The Wrestler part 1

The Wrestler part 1

The Wrestler Part One

This story is all about a shy guy and a family friend who helped him overcome his injuries and his shyness to rise to the top. It's somewhat a long story. I got carried away this time. Again I'm using a healthy dose of spellchecker sure to my dyslexia but tips and comments are very welcome. Let me know if you made it to the end guys please.

The Silent Assassin was his ring name and that wasn't by chance real name Adam he was a product of the big American companies development and had trained under some of the greats but he had one thing holding him back from that dream he couldn't talk in front of crowds. At least that's what he had told people the issue was, really he couldn't talk in front of women. This was why he was in Japan wrestling in a super junior match. It was excusable here for him to remain quiet so long as he could tell a story well in the ring. The fact he never said anything gave him a mystique that led to a cult following.

He was coming to the end of his contract and knew he would be back, being in Japan had allowed him to live his dream although he would certainly have preferred it to be back home in the states. He planned to spend a few weeks in the states, maybe watch a few shows and visit his parents. Sometimes it was just good to get a feel for home when you have been on the road for so long.

He stood behind the curtain his match was next, playing face for a change. He was expected to do flashier moves and he was looking forward to it. His opponent, a member of the new faction, was the champion and it was supposed to be a glorious failure. He knew they wouldn't put the title on him with him about to be out of contract but the fans didn't and he intended on putting on a show for them to remember. His opponent also wanted their match to steal the show because he was trying to raise up the rankings. He looked down, he was ripped, he worked so hard on his body as he was masked his muscles became more important as his money maker.

His music hit and with a final nod to his opponent waiting for his entrance he made his way into the arena to a big pop. They had done a good job of his face turn a few weeks prior and the fans were eagerly behind him. Perversely he noticed a number of girl fans screaming at his entrance which made him flush if only they knew why he didn't speak. They had planned a big spot in the match where he was going to unmask, something he had never done in the 3 years of being here. He got to the ring vaulted over the ropes and did his pose on the turnbuckle followed by a backflip. Then his opponent's music hit and he made way for him to make his entrance to a chorus of boo’s. He smiled knowing they had done a great build up to get this sort of reaction. The match began after the ref instructed the ring of the bell.

Half way through the ref took a bump and was out. The heel took the opportunity to bring out a roll of duct tape and a chair. A quick chair shot that hurt Adam more than he would have liked the heel used the tape around his eyes of the mask blinding adam. The gimmick tape worked and Adam could see enough to take the resulting bumps safely as the crowd boo’ed. The heel took his time and hit a finisher on Adam a power bomb never pleasant but Adam had taken far worse the ref did a good job of selling his injury as he counted the pin 1….. 2…. Kickout and the crowd goes crazy this can surely only end one way though shouts the tv commentator he can't see. The heel complains to the ref about his count turns around as Adam nips up to his feet as the crowd go into full meltdown. Adam acts like he can't see but suddenly hits a superkick to his opponents jaw. Then when the crowd can't get any louder The Silent Assassin reaches back and pulls the mask off for the first time. His opponent watches on from the corner as Adam points at him throws the mask and shouts at him to get up gesturing with his hand. This part of the match was about Adam getting in shots and shining before a dusty finish involving a teammate from the staple of the heel. But before that we had the big spot the Adam had been planning for weeks a dive off the top rope onto an announce table. He had done the spot before without issue but he knew you always had to be careful during these.

This is where it all went wrong. His opponent was in dreamland on the table and Adam had gotten on the top rope ready to perform a bounce onto one set of ropes to springboard into a moonsault onto the table. A number of top rope moves had happened not just in that match but others before it no issues but for whatever reason the rope snapped midway through the springboard or more accurately the rope came away from the corner holding it as a bolt holding it sheared. Adams move was out of control he landed shoulder first in the ring apron his right foot tangling the rope dislocating the shoulder and breaking the ankle. He also took a slight bump on the head from the floor. The crowd went hush and that was the first indication things were really wrong then the immense pain hit. His opponent looked on from the table wincing at the pain Adam was in. The ref approached asking him if he was ok. He wasn't but he didn't want it to end in a non finish.

Ref - You ok kid that was a nasty bump.

Adam - Tell him to put me in the ring, power…

Ref - Kid… you don't look like you are able…

Adam - Just let me finish it… im gone for weeks after this…

Ref - Ok what do you want him to do? But this is on you ok?

Adam - Yeah, tell him to powerbomb me, pin me then spit on me..

