Forbidden Desires - Part 3

Forbidden Desires - Part 3

Susan Ramsey walked down the corridor by a row of classrooms at the school where she attended the 7th grade. She wore a short skirt and tight-fitting top that barely met the school’s dress code. Blonde and blue-eyed, she was well developed for a 12-year-old, with perky, budding breasts and a cute ass that she was just learning to use to her advantage with boys. She didn’t know a great deal about sex, but she did know one thing for certain: pretty much every man she met, young or old, had an overwhelming desire to get into her panties. Technically still a virgin, she had lately begun to feel unfamiliar stirrings in her young body. She had discovered the incredible ecstasy of orgasm for the first time one evening in her bathtub, achieved by pointing the detachable showerhead at her eager little clit, her feet resting on the rim of the tub as the warm pulses of water gushed against her. Since then, she had climaxed countless times in the tub and in her bed, rubbing herself with her fingers until her youthful body erupted in a frenzy of intense pleasure. She often spent much of her class time quietly squirming in her seat, the pressure of her clothing against her clit sending waves of pleasure through her awakening body.

Her sexual experience had mostly been limited to older boys so far, mainly eighth and ninth graders. During particularly intense sessions, she had allowed a few of them to slide their hands underneath her clothes and fondle her breasts, or slip their fingers inside her panties and rub her naked pussy. Meanwhile, she had become intimately familiar with a small selection of stiff adolescent penises, starting with a memorable afternoon at Jimmy Winkler’s house when his parents weren’t home. He had dry-humped her until he came in his pants. Since that memorable day, she had progressed to clandestine hand jobs, stroking boys’ cocks until their hot cum spurted out all over her fingers. Just last week, Jimmy had persuaded her to put her mouth on his aching penis, and she had sucked on him until he came. She had been too frightened to let him erupt in her mouth and had raised her head just in time, resulting in his copious semen spurting all over her chin and staining her new sweater.

“Hi, Susan,” said David Drake as he ran to catch up with her and began walking beside her. “Got a second?” David was her own age, but she was almost a head taller than he was. She had known him since the first grade. She liked him and considered him a friend, but she didn’t really think of him as boyfriend material, since he had always seemed so painfully shy and naïve. Still, she had to admit that he had potential, with his boyish good looks, if he'd just get a clue.

“Hi, David,” she answered. “I’m on my way to class. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to…you know…talk for a minute,” said David, working up his courage. After his afternoon with Miss Hashitani the day before, he was suddenly feeling more confident about girls, no longer fearing rejection.

Susan paused and faced him, smiling. This wasn’t like David, not at all. “Sure.”

“Ummm….” David hesitated, tongue-tied for a moment despite having rehearsed this last night. Just do it, he said to himself. His words tumbled out in a rush. “Susan, I just wanted to tell you that….that I think you’re really pretty, really sexy and everything. I was just wondering if maybe we could talk after school or something, maybe have a coke together.”

Susan beamed at him, surprised and pleased at the compliment. It was not that she didn’t know she was pretty, she just never thought David would say something like that to her. “Why, thank you, David. I’ve always thought you were a cute guy.” Something about David had changed, no doubt about that, she thought to herself. Maybe she should reconsider how she felt about him. A wild and crazy idea began to form in her brain.

“So, can we talk later?” persisted David, hopefully.

The girl thought for a long moment, and then made up her mind impulsively. “David, can you cut your next class?”

David couldn’t believe his good fortune. His penis leaped upward and strained eagerly against his pants, and he thought he saw her glance down at it furtively. “Yes,” he replied.

“Good. Meet me in about ten minutes, outside the rest rooms over there. Okay?”

“Okay, ten minutes.”

“Cool. See ya!” she said, turning and walking away, swinging that marvelous butt.

Ten minutes later David stood outside the rest room doors, waiting. Susan rounded the corner of the building and walked up to him, looking up and down the corridor. Seeing no one, she grabbed his arm and said, “In here.” She opened the door to the girl’s rest room and dragged him inside before he could protest.

Without a word, she pressed him against the wall and molded her young body against his, bending down and kissing him. David couldn’t believe what was happening. Here was the girl of his dreams, rubbing her body against him and kissing him, her tongue sneaking forward to meet his and tease it. He was sure she could feel his erect penis pressing against her where their hips joined. And even more sure when her hand eased downward between them and she enclosed his aching cock with her fingers, rubbing and squeezing it as they kissed. It was as if Miss Hashitani had worked some kind of magic on him and he was a completely different person! His hands slid around her and rested on her perfect ass as her fingers stroked him, her avid tongue exploring his mouth

Finally, Susan broke their kiss, smiled again at the young boy, and turned away, taking his hand and pulling him toward one of the stalls. “In here…nobody will see us,” she whispered urgently.

