Wife's Surprising Education_(1)

Wife's Surprising Education_(1)

Wife’s Surprising Education

By aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

I was happy in all aspects with my marriage to Bill. We have been married for 20 wonderful years now and our daughter, Jessica, had turned 18 two months ago. Jessie is now attending college. Bill is established in his employment and in among the upper management level as we have become financially stable.

Our sexual relationship is filled with both romance and lustful exploration. Bill has his fantasy that he would like to see me being fucked by another man, but I keep refusing his proposals telling him that I am very happy with him alone. I keep telling him that his cock is the only cock I need and that during my college years, I had experimented enough that when he came along, I chose him as the man I wanted in bed.

Our circle of friends included some very handsome and virile men and secretly I did wonder what they would be like in bed. Did they have big cocks that Bill felt I should have? I was happy with the hours of sex Bill and I had, thee or four times a week, and I was not about the have sex with any of the husbands of my friends.

Bill’s suggestions became more persistent as he was pumping his cock deep into me. He would name our friends and tried to get me to visualize them and how big their cocks were and how they would stretch me and fill my pussy. Once, he named Jackson, our only black friend. I pushed Bill away and went to the guest room for the rest of the night. Bill knew how I felt about black people. I had been brought up that a white woman who even touched a black man was a slut and considered ‘trailer park trash’. Even tho Jackson and his wife, Rose, were our only black friends, I kept my distance and never hugged either one, like I did our other friends when greeting.

Bill never mentioned Jackson again, but he would pester me with John, Andrew, Mike and Howard. He would describe how turned on he would be to see any one of them with their cocks buried deep in my pussy. It became a regular subject whenever we were in the sexual throws and usually when I was peaking in my orgasms. I considered myself satisfied with Bill and his cock, but I did begin to envision what it would be like to have a three-some with Bill and one of our friends. Would it ruin our marriage? Would we still love each other? What would our daughter say if she found out I had let another man touch me sexually? While Bill was at work, I began to fantasize a three-some and think back to my college days when I was sexually active with boy friends, but never more than one at a time. I became aroused when thinking of having two men pleasuring me at the same time.

It was Spring time and we began to spend more time outside. Bill was an expert BBQ chef and we entertained almost every weekend. I was happy to spend more time with my female friends and they always brought up the new styles in dress. How the younger crowd were wearing shorter skirts and tighter pants. It didn’t take long before we were following the fashions and pleasing our husbands with our sexier looks. Of course, we were really competing against each other and the men ogled us constantly. I noticed how the men were looking at me in my tight shorts, or yoga pants, and I also noted the bulges they supported in their pants. Even being taboo, many times I saw Jackson looking at me with a lustful eye which caused something to stir in me and I tried to always hide my body from his eyes.

During our get to-gathers, I was now fantasizing which one of these delectable men would Bill want to see me having sex with. John’s wife, barbara, was a good friend and she seemed to like wearing very sexy clothes. Now Andrew, handsome, with his wife Mary, both seemed to always congregate with Jackson who seemed to touch her often. Mike and Janice, were very sexy together and not afraid to openly touch each other sexually. Howard’s wife, Alice, appeared to me to be an exhibitionist and dressed in very revealing clothing. We were very close friends, but it bothered me when I would see any of these women touching Jackson in very seductive ways. There were times I caught glimpses of my friends rubbing Jackson’s ass, and they did not hide their indiscretions from their husbands or any one else. Torching his leg or rubbing their boobs against his arm. There were times I saw one of the women disappear in the house with Jackson close behing, then they would reappear ten or fifteen minutes later with smiles of joy. I wondered if they touched Jackson in some way. I couldn’t understand how they could be so wanton, white women acting in such a manor.

I realized that I was having longer and exquisite orgasms with Bill as he would keep describing how excited he would be if he could watch one of our friends cock pumping deep into my pussy, how he wanted to see their cum oozing from me. Every time we made love, I environed each one and what his cock would feel like as it would swell and erupt his cum deep into my womb. I never let Bill know that his fantasy was dwelling on my mind, but with the super orgasms I was having, I think he knew I wound give in to his desire if he kept pushing the subject.

Our weekend get-together’s were super hot as each of us girls would do our best to wear the sexiest outfits. We already knew, the husbands would flirt more and more, even to the point of touching. Usually, only shoulders or hips, but some of the guys were getting to me as my ass was being patted and some times rubbed when no one was looking. I didn’t see any reason to stop them, after all my husband wanted them to touch me, to ultimately fuck me. It did cause my body to shudder and my vaginal juices to seep as they touched me.

I was now having daydreams as Bill was at work. I kept thinking of them touching me, feeling my pussy, feeling my breasts and pulling my nipples. Many times I would come out of my trance and discover my fingers were buried deep in my pussy as my juices flowed. I was beginning to look forward to Bills tales of our friends fucking me as our love sessions were almost every night now.

I began to wonder how Barbara, Mary, Janice or Alice would react if they discovered their husbands having an affair with me. Which one of their husbands would Bill want me to share our bed with, which one would pleasure me the way Bill would suggest? The thought of Bills constant suggestions were routed in my mind causing me to flirt more and more. I also began to dress more suggestive when I knew our friends were going to visit. I was wondering which one would be the first to run his hand up my leg under my skirt or down my shorts and caress my pussy.

I was spending more time in the malls and buying the most sexually outrageous clothes to egg on Bill and eventually my friends husbands. I was ‘pawed’ more and more during our weekend get-together’s . I had become more forward by pushing my ass back to the hand feeling my ass and rubbing my hand up and down a man’s thigh when sitting and talking. I was getting excited as I pictured what each looked like naked with a very hard erection as he was ready to mount me. I even stopped wearing panties with my short skirts. It turned me on when shopping that men might see my pussy as I would sit with my legs slightly parted. My desire for sex was deepening and I liked men looking at me as a sexual object to fill with cum. Bill’s fantasy was nagging my mind, the more he described seeing another man’s cock buried in my pussy, the more I imagined the feeling of another man’s cock.

Friday evening, Bill called and said that he was going to bring Jackson to dinner as he was going to help him setting up his second business. Jackson was not one of my sexual desires, a black man was taboo. I was disgusted when I even saw a white woman walking hand in hand with a black man. My parents felt friendship with a black man or woman was forbidden. My father and mother were outspoken knowing that Bill and I were friends with Jackson and Rose. The longer we knew Jackson and Rose, the more comfortable I had become when they visited, but I still kept my distance.