The ref passed the message on and Adam gingerly got to his one working foot and was tossed into the ring. His opponent sweetly asked if he was ok and Adam indicated for him to get on with it. His opponent obliged and it hurt like fuck It didnt help that his opponent grabbed the leg that had the broken ankle for the pin but when it was over his opponent got up spat on him as instructed, the heat was nuclear fans knew Adam was hurt they knew this wasnt a work and that made his actions more detestable. Adam was loaded onto a stretcher at the end of the match given some oxygen. The fans gave him a rapturous reaction when he halfway up the ramp got off the stretcher and with one arm over a medic walked the rest of the way.

They might have been less impressed if they saw him collapse in pain at the other side of the curtain, his opponent catching his fall. A couple of the heels who were standing by rushed to help. They quickly got him on the stretcher and some more help for the pain.

Heel - Hey Adam.. you crazy bastard… I know you wanted us to steal the show but this is gonna be played around the world again and again.

Adam - Yeah, lets just hope i'm able to come back to enjoy the pop… I guess.

Heel - That was a nasty bump you took. Why did you want me to spit on you?

Adam - We all have our kinks *laughing* nah the crowd knew I was injured so the spitting was to tip them over the edge I think it worked.

Heel - I think you're right I'm gonna need an escort out of here tonight.

Then Adam was whisked away in an ambulance which the medic gave him something that knocked him out.

A few weeks later he was in a wheelchair on a plane headed home. His ankle pinned together and casted his shoulder in a sling due to a slight fracture although it had been relocated which hurt like all hell at the time he was feeling on the mend. A few hours later he was stateside at last and in the back of a rental car designed to take the wheelchair.

Dad - You look like shit son

Adam - I've felt better

Mom - It was Kate that told us about your… bump she called it. She told us not to watch it.

Dad - We did anyway. Looked unlucky you were putting on a hell of a show.

Mom - Why did he spit on you, why didn't they just stop it?

Adam - I wanted to finish and I wanted them to hate him, I asked for it.

Mom - It worked

Dad - She was screaming all sorts at the tv when we watched. That lad better watch himself.

The drive wasn't long and they caught up on what had been going on, his mother couldn't believe he wanted to go back when he had recovered but she could believe less that he still hasn't got a girlfriend.

Dad - uh… we need to talk about something

Adam - oh?

Dad - well you weren't supposed to be coming back for a while yet, your mum and I planned to head to Cali with the Hendersons

Adam - Oh, That's ok i can manage

Mom - There is no way I'm leaving you on your own in your state.

Adam - I've been living on my own the past week in Japan. I'll be fine mom. I can get out of the chair and make myself some pizza or something while you're gone.

Mom - Well i'm still not leaving you on your own. You can't live off of frozen Pizza.

Adam - I’ll be fine honestly

Dad - uh Kate will be looking after you

Mom - She's agreed and that's that.

Adam - Kate isn't she like a little young?

Dad - She’s 18, moron you have been gone for years, she's a good kid and eager to see you again.

Adam - I don't mind Kate, she used to watch wrestling with me when you guys had the Hendersons over. It’ll be fine I guess. How long you away for?

Mom - er… well the plan is for a month

Dad - Business is good, I'm semi-retired now and your brother is taking care of things.

Adam - haven't seen Steve in ages…….

The conversation continued about his brother, how he was expecting another kid and the business was making a lot of money after the pandemic of a few years ago. As they finally pulled up to the drive and the gates opened the place to some was a mansion to Adam it felt like kind of a cage with how far away it had been for things when he was younger. The Hendersons were the only family for miles but it was a 30 minute drive for civilization.

As they pulled up to the house the hendersons came out looking the same as they always had except kate who was a tiny teenager the last time Adam had seen her now in full bloom still shorter than Adams 6ft2 she stood at 5ft11 by his estimation dark wavy hair and in her wrestling mania t-shirt it was apparent she now had full if not huge breasts. She was pretty to Adam's eyes but it was hard to look at her as anything other than a cousin or sister the familys practically grew up together.

The parents took in the bags and after a couple of hellos both sets of parents made their way inside the house typically chatting to one another ignoring the kids.

Kate - Hey that was some bump you took, how the fuck did you get up to finish the match.

Adam - I dunno I kinda felt like it was too good a match to spoil with that ending.

Kate walked closer bending down to talk to him, quite natural for her but Adam got a glimpse down her tshirt catching himself from his really quite natural reaction to look.

Kate - What was the finish supposed to be?

Adam - Oh after the table spot a couple from his group were to rush down interfere and I was supposed to fight them off but get clocked by a chair shot from my opponent.

Kate - Huh… guess this was better they will always remember this finish huh?