He followed her into the stall, his heart racing, and she sat on the toilet seat while David stood before her. Eagerly she tugged at his belt. “We have to hurry, David,” she said. “Let me see your cock.”

Quickly, David helped her undo his pants and pull them down, still living a dream, then slid his boxers down to reveal his rampant penis. “Mmmmm, it’s a nice one, David,” she smiled, reaching out and closing her fingers around it, moving the outer skin up and down. Then she leaned forward, and slowly took it into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…” David groaned as she engulfed him. He looked down and gazed in awe at her full lips wrapped around the shaft of his young cock, and felt the marvelously warm wetness of her mouth as she sucked him.

Quickly, she let his penis slide out from between her lips, and looked up at him. “Shhhh…” she whispered, then resumed her eager nursing on his cock. David did his best to keep still, his heart pounding as he struggled to hold back, wanting to savor every second of the exquisite blowjob, yet almost powerless to prevent the impending explosion of his sperm into her welcoming mouth.

Once again she moved her head back, releasing his dripping-wet cock from captivity. “Tell me when you’re gonna shoot,” she warned, anxiously. He nodded as she slid his cock back into her mouth, slurping hungrily on it. His hips began to thrust tentatively, his mind reeling with the thought that he was actually fucking her mouth, as if it were her tight young pussy. Her head bobbed, her lips pursed tightly as they moved up and down the shaft, up over the sensitive crown, bringing him quickly toward his climax.

After a few moments, David knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. “Oh, jeez, Susan, I’m gonna cum!” he whispered. Instantly, she moved her head back, letting his cock escape again from between her lips, her fingers closing around the base of his cock and stroking him quickly. “Ahhhhhhhh!!!” he moaned as his balls tensed, and a rope of semen leaped forth from the tip of his cock and cascaded across her freshly-scrubbed cheek.

“Oooooh, yeah…” she whispered, fascinated by the sight of his cock flourishing again and again, her fingers pumping rhythmically as his sperm spewed on her cheeks and her lips. His cum bathed her beautiful face and descended in slow-moving, viscous rivulets, finally dangling from her chin.

At last David’s balls were empty, a last ooze of cum forced out of the head of his cock by her slim fingers onto the top of her hand. David gasped for breath, gazing at the thrilling vision of the lovely sperm drenched girl below him.

Susan had never tasted cum up until now, but her older sister had assured her that it wasn’t objectionable and that she shouldn’t be afraid to. She was eager to try. She smiled up at him as she let go of his spent cock, and then slowly brought her hand to her lips. “Look, David…your cum,” she whispered, and slowly licked the accumulated semen from her hand as he watched. Then she began to collect globs of cum from her face with her fingers, and brought them to her lips, letting them ooze onto her outstretched tongue, and finally letting his semen slide down her. It wasn’t bad, she thought to herself. David watched her, nearly fainting. How could he help but be madly in love with this incredible goddess?

“Mmmmmm…David, that was nice. Did you like it?” she whispered, licking traces of sperm from her lips.

“Oh, Susan, that was…unbelievable,” said the awestruck boy.

At that moment, his mind went back to his afternoon with Miss Hashitani, with Kimi, and he suddenly knew what he had to do next.

“Susan….,” he said, hesitantly. “I want to make you feel like I just felt. I want to lick your pussy. Will you let me?”

Susan looked at him, wide-eyed with shock. Nobody had ever done that to her before, or even dared suggest it. She had heard about it from her girlfriends, but none of the fumbling boys she had played with had been so bold. Are maybe they were just selfish, always just wanting to get off. Her girlfriends joked that they wanted "sixty-eight": you do me and I'll owe you one. Now here was sweet, innocent David, volunteering to lick her virginal pussy. “I don’t know, David…I’ve never done that.”

“You’ll like it, Susan…I know what to do,” said David, with growing confidence. He was now in almost familiar territory, and he knew he could please her, as he had his teacher.

“Okay,” she relented, wondering to herself how he could possibly know anything about this, but surrendering to her desire to explore everything she could about her own budding sexuality. “Don’t stick anything inside me, David, I’m a virgin.”

“I won’t,” David reassured her, descending to his knees between her legs. She reached underneath her short skirt and slid her white cotton panties off as she raised her hips, then carefully untangled them from her shoes and stuffed them into her purse. Then she parted her legs and he found himself gazing for the first time at her luscious young pussy, her pink labia fringed with sparse, silky blonde hair. She scooted forward a little on the toilet seat so that her butt was perched right on the edge, nervous with anticipation.

