The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #9

The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #9

The Secret Cheerleader Vote - #9

Zane reflected on the events that had taken place the night before. Bella had finally surrendered herself to him. She had thought she would be able to just have sex with him and get everything she wanted. Instead, she had surrendered herself to him totally. More importantly, she had surrendered to him recording everything, so she was essentially his slave now. His pet. His toy, to play with however he chose.

As a result of that surrender, she also became the “property” of the rest of the squad as well. Zane had taken her to the seniors to convince them all to vote for her for captain, just as he promised he would. The next thing she knew, she was at the bottom of a pile of cheerleaders, all of them naked, and each doing something different to a different part of her body. Oddly enough, she came to accept that new position very quickly, and why wouldn’t she, she was the center of attention after all. In the morning when he took her downstairs by her leash and handed her off to Carly for the day, she just sighed and climbed right into bed with her.

Now it was Saturday.

Zane brought Bella and Nikki’s clothes and personal items downstairs and left them on the pool table. He let all the girls know that he had to be leaving soon for his practice and they would all have to retreat back to Julie’s house next door. They were welcome to use the showers downstairs or out by the pool. He reminded Carly that they all had practice too, at noon. In their current condition, hungover, noon would probably come much sooner than they expected.

As he passed through the rec-room again, he couldn’t help but stop to admire the three naked girls sleeping on the sofa bed. He desperately fought off the urge to drop his shorts and climb up on that pile himself, just to see what would happen.

He steeled his resolve, bit his lip, and used all the self-control he had to force himself back upstairs.

In the shower

In the shower, he daydreamed about the previous night. He still couldn’t help but think that Bella had been a virgin. It explained so much about her. As he was considering that, visions of Nikki seeped into his fantasy. Then those changed to Stephanie. Then Ashley. It had been one wild night.

As he was lathering the shampoo through his hair with his eyes closed, reliving the whole evening, the shower door slid open and someone stepped in behind him. He jumped when he felt a pair of hands wrap around his waist. He quickly started rinsing the shampoo from his hair as those hands slid slowly over his stomach.

“mmmmmmmm that’s nice!” was all he heard.

That was a voice he didn’t recognize.

Zane quickly rinsed the shampoo from his hair and turned around to find Alexis standing before him. Naked. Wet. And rubbing her hands all over him.

“Alexis! … whoa!” is all he managed to squeak out as he stood there staring at her.

His cock involuntarily began to rocket up to greet her. A fact that she didn’t miss. She stepped closer, looked down at his rising tool, and dropped her hands to take hold. She raised her eyebrows and a big smile spread across her face as she wrapped her hand around it.

“Everyone else was using the showers downstairs or lining up next door. You don’t mind sharing, do you?” she asked, and then added “Should I leave?”

He struggled to speak.

“NO! NO, stay! Please!” he somehow managed to say.

Alexis smiled, pulled him close, then planted her lips on his.

Zane was dumbstruck. Just seeing Alexis naked had been a dream come true. When he saw her naked on his pullout sofa the night before all he could do was stare. Well, stare and take a few pictures. Every guy he knew wanted to fuck this girl. Now she was naked in his shower, sticking her tongue in his mouth and, holy shit, stroking his cock.

Alexis was a beautiful girl. Tall, slim, and very busty. Her legs were long and shapely, tapering perfectly into those hips, with a slim little waist. Then there were those tits, they were much bigger than they should be to make her proportionately “perfect.” She had to be at least a D-cup, probably bigger, and she knew how to show them off. The pictures on her social media pages were a favorite topic among all the guys at school. Half of the guys thought they were fake, the other half thought she stuffed her bras. They were all wrong. These were definitely real, and all natural.

Luckily, Alexis knew exactly what she wanted. Zane’s mind was flustered by her tongue in his mouth, and her hands stroking his cock. His hands went right to those tits. Her nipples were hard and super sensitive. As he touched them Alexis began to moan and press back against him. They began to explore each other’s bodies. Zane couldn’t believe she was doing this.

