The story of Peaches and Sweetpea Part 5

The story of Peaches and Sweetpea Part 5

Neiladri Sinha Jr. :-

It was 4 pm when I woke up. My Sleeping Beauty was looking so cute, that I didn't want to wake him up. Besides, I had some preparations to make, and Peaches was sleeping for good.
I gently lifted him off my chest and laid him on a deewan. The Mantra of my life has been one- live your young life at the fullest, and I was going to prepare for that.

I took my wallet and car keys to go shopping for tonight, but then stopped on my track. The shadow that appeared in the hospital ward. I couldn't leave Peaches alone under any circumstances. But I needed candles and flowers to decorate my bedroom. So I decided to call up the nearest florist, but chose against it. The culprit was smart enough to tamper a sealed bottle of liquor and remain underground. Would tampering flowers be a difficult task for such person? I don't think so.
So I decided to pick flowers from the terrace garden, and went into the storeroom to look for the remainder of decorative candles from last year's Diwali.

First I decorated the bedroom and changed the sheets. Unlike boys of my age, I never created a mess of my house. So everything was arranged properly.
Then I moved to the kitchen to prepare dinner. But time was less; so I made baby corn & mushroom soup, grilled fish fillets for starter, chili chicken & pad Thai noodles for main course and apple custard for desert. I had quit drinking after my month-long ordeal and couldn't let Peaches develop a taste for alcohol; so I kept fresh grape juice as drink.

Now I brushed my teeth, flossed, clean shaved my week-long stubble, shaved my pubes, got into a hot tub and cleansed myself. Oh wait, I forgot to offer my evening prayers; so I dried off, put on my prayer clothes, prayed and dressed up for the evening. Peaches had told me that Indian attire screams of my raw sex appeal; so I dressed in a violet Kurta, let its buttons remain open, curled its sleeves up to my elbows, put on a black slack, an off-white scarf, the wrist watch Ma gifted and sprayed a Saudi perfume Baba brought for me.

I got down the stares and saw Peaches sleeping peacefully. Seeing his Angelic face, I didn't want to disturb him; but we had an evening to spend.
I planted a kiss on his forehead and caressed his face.

"Wake up my Sleeping Beauty!" I said.

Peaches moaned and turned to a comfortable position.

I raised my brow and whispered in his ears "Good morning lover boy!"

It affected him. Peaches sprang to his feet and looked around, dumbfounded. I scoffed at the look on his face. As he realised that it was 6 in the evening, he took a sigh of relief and giggled a little.

"Baby you freaked me out!" he said as he nodded. Then looking at me, he asked "Are we going out?"

I said "Unfortunately no. I don't want you to upset your stomach right after the incident. So I cooked dinner for you."

Peaches sniffed a couple of times and said "My mouth is already watering."

I walked up to him and said "Technically we haven't dated throughout our courtship. So officially, this is our first date."

Then I got down to a knee, raised my hand and said "Tanuj Samuel Rao, will you be my date?"

Peaches frowned and then smirked naughtily.

"I don't date bad boys. Besides, my boyfriend has planned a romantic date for me."

I rose to my feet, raised a brow, smirked and asked "Is he?"

Peaches looked up into my eyes and said "Yes, he has."

We burst into laughter. I was seeing Peaches laughing heartily after a long time. I held his face and said "Now that's the face I want to see more often."

Peaches smiled, those blue eyes sparkling with love.

"Let me get ready, dear husband." he said.

"Sure, 'spouse'." I said, stressing upon 'spouse'.

Peaches giggled as he took the stairs.

I was excited about our first dinner-date. I placed a two-seater dining table and chairs in the balcony and played a record of Victorian Opera in Thakuda's gramophone. Food with music creates the ambiance.


Tanuj Rao :-

How can I be so reckless? First I forgot our birthday, then I fell asleep when I could have got ready in that time. As I tried to enter the Master Bedroom, I realised it was locked. Maybe Sweetpea's secret gift was behind that door.