Adam - Yeah, he got nuclear heat afterwards. Death threats an all

Kate - Really? Wow I guess spitting on a guy with a dislocated shoulder and shattered ankle wasn't a great idea

Adam - It was my idea

Kate - *laughs* you asked a guy to spit on you after that bump? Weird

Adam - It worked, people hated him

Kate - yeah

They made their way inside and just at the door Adam decided to talk again but she was looking away. At his eye level he had a great view of her backside and she was obviously a fit and healthy girl and he had to admit her bum was looking good but he reminded himself she was just a friend of the family. When she turned around he had taken his eyes away to avoid getting caught.

Adam - Hey you know I'm quite capable of looking after myself you know?

Kate - oh I know but… I was with them in cali last year. It sucked so so bad…

Adam - Surely it's better than hanging around here?

Kate - Nah we got the rumble coming up, then money in the bank… Mania…

Adam - *laughing* I see we have plans but what else we gonna do?

Kate - Well when you're better what about a trip to the bay?

Adam - Not been in years, Did our dads ever build that cabin?

Kate - Had it built you mean, yeah it’s nice kinda ruined it…

Adam - Ruined it?

Kate - I mean it's nice… but I preferred it how it was.. Camping out you know?

The bay was a little spot on the bank of a nearby lake on Dads land; it was where they went sometimes for fishing or just a day at the beach. Adam thought about what Kate had said; she clearly appreciated the memories and saw the cabin as a spoiler of the times where they were camping as kids. He could see where she was coming from but that cabin was far safer then the camping was.

The parents left in the morning and Kate arrived in her own car mid afternoon.

Kate - Hey wanna watch some old wcw?

Adam - WCW?

Kate - You know the old promotion that died?

Adam - I know what it is Kate, but why watch it?

Kate - you kidding? Some of Chris Jericho's best work is in it. WCW was great until..

Adam - … It wasn't… I guess I haven't watched much of them, we were always WWF during the war.

Kate - Well the war had both sides and for a time WCW was great its all on the network

Adam - Network?

Kate - They don't have the network there? In Japan I mean?

Adam - uh… I don't know. We didn't get much time to watch other shows and stuff, we’re mostly on the road.

Kate picked up the remote and tuned into the network whilst Adam began to wonder at who was the bigger wrestling fan here. He was blown away by all the shows and payperviews you could watch and for the next few days they began to watch some of the better episodes of the show. They talked endlessly about the shows and how every move worked and such Adam was happy to teach and listen to her enthusiasm.

Kate - So… why didn't you join WWE? Why Japan?

Adam - oh.. Uh I cant talk on the mic.. Not in front of crowds.. I mean promos and stuff

Kate - ah bummer you are so talented you’d be a big star over here.

Adam - You think? I’d love to have done it here...but

The thought died in his throat as he thought back to the times where he tried out for wwe in developmental. Everything went well but when he was asked to cut a promo in front of a live crowd… he stutter stammer.. See girls in the crowd… forget his lines. He hated those memories he had cut some great promos on tape he knew it was in him to do this. He just couldn't.

Kate - y’all right?

Adam - huh?

Kate - Lost you for a bit there

Adam - oh sorry, just thinking about stuff

A week or so later Adam was out of his cast and was finally able to walk although his arm was still in a sling. He suggested they visit the bay and he had a surprise for Kate.

Adam - Uh.. before we go I should tell you something.

Kate - Sup

Adam - I talked to a friend and he got me a couple of tickets for the rumble in a week.

Kate - JESUS are you kidding me!

Adam - Nope gottem right here, it's the other side from the hard cam though, kinda don't want to be seen on camera.

Kate - omg this will be my fist show since that house show we went to as kids

Adam remembered that show it wasn't a great show although the interaction with fans was dialled up it had a big affect on him though as he remember getting HHH’s glow sticks as he tossed them to the crowd. He remembered the main event that day and a guy doing a moonsault finisher and the crowd gasping at the move.

Adam - Yeah, rumor is Punk is making a return.

Kate - Yeah, rumors say that every year. Guys over the hill now after AEW he isn't as hot as he was.

Adam - You thought he was hot?

Kate - I mean wrestling not hot, hot…

Adam - oh….

Kate - Speaking of, I hate to sound like your mother but whats with you being single anyway? you have a bunch of girly fans over their

Adam - Just haven't got the time.

Kate - What about the girls you're on the road with none of them take your fancy?

Adam - Oh hell no, Nest of vipers. Honestly the girls are way more trouble than the guys. They keep fighting one another.

Kate - I can see that girls are bitches to one another. Still they seem pretty.

Adam - Mostly fake

Kate - really?

Adam - yeah, all most of them talk about is what they have had done. I usually avoid them.