After a few minutes exploring each other, Alexis stopped kissing long enough to ask a question.

“So how does this work, I fuck you in the shower and you vote for me for Captain?” Then she grinned from ear to ear.

Oh my god, Zane thought. She can’t really believe that can she?

He had to figure out if she was serious because right now, he was going to tell her anything she wanted to hear if it meant he got to put his dick in her.

“If I tell you the truth, are you still gonna fuck me in the shower?” he asked.

Alexis looked at him for a moment, then dropped her eyes to the cock she was still holding in her hand and looked back up into his eyes.

“Oh yeah,” she said.

“Good! Because I don’t even get to vote unless there’s a tie” he answered. He didn’t really want to lie to her.

“And there isn’t going to be a tie”

She cocked her head sideways at him and flashed him a mocking smile that said.

“No kidding.”

Then the kissing and touching resumed.

They continued to touch and explore every inch of their bodies as they lathered each other up and washed the previous evening off each other. Zane helped her lather her long black hair, while she continued to stroke his cock to its maximum rigidity. As she rinsed the shampoo out, his hands slid down to appreciate her magnificent ass as well.

Alexis reached around him and turned off the water. She then pulled the door open, reached out and grabbed a big soft bath towel. She gave them both a hurried, haphazard drying as she pulled Zane out of the shower. When they were “dry enough”, she draped the towel over the toilet and pushed him down on top of it. In one swift move, without hesitation, she straddled him and impaled herself on his cock. Zane just threw his head back and moaned as her tight pussy enveloped him.

Alexis rode him hard. She squeezed and thrusted and tightened muscles that Zane didn’t even know women had. She was in total control. He could only wrap his arms around her waist, hold her tight and thrust right back as best he could as she held his head tight against her tits. He sucked and licked her nipples, first one side then the other, as she drove onto him hard.

Zane was getting close to the brink and told her so. She told him to do it. Fill her up she said. She wanted to feel it all fill her pussy. He needed more control. He pushed her off him, leaned her over the bathroom sink and quickly moved behind her. In a move as smooth as hers had been earlier, he grabbed her hips and drove his cock back into her tight pussy. Now Alexis threw her head back and moaned.

Zane held her hips and began to drive as hard as he could. He would push himself into her to the point of lifting her right off the floor. Zane leaned close over her back as he drove himself into her, the two of them watching themselves in the mirror as they approached orgasm. Alexis reached a hand down and helped him take her right over the edge. When her orgasm hit, she tensed up even tighter yet and would not let him go. He drove himself as deep as he could and gave her everything he had. She felt him shoot over and over deep up inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, and they stayed there bent over the bathroom sink for a moment. He couldn’t pull out of her. He didn’t WANT to pull out of her. That was amazing. He knew he was going to be late for practice now, but at this point, who the fuck cared?

Finally, they stood back up. Alexis grabbed the towel to wipe herself off. She had something seeping down her legs.

“So, I suppose you’re gonna go tell all your friends how you fucked me in the shower now right?” she asked.

Zane answered “Nope. I don’t do that. I’m surprised you don’t know that already”

She looked at him skeptically and said “Don’t lie, ALL guys do that. Besides, I don’t care. No one will believe you anyway.”

She was right, none of his friends would believe him if he told them he had fucked Alexis. They definitely wouldn’t believe it if he added that he had fucked Bella the night before. AND that he could fuck Bella any time he wanted at this point. Hell, he could tell her to fuck any of THEM if he wanted to. But no, they wouldn’t believe any of it.

Alexis actually told him to tell anyone he wanted. She wanted to see how fast the rumors flew around the school. She would just deny them, of course, and everyone would believe her. Zane humored her at the moment but had no intention of telling anyone.

