The Mate of a Demon Part 1: My Beginning

The Mate of a Demon Part 1: My Beginning

NOTE: There is NO sex in THIS PART of the story. I promise in the chapters to come there will be plenty of hot lustful sex. This is just the introduction.

I was just sitting on the couch, watching some documentary on The Dark Ages. It was interesting. So see practically the entire world go to hell. Suddenly, my phone was making noise. It was my boyfriend. Well he was sort of my boyfriend. We had never met in real life. We met through some pen pal website. And since then we had developed a real relationship. He lived in Britain. In 2 years I would graduate and I was planning on flying to meet him. Because not only was he my boyfriend, he was my master.

He was just texting me to see how I was doing, making sure I was being a good little slut, the usual. I had just sent my reply saying I was fine and I was a good little slut when there was a knock on the door. I knew I shouldn't answer it when my mom wasn't home but I said "Fuck it" and rushed to open it. There stood the most darkly handsome man I had ever laid eyes on. My master was handsome but he couldn't compete with the man who stood before me.

His hair was curly dark brown. I only knew because a few curls were sticking out beneath his black fedora. His skin was tan like he lived in the sun. His eyes were green and they were playful but at the same time, hypnotizing. His lips were formed in a perfect Cupid’s bow shape. His cheeks were chiseled and his chin had that cute little dimple. He was like a giant and built like a warrior. He wore a leather jacket with a turquoise shirt and black jeans. On his feet were combat boots. I felt so plain in my sweatpants and tank top.

"Hello there." His voice was like a symphony of stings. Calming you and pulling you in, making you feel safe and secure.

"I was just passing through but my car broke down. Something wrong with the engine. May I use your phone?" I should have told him no. I knew my mother would kill me, it didn't matter I was 16, she was MAJOR paranoid. But something about his eyes just made me say,

"Yes, please come in." I stepped back and I marveled at how tall he really was. He was nearly 6"7'. I handed him the cordless phone.


"Thank you." He dialed the number and stood there talking to a mechanic. I just couldn't resist watching him. He met my eyes for a second and I instantly gazed down, blushing.

"Well, thank you." And he hung up.

"The tow truck won't be here until at least 3. I can go wait in my car." He was about to walk out when it burst from my mouth

"No!" He turned to look at me.

"I mean, um, you can just hang here." I looked at the clock. 10 AM. My mom wouldn't be home til 5 and my best friend wouldn't be here til 6. I knew if he was here, I wouldn't get caught. He cocked an eyebrow and asked me

"Are you sure?" I nodded.

"Yes. Please. Uh have a seat. Do you want something to drink? Water? Iced tea?"

"Water's fine." I grabbed two bottles. One for me and the other for him. I tossed him his and sat down across from him.

"My name's Sam by the way." he stretched his hand out and I took it.

"Ashley." He raised my hand to his lips and electricity went through my veins. My phone buzzed again. It was my master. I glanced at his message but didn't reply. Sam unscrewed the cap on his bottle and took a sip.

"So Ashley, tell me about your life."

"Well, uhm...I'm going into my junior year at school, I am a major nerd, and I love reading..." He listened captivated on my every word. Over the next ten minutes I unraveled the story of my life from my mother's business to my dad working overseas to my brother's insanity and my bullied childhood. My phone buzzed again. It was my master.

"Who is that?" he questioned, appearing agitated that I had stopped talking.

"Nobody just a friend." I quickly replied that I was going out and talk to him later. I placed my phone back on the table. I needed water.

"Excuse me." I stood up and headed to the fridge. I turned around and there he was. I dropped my water and as I bent down to pick it up he moved his hands to either side of me, caging me against the fridge. His eyes were ablaze with lust.

"I...uh...I have a...boyfriend." I stammered out. He didn't move. But a smirk spread across his face.

"I know." I was amazed. How could he possibly know? Before I could question him he pressed his lips against mine. His kiss was rough but at the same time I couldn't help enjoying it. I found my hands were not pushing him away but pulling him closer. He finally pulled away.