The journey to the bay took 30 mins and they were surprised to see they were not alone. It's private land but you wouldn't know it. As they got out in the car park they could see a couple of girls sunbathing but where they were meant Adam and Kate would need to pass pretty close by. No big deal as they got closer though Adam realised they were topless. Thinking about it later Adam could reason that they thought they were alone in a secluded spot out in the middle of nowhere. As it were right now all Adam could do was go bright red and try to only glance as they passed. Kate kept talking, not noticing Adams discomfort until she had asked a question that went unanswered. She nudged him amused at his embarrassment.

Kate - Hey perv….

Adam - uh… im not l-ll-looking…

Kate - Sure you were… can I ask you something?

Adam - W-w-what?

Kate - Real or fake?

Kate laughed and Adam could only look even more uncomfortable in the situation if that were possible mercifully they passed and Adam relaxed a bit.

Kate - Well?

Adam - Well what?

Kate - Were they real?

Adam - uh… I have no idea I didn't really look.

Kate - Oh come on a peak surly.

Adam - It's a bit rude isn't it to…. Look I mean

Kate - yeah but they saw us coming they could easily have covered up… I think they were cool with it.

Adam - I mean… maybe real… I think

Kate laughed - So you did peek?

All Adam could do was smile, caught.

As they settled in for the day they unpacked and then went to the beach they could see the sunbathing girls in the distance he could comfortably catch some rays himself. Adam had set up the chairs and the umbrella for some shade by the time Kate had arrived, for the first time she was wearing something else other than a wrestling tshirt which would be nice but it was a bikini she was wearing. Adam resolved to try to ignore it; he didn't want to act the bumbling idiot in front of her.

Kate - I brought the cooler fuckers heavy…

Adam - I should have got that sorry

Kate - I'm not a doll I can manage

Adam - Sorry

Kate - Welp I guess we can swim later I wanna get some sun.

They talked about everything that morning the family, the business their father run together the hut they were staying in and then wrestling as ever. It was all going well and then with a giggle Kate took off her bikini top. She was trying to embarrass Adam but also it was exciting for her to see his reaction to her best feature (in her opinion). Adams jaw dropped and he went a deep red colour he attempted to speak.

Adam - K-K-K-k…. W---w-ww-haa….. RRRR

Kate - Whats wrong?

Adam - Na-Na-Nu-Nu

Adam got out his chair in a hurry, angry at himself, walked down and into the lake he just wanted to get away from the situation. He didn't stop when he got to the water, walking until waist height and punching the water to vent out his frustration. Why was he like this? It was ruining his life. He thought it weird his reaction to a beautiful woman showing him her tits was to get befuddled and then angry at himself.

Kate - Adam?

Concerned Kate had put her top back on and followed him into the water.

Adam - sorry Kate… I'm not angry at you….

Kate - It’s ok I get it now…

Adam - Get what?

Kate - The reason you can't do promos, the reaction to the girls earlier and to me…. You aren't afraid of crowds… Its girls…

Adam - *sighed* yup im usually fine with you though… I don’t understand it myself.

Kate - Well I guess i’ll just keep my top on *laughs*

Adam - *chuckled* Probably for the best.

Kate - Hey seen as we're in the water how about you show me how to do some moves..

Adam - You mean wrestling moves?

Kate - We used to do it as kids, you used us for practice I guess.

Adam - Sure let's go a bit shallower we will start with an arm drag and work our way up.

They moved into shallower water and Adam began explaining the move then performing it on Kate before letting her do the same to him. The skinship from these armdrags and powerslams felt great to Adam. He tried to ignore it but feeling her backside and her crotch so close to him was a thrill.

Adam - Ok come on i'm hungry and we best get some sleep we have a bit of a drive for the rumble.

Kate - Aw but we still haven't done the razors edge or any hurricanrana’s

Adam - Save it for when we're back?

Kate - Promise?

Adam - Sure

Kate - It's a date!

They got out, grabbed their towels and headed for the cabin, Adam feeling a bit bemused by her date comment but just thought she was being funny and cast it off. He noticed the two sunbathers had left secretly pleased. When inside the hut He went around the back and started the generator. No signal out here to no tv but they had brought Kates game console and played the old AEW game that was heralded as the best game wrestling game of all time to this day. Adam was the first to decide on sleep and went to his room but Kate wasn't long after.

Alone in his bed Adam was thinking of the girls at the entrance. The big tits on one of them were impressive and he quickly stiffened at the thought. The smaller of the two he glanced at was also attractive to him, her boobs just handfuls to his eyes but she had smiled at him, He reached down to his cock feeling its length and decided he would jack off before sleep. Something he hadn't been able to do well recently with the injury. He was feeling good when suddenly the thought of Kate's perfect tits with the cherry nipples and tanlines popped in his head. He thought it was odd to be thinking about her like this but then he remembered the feel of her skin as they horsed around in the surf. He had intended on taking his time with his masturbation but his cock was feeling so good and abruptly he exploded all over his chest and all he could think of was Kate as his balls contracted and his cock pulsed.