Zane was ready to say fuck practice and stay here with Alexis. Maybe take another shower. He wanted to fill her up some more, she seemed to like it. He could tell his coach his ribs were still sore from the beating he took. He was on limited practice still anyway, so his coach would be okay with it. Alexis, however, nixed that idea. She HAD to get to practice. They had nationals next weekend, nobody could miss practice now. Besides, if she stayed here with him while all the rest of the girls went off to practice, she wouldn’t be able to deny all those rumors she expected to hear. She did, however, take a nice pic with him in the mirror that left no doubt they were naked, and very close, in his bathroom.

They got dressed, then he gave Alexis, Bella, and a couple of the other girls a ride to the school. Zane was late, as he expected, but all the girls were right on time. As predicted, his coach didn’t care. His friends, on the other hand, did care, after watching both Bella and Alexis give him long kisses before scrambling off to their own practice. So, the rumors started after all.


The following weekend was Nationals at Disney World. Although it sounds like the perfect opportunity for a gaggle of bisexual cheerleaders to explore and have a lot of fun, there would be no hanky panky this weekend. This weekend was all business. All of the rooming arrangements had been made months beforehand. Half of the girls would be rooming with a parent or sibling. Plus, anytime they weren’t eating or sleeping, they would be practicing.

On Saturday both the junior and senior squads ruled the competition to make finals the following day.

Saturday evening, as they did every year, they had a big team dinner. This wasn’t the end of year banquet, that would be the following weekend. This was more of a pep rally of sorts, to psych themselves up for the next day. This was also when, finally, they held the vote for next year’s squad captains. The seniors all sat together and smirked as the rules were clearly explained. Everyone already knew these rules, they were the same every year, but the events of the last couple of months seemed to have clouded everyone's mind.

Number 1: Everyone on the squad votes, even the freshmen.

Number 2: Everyone gets to vote for four people. 2 junior squad captains, 2 senior squad captains

Number 3: In the case of a tie, the seniors vote to break that tie.

Number 4: If there is still a tie after that, the Coach and Faculty advisor break the tie.

There was no mention of a “secret vote.”

Sunday was disappointing. Despite their best efforts, the senior squad only managed second place. They were still happy, it was better than last place, but it wasn’t another national championship either. The junior squad fell to a disappointing fourth after a couple of girls missed their cues. Everyone was a bit mopey for the next week.


The following Friday, the squad held their season-ending banquet. Awards were handed out. Juniors made speeches celebrating the seniors and how much everyone was going to miss them. The seniors made their goodbye speeches. Everyone danced, and hugged, and laughed and cried.

Finally, the captains for the next year were announced. For the junior squad, Chloe and Samantha, no surprise there. Chloe was well established as queen of the freshmen girls, and Samantha was the obvious second. For the seniors, as expected, Bella and Stephanie. There was no tie. The vote wasn’t even close. No one was surprised. It was, in fact, a very anti-climactic announcement considering the drama that had preceded it, but they all screamed and clapped anyway. A few of the girls sat there reviewing the last two months in their minds as Bella and Stephanie were recognized, but no one mentioned the secret vote at all.

After the banquet, Julie stopped by Zane’s house to fill him in on all the details. Zane wasn't surprised. They all knew all along who all the seniors were voting for. The two of them sat and talked for a long time about the whole Secret Vote scam and how surprisingly well it had worked. As promised, Carly had delivered the entire squad for him to have his way with. He didn’t sleep with all of them, of course. But he sure did have his way with a lot of them.

Julie asked if he was still going to keep Bella as his little pet? Was he going to keep using her for his own personal booty-call whenever he just felt like getting laid? Certainly, she wasn’t going to put up with that shit now that she had already gotten what she wanted. Of course, he did still have video of her doing some very nasty things. So did Julie for that matter. That was video she definitely didn’t want anyone else to see. Zane didn’t see how she had any way out of their deal. Unless, of course, she just wanted to go public.