I wore my sweat suit as not to attract any sexual feelings from Jackson. Dinner was a hit and Jackson and Bill retired to the den where they would discuss setting up the books for Jackson’s business idea. I retired to the bedroom and took a long hot shower as I began fantasizing of a three-some with Bill and John, or maybe Andrew, Mike or Howard. My hand and fingers flew frantically at and in my pussy as I thought about enjoying two cocks. The idea of having my pussy filled for hours with cum, even having them cum in my mouth so I could taste their exquisite male juice before swallowing and sending it to my stomach.

I was still stimulated while drying off and donning a short red silky chemise and climbing into bed. I woke hearing a voice and realized that Bill had not come to bed yet. I got up and at the top of the stairs, I realized that it was the television I was hearing and thought Bill had fallen asleep watching TV. Barefoot, I descended the stairs and walked into the living room. The lights were out and the only light was the illumination from the TV. I saw Bill as he was saying, “Yes, give it to her, give it to her hard.” I was standing next to the end of the couch and realized Bill was watching a porn movie. He was watching a woman being fucked by two men. It was the fantasy he would describe when we were in the throes of passion. I watched for a short time and started to turn and go back to bed when I heard the woman scream, “Fuck me hard.” I turned back and saw she had a cock in her mouth, another in her pussy and another in her ass. Wow, now she had three cocks worshiping her. I had never thought about three men, but now my mind began to stimulate my body as I began to tingle everywhere, especially my pussy.

I seemed to be mesmerized at her outward desire for their cocks. She was totally enjoying being penetrated. I couldn’t move as I watched and then they filled her and I saw cum ooze from her pussy and ass as the cocks were pulled out. Then out of no where, two more cocks appeared and were inserted in her pussy and mouth. My legs were trembling as my body was tingling with sexual desire. I lifted my right leg and sat my leg on the arm rest of the couch as my left leg was still on the floor. I was sexually aroused watching the woman and her orgasms.

My hand was rubbing my pussy when I then heard, “Why don’t you sit down?” I then saw with the illumination from the TV, Jackson sitting on the couch and moving to make room for me. When I entered, the room was so dark, I didn’t see Jackson there with Bill. As he moved, without thinking, I just slid into the space he made and my short chemise slid up and unknown to me, my bare pussy was exposed. I looked at Bill and he was smiling as he got up and went to get another beer. I could feel the heat from Jackson’s thigh as we were pressed together. I also saw a bulge down the leg of his tight pants which looked like a vacuum cleaner hose. Bill reentered the living room and sat looking at me with a smile.

I then heard, “Oh, my God, that is such a big cock.” I looked up and a new chapter was playing and it was a white woman on her knees with a black man’s huge cock in her hands. As the camera zoomed back, she was wearing only a bra and panties and there were seven naked black men pulling on their very large black cocks. I watched her mouth inch toward his hard cock and then it was in her mouth and her cheeks caved in as she was sucking him lustfully. Her hands began to fondle his balls. I then heard, “Yeah, suck his big black cock,” and it was my husband’s voice. I suddenly forgot about my bigotry as I stared at the bulge running from Jackson’s crotch down his left leg. Without thinking, my hand came to rest on his thigh as my small finger was resting against his bulge.

I then watched the woman on the television as she was now sucking a black cock, laying on a black man’s chest with his cock buried in her pussy and another black cock fucking into her ass from behind. I then saw her breasts being pulled and kneaded by black hands. My pussy was now constricting and throbbing as my juices were flowing heavily. My breathing was deep and my left hand began to assault my pussy and clit. Instinctly my right hand automatically began to run up and down the length of Jackson’s cock and soon, he had his belt unbuckled and pants open for my access to his cock. I heard, “Go for it baby, you want it.” I looked up and it was Bill telling me to free Jackson’s cock.

I rolled off the couch and knelt between Jackson’s legs as his cock was exposed to my eyes. I sucked in a deep breath as I marveled at the size, I had never seen a cock so large. In the light of the tv, I saw the glistening of his pre-cum seeping from his pee opening. My hands wrapped around his girth as my head neared the bulbous head of his cock. My tongue then began to lick the pre-cum from him and soon he was in my mouth almost dislocating my jaw. I was so aroused, I knew I wanted to feel his cock inside me and I also knew he would stretch me wide with his fat cock. Not only did Bill want this, he said, “I want to see his cock stretching your pussy.” Now I wanted it too as I was shoving three fingers deep into my hot sopping pussy.

Bill was now kneeling next to me and saying, “Yes, baby, take his cock, his big black cock. You know you want that cock in your pussy, fucking you and pumping his black cum deep into your womb.” As I heard Bill, my body began to shudder and my pussy and ass were throbbing in anticipation of being stretched beyond the size of Bills cock. As my mouth was loving this big black cock, Bill was working my chemise off while Jackson’s hands were pinching and pulling on my nipples. My body was shuddering as I was sucking hard on such a large cock. I wanted to taste his cum, to have him fill my mouth and stomach as I milked his balls.

Jackson then asked, “Joyce, you want your white pussy stretched by my big black cock? Tell your husband what you want.” I let his cock slip from my mouth as I then said, “God yes, Bill, I want his big black cock in my white pussy. I want him to fuck me deep.” I then took him back in my mouth and voraciously sucked to fill my mouth with his cum. I felt his cock expand as Bill said, “Take him baby, fuck him, get his cum.” Jackson then exploded and his cum filled my mouth and I swallowed his juice down my throat to my stomach. I continued to lick and suck until his cock slightly softened. I enjoyed the taste of his cum, a black man’s cum.

Bill pulled me to my feet and spun me around, he grabbed Jackson’s cock and aimed it toward my pussy as he was pushing me down into Jackson’s lap. I felt the bulbous head begin to separate my labia as Bill was gradually pushing me down. Bill got on his knees as he watched Jackson’s cock disappear into my pussy, inch by inch as I bit my lip feeling the membranes of my vaginal canal stretch to accommodate what felt like the size of a baseball bat. His cock was not fully erect after he filled my mouth, but he was still stretching me. My body shuddered and my legs trembled as I felt his cock traveling toward its goal, my cervix, the opening to my womb.

Somehow, I was able to sink and get his cock all the way inside me. Bill’s eyes were wide in disbelief as he said, “God, baby, he’s all the way in your pussy.” I was resting and enjoying the feeling as the pain was subsiding, then Jackson put his hands on my waist, his cock fully erect again, as he lifted me and then let me drop down again. I screamed, “YES, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK. FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE.” As Jackson was fucking me deep, Bill was now standing by my head and I sucked his cock deep into my mouth. The feeling I now had, I wanted Jackson to fuck me all night, I wanted his cock in me and I wanted his cum to flood my womb. My orgasms were ongoing as I felt that big cock keep slamming into my cervix.