As he cleaned up with a towel left nearby he wondered at himself. It was so weird to him that he was thinking that way about a girl he grew up with, almost like kissing your cousin. He decided to not think about it and look forward to the Rumble; it had always been his favourite event. He knew it would be fun to watch but he was going to be amongst the fans he could only hope he wasn't recognised without his mask.

The drive took 5 hrs and they made it with time to spare for the show but there is always stuff on around these things. Like fan events for autographs of current and past stars. Adam had seen a million of these things and was grateful that his family was financially secure enough that he would see the back of them when he was ready to call it quits. Kate on the other hand must have spent a few hundred dollars on selfies with her favourite wrestlers. She nearly lost her shit when she met Shawn Micheals. She had been a big fan of him whenever they had watched the old shows. Adam didn't expect it but he felt a fair bit of jealousy when she went for the photograph. His thoughts were interrupted when a fan saw him and started to walk towards him..

Fan - Hey man how much are you for a selfie?

Adam - Uh.. Im not working dude… how did you know?

Fan - You kidding that clip in new japan of that match went viral and that bump you took. Even with that this is like mecca to wrestling nerds we know who you are..

Adam - Ok well… Make it quick…

They took the photo which didn't go unnoticed by a few of the boys at the tables and more than a few of the fans. Quickly Adam grabbed Kate immediately after..

Adam - We gotta go kiddo…

Kate - huh? ok? …. Why?

Adam - I just had a fan take a selfie with me. Kinda rude at this sort of thing.

Kate - Oh *laughs*

They made their escape but it wasn't unnoticed Kate informed him that he was trending on twetter and was rumoured to be an entrant in the rumble. With not much else going on they headed to the arena proper and took their seats for the pre-show. The first Adam knew something was going on was a murmur from the crowd about something then he saw one of his old trainers Mick heading in their direction.

Adam - Hey Mick, how are you?

Mick - Like shit, I hurt all over.

Adam - That's what happens after you fall from a cage..

Mick - I never fell I was thrown!

Adam and Mick shook hands and they embraced as old friends. Adam introduced a star struck Kate to his old mentor and Mick made a polite introduction.

Mick - So how's the injuries?

Adam - Healing up, still a ways off yet.

Mick - Oh I heard you were in the rumble

Adam - You know that's not true

Mick - *laughs* Yeah Shawn said you were here, should have said I’d have got you better tickets.

Adam - I didn't want to be on the hard cam. I've still to go back to Japan

Mick - Ah… you didn't want to appear until time… I get you. I thought you were out of contract with them.

Adam - Yeah but I think I'm heading back after a break

Mick - Have you ever gotten over your promo stuff?

Adam - Not at all, Even in Japan I'm the Silent Assassin

Mick - You know if you ever get over it there is a job here for you.

Adam - Thanks… I doubt it though

Mick - Well… you know Mad dawg? He had the same issue.

Adam - Really? That's surprising

Kate - Yeah he’s pretty good on the mic?

Mick - Yeah, When i first met him he couldn't get a word out in front of 3 people

Kate - What happened?

Mick - Donno but it was not long after he met Cindy his wife he suddenly got over it. Maybe send him a message worth a shot. Ok I'm being called I best go before the fans get too busy.

Mick started to walk away and Adam looked at Kate, who was in thought…

Mick - Have a Nice Day

They both laughed at the catchphrase Mick had used and Adam thought about messaging Mad Dog they had never met but wrestlers often help one another with advice… Kate had turned around to watch the opening of the pre-show. A few times Adam had a tap on his shoulder and a selfie followed as the arena filled up. He was happy to oblige and answer a few questions. A female fan came up and asked for a selfie which he obliged. She asked about his health and the words died in his throat.

Adam - ….

Fangirl - You ok?

Kate - Oh he’s fine he just has some throat issues from the injury… rope caught him on the way down..

Fangirl - Are you his agent?

Kate - Something like that *smiling*

After the girl was gone

Adam - Thanks for that…

Kate - No worries, my rates are 10%

Adam - You’d find that's quite cheap for an agent, although… I'm not contracted and not getting paid anyways.

They laughed at their banter and mercifully the show started and no one else bothered them. The show itself was fun to watch from a fans point of view although being at the opposite side had all the promos facing them the camera sometimes got in the way. They had a great time and the Rumble itself is seen as an ok one with no big returns or surprises. They totally marked out together though doing the chants and cheering and boo’ing like teenagers.

Adam - That was fun

Kate - yeah we will have to do it again sometime.