And what about Nikki? Julie asked the same question about her. Zane hadn’t actually fucked her, but still had her bound by the same deal that Bella had. When Zane called, she was supposed to come running. Zane had almost the same video of Nikki doing some nasty things.

The truth was, Zane really didn’t plan on making either Nikki or Bella do anything particularly nasty. At least not at the moment. He had already had his way with Bella. But if she started turning into her nasty bitchy little self again, he would bring her to his house, fuck her senseless, and then call some of his friends over to have some fun too, or maybe fuck her in the mall parking lot so as many people as possible could see. He planned to keep her in line. Much of the rest of the squad also had the goods on Bella now and probably had just as much power to blackmail her as he did. He wondered if the squad would make her their own little bitch. If the seniors weren’t leaving, they probably would have pranced her around like a pet all year. But they were, he didn’t know how the remaining girls would handle this. It would be interesting to see.

Nikki was another story. She hadn’t really done anything to Zane other than be used as a puppet by Bella. He kind of felt sorry for her. He did, however, really like having her lying by his pool naked. She was quite the vision all naked and wet. So, other than fucking her on her Prom night, no matter who she decided to go with, he didn’t really plan to abuse her too much.


Saturday came and Zane really wanted to spend the afternoon with Julia. They had been officially “dating” for almost a month now but had been very busy for the last couple of weeks and he hadn’t been able to see her more than once or twice. They had planned to spend the afternoon together after her practice, yes cheerleader practice continued as if it were any other day, and then in the evening go someplace where they could dance and hold each other as close as possible. Even better, he thought, come back to his place where they could get naked, and as close as possible. After all the time they had spent together in the last months, they still hadn’t slept together. Even though both of them desperately wanted to.

When he called, Julia suddenly backed out. She said that her friends had gotten tickets to see that band that they were all in love with and had ONE extra ticket, for HER. She HAD to go. It seemed to Zane as if her friends were trying to keep them apart. To say Zane was disappointed would be an understatement. They had planned this for almost two weeks! How could she back out now? Was she pushing him away? Brushing him off? Were her friends just cock-blocking them? He sat there wondering.

The truth was that Julia was, in fact, holding him at arm’s length. As much as she swooned and lusted after him, and she undeniable did, she had heard some things recently. There were all sorts of rumors about him sleeping with Bella, and Nikki, and Natalie, and half the cheer squad! Were these all true? Was she going to be just another conquest? No one would admit to it. No one would confirm what she had heard. But God he was beautiful and she could easily imagine all of these girls climbing into bed with him. She doubted he would admit to it if she asked. So, she was unsure what to think or do. When her friends called with extra concert tickets to the group that she was dying to see, she figured he could wait another day. She would call him tomorrow.

And so, after months of constant female attention, Zane found himself sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon with no companionship and no plans. How the hell did THAT happen?

He thought about calling Bella and telling her to come over. He sat by the pool watching some of the videos he had recorded of all the girls and was getting hot and bothered. Bella might just have to give it up one more time after all. She certainly was one hell of a lay.

“Seriously, she MUST have been a virgin” he kept thinking to himself as he watched the video over and over. “I definitely need to fuck her again”

He wondered where she was right then?


Just as he was about to send Bella a text, Zane got a text from Stephanie, asking if he was busy, and would he like to come over for a while? Pleeeeease? Zane was surprised to hear from her. He thought that she was out celebrating making Captain with most of the Junior and Senior girls. He knew they were all out partying today. She said that she was, but if he was available, she would leave early because she really wanted to see him, and it had to be today. Well, how could he refuse an invitation like that?

They chose a time and Zane picked her up outside the mall. The girls had been riding the Ferris wheel, and the merry-go-round, and ice skating, and trying samples in every single make-up store in the entire mall. Stephanie looked hilarious. One eye done up one color, the other an entirely different color. Each cheek a different shade. And the lips with a neon green lipstick. Not to mention she smelled like seven different perfumes dumped in a bucket and poured over her head. Zane just laughed at her. She leaned over from the passenger seat and left a neon green kiss on his cheek.

