Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 31 - Remedial Potions

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 31 - Remedial Potions

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires
Chapter Thirty-One – Remedial Potions

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: Mf, x-mast, ncon, reluc, cream pie, magic, unif, voy

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had become a breeding ground for sex, scandal and teenage pregnancy as the month of April rolled around. Harry, Ron and Hermione were at the center of the controversy, and although the fourth year students knew that their behavior had become somewhat immoderate, the teachers and parents all chalked it up to good old teenage hormones. Grades were largely unaffected for an outstanding student like Hermione, but students like Ginny Weasley, who usually did fairly well, grades inevitable, began to drop. Harry and Ron’s grades had barely been affected at all because of Hermione’s help, but Ginny was in a different year and couldn’t rely on a genius like Hermione to help her out on her essays and studying. Ginny did have another weapon however; she could use her new sexy and slutty persona to improve her flailing marks. A little wiggle of her ass here, a bit of cleavage there, and any male professor would instantly overlook her poor spell work and mark her a little higher than she ultimately deserved. Ginny had gone as far as forgetting to wear her panties one day during Charms class, just to make certain their was no doubt she’d pass an important test. Professor Flitwick nearly stumbled and fell over when he saw Ginny bending over to pick up a pillow. He could hardly breath as he stared at Ginny’s fresh little ass and naked pussy as she took her good time picking up a small pillow. Needless to say, Ginny was awarded top marks even though her Charm work was something less to be desired. Only two professors seemed to be immune from her slutty behavior; Professors Moody and Snape had all but ignored her short skirts, tight tops and generally sexually aggressive behavior towards them.

‘ASSHOLE!’ Ginny screamed as she stomped up the stairs of the Gryffindor common room and slammed her door shut upon entering her third year girls’ dormitory. Professor Snape had just given her a fourteen inch essay on a very complicated potion as a punishment for her abysmal performance in creating a suitable love potion during their previous one hour class. Her potion had turned a putrid green color before it foamed over, exploded, and covered the entire potions class with an unbelievably rancid sticky paste. Snape then proceeded to make her clean up the entire mess following the end of the class. For over two hours Ginny wiggled her ass, showed her thong and even flashed Snape a quick look at one of her small rosy nipples. Nothing even fazed the greasy Potions Master; he continued to look over his notes and correct essays for the entire two hours. Ginny nearly exploded with anger after Snape decided to assign her an extra essay after she had finished scrubbing down the entire classroom. That wasn’t even the worst part; Snape then informed her that she’d have to take a few Remedial Potions lessons to catch up to the rest of the class.

Usually, Ginny would have simply completed the essay and worked a little harder at Potions to help herself get by. Her new sexy demeanor however, had other ways to combat flailing marks and instead of pulling out her Potions book to do a little revision, she went in search of the Spellbook of Desires, hidden in Hermione’s room.

‘Ummm… Hermione…?’ Ginny said out loud after knocking on the door. There was no response so Ginny turned the handle ever so gently and walked in. ‘HOLY SHIT!’ she shouted in shock. Hermione was on her bed, fully naked and legs spread, with four of her fingers pumping in and out of her wet pussy. So engrossed with what she was doing to herself, she didn’t even hear Ginny calling her name or knocking on the door.

‘OHHH FUCK… GINNY!’ she screamed, pulling her fingers out of her wet hole and trying to cover herself up. ‘What do you want?’ she said with sweat dripping down her face.

‘Just the book you took from Harry and Ron… I need it for something’ Ginny responded, looking a little embarrassed from walking in on Hermione in the middle of her pleasuring herself.

‘Here… Take it… Just get out of here!’ Hermione shouted, also quite embarrassed at the situation as she picked up the leather-bound book from under her thin silk sheets and threw it to Ginny.

‘Thanks… Sorr--!’ Ginny started, before a fuming Hermione pulled out her wand and made the door slam in her face. ‘Bitch! She should have locked her door!’ Ginny murmured to herself as she ran back to her own room and locked the door behind her. Ginny’s first Remedial Potions class was only a few hours away, so she knew whatever she decided to do, she’d have to do it quickly in order to avoid further lessons and scrutiny from Snape. She quickly flipped through the pages, looking for only the simplest and quickest spells and potions which would serve her specific purposes of seducing Professor Snape and gaining an upper hand on the slimy Potions Master.

‘This looks interesting…’ she mumbled to herself as she read a description of a rather devious but effective potion.

It read:

Having trouble attracting a member of the male sex? Need some help catching their attention and fulfilling your every fantasy. This quick and easy potion will do the trick. Simply concoct this potion and apply to your vagina. Make sure the man of your dreams is in the near proximity and your pussy will be catnip to him. Warning! Make certain your intended male partner is close enough to the aroma of the applied potion to be affected. The fragrance is very powerful and will attract anyone who smells it, making you and your vagina the center of their universe for an extended period of time!