"Who...who are you?" He moved his hand and rolled up his sleeve, revealing a scar in the shape of his pentagram on his shoulder. My eyes were gaping.

"Are you...?" I couldn't finish my sentence. He smirked and rolled down his sleeve.

"No, but I am one of his humble servants. I serve him however need be. And I’ve come for you."

"What do you mean?" He chuckled and backed away.

"It seems Satan has decided that you shall be my mate for eternity. He knows all about you're "Master" and he doesn't care. You will be mine. And you have no say in it." He moved back towards me and caressed my cheek. I was trembling. Not only with fear but some deeper need for him. His touch was like fire and ice at the same time. I didn't stop him. My brain was screaming at me "Stop this! Tell him no!" but my mouth wasn't listening. His eyes held my gaze. We just stood there. It was like he was peering into my soul. He chuckled.

"You will make a fine mate." He moved his hand to my shoulder. My mind finally caught up with me.

"No...No please." More of a moan than a plea. He simply smirked. He took his nail and in the exact same location his was, he scratched in a pentagram. The pain was unbearable. I let out of a moan in pain.

"Shhh. Shush. It only lasts a second." But it lasted longer. More like forever. I could feel blood trickling down my arm. Finally, it ended. And he pulled his arm away.

"There. Now that wasn't so bad was it?" I was crying. The pain may have stopped but now I felt used and humiliated. He lifted my head and wiped away the tears from my eyes. He then kissed me again. I didn't want him. I needed him. His tongue pushed into my mouth and began exploring it. I moaned into his mouth. I was completely enveloped in his feel, his taste, his scent, and his hands. They were moving up and down my waist, leaving fire in their path. He pulled away.

"I need to go. You will meet me at the Independence Mall on Sunday. If you don't, I will hunt you down and kidnap you. Do you understand?" I nodded. Tears still coming down. He smirked

"That's my girl." He looked at my arm.

"You might wanna take care of that. Before your mom and friend get here." He gave me a peck on the cheek and before he walked out he looked back.

"Don't worry. In time you will come to crave my touch." And with that he left. He got into his car and drove away. It had never been broken. I stood there alone. Crying. I felt nauseous. I felt like I was in some nightmare. But it was real. I headed to my room and grabbed a sweatshirt. Luckily it was fall so I wouldn't over heat.

I headed to the bathroom and stared at myself. I looked so pale and frightened, like a girl in a horror movie. I took a washcloth and thoroughly cleaned the wound. It was already starting to heal. I wrapped it in gauze. I could tell my mom I scratched it on the rosebush. I splashed cold water on my face and my eyes started to look more normal. I took a deep breath and got ready.

The next 48 hours seemed to be a daze. My friend came over and we giggled and laughed like normal girls. I did not tell her about Sam. I figured before I would keep her in the dark. Finally, Sunday came.

"Bye mom." I said getting out of the car. I had told her I was meeting one of my friends here. Didn’t know if I would be leaving. I entered the mall and there he stood. Holding two cups of coffee. I assumed one for me. I stood next to him. He handed me one of the coffees.

"I ordered it just the way you like it." I whispered, barely audible

"Thank you." and took a sip. Pumpkin spice, my favorite. He wrapped his arm around me.

"You are so beautiful."

"What do you want with me?" He chuckled.

"I already told you. You're my mate. You have the mark upon you. Satan chose you for me. He sensed the darkness in your soul. Let's face it, no 16 year old has a master. And he knows all about a few months ago." I knew exactly what he was talking about. A few months ago I had gone through a phase where I drew pentagrams all over myself. At this point we were just walking through the mall.

"So here's how this is going to work. Because I made that mark on you, you technically belong to me. But don't worry, I’m not going to be the "master" figure. Unless that's what you really want. Otherwise, we just have a regular relationship. But one full of passion, romance and lust. And because I am a servant of Satan, I never die. I never age. And because of that mark, neither do you. I can be the perfect lover. Or if you want, the perfect master." I did want it. But not yet. I still didn't trust him enough.