Bills cock then began to throb and swell in my mouth and then his cum was traveling to my stomach. I continued to lick and suck his cock until it was clean and soft. Jackson then lifted me off his cock and stood up to take his pants off. I was then instructed to kneel on the couch as Jackson’s cock was then inserted back into my pussy. This time there was no resistance as I felt the bulbous head hit my cervix, Jackson then said, “You want my black cock in your married white pussy, don’t you? Do you want me to bring my black friends to fuck you too?” I screamed, “YES, FUCK ME HARD, I WANT YOUR COCK, FUCK MEEEEE. YES, YOU CAN BRING ALL THE BLACK COCKS YOU CAN, I WANT BILL TO SEE ME FUCKING BLACK COCK. FUCK MEEEEEE, YES, FUCK MEEEEEE.” In such a short time, I was addicted to black cock, there was no longer a bias against black men and the white pussy they fucked.

I felt Jackson’s cock swell and begin to throb. He asked, “I’m going to cum, where do you want my cum?” I yelled, “FILL ME, I WANT YOUR CUM IN MY PUSSY, I WANT YOUR BLACK BABY CUM INSIDE ME. FUCK ME HARD, FUCK MEEEEE.” Jackson then pushed hard and held his cock deep as I felt his cock pulse as he was pumping his cum into me. My pussy clinched around his cock as I was milking him, I wanted all the cum he had in his balls. When Jackson finally pulled out, his cum oozed from me as Bill knelt in front of my wide spread legs taking pictures with his cell phone.

I turned on my back, legs spread wide as Jackson and Bill talked. I heard Jackson tell Bill that I was going to be available to him and his black friends any time he wanted. Before Bill could say anything, Jackson said, “She is my white whore now, you have no say in the matter, remember our agreement. She will fuck anyone I say, any time, any day.” I looked at Bill and said, “Yes, Bill, you wanted to see me fuck other men, I want his black cock and his black friends cocks.” I looked at Jackson and yelled, “I WANT YOU AND YOUR BLACK FRIENDS TO FILL MY PUSSY, I WANT YOUR BLACK COCKS.” Bill then asked, “Does that mean you don’t love me, that you want a divorce?” “No,” I said, “I still love you and I want to stay married to you. I just want to be fucked by black cock.” Bill said, “I hoped that would be your answer.” Jackson then said, “Bill, as we planned, you stay in the action, you can video tape your wife being gang banged by my black friends. Our new business, has begun. We can sell the DVD s of your beautiful slut wife enjoying black cock. Just like we planned for the new business.” Without thinking I said, “Yes, I’ll be your white whore, I’ll fuck all your black friends.”

Three more times Jackson fucked me before he left for home. Bill and I have had anal sex, but with Jackson, his cock really opened up my ass. I was leaking cum and it seemed to turn on Bill to see all the cum running down my legs. As Jackson was leaving, Bill said, “I think she will be surprised when we tell her who your other white whores are.” Bill told me to walk with my legs spread to allow the cum to flow as we walked to the bedroom. Bill kept my legs spread in bed as his hand cupped my pussy as we fell asleep. I was now a slut and ‘Trailer Park Trash’.

It was now Tuesday and I hadn’t had any contact by Jackson, four days since he introduced me to black cock, I was now craving it. Bill called from work and asked me if I had any visitors, and all I could say was, “Not yet today and I’m horny”. Just after dinner on Friday night, Rose called and said, “In about an hour, Jackson and five of his friends will be visiting you. Be sure to douche and give your self an enema. They will be flooding all your holes for about three hours. I’m bring a video camera and be sure Bill has his camera charged and ready.” I hung up and told Bill, “Tonight, I need to get ready for them.” Bill watched me shower, give myself an enema and douche. I didn’t know what to wear, then decided on the short red Chemise when initiated to the wonderful world of black cock. All the time I was getting ready, Bill was rubbing his crotch in anticipation. He wanted me to have black cock as bad an I wanted black cock.

Friday night was wonderful, I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but Rose was right, I was flooded with cum. Even with the five friends of Jackson, I was not nervous to be fucked by strangers. My only care was that the cocks were big and black. When my gang bang was over, Bill laid me on the bed with my legs spread and took pictures of my grossly enlarged ass hole and pussy as six other men’s cum was oozing from me. Rose followed up with the video camera as she zoomed in close.

Saturday morning, I was in a very good mood, even when there was a slight soreness in my stretched pussy and ass. I kissed and hugged Bill when he came into the kitchen for coffee. Bill told me how beautiful I looked as I was taking cock in all my holes. He said I looked so beautiful as all those cocks fucked me, over and over. He said it was such a turn on, he had to masturbate while Rose held the video camera. He and Rose were going to get together later to edit all the video they took. Bill asked me how I felt and I told him I felt exhilarated and that cum was still oozing from me.

Bill admitted, “I wanted you to fuck Jackson, the one friend I had to stop talking about in our sexual throes. You were so adamant not to include Jackson as I talked to you. I had been planning with Jackson for his next business venture, to include porn video, added to his prostituted white women for black men.” I said, “I guess I fell for it, I didn’t see black, but just saw sex when watching that DVD. Jackson was just handy when I was so hot to be fucked. Thank you for pointing out that black men have nice wonderful cocks.”

Bill left to meet with Rose to edit the video they had taken of me in my first gang bang. An hour passed and the door bell rang. I was only wearing my panties and bra when I went to the door. It was Jackson and he smiled when he saw me ready to be fucked. He picked me up and carried me to my marital bed. I helped him shed his clothes as he pushed me to my knees. I wantonly sucked his cock and worked to get that big cock as far into my throat as I could. I sensed that Jackson was ready to cum and began to suck harder. He pushed me away and said he wanted his cum deposited in my womb. I quickly got on the bed on my hands and knees as he climbed up and mounted me. I loved the feel as his cock’s friction again enlarging my vaginal walls. I was in seventh heaven as I was loudly moaning as my orgasmic explosions shook my body. Jackson was ready and I felt his cock enlarge and begin to erupt his hot semen. I began screaming, “YES, FUCK THAT BIG BLACK COCK INTO ME. CUM IN ME, YES, YES, I FEEL YOUR CUM FILLING ME.” I then heard, “Oh, my God.” I turned and looked at the door, but no one was there. Was there some one else in the room? When Jackson finished inseminating me, I fell to my stomach and he rolled to the side as his cock pulled from me.

