Good Luck Charlie Chapter 1

Good Luck Charlie Chapter 1

This is a Good Luck Charlie fanfic. Please keep in mind I don't own Good Luck Charlie. This is purely fiction meant for sexual enjoyment.

This story takes place about 10 years in the future after Good Luck Charlie ended. Because of this Teddy is now 29, Charlie is 14, Gabe is 20, PJ is 31 and Bob and Amy are both 56.


Charlie Duncan gasped as she ran a finger over her clit. She rubbed her hands all over her smooth, young body as she laid naked in her bed. It had been an eventful day for young Charlie. In 1st period she'd had sex-ed, and then while walking by the boys locker room she'd seen something that she wasn't supposed to see.

At her school, the girls locker room was down the hall passed the boys. She'd accidentally looked in and seen Jack, her crush, showering after gym class. She had already been horny from sex-ed earlier, but that put her over the top.

Charlie was much like her sister Teddy in that she had good grades, but unlike Teddy she occasionally took a walk on the wild side.

She did this now when she picked up her phone to text Jack.

"Hey you" she wrote.

"Sup" he typed back instantly.

"You wanna meet me at Lakewood park? Off the path in the trees?" she typed.

"Hella" he replied.

"Be there in 5"

Charlie slowly climbed out of her second story window and onto the roof outside. She tiptoed along the edge, jumped onto the dumpster, and then to the ground. She grabbed her bike from the side yard and began riding towards the park.

She didn't know if her bike was different, or if she was just extra horny, but the way the bicycle seat rubbed against her vagina was turning her on even more. By the time she got to the park her panties were soaked.

She got to the path and dropped her bike, taking off on foot. She went behind a large rock hidden in the trees to find Jack already waiting for her.

"Hey Charlie" he said.

"Hey Jack."

She looked at him at decided at once that he was the most beautiful boy she had ever laid eyes upon.

Without speaking another word Charlie leaned in and started kissing him, and he quickly began to kiss back. Soon the young teens were making out with an extreme passion. Charlie knew Jack was too sensitive to make any moves, so she decided to push the pace. She slowly slipped her hand inside his t-shirt and felt his rock solid abs before snaking her fingers down his pants to tease the tip of his dick.

The boy moaned in pleasure and slowly clawed at Charlie's breasts through her sweatshirt. Pretty soon they were removing each other's clothes until they only had undergarments remaining. Charlie broke the kiss and brought her finger to her lips shushing him as she dropped to her knees.

In one quick motion she dragged the boy's boxers down to his ankles leaving him exposed to the crisp Denver air. Charlie might have been a virgin, but she sure knew what she was doing. She teased him first by licking his balls before taking the tip of his dick in her mouth. With every bob of her head she took more and more of his dick until nearly the entire thing was in young Charlie's mouth.

She kept sucking him for a few more minutes until she couldn't take the horniness anymore. She laid on her back in the grass and quickly stripped off her panties before turning around to let Jack remove her bra. For the first time in her life Charlie Duncan was naked and exposed in front of a boy.

"You do have a condom right?" she asked.

Jack stopped dead in his tracks.

"Ummm no"

"Shit" Charlie cussed.

"I'm sorry Ch-" he stammered.

"Shhh" was her response.

"We can still fuck, just be careful please" she continued.

Jack nodded slowly and began to position himself accordingly. He rubbed his dick across Charlie's vaginal opening a few times before finally pressing the tip inside causing Charlie to moan in pleasure. He applied pressure and slowly his dick began to slide inside her tight pussy. He stopped when he reached her hymen.

"You're sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"Yes" she breathed.

He pushed in farther, feeling Charlie stretch until she finally popped.

"Ow!" she cried out.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorr-" he stammered.

"Shh shh shh. It's alright. Keep going."

He pushed all the way inside until he bottomed out before pulling back. He made this motion over and over until both teens were moaning in pleasure. Charlie couldn't believe how amazing his penis felt in her sex.

"Yes. Please. Jack" she moaned.

Soon Jack withdrew his penis just long enough to flip Charlie on to all fours before plunging back into her folds.

"Harder Jack, harder!" Charlie begged.

Hearing her beg made all worries leave Jack's mind. He unleashed the animal inside himself and started pounding Charlie.

"Ahhhhh Jaaaack never stooop!" she cried.

Seconds later Charlie tensed before cumming all over Jack's dick. Feeling his partner in such pleasure drove Jack over the edge and he pulled out just in time, cumming all over Charlie's ass.

"Oh my god that was fantastic" Charlie said.

The youngsters cleaned up the best they could before dressing and heading back down the path. When they got to the end Jack leaned in and gave Charlie a passionate good night kiss.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow right?" he asked.

"Definitely" she said smiling.

They both hopped on their bikes and began riding back to their homes. Charlie snuck in as quietly as possible, the same way she'd snuck out.

When she got to her room she laid in her bed. Soon she drifted off to sleep with a smile as she thought about Jack.

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