For namesake, I had moved into Neilesh's room. But I know after tonight, Sweetpea and I would become one forever. I had to look my best. I had a thick bush of pubes, and I didn't want to be a hairy mess before him. So I shaved my pubes for the first time. I took a shower, did some make-up and dressed in a formal pair of trousers, a full sleeved button up shirt and a vest.
Just then I remembered I left the towel in bathroom and went in to get it. It fell from my hand on the shower floor, I leaned to pick it up and realised it's stuck. A needle. But why was it between the floor tiles? I kept it in the basin and went out.

As I descended the stairs, I heard soft opera music playing. So my suave boyfriend had a taste of old school! Classy.
Sweetpea had his jaw dropped as he looked at me.

He walked up to me "You look gorgeous tonight."

I frowned and said "Oh really? I don't look gorgeous otherwise?"

Sweetpea raised a brow and said "No, you don't."

I was dumbstruck.

Sweetpea grinned and said "On a regular day, you are my cute little Peaches. But tonight, you are my gorgeous spouse."

I blushed at his complement and looked away bashfully.

Sweetpea cupped my face and said "In this moon like face of my beloved, I see heaven. But when rained by tears of sorrow, my entire world deluges.
I see in these sparkling blue diamonds, that rival a queen's crown jewel, my own reflection and I know who am I. But when these blue lakes flood with tears, my entire existence deluges.
These rosy lips utter my name, it's music to my ears. But when the sob out of sorrow, they confirm my worst fears.
These creamy cheeks of peach hue rival sunshine my dear. But sight of tears rolling down them I am unable to bear."

Then getting on his knee, Sweetpea held a ring to me.

"Come my love, let's spend our lives together, I promise to love and honour you and stand by you forever."

Did Sweetpea propose me? Jesus Christ! I don't know how to handle it. I felt as if all world's happiness has been conferred upon me. A month ago, I would have to choose my words wisely while speaking, careful not to offend him. And tonight, Sweetpea was declaring to me how he wanted to hear me all his life.

"Marry me, Peaches!"

I tried a lot, but couldn't hold back my tears.

Sweetpea's smile faded. He rose to his feet and said "Baby I am sorry if I am going too fast."

I looked down and said "Baby stop apologising. You are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Sweetpea raised my chin and said "Then marry me Peaches."

I said "I will." and embraced him.

Sweetpea locked me in his warm embrace, as he stroked my wavy hair. We pulled away, and smiled at each other. He put the ring on my ring finger.

He walked to the gramophone and changed the record to Elvis Presley's. I was more accustomed to peppy tracks that I could groove to; but for a change my noble boyfriend's choice seemed soothing.

He held his left hand to me and said "Dance with me."

I held his hand and he pulled me into a slow, romantic dance, as the song 'Love me tender' played in the background. Sweetpea placed his right hand on my waist as we interlocked the fingers of our left and right hands, with my left hand on his right shoulder. Apparently it was his all-time favorite; Sweetpea began to sing as the record played on. I had a talented boyfriend, who could act, direct and sing as well. He was an achiever; an ace sportsperson and a genius. Who won't want a boyfriend like him?
The track ended and changed to 'Falling in love with you', when he leaned and kissed my neck. The sensation sent currents up my spine. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure, as he took it to another level and bit the spot he had kissed. It caught me off-guard as my eyes shot open and I groaned "Jesus Christ!"

Sweetpea chuckled and then licked the spot. I moaned again and felt my knees wobble beneath me. He let go of my right hand and wrapped his strong arms around my waist, balancing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his chest. Sweetpea leaned and rested his head on mine.

"I saw you do that to Aisha." I said, but regretted. Sweetpea however didn't take any offence and hugged me tighter.

"I am glad I did that. Otherwise, we wouldn't have united."

I looked at him with an amused smile.

He grinned gently and said "We Hindus believe that whatever happens is for greater good. Everything is God's will after all."

I smiled coyly and said "I am glad I was drunk that night."

Sweetpea raised a brow.

"We Christians have a saying 'One man's meat, another man's poison.'"