Adam - Yeah it's weird being in the crowd but fun

They made their way home Kate sleeping as Adam drove he looked at her snoring slightly in the corner. She was beautiful, the tshirts she wore didn't do her figure justice. He wondered to himself he was really having a better time than he thought he would back home and more importantly in her company, but he knew it couldn't last. They made it back to the hut in the wee hours and both collapsed into their beds and sleep came quickly.

The next day Adam woke up and Kate was already on the beach. He made himself some breakfast, changed into some trunks and made his way out. Walking slowly out he couldn't wait to talk about the day before he was very definitely gonna tease her about the snoring.

Kate - Heya, you sleep well?

Adam - Not as good as you.

Kate - Huh?

Adam - You have the sweetest snore.. You know…

Kate smiled and for the first time it was her turn to blush at the thought of him watching her sleep. Adam thought she looked cute as all hell and returned her smile. They went on to talk about the show and how they might watch it back later to see a few shots they missed. Adam then suggested they try some moves out and Kate was eager to try out some stuff. First they started with some of the simpler stuff from earlier in the week to warm up. Then the hurricanrana which required first his crotch and then on her attempted her crotch to be close to each others faces. This excited Adam and he could feel a response from downstairs. This prompted Adam to think about moving further into the water to cool it down.

Kate on the other hand wanted to try getting power bombed halfway up though Adam could tell something wasn't right and he stalled letting her slide off his shoulder her body passing in close proximity to his own, She wrapped her legs around his waist halfway down.

Adam - You ok?

Kate - Yeah, my hand got caught between my hair and your trunks.. How did you know to stop?

Adam - Experience I guess, you learn to tell when something is going wrong

It took a moment but Adam realized the position they were in with her arms locked around his neck his hands cradling her ass it felt intimate and his cock had very definitely awakened. They looked at one another then somehow both leaned in and they kissed. This was a shock to Adam but he could tell she was into it and he didn't stop right away. When they parted he released her to the ground and walked in a little further.

Adam - Kate… I’m sorry I…

Kate - There is nothing to be sorry about, we kissed and I think we both wanted to..

Adam - I definitely wanted to… I’m just worried about the family..

Kate - You kidding, your mom thinks your gay and my mum put condoms in my bag this weekend.

Adam - Really?

Kate - If they could force us to fall in love they would.

Adam - ...but… you know the work I do i'm not home often

Kate - I know and I'd never dream of asking you to give up on it.. But wouldn't you hate it more if you find out we are supposed to be together?

Adam - yeah, you’re right i'm just nervous i’ve never uh… this stuff.. You know…

Kate walked to him and grabbed his hand.

Kate - Me either but i've been in love with you since we were kids and if you can show me wrestling im sure I can show you a few moves of my own.

She began to pull Adam to shore by the hand and didn't stop at the chairs she marched him into the cabin. In the living room she plonked him down on the sofa. He thought about objecting with his damp trunks but then she removed her top. The old embarrassment began and he flushed his jaw opened.

Adam - I-I…

Kate - Don’t talk…. Look at me, all of me. I’ve never done anything like this. I'm nervous but I know I want this.

She reached down and pulled off her bottoms revealing her clean shaven pussy and shyly she covered it with her hands. Her timid display awoke something in Adam. Something about her being nervous made him react.

Adam - I’ve always been worried about how to be around women but I don't want to be scared around you. I’ve never been naked around a girl but I think it’s wrong you being naked and me not.

With that Adam took the mental plunge and reached down and pulled off his shorts. Kate smiled at his action and then paused a moment to look over his cock it was bigger than she imagined.

Kate - It's pretty big… Its beautiful

Adam - You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen…

Kate liked the complement and the fact it was said with sincerity. She slowly walked closer to the sofa and then straddled Adam. He didn't move as she was in his lap partly petrified but also he wasn't sure what she had in mind. She kissed him again from above him.

Kate - I want you to touch me… please.

Adam hesitated a moment and then let his hands wander over her skin first on her back then her bottom, her legs, her tummy, her breasts finally reaching up and grabbing her neck and pulling her down for another kiss before kissing her neck then she stretched back up to allow him to kiss her breasts which he did and she was sensitive to it. She could feel his cock in between them and she knew she was dripping. She was scared but she had wanted this all her life. She lifted herself further guiding his cock with one hand to her entrance. She worried about his size but was determined to try. She lowered herself and Adam moved back, shocked at what was happening.

Adam - You sure?

Kate - Positive.. But let me.. Take my time.

Adam resisted the urge to rise or pull her down which was his natural instinct. The tip entered without issue and felt good then it stopped at her maidenhead and she felt it touch. She knew it would hurt but one look in his eyes with the look of concern on his face she knew then he was worth everything. She bore down and it stung but then it gave and he was through.

Adam- Urgh… are you ok? Kate?

