what he assumed to be cum still in her mouth but he didn’t care. This was her, and he wanted her.

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