Sweetpea knew what I meant, and grinned gently. He hugged me once again as we continued to dance, but his muscles stiffened as rage entered him.

He said "Don't worry baby, Ma put the case to fast track."

I said "Hmm. But I am thankful to that murderer. Because of him, we are together and I am alive. Had I been in my senses and jumped off, you would have been mourning my death today."

Sweetpea pushed me away.

"In the name of The Mother Goddess, can't you shut up for a moment?" he yelled.

Shit! I spoiled the mood.

I apologised "Baby I am so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you."

He held my face and glared into my eyes. I could see the raging volcano in his otherwise mirthful eyes. The same rage, that I had seen a month ago when we fought for the first, and I hope for the last time. And then they welled up with tears.

"Don't you ever think of leaving me. Or else I'll burn down the whole world and perish along it." he spoke with his teeth gritted.

"Whoever tries to take you away from me, I will dismember each limb of his body and drink his blood." he said as he hugged me.

And then he closed his eyes and began to chant the Goddess's name under his breath to calm himself. I felt his tears fall on my shoulder as he apologised.

"I am sorry baby, I couldn't keep my promise. I hurt you again."

He paused for a while and said "Peaches I love you so much, I can't bear anyone talking about your death and me mourning it. I pray that before that I die before I have to face such day."

Now it was my turn to get irritated. I smacked his chest and said in a stern tone "So that I am left alone to bereave you? Neiladri Sinha, you are a selfish person."

Sweetpea stood with his head hung in shame.

I looked into his eyes, held his hands and said "Our hearts beat together. We'll be together till our last breath."

He looked away. To lighten up the situation, I used his own line on him "You're not getting rid of me that easily, my lover boy!"

Then making a childish expression, I said "I am hungry!"

Sweetpea's lips curled up into a kind smile. He said "Let's eat."

I giggled as he chuckled softly. He changed to record to a Roman Opera as we walked to the balcony. He pulled the chair for me and then went to the kitchen. It was a modest arrangement that I preferred.
Sweetpea placed a couple of wine glasses and poured grape juice in them. I took my glass, looked at the purple liquid in it and then at Sweetpea.

He said "Alcohol is unhealthy."

I grinned at him. Sweetpea rose a toast "Cheers to my true love!"

I smiled and rose my toast "Cheers to my first love!"

His smile faded for a moment and then came back.

We took a couple of shots more and then began to chat. Sweetpea raised a brow and asked "So, how do you know Aisha?"

I laughed. He asked "What?"

I said "Aisha is in my class."

Sweetpea whistled. He asked "So did she try to seduce you?"

I blushed.

"Fortunately no, she didn't."

Sweetpea said "Good for her!"

I laughed and asked "Well, how did she take her breakup?"

Sweetpea frowned "How would I know?"

I said "I haven't been to school for a week. I would have really enjoyed to see her reaction after you broke up with her."

Sweetpea was dumbstruck. He said "Excuse me? Did I hear you right?"

And now it was my turn to be shocked.

"So you didn't date Aisha?"

"No I didn't."


"I came to know that she's spreading rumors about dating me." he said with a wicked smirk.

But then his face hardened.

"Peaches, you don't trust me right?"

Shit! I spoiled his mood again. I turned away to hide my tears. But the a camera flashed. I looked towards its source; Sweetpea snapped a pic of me in that gloomy expression. He was grinning.

"Hey! Don't do that!" I said as I tried to grab his phone.

"Baby delete it please!"

"Okay, okay! Wait a sec." said Sweetpea as he deleted the pic.

I stared at him and said "Baby you scared me! I thought I hurt you again."

Sweetpea chuckled and joined his hands in mock apology.

I asked "But you did with her what you did with me today!"

He said "Hmm. I did that to teach her a lesson. First I pretended to be interested in fucking her; then I convinced her to make arrangements. At the last moment, I turned her horny by biting her neck. She whispered the room no. in my ear, I whispered to her 'Sorry bitch, but you're not my type. Thanks for spending money though slut.'".

That was shocking.

"Baby you should have seen the expression on her face. It was the first time a guy dumped her after she was wet down there."