Kate - Yeah, It hurts a little… but im glad you're my first… Can we just stay still for a bit..

Adam - Im… Glad we shared our first.. We have all the time in the world..

Her hands moved around his body feeling his muscles and kissing him deeply, She didn't notice but she had slowly started to move experimenting with this new feeling deep within her. It hurt still but it also felt kind of nice. Adam was happy to explore her body, her boobs especially at first licking them pink erect nipples then his hands went down to her lovely peach of an ass. He felt her move.

Kate - ooooh that's really nice…

Adam - God your beautiful, your skin is so soft.

Kate - It’s ok uh move me a bit more…

Adam looked at her then pulled her by her ass cheeks into him he knew she was still tender so he took his time allowing her to rise and pulling her slowly back down pretty soon she was riding his cock and the feeling was exquisite for him he could tell he was getting close. He began to fondle one breast and with his free hand pull her down hard, his cock burying to the hilt into her. She moaned and then he exploded inside of her. She collapsed down on him hugging him close as he pulsed into her.

Kate - That's an odd feeling…

Adam - What?

Kate - When you came I felt your cock get bigger and then I felt your… sperm…

Adam - It’s very different... to you know… by myself

Kate - You like?

Adam - I love

They kissed and Adam picked Kate up and carried her to the bedroom. They were kissing and touching one another when Adams cock stiffened in her hand.

Kate - ummm.. Someone recovered fast

Adam - Can’t help it, you were touching him..

Kate - Well I'm not ready yet… not down there…

Adam - That's ok, you don't need to…

Kate - I do… have something I want to try.

Adam - huh?

Kate looked at Adam with a grin of mischief in her eyes, she pushed him down, pushed off the covers and then began kissing his neck, his chest even cheekily licking both nipples with a giggle going to his stomach. By now Adam knew what she was about and he wasn't about to object. His cock was rock hard with anticipation and the little minx knew she was gonna take her time getting to it.

Kate - Ive weirdly always wanted to try this, the girls in school say boys love it.

Adam - I'm sure they do….

She kissed his legs then his balls licking both, taking her time as the cock demanded attention.

Kate - So I want you to watch. I hear guys like that.

Adam - ...ok…

She wrapped her fingers around his shaft at the base stroking it a couple of times, feeling the energy pulsing through it. She let go then licked from the base all the way to the tip. It tasted salty with them being on the beach earlier. She swirled her tongue around the head which got a lovely moan from Adam. she used her lips to gently roll back his foreskin some more using her hand to hold it back. She then opened her eyes to see Adam watching her. She then licked the tip again without the foreskin making eye contact as she did.

Adam - Oh god that feels amazing…. It's so hot seeing you..

Taking that as her cue she then sicked on the tip then welcomed his cock deeper into her mouth until it was touching the back of her mouth. She loved the feeling of him in her mouth and felt sort of slutty that she was being watched. She bobbed her head and stroked him at his base with her hand. She tried putting more in but he was just so big. It didn't take long. She could feel him welling up. When she was first told about blowjobs she couldn't believe girls let guys cum in their mouths but as she knew it was on its way she knew now she wanted that more than anything. It took her by surprise when Adam's hand was on the back of her head helping her push her head down but she loved it, he was clearly loving it. Then he flopped back on the bed as she quickened the pace… wanting it almost as desperately as Adam wanted it she was relentless. Adam moaned and then released his cum down her throat, an intense feeling for him pulsing again and again as Kate slowed taking each drop tasting it before swallowing.

Adam - God that felt amazing… thank you..

Kate - I enjoyed that… more than I thought I would.

Adam - I really want to.. Uh…

Kate - maybe tomorrow, I kinda need to uh… recover

Adam - Sure, uh Kate..?

Kate - Yeah?

Adam - I don’t care what the parents say… or anyone… I love you.

Kate - I love you too.. I might have to come with you to Japan.

That evening Adam took care of Kate, making her food and drinks everything she needed and Kate let him do it shamelessly enjoying the attention. She was worried about the future, not about the parents because she knew her mother wanted it and she was half sure Adams' mother loved the idea even more. She was worried about him leaving and them not letting her go with him till she was 21… or worse what if Adam gave up wrestling to stay.

The next day after a shower and brunch they went for a long walk along the beach….

Adam - you ok? You seem… distant

Kate - I'm good, I mean.. I have thoughts.

Adam - Well?

Kate - Well… I don't think the parents will let me abandon school to go with you..

Adam - oh.. I don't think you should either, I guess…

Kate - ...and I don’t want you to uh give up..I know you love it

Adam - Listen… you're not the only one that's done some thinking… I'm not going back to Japan. I don't want to be apart from you.

Kate stopped stunned. Was he serious?