A few minuted passed and I got up. I cupped my pussy to catch the cum flow as I went to get a wash cloth. After putting a temporary halt to the flow of cum, I walked into the hall and didn’t see anyone. I then noticed that Jessi’s bedroom door was open. We kept it closed when she was away at college. I looked in and saw Jessi laying face down on the bed crying. I went over to her and rubbed her back. She flinched and pulled away and screamed, “HOW COULD YOU, YOU’RE CHEATING ON DADDY.” I tried to take her hand but she pulled away again. As she was sobbing, she said, “I can’t believe you, you of all people and with a black man. I heard you yelling for him to cum inside you. What is dad going to say when he finds out you’re cheating?” I began to say, “Jessi, listen...” but she cut me off yelling, “GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE.” I was still holding the wash cloth to my pussy as I turned and slowly walked out of her room.

I went back to my bedroom as Jackson was dressing. Jackson said, “I’m sorry your daughter saw us. You will be able to talk to her after she calms down.” I looked down and said, “I don’t know, how am I going to tell her that I am a whore for black cock?” Jackson said, “Maybe you need Bill to talk to her, to explain our relationship.” I was still naked holding the wash cloth to my pussy as I walked Jackson to the front door and kissed him good bye.

I wrapped my naked body in a robe and went to the kitchen. I opened a bottle of wine and sat down pouring a large glass. I don’t know how long I had been in the kitchen, but I knew the entire bottle was empty when I heard the front door slam. I looked out the window and saw Jessi backing out of the driveway. I went back to the kitchen and put my head down on the table and began to cry when Bill and Rose came in. Bill asked me what was wrong and I told him that Jessi saw Jackson pumping his cum deep into my pussy and I was yelling for him to cum inside me. I asked, “Oh, Bill, what can I say to her? How do I explain to her that I am a whore for black cock? Will she ever speak to me again? Are we going to lose her?” I put my head back down and cried harder.

Bill and Rose began talking and Rose felt that she and Bill should talk to Jessi about our situation. Rose said, “I think after we talk to her, she might understand. She might not condone Jackson and his friends fucking Joyce, but at least there would be no secrets or sneaking around to hide Joyce’s desire for black cock.” Bill then said, “I think I know where she is. When she wants to be alone, she goes to a small coffee shop. Let’s go and see if she’s there.” Rose and Bill got up and they left to find Jessi.

With a short drive, Bill spotted Jessi’s car and he turned into the parking lot by a small coffee shop. Rose said, “Bill, do you know what you are going to say to your daughter?”

“No,” Bill said, “But she needs to know her mother is not a bad woman. I need to let her know that we both love her and nothing in our relationship has changed. I need to let her know that we aren’t planning a divorce, a divorce causes devastation in the lives of children.” Rose then said, “But, Jessi is not a child, she is a grown woman, maybe 18, but still a woman to make her own choices.” Bill then said, “I know, but divorce is hard on a family, even if the children are adults.”

Bill was getting out of the car and said, “Rose, please stay here for a few minutes while I talk with Jessi. I will signal you to come in when I feel that Jessi should meet you.” Bill then went into the coffee shop and as he approached the table, he put his hand on Jessi’s hand while he sat down. Jessi had been crying and Bill said, “Your mother said you left the house crying. I came to see if you were OK. Can you talk with me and let me know what is bothering you.” Jessi looked at her father and began, “Oh, Daddy, Mommy is... I can’t say it, I don’t want to hurt you with what I saw.” Bill squeezed her hand and said, “I know and you think Joyce is cheating on me.” Jessi said, “Oh, my God, you know? Did you know that it is a black man she is having an affair with?”

Bill handed Jessi a fresh napkin to wipe away the tears and then said, “She’s not having an affair. I arraigned for her to enjoy a black man. Jackson is beginning a new company and I was helping him set up the books when I set up your mother to change her mind about black men.” “But, Daddy,” said Jessi, “when I saw them, she was screaming for him to cum inside her. She has always told me that is so wrong, a white woman wanting a black man to put his cum inside her. I just can’t see Mommy wanting that. Ever since I was a baby, she made hateful comments when seeing a white woman with a black man, I can’t see her changing her mind.”

Bill then signaled Rose to come in and join them. Rose approached the table as Bill stood and introduced her to his daughter. “Jessi, this is Rose, the wife of Jackson who you saw with your mother.” “You know too?” asked Jessi, “Your husband and my mother having sex, and in our own house?” Rose smiled and said, “Yes, I know and I also encourage them to have sex. Your mother had discovered the enjoyment she can get from a black penis and your father helps me video their sexual encounters for our new business.”

Jessi sat quiet for a moment trying to comprehend what Rose told her. Jessi then asked, “What do you mean about a new business?” Bill said, “Rose and Jackson are setting up a porn DVD sales on the internet. Your mother is going to be one of our stars, along with many other white women we know.” Jessi’s eyes widened and she asked, “You mean video’s of her being fucked by black men? People on the internet will see my mother having sex with a black man?” “Yes,” Rose answered, “She has already had her first gang bang with several of our black clients. She was instantly a natural and your dad is helping me edit the videos. Our other business is to provide married white whores to our black friends and clients, now we will video them and sell the DVD s.”

“Oh, my God,” Jessi said, “my mother actually lets black men fuck her.” Bill said, “Yes, not only lets them fuck her, but she wants them to fuck her. She craves it so much, she wants more when all the men are totally spent and can’t perform any longer. She is going to make big seller DVD s, so we need to give her a stage name.” Jessi then said that she needed to go home and talk with her mother. She said, “I need to know from her if this is all real. I always thought she was wrong about the races, but I need to know what changed her mind.” With a hug to her father, Jessi got up and left for home. Bill put his hand on Rose’s hand and told her to wait. Bill said, “She needs some alone time with her mother. Let’s have a cup of coffee and talk about the DVD business.

Jessi arrived home and found her mother in her robe sitting at the kitchen table, face streaked with tears and make-up. Now, there were two empty bottles of wine and her mother’s eyes were glassy. Jessi, sat down and took her mothers hand and asked, “Is it true what Daddy said? You actually want sex from black men and you are staring in their DVD s?” Joyce’s voice was a bit slurred as she said, “Yes, I don’t know how to explain it, but the excitement is so overwhelming. Yes, I love their big black cocks, and yes, I want them to fill me with their cum.” With a stunned look, Jessi said, “I couldn’t believe what Daddy and Rose said. What made you change your mind about the races and let a black man have sex with you?” Joyce said, “The excitement just took over, I wasn’t aware of what I was doing at the time. I was sitting next to Jackson watching a porn DVD when I saw a white woman being gang banged by a group of black men. The sexual stimulation, I don’t know, but the next thing I knew, I had my hands around his huge cock and your father was telling me to take him. The stimulation and the mind blowing orgasms I had as he used my body for several hours. Your father was also stimulated as he kept encouraging me.” Jessi then asked, “Did you let him cum inside you?” “Oh, yes,” said Joyce, “It was so nice to feel his cock pulsing inside me. Your dad wanted him to fill me, and even if he didn’t, I wanted it anyway.” Jessi was quiet for a moment and then asked, “Did you let him have anal sex?” Joyce smiled and said, “It was fantastic, yes, he put his cum in there too.”