Zane congratulated her on winning the Captain spot. Stephanie smiled and thanked him. He knew all along that she would win and had told her so repeatedly. She had only “sort of” believed him, but was still happy when it was announced, and it showed on her face. Even through all that different makeup, Stephanie was bright and glowing, and cheery and happy.

Finally, Zane’s curiosity got the best of him. He had to ask.

“Okay, so, where are we going? And what’s so important that you’re giving up party time with the girls just to hang out with me?”

She leaned back in her seat and looked over at him, smiling.

She flashed him a huge smile and answered, “We’re going to my house...”

And then in a sweet little sing-song voice, “…because I got some thing forrrrr yaaaa”

“Oooooh!” Zane replied returning her smile.

They drove on to Stephanie’s house. Zane tried to pry more information from her but she wouldn’t budge. When they arrived, he noticed no other cars in the garage. After they parked and went inside, he noticed they were suspiciously alone. He had never been alone with Stephanie at her house.

“Where is everyone?” he asked.

“Ohhhhh, they’re all out” she said. “It’s just youuuuuuu and meeee for a while”

Zane tilted his head and gave her a look.

“Alone? Just the two of us? What are you up to?” he asked.

Stephanie just smiled at him and said: “Wait here”. Then she disappeared down the hall to her room. A few minutes later she came back, took him by the hand and said “Come with me” as she led him down the hall to her room.

Zane had never seen her room before. Every time he had been here before her parents had been home, and they were NOT going to let her take a BOY to her room.

What he saw was a big bed, with a pile of big pillows and the covers pulled down to reveal silky looking pale blue sheets. The collection of stuffed animals that he knew must usually cover the bed were all piled up on a chair in the corner. The curtains were closed and the only lights in the room were Christmas lights that Stephanie had strung everywhere around the room.

“Wow!” Zane said. “Do you sleep like this every night?”

She answered “Yeah actually. But I shut the Christmas lights off… but for now, I’m gonna leave them on. Just. For. You.”

As she said this she stepped right up to Zane, pulled him close, and gave him a soft little kiss on the lips.

He thought about what was going on for a moment but wasn’t quite sure what had brought all this on.

He said to her, “Steph, you know I had NOTHING to do with you making captain, right? Pretty much everyone on the team voted for you, you’re everyone’s favorite. Even more than any of the seniors”

Stephanie replied, “I know that. You know exactly what this is about. You have been so perfect and sweet and nice to me through this whole thing. Especially that first night I was totally convinced that you were a complete asshole, and just trying to fuck Bella just to get your kicks. But then you turned out to be so sweet. So now I’m gonna thank you properly for keeping my secret like you said you would”

“Does that mean you’re going to let everyone else in on it too?” he asked

“Yeah” she answered. “On Wednesday, I already talked with coach”

Thank you

Stephanie left Zane where he was for a moment and stepped out of the room. She went to the front door and made sure the outside alarms were on. If anyone came to the door or came home early, she would know. She then returned to her room and closed the door behind her.

She stepped up to Zane, pushed him back to the bed and pushed him down on it. Then she climbed up on top of him and started kissing him all over.

Stephanie took her time with long kisses, little nibbles on the earlobes, love bites on the neck and shoulders, and then back to the kissing again. Zane’s hands explored her tenderly. Her hands were more aggressive.

She sat up, straddled on his hips, and unbuttoned her shirt. It quickly flew to the floor. Then she reached around and undid her bra. She arched her back, and that too quickly found a spot on the floor somewhere. Zane lay there smiling back up at her. He could swear her tits had gotten bigger. He reached his hands up to them to test his theory.

Stephanie was much more vocal today than she had been any other time they had been together. She was also suddenly much more aggressive. She had her hands everywhere on Zane as she slowly relieved him of his clothes, and she made sure he got to explore too. She moaned loudly with every single touch until finally, they were fully naked and spooning under the covers of her bed, bathed in the glow of Christmas lights.