Ginny was a little worried about using such a powerful aphrodisiac on a Hogwarts teacher. She was also concerned that the applied potion might attract unwanted attention from other boys in the vicinity should they catch a whiff of the fragrant concoction. Her concerns were put to rest however, after realizing that as long as she wore a pair of panties, she’d be relatively safe from catching the attention of any other students or teachers who walked by her on her way down to the dungeons.

Ginny took out her Potions kit and starting making the simple paste-like potion described in the Spellbook of Desires. It was ironic that Ginny was working so hard making a potion to avoid any extra Potions homework, when, if she had applied the same effort towards study, she’d never have to seduce the greasy Potions Master. Ginny however wasn’t just making the potion and seducing teachers for a higher mark; she was doing it to appease her growing sexual appetite.

It only took Ginny a couple of hours to complete the aphrodisiac-like potion and after changing out of her school uniform and into an even shorter skirt, she stirred the pasty potion, dipped two of her fingers in the warm goop, spread her legs and began rubbing it on to her tight folds. A further warning on the bottom of the page specifically warned against applying the paste inside the user’s vagina, but after Ginny got a little too excited while applying the goop; she slid her fingers into her now sopping wet pussy and worked them in and out for a good ten minutes. After nearly cumming, Ginny realized that she had only minutes left before the start of her Remedial Potions lessons with Snape.

‘Oh FUCK!’ she moaned, not wanting to stop, but knowing she didn’t have enough time to get herself off. Ginny quickly threw on a tight pair of cotton panties and ran down to the dungeons without meeting a single soul on the way down. She found it a little weird that the castle was nearly empty, but she couldn’t complain; it did reduce the chance that her aphrodisiac potion would attract anyone else on the way down.

‘You’re LATE, Ms. Weasley… Five points from Gryffindor!’ Snape calmly told Ginny, as soon as she ran into his Potions classroom. Ginny wasn’t too worried; if her plan worked, she’d be winning multiple points from Snape after she had a chance to pull off her panties. The opportunity presented itself immediately in fact; as Ginny walked towards Snape’s desk, she accidentally knocked over a vial of a putrid green liquid.

‘Clean it up, Ms. Weasley… Without using your wand’ Snape said smartly, thinking she’d be befuddled without her wand.

Without even pausing for an instant, Ginny reached down and pulled off her tight cotton panties. Snape looked at her questioningly as she turned around, bent over and started mopping up the liquid with her panties; exposing her sweet ass and tight pussy to a less than amused Snape. He had once molested an unsuspecting Hermione Granger; more to teach the dirty Mudblood a lesson than get his rocks off, but he had never taken an interest in little Ginny Weasley’s advances. For one; he deplored most of the Weasley family and secondly, he had no intention of violating a third year student.

‘Ms. Weasley…Your sexual advances are quite usele--!’ Snape started, about to spurn another one of Ginny’s obvious advances. Before he could finish his sentence however, a strange aroma blanketed all of his senses simultaneously. Every thought and action was quickly forgotten as the aroma penetrated his mind and only one thing became important; tasting Ginny Weasley’s sweet pussy.

Ginny looked back and smiled as Snape’s facial muscles changed and a sudden and obvious change of demeanor overcame him. Within seconds, he was on his knees behind Ginny with his tongue buried in the tight folds of her bald pussy. Ginny’s twat was already wet, thanks to her application of the potion, and as Snape moved his long tongue in and out of her tasty snatch, she could hear him moaning in satisfaction. Ginny was actually quite surprised; she had envisioned a sexual encounter with Professor Snape very unappealing. The truth however, was quite the opposite; Snape was quite skilled with his tongue and before long Ginny couldn’t help but moan out in orgasmic ecstasy, as her warm juices ran through her wet pussy and onto Snape’s waiting tongue. He lapped it up quickly and before Ginny could even recover, Snape had his pants around his ankles and was guiding his six inch hard cock towards her swollen hole.

‘Uhhhhhh… FUCK YES!’ she moaned as Snape invaded her tight snatch with his bulbous cock head. Snape didn’t say a word as he gradually inched more and more of his pulsating rod deep into Ginny’s quivering cunt. Snape seemed incapable of talking, thinking or acting in any way, other than to satisfy Ginny’s potion enhanced pussy. Ginny quickly realized that she’d have no way of negotiating her marks with a sex-crazed Snape while he was still entranced by the potion she had applied to her now stuffed twat. That thought was quickly put to rest however; when Snape’s pace unexpectedly sped up without a hint of restraint.