"No. For right now I just want a regular relationship." I heard his tone change to amused.

"Very well. Now, this is what needs to happen. First off, it was good of you not to tell your friend. Secondly, you need to cut off all ties to your former master. You belong to me now."


"And lastly, at midnight tonight, I will be waiting outside your window. Don't bring anything. I'll provide you with everything you need. Clothes, books, a new phone and laptop, whatever. Do you understand?" I only nodded. He pushed my hair behind my ear.

"That's my girl." We stopped and in front of a crowd of people, he kissed me. He kissed me so hard that I could practically feel his lust for me. Several people stopped and stared, but they could screw off. It felt so wonderful. He pulled away and I felt weak in the knees.

"Wow." was the only thing I could say. I looked into his eyes and saw love and caring. But also a lust that burned brighter than any flame. We kept walking along until we came to my favorite store. It was a dress shop that specialized in gothic and Victorian style dresses.

"Pick any dress you want. I'm buying." He pulled out his wallet and showed me what looked like a credit card but it was completely blank.

"Picture this to be the skeleton keys of credit cards. It not only runs through every machine, there's never a bill. It never runs out of money."

"A gift from him, I assume?" He gave me that smirk again.

"Correct. Now go pick one out." He stood, waiting for me while I examined all the dresses. I finally found the perfect one. Black with a red ribbon around the waist and a sewn in corset. I held it up to myself and looked in the mirror. It came down to just above my knees. He came up behind me.

"You'll look so beautiful in that." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his lips against my ear. The feeling sent a shiver through me. He took the dress.

"I'll pay for this. You better go, your mom is going to be outside. I'll see you tonight."

"OK. See you tonight." And I left. A billion thoughts were going through my head. Him, leaving my friends and family, leaving my current master, it was all so confusing. I had no idea what to do. I got into the car with my mom.

"Hi sweetie. How was the mall?"

"It was fine." The rest of the car ride was silent. I put my headphones in and just zoned. It was funny, Breaking Benjamin's "Dance with the Devil" came on. I kind of smirked but it soon faded. I looked at my mom. I loved her. She had helped me so much and now I was disappearing from her. I mean, I made plans to disappear from her in two years but at least I would've been 18. The rest of the day blurred. My mom decided we should go out to dinner as a family. I got to pick. We spent the time laughing, having a great time as a family. I enjoyed it the most. When it finally came time for me to go to bed, I went to her bedroom. I gave my mom a big hug and kiss and told her I loved her. She didn't see but as I went back upstairs, a few tears ran down my face. That night I Skyped my dad as he was working overseas. As midnight approached I told him I needed to get to bed for school. What a lie that was. I told him I loved him and closed my laptop.

I had texted my master saying I was leaving him because I realized I wasn't that into him. The biggest lie of them all. He called me a cunt, told me to go fuck myself, and hoped I was happy that I was a whore. The last thing I ever texted him to was "Yes, Ryan" His real name. Something I hadn't called him in what seems like forever. At around midnight, I dropped my phone on my neatly made bed, left the note I had written, and climbed out the window. As soon as my feet touched the ground, his car pulled up. He rolled down the window and gestured for me to get in. My hand was shaking as I opened the door and buckled my seat belt. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hello, love." And like that we took off. I had. No idea where we were going, what he was going to do, or anything. All I knew is that I was now his, to do with as he pleased.

"Tell you what, why don't rest? I'll wake you when we reach our destination."

"Yes master." I said and became shocked. I hid my face with my hair and I knew my face was red.

"Well well well. It seems you have accepted me as a master. Well don't you worry, obey me and you'll find I can be very giving." he moved one hand to my hair and began stroking it, like a pet.

"Sleep my love." That was the last thing I heard before I slipped into the blissful oblivion of sleep.

To be continued...

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