Unexpected pleasure

Unexpected pleasure

The Unexpected Pleasures.

*This is my first attempt at writing so please feel free to comment. I will go ahead and admit that my spelling and grammar is not the best so please take it easy.
The characters in this story are not real and this did not really happen. If you don't like to read about incest please do not read.*

It all started about six days ago when I first noticed that my little sister wasn't so little anymore. She has been running around the house with skimpier and skimpier clothing on. I couldn't help but notice that she had started to grown into a beautiful young woman. She's just over five foot tall and weighs slightly over ninety pounds, her once almost none exsistant breast have now started to fill out I think she's about a 32-36 c and has a nice round ass that fills out just about everything she wears. She has beautiful long brunette hair and lovely blue eyes that look like a firework has exploded in them. Oh and before I forget to mention it she just turned 16 a few months ago.

See I would have never really noticed any of this if our parents hadn't recently passed away in a horrific car accident. I got the call a few days ago and as soon as I was able to get leave I came home. See I am currently in the marines and had been on tour in Iraq. I was completely devastated once I had heard what happened to our parents. I quickly made some phone calls to friends of the family and set it up so that someone would keep an eye on my little sister till I could get home. As soon as I was able to I was on the first flight back home to bury my loving parents.

When I arrived at the house our neighbor and close family friend was at the house and my sister was at school. Our neighbor filled me in on all of the details of what had happen. My parents where out on their 25th anniversary on their way back to the house they where hit head on by a drunk driver. My mother and father both died instantly. The stupid asshole drunk driver didn't even have a scratch on him according to what the police had told my neighbor. I later came to find out that it was not his first DUI and that is would be his last he had been charged with DUI and aggravated vehicular homicide and was looking at doing alot of time.

I spent the day arranging my parents funeral and getting their affairs into to order. See my family by no means was poor my father was an investment broker and my mother was a lawyer and worked for one of the larger firms in the area. I think their net worth is something like 5.2 mil but I could be wrong I still had to contact the family lawyer and see what all the will stated but I knew that everything was to be split down the middle between me and my little sister all of her money was to go into trust set up by my father with safe investments already set up for her and she would have a small amount put into a checking account for her every month until she turned 21 and I was to be her legal guardian.

I guess I better tell you a little about myself before I get any further into to this story. I am 24. I joined the marines shortly after graduation from high school and I just finished my second tour in Iraq. Lets put it this way I saw alot more action than I ever thought I would but thats a whole other story so lets get back to telling you more about my self. I think I'm a pretty decent looking guy I'm 6'2' 185lbs since joining the marines I have gotten into the best shape of my life. I have dark brown hair currently in the normal military cut a high and tight with a pin stripped beard and I also have blue eyes but I did not get as lucky to have the star burst look in them like my little sister. Ok enough about me back to the story.

I had just gotten of the phone when I heard the sounds of car doors closing out side. I looked up to the clock and realized that it was around the time my little sister got home from school. I decided to just sit in the kitchen and wait and see if she came in there. I heard the front door open and heard my sister and another girl giggling when they came in. My sister yelled out hello is any one here. I decided not to answer right away instead I just listened. My sister and her friend went into the living room and turned on the TV. I in the mean time decided to quietly walk up to the living room and was shocked to see two of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen kissing.

I guess I must have choked or knocked over something cause the next thing I knew I heard my sister scream and her friend looked at her and said "Who is this and what the hell is he doing in your house staring at us?" My sister replied" Angie honey this is my big brother Jake I guess he must have gotten in while I was at school." The two continued to discuss it and I turned and went back to the kitchen hoping like hell that neither one of them had noticed the nice hard lump that had formed in my pants. As soon as I got back to the kitchen I went straight to the cabinet where my parent had kept their liquor and poured me a drink.

Here I was my parents had just died and I walk in on my sister making out with her girlfriend and had gotten a boner. What kind of asshole must I be. Just as I finished my first drink my sister walked in as she did I poured my self a second drink because I new I was not ready for the whole my sister is a lesbian talk not after everything we both were going through. I began to wonder if my parents had known about this or if this was something new cause as far as I knew my sister hadn't told them or me about it and we were a pretty open family and didn't keep secrets. I sat down at the kitchen table and motioned to my sister Jane to sit down with me at the table. To my shock and disbelief my little sister first walked over to the cabinets grab her a tumbler and walked over to the fridge putting a few cubes of ice into the glass before pouring her some scotch and taking a seat at the table.