I burst into laughter. Sweetpea scoffed and mimicked Aisha's tantrums.

Sweetpea then got up and went to the kitchen. He heated the food in microwave and returned with a trolley.

"So keeping your health and the grocery in mind, I made baby corn & mushroom soup and grilled fish fillets for starters."

I gazed at him with loving eyes as he served me. It was delicious. So my Sweetpea was an awesome cook as well. He cares for me, and my well being is his priority.

I asked, careful not to hurt him "Sweetpea, may I ask a question?"

He looked from his bowl and said "Of course baby."

I asked "You know you are my first love. Am I your first love as well? I mean, I have always seen you use 'true love' for me."

Sweetpea smiled sadly and said "I am sorry Peaches, but you are not my first love."

"Okay. So who was your first love?"

His eyes lit up as a distant memory resurfaced.

"Binty!" he said as he smiled like a child.

I asked "Who was she?"

He said "Baby you know I never had any constant friend as a child. But I had a friend whom I miss dearly. Her name was Binty, and she was a neighbour to our ancestral home in Kolkata. She was of my age."

I smiled as I saw Sweetpea walk down the memory lane.

"When we would go to our native place on vacations, I would spend my whole time with her. We would do everything together. We would play together, eat together, play pranks on each other, I remember her as a cheerful girl full of life."

I held his hand and asked "So did you treat like a Princess as well, as you treat me?"

Sweetpea nodded "No."

I said "That's weird! What happened? Did she reject you?"

"No Peaches, she couldn't. We were too young to understand love; we were six, and I didn't know what love was. Then one day Binty's teenage aunt eloped with her boyfriend. Society said that the aunt brought disgrace upon her family. The Sens were boycotted and harassed. So they left the city and moved elsewhere."

That was sad.

Sweetpea smiled sadly and said "That was the last I saw and heard of Binty. I don't know where she is now, I don't know how she is or how does she look like. But I am sure my Binty is a beautiful girl, and only the guy whom she will love will be the most fortunate one. I wish I get to meet her some day."

Sweetpea took a breath and continued "I was 12 when I realised my attraction towards Binty. But till date I am not sure that whether I loved her or was it only a crush."

He held my hand and said "So that's why I can't say for sure that you are my first love. Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. But I am 500% sure that you are my true love."

I smiled coyly and turned away as I blushed. Sweetpea now served main course.

He said "For my sweet little Peaches, I have made this hot and spicy chili chicken and tangy pad Thai noodles."

I had never used chopsticks before. So when Sweetpea saw my discomfort, he set down his chopsticks, picked a fork and signaled me to do the same. As we started eating, he asked "So how is it?"

I said "Food cooked with love always tastes delicious, chief."

Sweetpea laughed and said "Thank you sir."

I giggled. Sweetpea said "Your turn."

"My turn?"

"Yes. So far I have been talking."

"Okay!" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"So, who was your first crush?"

I sat up straight.

"Peaches?" Said Sweetpea as he raised a brow.

I said "My first crush was Sahil and you were my last crush. In between, I had crush on Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Justin Beiber, Austin Mahone, Zac Effron, Nicholas Hoult and Taylor Lautner."

Oh my God! What did I blurt out? What Sweetpea must be thinking about me, that his Peaches is a slut?

Sweetpea looked into my eyes and said "There's more. Speak."

"While I jacked off to porn, I always fantasised myself having a gang bang with my crushes. Two in my mouth, two in my ass, two in my hands, two in my armpits, two between my thighs and two between my feet. I like visualising myself with my mouth open, with all my crushes giving me a cum bath."

Jesus kill me! I just told my chaste boyfriend how bad I wanted twelve guys using me as a fuck-doll. I felt like a whore caught red handed by her husband.
Sweetpea watched me with a disgusted look.

I set down my fork, covered my ashamed face with both my hands and said "Baby I am so sorry! Oh God!" as I began to weep.

Sweetpea said "Peaches, Peaches! Baby look at me." But I cried inconsolably, unable to face him. He held my hands and removed them. I closed my eyes in shame as tears poured down my face.

