White whore on the slave plantation pt 1

White whore on the slave plantation pt 1

White whore on the slave plantation pt 1

Jessica was at a difficult age, a child with the blossoming body of a woman, a blue eyed pale skinned, blonde haired goddess/ child part latino part caucasian, she lived with her mother on the Carlos Menendez Plantation where James’s family had grown cotton for three generations.

James tried everything to please Jessica but it was useless, he believed she hated him, It wasn’t his fault that Jessica’s father died or that her mother had married his father.
James’ mother had died when he was sixteen when her carriage turned over, leaving him and his little sister Cassie, christened Katherine, and then his father married the recently widowed Maria Jessica’s mother only to have his throat cut by some negros he found stealing rum.

So at the age of twenty four James had the whole weight of being head of the household, a plantation owner and slave master thrust on his shoulders, and today Jessica had decided to torment James by accompanying him on his rounds of the plantation, riding beside him on her grey stallion as the negro overseer followed on his donkey and his two young bare chested barefoot negro runners ran behind ready to run messages if required.

They rode around until they came to the swimming hole on the edge of the slave village where his father had built spacious huts with iron roofs for the workers.

He stopped when he spotted some young slaves swimming. They were all naked, kids just having fun.

He reined in his horse, “You better look away," he laughed as he motioned to Jessica to come alongside.

“Why, I seen it all before," she said petulantly. “Anyway two of the boys look old enough to work,” she suggested.

James looked, they had tufts of pubic hair and their cocks were pretty well developed. “Hey why aren’t you negroes working!” Jessica shouted.

James agreed, “You boys, why aren’t you working?” he asked.

“We ain’t no slaves,” the older one insisted, “We’re just kids.”

“They ain’t no kids,” Jessica tittered, “That one’s hung like a donkey!”

“Jessica, please!" James snapped outraged, “Have some decorum, Jessica,” James said quietly, “Let them decide when they’re men.”

“Like when they start fucksing?” she said.

“When they start fucking." James agreed.

“So why do they decide when to start sex and I have to be a virgin till I get wed?" Jessica demanded.

“You’re not a slave,” James said.

“So they get more freedom than I?” she taunted.

“No, but its different,” James explained.

“So they can go skinny dipping when they want and I can’t never even swim at all?” Jessica snapped.

“Yes, that’s the way it is,” James agreed.

“Well it’s not fair, I want to go for a swim!” Jessica declared.

“And I expect they want to sleep on a feather mattress and ride a horse but that’s not the way things are,” he pointed out.

“I don’t see why I can go swimming,” Jessica insisted.

“Because a white girl swimming would arouse them and maybe you would be raped,” James explained.

“That’s crazy, you just don’t want me to have any fun, I want to go swimming, I want to get bare like the negros and go swimming like a slave because the way I see it they are freer than I am!” Jessica railed angrily.

“Why,” James agreed, “Don’t you just ignore me and do just do the hell what you want.”

“Fine, then I’ll go skinny dipping,” she said provocatively.

“Sure,” James agreed, “If you want to act like a negro you go right ahead.”

“I will,” Jessica taunted.

“No problem,” James agreed, “Just as long as you understand if you behave like a negro slave you get treated like a negro slave.”

“Sure, right.” Jessica snapped, and she swung down from her horse.

James just sat watching, “Go ahead if that’s what you want.”

Jessica loosened her left glove and slipped it from her hand, then she pulled off the right glove revealing her alabaster like pale white hand.

“Very impressive,” James sighed as Jessica slipped off her wide flower patterned cream skirt, “Do what you like,” he said as he caught Jessica’s horse by the reins to stop it wandering off.

Jessica slipped off her cream jacket and stared at James, taunting him.

He stared back impassively and shook his head.

Jessica undid her stockings from their tapes and slid them down her legs to her black ankle boots which she laboriously unlaced while waiting for James to step forward and stop her.

The negro children stared from the swimming hole, the overseer stared, the runners stared and Jessica waited for James to climb off his horse and drag her away, but he just stared at her with an air of exasperation.

Jessica only wanted to make James react but now she actually thought about taking a swim, maybe she could rub up against one of the fit negro boys, feel his smooth ebony skin against hers, her mother would never forgive James if she kissed a negro and the thought amused her greatly.

James merely watched silently as she removed her boots and stockings and then made her way towards the water hole in her petticoats, undershirt and corsets, and, of course her wide brimmed hat, “I’ll swim,” she threatened and she shook her head sending her long blonde hair cascading around her shoulders.

“Fine,” James agreed and he turned to a runner, “Get Sheriff Logan, meet us at the South gate soon as he can,” he suggested as he could see trouble coming.

Jessica stepped off the bank and into the water, it came to her knees.

“I will,” she said, as she peeled off her undershirt and dropped it in the water, “Hey you!” she said to the watching negro boys, “Help unlace my corset,” she said as she threw her wide brimmed hat on the side of the swimming hole.

James just watched, the boys looked at each other and then at James, James just shrugged, so they waded across to Jessica and started to undo her laces, long looping laces across the back of the corset until she could slip it up over her head.

“I’ll get naked,” she said as she stood there bare breasted.

“Sure, you know the deal,” James reminded her, “You want to act like a negro slave then that’s fine.”

“See,” she said as the water reached her waist and she pulled off her underskirt, “Naked!”

“Sure,” he agreed, “I see.”

She stepped further away from the bank into deeper water, “I’ll swim,” she insisted.

James sighed, “Do what the hell you want,” he said.

She stepped further and suddenly there was no bottom to the pond, “Help!” she gasped as she slipped beneath the water, but in a flurry of black flesh two negro boys grabbed her and dragged her to shallow water.

“Help!” she repeated.

“You’re doing fine,” James suggested.