‘Ahhhhhhhhh!’ Ginny groaned in pleasure as she hit her second orgasm, thanks to Snape’s quickened pace. What Ginny didn’t know however, was that Snape’s increased speed and fucking pace was due solely to Ginny applying the aphrodisiacal potion inside her pussy. As soon as Snape’s cock came into contact with the irresistible paste, he couldn’t help but rut away at her tight twat with an increased vigor. His new pace however, did more than just push Ginny over the edge for the second time, it quickly ebbed away at his own stamina and with a guttural groan he released deep within Ginny’s quivering pussy.

‘UNGHHHH… UNGHHHHHH!’ he grunted, slamming his cock, balls deep into Ginny before erupting inside of her, coating the walls of her womb with a thick helping of his hot sticky cum. Ginny groaned in satisfaction as she felt his cock jerk and spew several long strings of his seed deep inside her.

As both Ginny and Snape wound down from their respective orgasms, Ginny expected Snape to pull his cum-coated rod out of her stuffed pussy and let her leave her lessons early. However, Snape had no intention of letting Ms. Weasley out of her Remedial Potions lessons just yet, and with renewed determinism, he began thrusting his semi-hard cock in and out of Ginny’s leaking hole with a steady pace. The potion she had applied on and in her pussy had had an adverse effect on Severus Snape; the aphrodisiacal properties of the potion were still affecting his frame of mind. Within seconds he was hard again and was pounding into Ginny’s swollen cunt as hard and as fast as ever. Ginny didn’t know if Snape was some kind of sex god or whether the potion she had applied to herself had given him increased vitality. No mortal man could ever get so hard so quick without some kind of help. Either way, Ginny had no choice but to weather the storm and hope that Snape would eventually tire himself out. It wasn’t her fault that she was enjoying her current situation so much. Snape was pounding into her so hard now, that Ginny had her face pinned to the floor while her ass was sticking straight up, being used rapaciously by Snape’s six inch rod.

‘FUCK… Again!’ Ginny moaned, as her body shook and a blissful tingling ran through her before she again coated Snape’s piston-like cock with another healthy serving of her warm juices. The added lubrication allowed Snape to thrust into Ginny even faster until like Ginny seconds earlier, a second orgasm racked through his body and he again filled Ginny’s tight box with almost a full load of his hot cum.

‘Holy Fuck! I can feel it shooting into me!’ Ginny moaned, as Snape grunted loudly and deposited his seed deep within Ginny’s tiny womb. Ginny, again expecting Snape to finally pull out of her cum-loaded pussy was shocked to feel him still thrusting in and out of her at a much slower pace. His shaft was almost completely soft, but he could hardly help himself from continuing. The potion that Ginny had concocted had nearly run its course, but Snape still seemed to have a little bit left in him before he gave his torrid pace. It was more than Ginny could say; the constant thrusting, orgasms and intensity were too much for the red-headed third year and after Snape’s cock attained full hardness for the third time, Ginny was nearly unconscious. Before she fell into a deep sleep however; she was lucky enough to go through one last orgasm.

‘AHHHHHHH!’ she groaned before slipping off into a very pleasant unconsciousness. Snape only lasted a few seconds longer before firing off a considerably smaller load into Ginny’s tight twat. He then also fell asleep with his softening cock still fully submerged in her creamy pussy and not a care in the world.

‘What the fuck!’ Snape groaned a couple of hours later as one of his clocks chimed twelve o’clock and he realized what he had done to the slutty witch whose tight gripping cunt was still holding his cock inside her. Snape quickly pulled his soft shaft from her dripping wet pussy and cleaned himself off before trying to remember what he had just done and why. All he could remember was seeing Ginny bend over and expose her bald pussy before an irresistible urge to fuck the living hell out of her sweet snatch overpowered his common sense. Snape put his keen and penetrating mind to the task at hand and quickly began formulating a plan to discover the source of his bewitchment. He swabbed around Ginny’s pussy with a piece of cotton and proceeded to perform a few complicated tests to discover the ingredients and purpose of the solution he had found on her exposed clit.

‘Hmmmmm… Maybe Ms. Weasley has more aptitude for Potions then I first believed!’ he said to himself as Ginny stirred and woke from her reverie. ‘That will be all Ms. Weasley… I believe you will not need any more Remedial Potions lessons… Please drink this and remember to try a little harder in your studies!’ Snape commanded, as Ginny pulled her skirt down a little, drank the vial of potion that was handed to her and left with a smirk on her face. Although she was a little sore as she made her way up towards the Gryffindor common room, she was pretty pleased with the outcome of her devious plot. No further Remedial Potions lessons and possibly a little more leniency in her remaining Potions classes were well worth the hard work she had put into her plan and the repulsive partner she had enacted it with.

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