He asked "Baby you love me, right?"

I opened my eyes and said "But I feel guilty, as if I have been cheating on you!"

He held my face "Relax, it happens. You didn't cheat on me."

I felt a bit relieved. He said "Baby, do you know a secret?"

I asked "What?"

"I have received blowjobs and handjobs from girls." he said as he grinned.

"When?" I asked.

"Last year after I turned 16. The time when I used to jerk and watch porn. They were freshers and horny as hell. To look cool, they would get their plastic faces fucked by popular students of college, myself included."

"What happened then?" I asked, curious.

"It didn't feel right. I didn't find my true love in any of them. Besides, fucking their faces was an act of degradation. Maybe they didn't care, but I did. I figured out that I was exploiting and dishonouring them by fucking their faces. So it felt wrong to get involved sexually with someone just to get off. So I stopped fucking their faces, stopped jerking and stopped watching porn as well, because I wanted to save myself for my true love. And see, I have found you."

Sweetpea has a heart of gold. He truly is a blue-blooded noble. He is emotionally stronger than me and has a great self control. I felt so small before him. Was I really worthy of his great love?

I asked "What happened after that?"

Sweetpea chuckled and said "Those girls spread rumors that I am gay and was interested in sucking dicks instead of getting my own dick sucked."

I said "But that's wrong!"

He smiled and said "Let it be baby, I don't blame them. The problem is that we happen to discriminate people who are different and challenge their self respect to an extent that they are compelled to trade their ethics and character for fitting into a group. I guess those girls were doing the same. I don't have any grudge against them, for I guess they have been through a lot to stoop so low as to let people degrade them."

Sweetpea really surprised me whenever I thought that I have reached the pinnacle of my love for him. I wanted to love him more.

"Baby, you deserve someone better than me." I said.

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"You are too noble to have a whore like me by your side."

"Rubbish! You are the best choice for me."

As we were done with main course, Sweetpea rose, picked up our plates, put them in the basin and returned with dessert. It smelled like apple custard that Aai makes on Christmas.

After dinner, we got into our rooms, changed to our regular clothes and brushed our teeth. I had a wonderful evening. Sweetpea was in living hall, watching a cricket match. I descended the stairs and was delighted to see him in black joggers and a cream tee that showed his chiseled torso and muscular arms. To show off my hairless legs, I wore a pair of blue biege shorts and a full sleeved thermal tee. Sweetpea glanced me from top to bottom and smiled as he patted to his left.

"The movie starts in five." he said.

It was a gay movie about a closeted guy falling in love with a gay bar dancer, with whom he had a one night stand.
I expected Sweetpea to get horny and so things to me. But except planting a kiss on my forehead and wrapping his left arm around me, he did nothing. I knew why, and my love increased for him. The movie ended after 95 minutes.

I turned to Sweetpea and said "Baby, it's time to give you your birthday gift."

He said "Same here."

"But wasn't the ring my birthday gift?"

"It was, but I got you two gifts, and the second one is in my bedroom."

He rose to his feet and carried me in his arms. I was scared when he was taking the stairs. As we got to his bedroom, he asked "Baby close your eyes."

I did as said. He opened the door and said "Open your eyes baby."

It was dark. He put me down and go pulled the curtains. As the moon light illuminated the bedroom, I realised it was decorated with tinsel. My Sweetpea recreated a piece of moon for me. He came behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and asked "Did my lover boy like his gift?"

I turned around, placed my hands on his chest and said "Yes, dear husband. Your lover boy liked the gift."

And then we kissed, a wet and sloppy kiss with our tongues wrestling for dominance and lips sucking on one another. I felt his paws move into my shirt and grab the delicate skin of my diminutive back. I let out a muffled moan of pleasure while kissing his luscious full lips and felt that massive package in his undies stir to life. Sweetpea pulled away and lifted my shirt above my head. He saw the tent in my shorts. I had deliberately worn no undies to tease him. Sweetpea chuckled and resumed kissing me.
We sat on his flower-strewn bed as the sea breeze coming through the large windows cooled our heat. Gradually I laid on my back as Sweetpea continued to kiss me. He grabbed my cock through my shorts and began to fondle them. I let out another muffled moan. But then he pulled away. I felt so incomplete without his touch. I opened my eyes and saw him shirtless, stretching his arms and back as he looked out of the window.