Adam - I was thinking I can try and get work here for a while. You know maybe Indys or maybe even they can take me on in a silent roll… It’s worth a shot.

Kate - You were doing so well in Japan though are you really willing to give it all up?

Adam - It's not giving up, None of it means anything if I can't be with you...

She felt both elated and concerned about his choice. When they got back to the hut she was shocked when he scooped her up in his arms kissing her deeply. He carried her to the sofa standing her in front of it. He began to undress her and she laughed as he struggled with her bra. Once she was naked he pushed her down on the sofa gently kissing her neck nipples and belly button on the way down to her pussy. She knew what he was doing from the start and he was teasing her just as much lifting her legs kissing them both then in between her thighs. Then around her mound she still somewhat shyly hid with her hands. He took her hands gently away and she allowed him to. He looked closely at her pussy and she could feel his breath on her entrance a feeling so erotic to her she could feel her moisture. Adam kissed her slit up and down gently so softly he then licked at her entrance which to him tasted sweet and juicy. She didn't think It could feel any better until he made his way to her clitoris and she damn near came right then. He then swirled his tongue around the clit and a finger entered her. She was muffling her crys at this point and failing. She came harder than she could imagine possible her legs shaking. She had to pull his head away from her, her orgasm still racing through her.

Adam - Wow that was awesome. You tensed up so hard I could feel it..

Kate - Oh god… where did you learn that..

Adam - Uh… some movie I guess but it wasn't as good as the real thing.

Kate recovered as Adam hugged her she realized he had a bulge in his pants.

Kate - hey that can't be healthy

Adam - What?

She placed her hands on his bulge smiling up at him.

Kate - keeping this all bunched up in there, how about we try some other stuff you have seen in the movies?

Adam - uhhh… you sure, you're ready?

Kate - Yeah, just take it slow

With that she yanked down his underwear setting free his cock Laid back as he knelt down positioning himself at her entrance. Slowly he entered and Kate winced still tender but it felt a bit better from the first time.

Adam - Are you sure?

Kate - It's a little better? I’ll get used to it…

Adam rocked back and forth pushing in a little more until it was all in Kate let out an involuntary moan as he bottomed out deep in her.

Adam - it’s so tight I feel like were one… you know

Kate - *giggling* yeah I know

Adam smiled as Kate gave the go ahead for him to move and he began to move in long strokes as she moaned, enjoying what he was doing. Kate loved the feeling of him hitting the back of her but she wanted him to be a little rougher.

Kate - Uh…. Adam?

Adam - You ok? Did I hurt you?

Kate - No no-nothing like that… Uh can we change positions…

Adam - What did you have in mind?

Adam pulled out and Kate got up and turned over presenting her backside to him. At first he struggled to find the entrance so she guided him. It went in real smooth and felt deeper than before Kate's eyes shot open when it bottomed out.

Kate - Adam?

Adam - Yeah?

Kate - Listen I kinda want you to be rougher… I won't break, I'm not a doll.. I kinda want you to know… I want you to fuck me.

Adam was surprised at this talk he was getting encouraged to be rougher he didn't expect it. He went slow then upped the pace a little grabbing her hips as she moaned he gave her a spank.

Kate - God yes… fuck me Adam

Adam began to pound into her taking joy in her moans and the softness of her ass rippling as he clashed with her cheeks. He took a hold of her shoulders for leverage then her arms this gave him so much leverage and he pulled her back and face up from the couch. Kate felt him pounding on her, her tits were bouncing free as he was holding her up. She had asked for this; she reminded herself as she felt a familiar feeling welling up inside her. She orgasmed on his cock letting out a “oh god” silently she worried she would pass out with the power of it. The cock kept coming though and as she orgasmed she felt him getting close.

Kate - Fucking cum in me please…..

Adam had felt her orgasm squeezing his cock and now she was begging for his cum he had been holding off but now he was willing it and he screams of pleasure set it off as he came he took long deep pumps into her as if he could push it deeper into her.

They awoke in each other's arms a while later Adam smiled as he picked her up and took her to the bedroom where they hugged and slept together satisfied.

The next day they traveled home and whilst Kate hopped in the shower Adam picked up the phone and called Mick…Within a week he was in front of a crowd in a dark match on the developmental. There Adam dropped a promo about his injury with only a slight stutter as he saw his girlfriend in the front row. With a wink at her he caught himself and this was the start of his rebirth in the business. It took time but he made his way through developmental and then as a heel on the main roster part of a faction he himself led. He used his influence to bring in the guy from Japan he helped create as a member. They got married with the parents blessing, that's an understatement they couldn't have been happier when they told them. They had a daughter with another on the way and things simply couldn't have gone better until…..

To be continued…..

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