Stephanie was very happy at the moment. She would never have expected to be where she was right now. Especially with THIS GUY! Not long ago she would have told you that Zane was an arrogant, self-centered little fuck-boy trying to sleep his way through the whole cheer squad just because he thought he was so hot. She never would have believed she would be in her own bed with him naked. Now she just wanted to screw him until she couldn’t move.

As she lay there daydreaming, Zane was touching. Everywhere. And it finally pushed her to the edge. For one brief moment, her hand joined his between her legs and she started screaming again. In one quick motion, she rolled toward him, pushed him on his back and climbed on top of him. She straddled his hips, took him inside her and continued scream as loud as she could with every motion. She felt so much more sensitive recently.

Stephanie fucked his brains out. There is no other way to put it. That girl rode him like none he’d ever had before, screaming at the top of her lungs the entire time. She found that she orgasmed quickly this time, and was on her second time around before Zane finally reached that edge himself. She pushed herself to orgasm again and brought him with her, taking in every ounce of cum he had to pump into her. She didn’t care, she loved the way it felt when he shot inside her.

They fucked, then rested. Then they fucked again, then rested again. Stephanie couldn’t get enough. She told Zane that her parents were out for most of the night, and she wanted as much of him as she could while she had the house to herself. She told him this could very well be the last chance they’d have to do this, so he’d better make it good! He did.

Later, when the alarm that Stephanie had set on her phone went off, they rolled off each other and cleaned up. She had a little over an hour before her parents were due home. She thanked Zane once again for everything and told him that, believe it or not, this was the first time she’d ever had sex in her own bed. If her parents ever found out she had fucked him in their house, she would be living on the streets. But she would never sleep the same in her own bed again.

Zane cleaned himself up and went on his way.

The year ends

On the following Wednesday, at the end of cheer practice, the coach called the girls together for a quick little announcement. Much to everyone’s surprise, Stephanie was withdrawing as co-captain for the following year. She would also be leaving the squad. The story that eventually leaked was that she was going to home school a couple classes over the summer and graduate early. That way she could start college next year instead. She had already been accepted.

Everyone was stunned. There had been no hints or clues or rumors of Stephanie planning to leave the squad, but there it was. While this whole narrative was a shock, everyone’s mind immediately went to the most immediate question, who would take her place as captain?

Coach then explained that while there had been no doubt about the top two, third and fourth were too close to separate. The Coach and Faculty Advisor had discussed the situation and decided that, since there were so many seniors for the following year, there would be THREE captains.

The new captains would be Bella, Natalie, and Alexis. Again, everyone screamed and hugged and congratulated the new captains. A few tried to pull Stephanie to the side and pry out more about this program she was going into, but she didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to distract from the celebrating.

All of that was very nice of her, let the new captains have their moment in the sun, but no one was going to let this go. Leaving the squad? Leaving school? Early college?

Yeah… no. No one was buying it.

By the following Monday, everyone knew that Stephanie was pregnant. At least all the cheerleaders knew. The rest of the school caught on soon after. She was at almost 12 weeks now and definitely beginning to show. She wouldn’t be able to hide under sweatpants and loose tops for much longer. Her “best friends” Bella and Nikki confronted her the day after the announcement was made and finally dragged the whole story out of her. They were hurt that she had kept this from them this whole time. That was when Stephanie went off on them.

“YOU’RE hurt? You were supposed to be my best friends and you didn’t even notice what a basket case I was! You didn’t notice me crying for almost a week straight. You didn’t notice that I had broken up with Anthony. You haven’t noticed my tits blowing up like balloons, OR this!” she said as she lifter her shirt to reveal her little belly bulge.

“If anyone should be hurt, it’s ME”

“We thought you were kidding about breaking up with Anthony.” They argued.

“You’ve done that before and you always get back together” Nikki said.