I moaned at this sight "Oh my God! I'll die!" and felt my orgasm rise from my balls. I felt the shaft of my cock go thick and then shoot ropes after ropes of cum in my shorts.

Alarmed, he turned to me and asked "Baby what happened?"

And then his eyes fell on the wet spot on my shorts. He chuckled as he helped me rise, petals of flowers sticking to my back.

I said "Baby don't laugh. I couldn't hold it anymore when I saw your hot body."

Sweetpea gazed at me in shock, and then spoke with a raised brow "Am I that hot?" as he rubbed his hand over his abs.

"Yeah," I said as I blushed. Sweetpea leaned and planted a kiss on my lips. He unbuttoned my shorts as he said in his seductive voice.

"Baby I am punishing you."

I held his hand as it reached the zip and asked "For what?"

He smirked and said "For forgetting our birthday."

I grinned and said "Oh yes daddy, punish your little slut."

The shorts fell around my ankles. He closed his eyes, shushed me and said "Don't you dare use the 'S' word for my Peaches."

Then he kissed me again and handed me a box of wet tissues.

"Baby clean up. Let's start again."

After I finished cleaning up, Sweetpea opened his eyes, gazed at my naked body and remarked "Oh Peaches, you are beautiful."

I blushed. Sweetpea swept me off my feet and laid me on his fragrant bed, resting my head on a pillow.
He dove into me and kissed my navel. I moaned in pleasure that I had never felt before. He wrapped his arms around my tiny waist and began to rub his face all over my lean torso. He rubbed his cheeks, lips, forehead and chin on my delicate fair skin as he drew a retracting whirlpool in and around my navel with his long nose.
The sensation was tickling, but I moaned instead of laughing. It was driving me crazy as I moaned and bucked over the bed. I held his head and stroked his jet black hair as he titilated me with his entire face. Then he started biting me lightly which drove me mad.

I screamed "Ow fuck! I am cumming again!"

Sweetpea immediately withdrew and grabbed the head of my 6 inch boner. He didn't let me cum.

He smirked wickedly and started jacking me off.

"I am not done yet, lover boy!"

As I felt cum rising from my balls, Sweetpea stopped stroking, grabbed the head and twisted it. I groaned in disappointment as he scoffed scornfully. I looked at him with pleading eyes.

He said "I am enjoying punishing you, my love."

I pleaded "Please master! Have mercy on me!"

He shushed me again and said "I am your lover, not your master; and I'll punish you so that you remember who I am."

Sweetpea dove into my torso again, fondling my bubble-butt and pulling my ass cheeks apart. He slipped his middle finger into my butt-hole and began to finger me. My eyes shot open and I lurched upwards at the sensation. He slipped two more fingers into my butt and began to open me for what lied ahead. I started to cry in sheer frustration and flayed my limbs in pleasure.

I lurched one last time and yelled out "Oh my fucking God! I can't take it any longer!"

And then I came hard, sending my cum flying all over my body. My vision blurred and I collapsed as the biggest orgasm of my young life washed over my body.

"Peaches! Baby are you alright?" Sweetpea was trying to wake me up from my unconsciousness.

As I opened my blue eyes, I saw Sweetpea's worried face, painted white. I gave him a cum facial. I degraded him.

Horrified by my act, I held his shoulders and pulled him down as I apologised "Baby I am sorry! I didn't want to....."

"Stop apologising. It happens." he said as he leaned over me. A drop of my cum fell on my cheek. I fumbled for the box of wet tissues as Sweetpea held it to me. I sat up and began to wipe off my cum from his face nervously.

He said "Let's take a shower!" and winked at me.

