The Queen and The Dark God.... Part 2

The Queen and The Dark God.... Part 2

Azraelia gives in to the pure pleasure of Gregori's tongue, letting him flick and nip gently at her slit, he looks up at her while caressing her most intimate parts, loving how she squirms under his tongue, her hips bucking, her legs locking around his upper back. He slowly starts to slides his tongue into her cunt, loving the sweet taste and aroma coming from her as his nose rubs against her clit.

"Gre-gregori pleaseeee, I need you in me now!"

He pulls back enough to whisper against her twat, "I am in you"

She growls softly and yanks his head up. "In me now!"

He smiles and slowly slides up her body, watching as she moans from their skins caressing each other. Once above her he slowly slides into her pussy, loving how he fights just a bit to slide into her oh so tight channel. She gasps softly at the sheer size of him stretching her full.

"Oh God, you feel bigger then you look."

"Mmm, do you like that my fiery queen?"

In answer she thrusts her hip up to his, impaling him fully into her body, he groans from above her, watching as he stretches her soft channel, slowly and nearly delicately he slides himself in and out of her, listening intently as he hears her squeal and arch to him, driving her hips forward so he hits her cervix making her scream wildly in pleasure and thrusting up like that over and over again.

"Mmm, God, is that how you like it?" He whispers softly against her ear, feeling himself hit her cervix with each thrust.

"Yes, Gregori, God yes!"

Gregori gets into a kneeling position so the her hips are at an angle all the while pumping into her with slow shallow strokes, feeling her body tighten around his as he slowly increases in tempo, pounding her harder and faster into the bed, watching her press into it so much that it creates and indentation of her upper body. The sight of her pressed into his bed drives him mad, causing him to reach down and slide this fingers against her clit, caressing it in small circles, bringing her to a screaming, wild climax.

"Oh God, Gregori, more please!"

Smiling Gregori slowly slid out of her, gently flipping her onto her stomach and grabbing her hips, pulling her knees under her so her bottom sticks up just the way he wanted it to. Kneeling behind her he slowly slides his cock into her ass, feeling the head pop in and hearing her soft whimper nearly drove him to diving right into her tightest channel. Groaning softly he stopped with his cock head in her ass, letting her adjust to the size of him in such a sensitive place. After he feels her slowly start to push back against him he gently pushes an inch at a time in her bottom, stretching her as gently as he can. As soon as hes fully inside her tight ass he gives her bottom a gentle slap making her jump as he pulls and plunges back into her, making her scream with the painful pleasure, gently she pushes back, making sure it wouldnt hurt as bad as his plunge did. As she tests this he grabs her hips and slowly pulls her back more, making her impale him. Gasping softly she lets him slowly slide her onto his stiff prick. After a while of this slow impalement he starts to thrust into her with slow hard strokes, making her squeal in pleasure with each thrust into her.

"Mmm, do you like that?" Gregori asks, whispering against her ear.

Nodding she whimpers in pleasure as he massages her breasts, forcing her to hold both their weight while on her hands and knees. With one of his hands he starts to caress her clit, making her scream wildly and thrust back against him harder and faster. Both of their breaths growing ragged with the closeness of their climaxes. Finally a minute before his climax he feels her body tense and then one last ragged scream and the tightening of her ass around his cock tells him she reached her climax in a wild rush of pleasure, squeezing his cock and with one final thrust he explodes deep into her bottom. He collapses ontop of her, pushing her into the bed while he works at controlling his breathing.

"Oh wow, that was amazing Gregori."

"Mmhmm, in-indeed it was." Gregori said with a smile on his face as he nuzzled into her neck so gently, giving her a small bite on her neck, marking her as his.

"Mmm, what are you doing to my neck?" She whispered gently.

"Marking you."

"Why are you marking me, Gregori?"

"So that everyone knows your mine."

"Mmm, okay." She smiles drowsily as he slides off her and curls her against his body."

"That feels nice." Gregori murmured.

"What does?" This time her voice was low and drowsy.

"Finally being able to have you against me like this."

"Ohhh." And with that last murmur she drifts off to sleep.


Alright, if the ratings are high ill make a third one if I can come up with an idea for it, hope you liked this one, did the best and this is only my second story soo....

Thank you all for reading and rating, comments are very much welcomed.


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