Jessi got up and as she was heading toward her bed room, she said, “Too much information to digest, I have to be alone to think.” Joyce asked, “Do you still love me, even tho I’m now a slut?. “Yes,” Jessi said, “I do love you, you’re my mother, I’ll never stop loving you. I never had negative feelings toward black people like you, but this is such a change, I need to let this soak in.” Jessi then went to her room and closed the door. Joyce wiped her face and began to stand to get a shower, but her legs were a bit wobbly from the wine. Just then, Bill and Rose came in and Bill helped Joyce navigate to the bathroom.

Bill returned to the kitchen where Rose smiled and said, “You have a beautiful daughter. She has Joyce’s body and looks.” Bill sat and wondered about that statement when Rose said, “You know, you can go black too. I have a pussy and ass for white men.” Bill smiled and said, “Maybe, that’s an offer I will definitely consider. You are a very beautiful black woman and I have enjoyed watching your sexy body at out weekend get-together s. Rose smiled and said, “The offer is open anytime you want my black pussy.” Rose stood, pulled her skirt up and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and said, “It’s just as pink inside as your wife’s”. Bill laughed as he licked his lips.

Jessi sat on her bed as she heard the bath tub filling with water from her mothers room. She remembered what she saw when her mother was getting fucked by Jackson. He was like a wild man pumping his cock into her. She then searched her mind and recalled seeing the large size of his cock each time he pulled partially out, then thrust back into her mother. As she pictured the action she witnessed, she began to seep vaginal juices and slowly her hand traveled to her clit and pussy. It was like watching porn as the pictures in her mind kept replaying, over and over. Jessi was surprised that her mother had changed her bias against race, a drastic change. Jessi had a strong orgasm and was now comfortable with her mother’s decision. Jessi then nodded off for a nap.

“Jessi,” Joyce called at the bedroom door, “I have dinner ready if you want to eat with us.” Jessi then asked her mother to come in. Joyce sat on the edge of the bed as Jessi said, “Mommy, I’m sorry the way I acted. The shock when I heard you telling him that you wanted him to ejaculate inside your vagina.” Joyce said, “Let’s get this straight. A vagina is a pussy, a penis is a cock and ejaculate is cum. Sex is fucking.” Jessi apologized to her mother for trying to be straight laced. She said, “The more I think about what I saw and heard, it does turn me on that my mother is still interested in sex, and having a black man fuck you and shoot his cum into your pussy is hot. It’s kind of exciting.” Joyce giggled and took Jessi’s hand and led her down the stairs to the kitchen for dinner.

After dinner, Jessi was helping her mother clean up. Joyce then said, “I don’t want to embarrass you, so I will try to have my ‘parties’ when you are not home. Now that you know, I guess you could say I am a white whore for black cock, a cum dump or tramp, whatever term you want.” Jessi replied, “No, you are my mother and if you crave black cock, it’s OK by me.” The two women hugged and as the last dish was put in the dish washer, Jessi said, “I would like to see the DVD you made when it’s edited.” Joyce’s mouth dropped open and she asked, “You want to see your mother being fucked by a group of black men?” “Yes,” Jessi said, “I want to see how much enjoyment you’re getting. I actually want to see it, not on the internet. I’ve seen porn with my boyfriends, but my mother wasn’t in them. By the way, your ‘parties’ won’t bother me when I’m home.” They both laughed and Joyce promised her daughter that she would get the very first DVD.

Jessi then said good night to her parents and headed for bed. She would head back to school Sunday. She wanted a good nights sleep as she had a long Saturday learning of the family’s change and her mother’s career as a ‘movie star’. Jessi didn’t get that good nights sleep she intended. She kept tossing and turning as she kept thinking of her mother and the images etched in her mind and hearing her mother screaming that she wanted to have her pussy filled with the cum from a black man. The drive back to college would be a long one and her first class was early Monday morning.

When Jessi woke and went for breakfast, Her parents explained the business with Jackson and Rose. Joyce was now a whore, she would let the black clients fuck her as they made videos for the DVD business. Jessi didn’t understand her reaction, but her body tingled as her pussy oozed her juices. The thought of her mother letting black men fuck her and her father condoned it, even video taped it, caused her legs to tremble and pussy to throb.

Joyce and Bill bid fair well to Jessi as she was on her way back to college. Joyce noted that Jessi was tired, but Jessi assured her that the drive would be alright and reminded her mother that she wanted the DVD when completed. “I will mail it to you,” Joyce promised, “before your Summer break.” They both giggled as Jessi drove away.

Bill was on his third cup of coffee as he was watching the Sunday morning news when the phone rang. He greeted Rose good morning as Rose asked him if he wanted to work on the editing. Bill let Joyce know that he was going to see Rose. Joyce asked if Jackson was coming over and Bill said, “I don’t know, Rose didn’t say anything.” Bill hugged Joyce tight and gave her a loving kiss and said, “If he does, be sure to get your pussy filled so I can check you out later.” Joyce had a wide grin and said, “Maybe one of your other daily jobs, it to get me ready.” Bill looked at Joyce with a questioning look and Joyce said, “After breakfast, you will prepare me. A douche and enema so I’m ready. Maybe again after dinner too.” Bill smiled and said, “get up to the bathroom NOW whore, I’m going to fuck you first.” Joyce giggled and ran up the stairs.

Bill seemed to enjoy his new chores as he took his time as he fucked the enema and douche tubes into Joyce’s ass and pussy. Joyce gave herself a quick shave to her bare pussy so it would be smooth for any clients. Bill gave Joyce a long loving kiss before leaving. Joyce then put on her very thin white nightgown without panties or bra. She had purchased them earlier and was going to greet Jackson and their clients whenever they came to the house. Joyce put on the DVD she had watched the night she had been ‘blacked’ and settled on the couch with her legs spread wide.

Joyce was so stimulated watching the movie, when she heard the door bell ring, she realized that she had four fingers fucking her pussy hard. Joyce regained her composure and went to the door, forgetting to turn off the video player. She was hoping that Jackson and his clients were on the other side of the door.

