The Simpsons #1

The Simpsons #1

“Why you little”...

"Stop it Homer, for fuck sakes we agreed that you will stop strangling your son. You’re going to kill him by god"!
Marge was in a bad mood. Homer had been lying on the couch as usual not doing anything; Bart had been purposely winding him up while Lisa and Maggie had been playing together upstairs.
"Why cant you two be more like the girls, they are quiet and keep out of the way. And Homer, why are you not at work"?
"But Marge"...
Bart and Homer were amazed. Neither had heard their Mother / Wife swears before and had certainly not seen her snap like she was at present!
"Homer, you had better go, she really is cranky" stated Bart, running out of the door to avoid abuse from his mother for that comment.
Homer took the hint and disappeared also.


"Why cant ours just be a normal, relaxed family, instead of me having to check up on everyone 24 / 7,” Marge thought to herself.

It was a few hours later and Homer had called to say he was doing overtime (It was a Saturday and Moe’s just happened to be open till the early hours), Bart had got home and was watching Itchy and Scratchy on TV with Lisa while Maggie had just been put to bed.

Marge was laid out, and decided to help herself to a Vodka and Coke, the 2,3,4...
While the numbers kept soaring, Lisa and Bart realised that they had never seen the mother in this state before, and not to long later Marge passed out completely!

"I think she’s out for the count,” Bart stated.
"For once I agree with you" Lisa said, "Do you think we should try and carry her up to bed, I mean Homer wont be back for another 4 or 5 hours"!
Bart looked at his mother layer out across the couch, a position he was use to seeing his father in but never...

Then a devious though crossed his mind, but to prevent Lisa catching on he played it casual.

"Nah, I think she will be to heavy for the both of us, say I’m bored".
"I’m bored too" said Lisa, "What do you want to do".

A sneaky grin spread across Brats face.

"Truth or Dare" he asked his sister.
Although upset at this Bart quickly realised that Lisa was not one for lying, so he could ask her anything!
"Ok, have you ever made out with another girl"?

Lisa Blushed

"Well" she started, "I have once".
"Who With"?
Bart was intrigued, but totally unprepared for what came next.
Bart stood shell shocked, Lisa senesced this and went on "But she was only teaching me how to kiss for later, it wasn’t know...I mean"...

Bart was amazed, and then saw an opportunity.
"Have you ever kissed a boy”?, he asked.
Lisa blushed.
Once again, Lisa blushed.
"Well their is no boy that would kiss me and...."
She stopped.
"And what" Bart urged her on.
"Well, I know I practiced with mum, but without having a boy kiss me before I’m not sure if they will stop and laugh if I do it wrong".

Bart REALY saw a window for opportunity.
"Well sis, I know we have never got on well, I mean your my sister, its the law for us to not get along but if you ever need help with...'stuff'...then you can always come to me".

Lisa was shocked; she was seeing a side to her brother that she never knew existed.

She stopped, embarrassed.
Senescing that she wanted to, but be just to shy Bart slowly advanced.
"Are you sure about this" Lisa asked nervously.
"I mean we are brother and sister".
"Well you did it with mum, and I will only do this if you want to, I mean what harm will one little kiss do".
Lisa sighed, "ok" she whispered.
"OK". She said it louder this time.

Bart took a step forwards; Lisa went with it and advanced nearer to her brother, nearer and nearer still.
They were so close that they could feel each other’s heavy breathing, while their warm breath breezed on each others cheeks they finally started moving their faces together.

Their lips met.

Both sets of lips were warm, but both brother and sister had an adrenaline rush, and realised they liked this very much.
Bart tried slipping his tongue in his sister mouth, but Lisa stopped him.
Remembering the advice her mother gave she opened her mouth ever so slightly and started nibbling on Brats lower lip.
Bart was in dreamland, unable to stop moans leaving his mouth.
This went on for a half minute longer until Lisa pulled her lips away from Barts and asked,
"Are you ready"?
Bart slowly nodded his head, so they moved closer and their lips met once more. This time Lisa opened her mouth a little, while Bart slowly slid his tongue in her mouth.
Lisa did the same.
For a short while they seemed nervous, but then they booth started building in confidence and their tongues started exploring each other’s mouths.
Bart put his hands on Lisa’s hips while she hooked hers around his neck, pulling him closer still.
Their embrace was that of which neither though would ever happen, but both at this moment was hugely pleased it had.

After a few more minutes in which seemed like years went by they heard a slight murmur from the couch.
Lisa and Bart broke away abruptly, and looked other at their mother, eyes open seemingly dazed.

Lisa and Bart both knew what the other was thinking...

Had she caught them?

Authors Note

Please remember that this is my first attempt at writing a story. I have kept it short purposely to make sure that if this is rubbish, that I have not wasted to much of your time.
I will continue writing stories such as this providing the majority of feedback is positive and that the average rating reflects that readers enjoyed this.

Thank You

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