“Yeah, and when we didn’t get back together?” she asked.

“I thought he broke up with you because you started fucking around with Zane.” Bella added.

“Zane was the only one who DID notice anything. I went over there to rip him apart over what he was doing to YOU, and instead, he forced me to sit down and tell him what was going on. He didn’t care about you. He’s the one who has been helping me through this whole thing. You guys have been wrapped up in nothing but yourselves the whole time” she said.

“But you were helping him screw with us!” Nikki responded.

“Because you deserved it! You got him beat up for Christ’s sake!” Stephanie answered.

They all sat there in silence for a few moments. Bella and Nikki realizing what lousy friends they had been. Stephanie realizing that despite it all, they were still her best friends.

Finally, Bella asked, “Does Zane know about the baby?”

Stephanie started to respond “Of course he does, that’s what I was…”

Then she realized what Bella was really asking.

“It’s not HIS you idiots! It’s Anthony’s! That’s why we broke up!”

When Stephanie first told Anthony about the baby, he didn’t believe her. He called her a liar. When they got the official word from the doctor, he started accusing her of sleeping around. He called her a cheating slut. After almost three years of exclusivity, and he called her a cheating slut. That was when she told him it was over.

As she said, she cried for almost a week, and other than her parents, no one seemed to notice. Bella and Nikki were so wrapped up in trying NOT to sleep with Zane that they didn’t notice her at all. So, she went to confront him about it, because quite frankly she didn’t want him knocking up her friends at that point.

That was when Zane stopped her and made her sit down and tell him what the hell was going on. For no reason that she could ever give, she broke down and did just that. She sat with him and told him the whole story. When she was done, he just sat stunned with his mouth open. Then he just held her until she stopped crying. And then she slept with him. She figured, If Anthony was going to call her a cheating slut, then what the hell, let’s try something new!

She knew right away that it was a mistake. But damn that was a fun mistake! She never knew what she’d been missing. Zane was much different in bed than Anthony. It was a mistake she knew she would be making again.

After she told Zane her secret, he let her in on the whole Secret Vote scam. She was shocked to find that this whole thing was to pay off a bet. The little bit of revenge on Bella was just an added bonus for Carly, and now, for her too. He promised to keep her secret. She promised to keep his secret. And then they went on to make some secrets of their own.

Now, the next day, Stephanie let Julie and Carly in on her secret as well. The three had become close during the last two months, bonding over torturing Bella. Within hours the news spread like a wildfire throughout the cheer squad. Oddly enough, this time, Bella and Nikki had not said a thing to anyone.


With the exception of Stephanie’s unexpected departure, all of the girls on the squad headed into summer with everything seeming like every other year. The seniors would all be heading off to college. The juniors eagerly began taking up their new roles as team leaders. The whole “Secret Vote” drama would quickly be forgotten and drift into cheerleader myth.

Sometime a few weeks later, Bella sat at home thinking about this whole last year. The whole season had been hell for her. She had been so worried about hearing from schools, and pleasing her dad, not to mention her grades, and her boyfriend! Men, always just interested in sex and nothing else.

Then there was Zane. What was she going to do about Zane? She could just submit and do whatever he commanded. He did have video of her, and it was video she definitely didn’t want anyone else to see. She wondered how she could get him to delete that. Of course, half the rest of the squad also had that video… most of them were in it. She really hated Zane. Sometimes. Other times he was actually okay. He was good in bed, she did like that. She had to admit she wouldn’t mind spending a few more nights with him. But would she really have to be his little plaything all this coming year? There had to be a way out of it.

She kept on thinking. She was Captain of the squad now, that had to count for something? What about this Secret Vote? If only there were some way she could turn that around…

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I was packing my stuff getting ready to sleep over at my friend’s house. He’s name was Lyall. He was a boy in my class. We were both 14 years old. The thing is; I had been in love with him since 6th grade. I knew very early that I was gay, though I hid it well. It didn’t help much that he was extremely hot, and very eager to show that. He would often throw off his shirt when we were playing, or put on shorts revealing his legs and thighs. Whether or not he was gay too, I didn’t...