Joyce was startled and embarrassed when she opened the door. There stood Mary, Barbara, Janice and Alice, all with big smiles seeing Joyce in a sexy nightgown. They all commented that they liked the look of seeing vaginal juices running down her legs. Joyce, turned red and ran to her bedroom and put on a robe. When she returned to the living room, all the women were laughing and pointing to the TV. Then Alice said, “It’s OK. We do the same thing, especially when Jackson visits.” Joyce seemed stunned and asked, “What do you mean, when Jackson visits?”

Barbara, laughing, said, “We are his white whores too. Mary was inducted before you, about four months ago. This was your time and we all worked hard to get you into our group. When I said we, I mean your husband, our husbands, Jackson and Rose.” Janice then said, “Welcome to the black cock club. We can’t get enough of those big black cocks and we hear you are now craving the same. You just happen to be the first to do a gang bang DVD and we have seen some of it as Bill and Rose are editing. You are hot screaming for more black cock.” Mary said, “Bill had to work hard telling you that he wanted to see you fucked by another man. He said that he only mentioned Jackson once, and that back fired, then had to back off and just talk about our husbands cocks.” Joyce said, “He was very insistent to see other men fuck me. It did get me to visualize your husbands, but I didn’t want to hurt our friendship. I wondered what their cocks would feel like.”

Mary said, “Later, our husbands will be over and you will find out what their cocks feel like. We want you to have a white gang bang before you never want white cock again.” They all laughed and sat to watch the DVD gang bang. Joyce returned her fingers back into her pussy as the other four women undressed and vigorously masturbated. Soon, there was a choirs of uncontrollable orgasms as the women’s bodies trembled and shook.

The women regained their composure when the door bell rang. Joyce ran to the door in her sheer short night gown and greeted her friends husbands one at a time as she kissed them and ground her pussy mound against their cocks. Joyce went to the center of the living room and knelt as the four men began to undress. As each erect cock appeared, Joyce was quick to suck them deep into her mouth. Several times, Joyce tried to get two cocks in her mouth at ehe same time as the naked women sat on the floor watching their husbands begin to run their hands over Joyce’s body. Joyce was starting to moan loudly as her breasts were caressed and nipples pinched. Her first orgasm peaked when she felt her pussy being finger fucked as another finger was deep in her ass.

Soon, she was pulled onto Howard’s cock as it was pointing to the ceiling. As his cock was buried in her pussy, she was pulled to his chest as she felt another cock entering her rectum. Oh, she thought, more cock and I love it. They may not have been big black cocks, but after watching the DVD, she wanted to be fucked hard. All four men fucked her deep and hard. She was filled with cum, over and over, as their wives cheered them on.

Barbara leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You could have had our husbands cocks any time. We have been too busy with Jackson and his customers. We usually get called two or three times a day to meet his clients.” Then Alice said, “We have never had more than three clients at the same time. You are the first to have Jackson and five clients at a time. We are waiting for our gang bangs.”

We were all resting after a two hour fuck fest. I was on the floor with my legs spread wide as cum was oozing from my pussy and ass. I looked up at Mary and asked, “Tell me how this happened. What is the white whore program?” Mary said, “Jackson has two rooms at the ‘Royal Oaks’ motel. He keeps them rented and we each have key cards. When Jackson calls, he lets us know which room we need to go to. The clients pay by the hour, so we fuck them over and over to run up the cost. Jackson gives us a portion of the pay, and the bonus is that we get to have Jackson’s cock deep in our pussies.”

Joyce smiled and said, “Yes, I want that too. I wish it didn’t take this long. I was a real fool to think that black men were taboo.” Then Andrew said, “I know how Bill feels, we all get really hard and turned on when watching our wives being fucked by Jackson. Just knowing what they are doing when at the motel, is a real charge.” Howard said, “We look forward to our wives returning and displaying their cum filled pussies.” Then Mike said, “At our BBQ week ends, we had a hard time when our wives had to keep their clothes on and resist Jackson’s cock. Some times, they couldn’t resist and take Jackson inside for a quick fuck.” “Maybe,” said John, “now we can watch all you women openly on the patio with Jackson’s cock pumping in and out during our get-together parties.”

Joyce giggled and said, “I don’t see Jackson as exclusive, your cocks are welcome in my pussy any time. Now, when we have our regular BBQ weekends, my husband and all your cocks are welcome at any time. We don’t want to wear out poor Jackson. I really enjoyed having your husbands fucking me this afternoon, your husband’s nice cocks are now special to me.

The front door opened and in walked Bill, Rose and Jackson. The only people wearing clothes at the time were the three that entered. Rose said, “We finished the DVD and thought you all would like to watch it with us.” There was a resounding roar as they all gathered in front of the TV. Bill started the DVD and then removed his clothes and sat next to Joyce.

Many comments were made, “Look at that beautiful white pussy stretched by that big black cock,” “God, look at her taking that big cock in her ass,” “She’s leaking so much cum,” and more similar comments. Bill looked at Joyce as his fingers were deep in her pussy and said, “Go over and fuck Jackson, I want to see his cock deep in your pussy.” Joyce rose and went to Jackson and pulled his cock out of his pants and began sucking with wanton lust. Rose ran her hands through Joyce’s hair as she said, “You look so good with black cock in your mouth.”

Barbara knelt next to Joyce and pushed four fingers into Joyce’s pussy and immediately her hand pulled out a flood of cum. Barbara said, “I know that is cum from all our husbands, I wonder how much is from my husband.” She raised her cum filled hand to her lips and sucked it into her mouth and swallowed. Three more times Barbara enjoyed the cum from Joyce’s pussy before Jackson pulled Joyce to his lap and forcefully fucked his cock into her. Jackson held Joyce tight as his cock was a cork holding any remaining cum in her pussy. Jackson then began to lift and drop Joyce on his erect cock displacing the cum already in her. As the cum pooled around Jackson’s balls and legs, the women all gathered and in unison smeared the cum into Jackson’s balls and up and down his legs.

Bill then went to Joyce, pushed her to Jackson’s chest and placed his cock at the cum filled entrance to her rectum. Again cum was displaced, this time from her ass as Bill pumped his cock into his wife. Bill felt his cock rubbing against Jackson’s cock, only separated by a thin membrane causing Joyce to scream with orgasmic bliss. Bill’s cock seemed to grow harder as this was the first time he felt so stimulated, his first double penetration. He was having a hard time delaying his orgasm as his body shook with each thrust.

The other women were sucking cocks, just the closest man having an erect cock. A full blown orgy to last several more hours. Joyce’s friends were now accepting cocks in their pussies and ass’s as they watched and heard Joyce screaming her desire for big black cock. Jackson seemed to be unstoppable as he fucked her in several positions, stretching her holes with his cock.