We both sat their sipping on our drinking not knowing who should break the akward silence first. It was my sister who got the nerve up first. "Listen Jake its not what you think, we were sitting there talking about what happened to mom and dad and the next thing I knew we were kissing." Well I sat there for a min deciding on what to say before replying to her." Sis its ok I know your going through a rough time in your life right now and any kind of comfort helps and just so you know there is nothing wrong with being gay."My sister frowned at me then said "Jake don't be silly I'm not gay well atleast not totally gay. That was the first time I ever kissed a girl." I tried my best to hide my disbelief from my face."Sis that didn't look like a first but, if you say so I'll believe you squirt" Her face turned red at hearing her nick name she hated it when I called her that. "Well squirt its been a long day for me I'm headed to bed." I got up and walked over to her and gave her a hug while giving her the hug I couldn't help but look down her shirt and see the tops of her wonderful breast. Instantly my bulge started to return in my pants and I quickly broke off the hug kissed her lightly on the forehead and hoped she hadn't noticed.

I quickly made my way up to my room and relived some pressure by getting my laptop and looking up some porn. I didn't realize it at first that I was narrowing down my search results on the porn by comparing the females in the flix to my sister. I settled on one and did my thing and called it a night. I awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon, eggs, sausage, ham steak, grits and biscuits. I sleep in the nude so I got up put on some boxer and some sleep pants and went down stairs to one of the most erotic sites I have ever seen. My not so little sister was wearing a cute pink shirt that barely came down to her naval and no bra I could tell cause her nipples where sticking out. She also had on the tightest fitting pair of yoga pants I have ever seen and you could see the out line of her thong.

I quickly made my way to the table and sat down making sure my chair was pulled close to the table. So that I may have the chance of hiding my quickly growing erection. "MMM Sis everything smells wonderful. You know you didn't have to make me breakfast squirt." My sister glowered at me for calling her that knowing that she hated it but there was truly not any malice in the look." Well Jarhead I figured that I would be nice and make my favorite brother breakfast after everything you did yesterday. I thought I would be nice. But if you call me squirt one more time. You will be wearing it instead of eating it." She started to grin.

We chatted about what happened to our parents and what was going to happen to us. Luckily I was almost at the end of my enlistment and there was a base near by to finish out the last of my enlistment duties with and would not be going back to active duty any time soon. Over the next few days my sister and I got pretty close and well I started noticing that what she wore at the house started to change and that she was starting to flirt a little on the dangerous side of skanky. I didn't want to upset her anymore than she all ready was with everything that had happened so I did think much about it or say anything to her. I was just constantly hiding my erections.

Well then something happened that changed our relationship forever. I was sound asleep when my little sister came into my room crying. She walked over to my bed and gently tried to wake me up. What my sister didn't know was that I slept in the nude and since being in Iraq not to touch me to wake me up. I came up out of the bed swinging and before I knew what was happening I had hit my sister in the mouth I heard her scream out in pain and it stop me in my tracks. I quickly went and checked on my sister and then ran to get her some ice to keep it from bruising and to bring down the swelling of her lips. The whole time forgetting that I wasn't wearing anything.

After everything settled down I also came to notice what my little sister was wearing it was the sexiest little nightie that I have ever seen it had the nice little frills at the cuffs and along the hem and the opening of it. It was pretty much transparent and left little to the imagenation she was also wearing the matching bra and panties that went with it. I thought to my self that it must be a set and before I realized what was happening I looked down to see my little sister staring at my hardening member. Lets just say I had no problems in the cock department when god made me he blessed me with a 7.5 in long and 2.5 thick cock.

I quickly ran into my bathroom and shut and locked the door behind me I could believe what had just happened I went to the sink and started splash cold water in my face. My little sister had just seen my hard naked cock for the first time that I knew of and I was scared shitless because it was hard due to her. While in there I found myself a pair of shorts to put on and then put my robe on also. I opened the door to see my sister sitting on my bed holding the icepack to her chin and still crying. I walked over to her and sat down beside her on my bed. "Whats wrong squirt?" She lightly hit my shoulder before she spoke her words slightly broken due to her crying and sniffling. "I had a dream about mom and dads wreck." I put my arm around her pulling her closer to me to comfort her and be the big brother like I was supposed to be. I tried to keep everything under control but I was failing miserably.