David leaned forward, slowly extending his tongue, and let the tip of it touch her near the entrance to her vagina, then slip upward, lightly caressing her outer labia. The effect on the young girl was electric. Her moan caught in her throat as pleasure raced upward through her body, and she felt her vagina flood with warm wetness. “Ohhhhhhhh!”

David lapped at her sex, recalling every bit of knowledge that Miss Hashitani had imparted to him in her bedroom. His tongue teased along the length of her cleft, finally seeking and finding the tiny pink bud of her clit. Susan’s fingers played nervously in his blonde locks as his tongue fluttered lightly around the sensitive protuberance. Then his tongue drifted down and slithered inside her just a little way, tasting her sweetness as it flowed from her tight, virginal vagina. She gasped as he entered places that no other person had ever explored, her hips hunching against him as her arousal gathered like a building thunderhead.

After a few moments, he withdrew his tongue from her vagina and began lapping at her clit with growing intensity. Susan groaned as he brought her ever closer to her burgeoning climax, lashing at her quivering clit, then kissing and sucking at the surrounding girl-flesh.

All at once, she felt her body being seized by her orgasm, and she grabbed his head convulsively and forced it hard against her pussy. “Oh god, David, lick me there, I’m cumming!!!” she cried out, forgetting the need to be quiet. Her body erupted in orgasmic splendor as David’s eager tongue drove her into violent, shuddering bliss. “OHHH!!!! OHHH!!!! UHHHHH!!!!!” she sobbed as his tongue made love to her, caressing her gently and waiting patiently for her to descend from the pinnacle of her pleasure.

Finally, she began to calm herself, her breathing slowing, her face flushed from the experience, her body still trembling violently. “Oh, David,” she gasped. “That was so good! I’ve never cum like that before, ever! Where did you LEARN that??” She tried to imagine any of the other girls she knew allowing David to do what he had just done, much less teach him how, and she just couldn’t.

David raised his head, his face wet with her essence, and smiled. “If I tell you, will you promise never to tell anyone?” he whispered quietly.

“Not a soul, David,” she reassured him, dying now of curiosity. “I won’t tell.”

David hesitated. He knew he had promised not to tell, but if he didn’t tell SOMEONE, he was going to burst. And who better than Susan, with whom he had just shared the same intimacy? “Well…,” he paused for a long moment before finally unburdening himself. “Miss Hashitani taught me.”

She stared at him in utter shock. “Liar!” she exclaimed, slapping him lightly on top of his head. “I don’t believe it!” She tried to imagine their beautiful teacher having sex with David, and it just didn’t compute.

“No, it’s true, Susan, I swear,” said David, solemnly.

Susan still wasn’t convinced. “But….where did….?”

“At her house. She invited me there after school.”

“Oh my god…she could get in so much trouble!” whispered the girl, finally beginning to believe it.

“That’s why you can’t tell,” said David, urgently.

“No, I won’t tell, David. Are you going to see her again? I mean, outside of school?”

“Yes, I think so. She said we could.”

“If you do, I want to know everything you do. Promise? Otherwise I won’t suck on your cock any more,” said Susan, smiling mischievously and winking at him conspiratorially. “Look, we better get out of here, David. The period’s almost over.

Quickly, David pulled up his pants and shorts, while Susan made herself presentable at the sink, refreshing her lipstick, and not bothering to put her panties back on. They went to the door together and slipped out into the corridor.

It was at that moment that Mr. Merriam, the school principal, found them. “Okay, what were you two doing in there?” he demanded, angrily.

“N….nothing!” said David, suddenly fearful. “I just went in the wrong door, that’s all.”

“Baloney!” said Mr. Merriam. “I’ve been standing here for at least five minutes.” He turned toward Susan. “What about it, young lady?”

“I….he just came in by mistake!” said Susan. “We just talked for a minute.”

“You’re both supposed to be in class, right now,” said the principal. “I should tell your parents.”

“No, please!” begged Susan. “It’s all just a big mistake. Please don’t tell them anything! I promise I won’t cut class again.”

“David, I’ll deal with you later,” said Mr. Merriam. “Susan, I want to see you in my office right after school. Don’t be late.”

“Okay, Mr. Merriam,” replied Susan, glancing at David as Mr. Merriam turned and stalked away.

“Jeeez, Susan, what’s gonna happen to us?” said David when he was gone.

“Don’t worry, David, he couldn’t have seen or heard anything. He doesn’t know what we did. It’ll be okay.”

“I hope so. Okay…I’ll see you later, Susan.” He grinned boyishly at her.

“Yeah, see ya,” she answered. “And David….you were terrific!” She bent down and kissed him quickly, then turned and walked away, her butt swishing saucily under her skirt.


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