Before I could say anything, he pulled down his joggers and undies, standing naked before me. Gosh! He had a big dick which was longer than 8 inches and thick like a can of deo. The foreskin was chocolaty in colour and the head was dripping with precum. Sweetpea had a good control on himself. Had I been in his place, I would have came by now.
He pulled off the bed sheet and put it along my shorts and his joggers into laundry basket. He held my hand and got into the bathroom. As drops of hot water caressed our skin, Sweetpea pulled me into a hot, steamy kiss. He continued to kiss me as he kneaded my ass cheeks and fingered my but-hole. He made me cum for a third and a fourth time while in shower, that too without touching my cock like the previous times.
Oh my God! Was he going to kill me tonight? Our kiss muffled my moans as he worked up my ass. And that big fat cock of his didn't go soft even for a while. Was it made of steel?
We dried up each other, feeling each other's body in the process.
As we got out, Sweetpea laid new sheets and decorated the bed with flowers again. I felt bad for him. He was giving me orgasms after orgasms but he hadn't came yet. He didn't consider my virginity as his property, and had been controlling himself all the while.
He started kissing me again, as he prepared to give me another orgasm. I pulled back this time and removed his hand from my ass.

"What happened baby? Are you tired?" he asked.

I said "My turn." and got on my knees.

Sweetpea raised me and said "Peaches, you don't need to do this."

I crouched again, took his cock and said "Baby, I have some rights on you. Please, let me do it. It is an intimate moment that I want to share only with you."

Sweetpea sat down on his bed and looked confused. Without wasting a word, I did what I always wanted to; I wrapped my tender lips around the shaft of his manly cock and began to suck it. He faced the ceiling with his eyes closed and moaned.
I kissed his cock head and swirled my tongue around it, as he began to chant how much he loves me and how we'll be together forever. It felt like a blow upon me.
I ran the tip of my tongue over his franellum, piss hole and veins, savouring his musky taste. But he continued to moan and express his love.
I pulled off and began to lick his scrotum and suck his big balls. Love confession once again.
I wasn't a pro, but began to swallow his cock down my tiny throat. As the invading phallus started stretching my esophagus, I swallowed his cock up to hilt. I began to bob up and down getting my throat fucked.

"Glug! Glug! Glug! Glug!" I gagged on his thick cock. But nothing except "Oh baby! I love you so much Peaches!"

I wanted him to grab my hair, shut my nostrils and ram his dick into my pretty face, making my eyes teary and calling me dirty names. But he stroke my hair lovingly and kept chanting his love for me. This made me feel so dirty about myself. While I was lost in my lust, Sweetpea remembered his love even while having carnal pleasures.
A tear rolled down my eye and fell on his crotch, as I came to a halt and couldn't carry on any longer.

"Baby, what's wrong?" he said as he pulled out and raised me to my feet.
He sat me on his lap.

"I am a slut. You don't deserve me!" I said.

He said nothing but started kissing me again. We collapsed on the bed as we made out.
I pulled out, and looking into his eyes, I said "Baby, make love to me. Kill my lust and fill me up with your love."

He agreed and got a bottle of lube. I took it from him and tossed it at the door.

I said "I don't need that."

Sweetpea frowned, clearly worried.

"Don't be stupid Peaches. It's your first time and I don't want to hurt you."

I grabbed his saliva coated cock asked "Is that not sufficient? I want it naturally."

Sweetpea agreed "Fine! But the moment I feel I am hurting you, we'll stop."

I wanted him to take in missionary position. He put his dick head on my puckered hole snd drew a circle, marking me as his mate. He pushed a little and I let out a moan of pleasure. Gradually, his head was in my but-hole. I opened my eyes and saw him lost in pleasure. His head went back and he began to chant his love for me instead of dirty encouragements. My eyes welled up with tears; I was giving him my virginity, and he was giving his to me. I held his shoulders and pulled him into an embrace.

As tears of ecstasy rolled down my eyes, I said "Baby I love you so much! I feel so complete with you! Make love to me tonight and teach me how to love!"