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The Mate of a Demon Part 1: My Beginning

NOTE: There is NO sex in THIS PART of the story. I promise in the chapters to come there will be plenty of hot lustful sex. This is just the introduction. I was just sitting on the couch, watching some documentary on The Dark Ages. It was interesting. So see practically the entire world go to hell. Suddenly, my phone was making noise. It was my boyfriend. Well he was sort of my boyfriend. We had never met in real life. We met through some pen pal website. And since then we had developed a real relationship. He lived in Britain...


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The Wrestler part 1

The Wrestler Part One This story is all about a shy guy and a family friend who helped him overcome his injuries and his shyness to rise to the top. It's somewhat a long story. I got carried away this time. Again I'm using a healthy dose of spellchecker sure to my dyslexia but tips and comments are very welcome. Let me know if you made it to the end guys please. The Silent Assassin was his ring name and that wasn't by chance real name Adam he was a product of the big American companies development and had trained under...


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Mama's Replacement

Only in my dreams could I conceive what is happening. I must be dreaming, this can’t be real, can it? I wake from the dream of having sex with my wife. A dream I now realize, because my wife had died two years ago. The dream is of my wife twenty-years-younger, but I'm the age I am now. I'm still groggy from sleep, but the dream seems to continue in my mind, as I'm feeling intense pleasure in my groin. I run my hand under the covers wanting to stroke my cock. Wait, my cock is hard, and something is moving...


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Summertime seduction part 1

Summertime seduction Pt 1 It was the summer of 1986 & I had just finished my O’levels at the English international college in Marbella, Spain. My family had moved there 2 years earlier. Most people at the school were friends & knew each other regardless of what age or class they were in, so obviously I was friendly with my younger sisters friends most of which were 14 & craved the attention of the older boys. The school holidays had just begun & my sister’s friend Alesha was having a pool party at her place to which I was invited, it...


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I Had No Choice

I Had No Choice By EFon (This is a long story and has some build up, but I believe it’s worth it to really set the plot.) What am I going to do now? I’m stuck in a no win situation, and the stress is killing me. I never wanted a complicated life, but I’ve got one weather I like it or not. Strange thing is that while I know it’s wrong, I cannot help but love it anyway. Now I had some wild times in college, but while I still was young, I fell in love and married my college...


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Jake, Robby and a Surprise

I'll write more if you like it. Email me with comments/suggestions: [email protected] Jake Greenman sits in his music theory class, bored out of his mind and fiddling with a guitar to try and offset the anxious diffusion of young hormones throughout his toned, warm body. His brown hair, straight and thin in complexion, brushes lightly over his forehead and swoops back across his scalp, and he has to flip it back periodically. His guitar playing is a bit sporadic, his smooth, white fingers caress the fingerboard and glide superciliously up and down the sub-par guitar. He is around 5’8”, or so...


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. Smack, Smack two sharp slaps across his face cheeks caused his eyes to open and see the shape of his wife standing over him. “Hey maggot I am going to work don’t stay in that fucking bed all day; and make sure this place is cleaned up when I get back”. Her resentment for him had been at an all time low for a number of years now. Her money was keeping both of them as he had long since become unemployable. It had all been heavenly when they first met; she thought he was Mr, Wonderful. How he excited...


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Tender Love II

Introduction: To fully understand and appreciate this story please read Part I of Tender Love. Sorry it took so long for part 2, my Father passed away and I was distracted. The young Latino woman lay on top of my naked form with my rock hard dick still wedged between the lips of her pussy, as if I were a human dildo for her pleasure. I could feel her hot love juices beginning to cool as it dripped from the sides of my thighs. She rested from the powerful climax she had just experienced from rubbing her clit against my cock...


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