As they all rested to recoup, Joyce cuddled up to Jackson and said, “Anytime you have clients wanting white pussy, I’m available and with my husbands enjoyable permission.” Bill said, “It took a long time, but it’s nice to know you are now one of ‘us’. I expect an order to arrive in a couple of days, several lights and stands, a better video camera and a new, easier editing program so I can also edit the DVDs. Rose will be busy too with her editing and the sales part of the business.”

Joyce took the DVD from the player, placed it in a mailer and addressed it to her daughter. Barbara asked, “So Jessi knows you are making porn?” “Yes,” replied Joyce, she was startled at first, especially the way she learned by hearing me screaming for a black man to cum inside my pussy.” Bill said, “She was really upset when she thought her mother was cheating on me, and with a black man. Now, she knows Joyce and I are happy and there would be no nasty divorce like some children go through.”

Alice looked at Joyce and asked, “It shouldn’t be to long before she will be home from school. Do you think she is still over the shock, especially when she might see you making another video?” Joyce said, “I think she is comfortable with my new career, at least she said it wouldn’t bother her if I was having a ‘party’ when she was home.” Rose laughed and said, “She might see several ‘parties’ as your daughter puts it. Jackson and I have been working on a schedule for you. You may be a busy whore with several gang bangs.”


Jessi was busy studying for an exam when there was a knock on her dorm room door. She was surprised to see her RA at the door with a package. As she took the package, the RA said, “I was instructed that this was be delivered in person, not in your mail box.” Jessi thanked her and returned to her studies. When she got to a resting point, she decided that she would see what’s so important about the package. When she saw the return address was from her mother, she knew what was in the package.

Jessi knew it was a porn DVD of her mother being gang banged and also that it was going to stimulate her pussy. After she removed the DVD and placed it in the player, she undressed wearing only her panties. She began the ‘play’ and settled back on her bed to watch. It took only a few minutes when one hand was molesting her breasts and the fingers from the other was deep in her pussy soaking her panties. She watched very intently as several very large black cocks fucked her beautiful mother. She saw how stretched her mother’s pussy and ass were gaping whenever a cock pulled out and another entered one of her holes.

Jessi was do engrossed with the DVD, she didn’t notice that her roommate, Emmy, entered the room. Jessi then felt a presence and saw Emmy now watching the DVD with her. She also noted that Emmy had her jeans undone and a hand was furiously finger fucking her own pussy. The two girls looked at each other and Jessi said, “That’s my mother. That’s her being gang banged by black men.” “Oh, my God,” said Emmy, “Your own mother? She’s a porn star?” Jessi said, “Yes, this is her first DVD.” Emmy then said, “Those are some really big cocks and she is certainly enjoying them. Oh, my God, look at that one that was in her ass, you would think it would rip her open.”

It didn’t take long before Emmy was naked and fucking herself with a dido as Jessi was burying four fingers in here own pussy. Both girls had mind shattering orgasms as they watched a very sexually stimulating white woman being ravished by several black men. They were really stimulated when they saw all the cum flowing from Joyce’s ass and pussy, and her stretched open holes. The DVD ended and they fell back on the bed while breathing hard, but continued there assaults on their pussies.

Emmy calmed and then said, “Your mother is so beautiful. It is evident that she likes to be fucked by big black cocks. I almost went to bed with a black man, but he was too pushy. He’s in the Omega Psi Phi black fraturnity. Now I wish I had taken up his proposal.” Jessi said, “I’ve never had sex with a black man either. There are a couple of guys I’ve had with big cocks, but not like that.” Emmy laid quiet for a few minutes and then dressed and left the room. Jessi pushed the play button on the DVD player again and repeated fingering her pussy and stimulating her clit watching her mother once again deep in the throes of sexual passion.

Around 5 am, Jessi woke hearing her roommate trying to be quiet as she was undressing for bed. Jessi asked, “Where did you go? We have breakfast and classes in about two hours. You can’t go to sleep now.” Emmy said, “I’m not going to classes today, I’m exhausted and my pussy is sore.” Jessi asked, “What do you mean your pussy is sore?” Emmy said, “Remember I told you about the black man I turned down? Well after that DVD, I went to his frat house and he and his black friends fucked me for four hours. I know your mother’s feeling.” Jessi’s eyes were wide as she said, “Oh, my God, you let a bunch of strange black guys gang bang you.” “Yes,” said Emmy, “It was marvelous and I’m going to do it again in a few of days,” Jessi finished dressing, grabbed her books and left for breakfast and then classes.

Jessi had a hard time concentrating on her exam. She was distracted with the DVD she saw of her mother and now with her roommate being gang banged by black men. Her pussy was tingling and drooling during the test. Several times she had to drop her hand to her lap and rub her stimulated pussy. Soon, the test was over and she ran to the rest room and masturbated as sexual images flooded her mind.

Later that day, Jessi returned to her dorm. As she was walking down the hall, there was a black man exiting her room. She went inside and saw Emmy, naked on her bed, legs spread and oozing cum from her pussy. Jessi asked, “Was that your black boyfriend from last night?” Emmy smiled and answered, “No, that was one of his frat brothers. He has a really big cock. I think he fucked me three times last night.” Jessi put her books away and went to the commons to watch TV and relax. She didn’t know what was on the TV as her mind was preoccupied with the deluge of sex in the past day. Just the images of her mother enjoying being fucked for hours by black men kept her pussy tingling and moist.


Bill had just finished cleaning Joyce out, a clean ass and pussy, as she was preparing for another video session. Rose was setting up the lights and checking the video cameras when Bill appeared to help. Rose said, “I can’t wait any longer.” She then dropped to her knees and unzipped Bill’s pants, pulled down his pants and boxers. She grabbed his cock and vacuumed it deep into her mouth and once erect, it was deep in her throat. Bill never has his cock sucked in such a wanton way, and never by a black woman. It didn’t take long before his eyes rolled back in his head and his legs shook. Soon he felt the juice from his balls traveling through his cock and filling Rose’s throat. Rose smiled at Bill and licked her lips. Bill pulled off his boxers and pants as he was getting ready to film his wife. He assured Rose that she was a fantastic cock sucker. Now Rose undressed and said, “If you and the rest are going to be naked, so am I.”

Jackson arrived with eight of his black customers and for this DVD, Joyce was to help them undress as she would suck their cocks showing just how big they were to the camera. Rose began the video as Bill made sure the lighting was right and that there was a good contrast between ‘black and white’. Rose bent down to get a good close up shot of a cock buried entirely into Joyce’s throat. Bill watched and noticed Rose’s ass open up as she bent down. His cock was once again at full mast thinking of that pussy she had once displayed to him. Soon, his hand was between her legs and rubbing her pussy and ass. Rose looked up at Bill and said, “When we take a break, you had better fuck me hard.” Bill smiled and nodded agreement.