I put my hand on his ass and pressed him down gently into me, taking more of his cock in my ass. We moaned as he scaled my inner depths. Ecstasy was him.

He said "Oh Peaches! I love you more than my dear life! I'll love you so much tonight, like there's no tomorrow." And then he leaned forward and kissed me deep. Our tongues met and our lips sucked each other, as his powerful hands roamed over my tiny body. We let out muffled moans as he gyrated his hips, fucking my virgin ass gently, careful not to cause any pain. My fingers dug into his muscular back, his weight pinned me down and my legs wrapped around his waist as I pulled him deeper into me. My boner dripping with precum rubbed across his washboard abs. The sheet was already messy with our bodies crushing the flowers underneath.

Sweetpea then increased his pace, thrusting his cock deeper into my bowels. My eyes shot open as he started ramming me harder and faster. The head of his dick started poking my boy g-spot, stimulating my prostrate. I pulled out of our steamy kiss and whispered "Baby I am your lover boy! Love me more!"

He didn't say anything, but increased his pace. Wow! He had stamina of a horse. It only drove him harder and deeper in me, his muscular cock smacking my prostrate harder. His big balls and thighs slapped against my bubble butt as his hands kneaded my back. He put his hand behind my head and started to rub his sexy face on my own pretty face. He bit my neck and let out a muffled moan of pleasure. I clenched him tighter and yelled out "Jesus Christ! I want no end of this! Pleased God kill me!"

He silenced me by kissing me yet again. I was never loved this way, so when I got all world's love from Sweetpea, I felt so full, so complete. He made me complete with his love. My back arched up, fingers dug into his back, clenched him tighter with my ass and legs as I shuddered under him as I orgasmed and shot my fifth load on his abs.
I felt every muscle of his body stiffen, as Sweetpea shot 20 ropes of his hot, white man lava into the dark depths of my ass-pussy. We kissed as we orgasmed together, moaning in unison. I could feel the thicker texture of his virile cum, his first shot after almost a year. We kissed even more vigorously, biting our lips this time. As the orgasm subsided, we pulled apart, joined by a trail of saliva and my cum gluing our tummies together. We were panting to catch our breath. I opened my eyes and saw those angelic black eyes gazing at me with unbound love.
And then realisation dawned upon me. We made love just now, losing our virginity to one another. I was his now, and he loved me madly. We were one now, emotionally and physically. It was no dream or a fantasy; Sweetpea had fucked me for real. Wait, he didn't 'fuck' me, he 'loved' me. We made love and he showered unending torrents of love on me.

He asked "Baby, was I good?" as his man steel started softening in my ass.

"Good??? You are the best!" I said, smiling ear to ear.

Sweetpea rose to his feet, walked up to the window and stretched his muscles, bathing in the silvery moonlight. Then turning to me with a wicked smirk, he raised a brow. I blushed as his implication dawned upon me.

I sprang to my feet, sprinted up to him and said "Baby I swear I lost my virginity to you. I haven't been with anyone else."

He cupped my face and whispered "I know."

I said "But what I said is true. You are the best, for me."

I took his hands into mine and said "Baby, had I been with someone else tonight, he would have fucked me, degraded me and make a sleazy whore out of me."

I locked my blue eyes to his black ones, as tears flooded mine.

"But you made love to me, honoured me with your boundless love. You treated me like a princess, something that no one would have done. And I acted like a slut, trying to turn......"

I couldn't complete as tears chocked my cracking voice. I closed my eyes as tears poured down my face. I felt Sweetpea caress my cheek while wiping my tears.

"Baby I know that you love me more and your love is greater than mine. But yet I love you, and I swear I'll never look upon anyone else ever again."

I saw Sweetpea's eyes moisten as he smiled gently.

"Oh Peaches! Baby I don't know what to say. But know this that I love you, and I'll be faithful to you all my life."

He took my right hand, touched the ring he had gifted and kissed my fingers affectionately.

"We'll be always together. No one can separate us. We are one now."

I could just thank my stars for giving me so much happiness overnight.

Sweetpea said "Let's take a hot tub baby."

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