Between the clothes or the lack of clothes she was wearing and the way she smelled. I could feel my cock beginning to rise again. I tried to gently put some distance between us so she wouldn't notice it. I sat back and looked into her eyes and don't know what made me do it but I gently placed a kiss on her lips while placing a hand on her cheek. I didn't know what to expect but she began to return the kiss and our lips parted as our tongues started to explore each others mouths. I couldn't believe I was sitting her kissing my sister. I gently broke the kiss and said."Sis we can't do this its not right." She didn't say anything but leaned in and kissed me I melted into the kiss and my hands started to explore her body. I gently traced hand up and down her back while the other caressed her arm and made its way to one of her breast.

She gasped into my mouth when my fingers found her nipple through the material. Her hands began to remove my robe and she lightly traced a hand up and down my chest caressing her way over my hardening nipples. I moaned into her mouth and broke the kiss. I sat back and untied the sash of her nightie and let it fall off her shoulders and sat back to admire her beauty. "Sis you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love you and would never want to do anything to hurt you. If you want to stop all you have to do is say the word." I looked into her eyes as she replied "I love you too brother and I have wanted this for a long time. Thats why I have been wearing what I have to get your attention. Just be gentle because you are my first." With that being said I stood up and threw the robe onto the floor and took her nightie of her and tossed it in the pile. We both laid down on the bed and went back to kissing.

I broke the kiss and began trailing kissing down her cheek, to her neck slowly working my way down to her collar bone while my hands went behind her back to undo the clasp of her bra. I gently kissed my way down to her nipple and traced the tip of my tongue around it as my hands continued to explore her body. Her body writhed as I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it. I took one on my right hand and slowly traced my fingers along the top of her panties. She began to moan as I lightly nibbled on her nipple and my fingers made their way into her panties. From what I could feel she had shaved all but the tiniest landing strip. I gently traced my fingers down her mound and around her outer lips. She gasp at the touch of my hand and I began to ease the first finger into her virgin hole and she tensed up a little so I took it slow. I gently moved the one finger in and out a little more with each stroke losing her up and place my thumb on her clit and began to lightly rub on it. Her body responded and her hips thrust forward. As she cried out in extacy as her first of many orgasms for the night.

As her orgasm subsided I trailed kisses down her stomach to her hips down her left thigh as I was kissing my way down one leg I took hold of her panties and pulled them down stopping so she could lift her butt up and once I got her panties off I kissed my way up her other leg. Once I made it to her thigh she new my destination and spread her legs a little further apart. As soon as my tongue found its way to the right spot I knew I was in heaven because I had just tasted the nectar of the god's. After I had brought her to another orgasm she started to scream."I can't take this any more I need that big hard cock of yours in me." I stood up and took off my shorts. I gently maneuvered my sister to the edge of the bed. I got in between her legs and lined my self up but before entering her I stop and said "Sis this is going to hurt at first I am going to be as gentle as I can be. I love you and want this to be something that you never want to forget."

With that being said I slowly started to make my way into her inch by inch I could tell she was in a little discomfort when I made it to her hymen so I stop for a while until she looked at me and nodded. I gently started making small strokes back and forth each time pressing just a little harder against her resistance until she was right on the verge of having an orgasm and I broke through. She hadn't even noticed as a began to pick up speed and going deeper with each stroke. It was tighter than any other pussy that I had ever been in so I slowed my self down knowing if I kept up that pace I would never last long. My sister began moaning my name and crying out in extacy. As her orgasm hit the walls of her pussy clamped down on me and I screamed out her name as it sent me over the edge and my seed filled her womb. It wasn't until a few hours later when I woke up next to the most beautiful woman I have ever know that I realized what I had just done. I had just had sex with my little sister and wasn't wearing a condom. I panicked and woke my sister up.

"Sis you gotta wake up."I said as I shook her she woke up a little startled and with the look of pure bliss on her face."Whats wrong Jake?"She responded. I looked at her and said "Well for starters I just had the most amazing sex in my life with my sister and wasn't wearing any protection. I would hate to get you pregnant and you haven't even finished high school." She started laughing and the said"I've been on the pill since my period started to keep it regulated and yes the sex was amazing I might just have to share you with my girlfriend." With that we both fell asleep in each others arms........
To Be continued???

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