Joyce took cocks in all her holes for an hour and a half when they decided to rest. Alcoholic beverages were imbibed by everyone as Rose grabbed Bill and pushed him back on the couch. Soon, she had his hard cock in her mouth. Joyce saw the situation and she ran to them and said, “I want to see you fuck her.” She then reached up and ran her fingers into Rose’s pussy. Being naked, Joyce sat on the floor cross legged and watched as Rose crawled up and straddled Bills legs and then pounced her pussy down on Bill’s cock. Joyce, drinking a glass of wine, smiled as she watched her husband fuck a black woman.

The break was over and once again Joyce was accepting big black cocks in all her holes. Her ass and pussy were stretched open as loads of cum were deposited into her bowels and womb. Before cocks would cum in her mouth and throat, they would pull out and either pump their cum into her pussy or ass. Bill watched his wife’s debauchery as his cock was in a steady erect state. Bill and Rose both had video cameras, they wanted to catch angles and close up scenes for their editing. Bill also watched Rose, her smooth shaved pussy and puckering ass, she was displaying her own sexuality. Bill knew her oozing pussy was the cum he pumped into her.


Jessi was going to go home for the weekend and was planning to let her mother know how stimulating her DVD was. As Jessi was packing, Emmy kept bugging Jessi. Emmy said, “I will be all alone this weekend, let me go with you to visit.” Jessi said, “I haven’t asked my mom if I could bring a guest, in fact she doesn’t know I am coming for the weekend.” Emmy said, “Please, I’ll even pay for the gas and if we stop for something to eat, I’ll pay for that too. I want to meet your mother.” Jessi asked, “What about your friends at the frat house?” Emmy said, “They are going away this weekend too, it’s a long weekend with Monday having no classes.” Jessi relented knowing her mother would have no problem with a guest. They had two guest rooms, and Emmy could even sleep in her large room if necessary.

Jessi pulled into the driveway. She notices several cars parked on the street and had a feeling that her mother and father wre not alone. Instinctively, her pussy began to tingle. Jessi and Emmy each had a small suitcase for the weekend and they hauled their bags to the front door. Jessi walked in frist and the living room was empty as she led the way to her bedroom. Emmy was following close up the stairs. Jessi then heard some moaning from her mother’s bedroom.


Jackson was naked and standing close to the bed as Joyce was being stuffed with big black cock, but this time Joyce was taking two large cocks in her stretched pussy. Once she knew both cocks were well imbedded and starting to stroke in and out, she felt her vaginal nerves explode with the friction and she began to yell with a shattering orgasm. Her juices were flowing as her legs shook and she grabbed Jackson’s cock with a firm grip. Joyce began to scream.

Jessi was leading Emmy to her bedroom when she heard, “YES, FUCK ME HARD, I LOVE BOTH COCKS IN MY PUSSY.” Jessi was close to her mother’s open bedroom door and wasn’t sure she should continue with Emmy following. As she paused, Emmy bumped into her causing her to end up at the open door. Jessi and Emmy froze in the doorway as they observed a room full of naked black men all with large erect cocks. On the bed, Jessi and Emmy saw Joyce, legs spread wide laying back on a black man, his cock in her pussy, and another man above Joyce, also with his cock in her pussy. It seemed unbelievable, her mother had two cocks stretching her pussy wider. They heard Joyce yelling for them to fuck her deep as she was pulling Jackson’s cock toward her. The also saw a white man and a black woman moving about with video cameras. Jessi recognized her father with one of the video cameras. Jessi started to back out, but was blocked by Emmy who was stunned at the sight with her hand down her pants rubbing her pussy.

Emmy was whispering in Jessi’s ear, “I want that, I want those black cocks in me.” Jessi then saw Jackson’s cock again as it was in her mother’s hand. Her pussy began to pulse and flow her juices. She pulled up her skirt and pulled down and off her panties. Once her pussy was bare, she began to pump her fingers into her pussy. Rose saw the girls and waved them in. Without any thought, Jessi walked to the first black man near the door and bent down sucking his cock into her mouth. This was her first black man. Emmy was now bending over pulling another black man’s cock toward her pussy.

As Emmy was bent over, she felt a large cock pushing against her labia and she knew it was a cock like she had at the frat house. She wanted it fucking into her. Finally, the bulbous head of the cock began stretching her pussy walls and she pushed back to meet his entry. Another black man began to pinch and twist her nipples as the cock in her mouth began to pulse and then shoot his cum into her mouth. She then yelled, “YES, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE HARD.”

The spent cock then left Jessi’s mouth when another was in front of her. She heard, “Hi, I’m Jackson, your mother’s pimp, remember you saw me fucking your mother?” Jessi then said, “Yes, and you’re going to fuck me too.” Jackson said, “You are seeing my cock up close now, do you think your pussy can handle it?” As Jessi was pulling his cock toward her mouth, she said, “I’m sure going to find out,” just as his cock entered her mouth. Jessi marveled at the size. She was curious as to how his large cock would feel stretching her pussy. She thought, if mommy can take that cock in her pussy, I should be able to stretch for his cock too.

Jessi felt another black man’s cock rubbing against her labia, but Jackson said, “Roy, get away, that’s my white pussy, virgin to black cock. I’m going to be her first.” Roy then pulled back, but knelt down and with his long tongue, did a great job lubricating her pussy and clit. Jackson felt his balls welling up and pulled from her mouth. Jackson sat in the chair and pulled Jessi to him and told her to straddle him and guide his cock into her pussy. Jessi’s juices were now flowing as she held the bulbous head at her labia. She slowly began to sink down as she felt her vaginal walls stretch to capacity and her nerve endings were signaling her first orgasm. Her legs began to shake and then couldn’t hold her up as she then crashed her full weight down. Jessi screamed as his large cock jammed up into her cervix without gradual entry. She sat quiet for a minute until she felt the painful stretching turn to utter bliss as his large cock was buried deep in her pussy.

Jessi was screaming with the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. Her hands were clawing at Jackson’s thighs as she began to bounce up and down. She then noticed her father filming her with her first black cock. Jessi said, “Daddy, do

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A Day with my Friend

I groaned softly as I felt myself waking up, yawned, and looked over at the clock with my clouded eyes, sleep an elusive companion and yet just as tough to get rid of. 9:30 am, huh? I thought, obviously thinking I could rest a bit more. However, as I saw the date on the digital screen of my timepiece- Saturday- I all but jumped out of my bed and ran to my bathroom. I was lucky enough to have found a decent job and apartment with the amenities of a home, albeit smaller. I wouldn’t say I was well-off, but at...


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