“Get off!” Jessica cried as the negro’s hand stole to her golden down covered pubes.

“Get them off me!” Jessica cried theatrically.

The boy looked James in the eye as he drove his finger firmly up aginst Jessica’s tight virgin cunt.

James could see the distorted image through the water as the other negro grasped Jessica from behind and started playing with her tits.

“Nooo,” Jessica gasped but something inside her was churning, melting, oozing and suddenly her muscles relaxed involuntarily and the finger was inside her exploring, tearing, “Noooo,” she gasped again.

The second negro behind her now aimed his small but rock hard cock at her now sopping cunt and as his friend guided it within her soft pussy lips he thrust his hips to force it inside her, “Noooo,” she wailed but after a brief flash of pain the sensations were exquisite and she was in heaven.

The world stopped except her heartbeat and his heartbeat and the sunshine and the second negro who was now sucking her left breast as the other twiddled with her right nipple.

Her clit filled the whole of her mind with unaccustomed pleasures as the negro boy humped her and then quite suddenly a jet of love piss quenched her fires.

“You, Zanu, pick up those rags,” James said to the runner, “Thomas, rope them, they are old enough for work,” he said to the overseer.

“The boys Mister James?” he asked awkwardly.

“And the girl, seems she wants to be treated like a slave.” James replied.

“You sure Mister James?” the overseer asked.

“No but there’s no other way to control her,” he laughed, “Tie their hands and rope them together, just put the underskirt on her and let the boys put their pants on.”

The boys looked real sheepish, “Old enough to sex old enough to work,” James said, “Now Thomas is going to rope you so no funny business.”

“You can’t do this!” Jessica complained but Zanu collected up Jessica’s clothes as Thomas manhandled the boys from the swimming hole and roped their wrists behind them.

The boys stood dripping and grinning, “Maybe we is growed up,” they agreed and laughed.

Jessica stayed in the water, embarrassed now she kept the water above her waist.

“Zanu, get her out of there,” James ordered.

“With a stick Master?” he asked awkwardly.

“Stick whip, hell you can use an iron bar if you can find one!” James laughed.

“We never used no stick on no white uns afore,” Zanu said, “You sure its all right Master?”

“Get her out of there and get her roped,” James insisted, “Cause that there is Carlos Menendez’s first white slave.”

“Fine joke’s over,” Jessica said, “Clothes please.”

“Wear the underskirt so we can see your tits,” James said, “Until we get you an apron so we can see your ass brand.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she snapped but Zanu had her backed up against the bank and Thomas gripped her arms and soon had her wrists roped securely.

The south gate was a few hundred yards from the slave village, Thomas put a rope around the boys necks and around Jessica’s so they was all in a line and he led them off towards the gate followed by Zanu leading Jessica’s horse and James followed behind.

The south gate had a big arch and a gatehouse, barbed wire taller than a man encircled the plantation and the south gate was the only full time way in and out so there was a gatehouse where the overseer lived to one side and a workyard for the blacksmith on the other.

Thomas took Jessica and the negros inside the gatehouse. It caused quite a stir, “Lordy strike me down but they got some white slave ho and it looks mightily like Miss Jessica!”
Muriel, Thomas’s woman said to her friend Lucy-May.

“Oh Lordy that is Miss Jessica, Master James must a flipped his lid!” Lucy May replied.

Sheriff Albert Logan rolled up in his white wagon pulled by four matching white horses about an hour after James arrived.

Jessica had tried hard to fight the boys off but a quarter of an hour before the sheriff arrived Barny had managed to get her on her back and shoved his cock in her snatch while his friend Zach had held her down, so both boys had screwed her.

Sheriff Logan was not amused, “What is it this time Mister Braithwaite?” he asked sarcastically.

“Couple of slaves to induct Sheriff, two negros and a white bitch,” James informed him.

“White slaves, we don’t have no white slaves,” Logan exclaimed.

“Well I read slavery and property law at Princetown,” James reminded him, “And there ain’t a single reference to colour or race or any such thing.”

“So?” Logan asked.

“I’m giving these young uns a choice,” James explained, “They can take my iron collar and be looked after or take their chance in the big wide world.”

Thomas fetched Zach and Barny and Jessica followed at rope’s length.

“Zacharius and Barabus and Jessica Cavendish - Braithwaite,” James introduced them to Sheriff Logan.

“They raped me!” Jessica exclaimed when she saw the Sheriff.

“Now hold on!” Logan exclaimed, “What in the hell is this?”

“She’s just put out,” James replied, “Look she’s my ward so the offence of rape is against me not her and if these boys play ball then everything is fine.”

“Right,” Logan asked, “How so?”

“They’re my slaves if they accept me as master, then that’s fine, the rule is there is no rape at Carlos Menendez, any slave can sex any other slave and that’s that. Of course if they don’t accept me as master then they raped Jessica, and that’s a hanging offence.”

The boys looked at each other, “You want freedom?” Logan asked.

“No sir, we been thinking and we like it here just fine,” they replied nervously.

“Then give them a collar overseer and take them to the blacksmith,” Logan said firmly.

Thomas untied the ropes and led the boys away.

He turned to Jessica, “And you?” he asked.

James spoke sternly, “Do you want to take your chances barefoot and bare chested in the big world?” he asked, “Maybe you could make it to the whorehouse before you are raped and killed, eaten by a croc maybe, or maybe not. Otherwise you can take my collar, get fed, sexed, looked after, protected, what do you say?”

“This has gone far enough!” Jessica protested, “Get Mamma!”

“Don’t you dare speak to me like that you whore!” James snapped, “I gave you every chance, but you had to be a bitch, now you lost your virginity, hell you’re probably well on the way to popping out a half breed and having you dead don’t appeal so as your guardian I order you collared.”

“You can’t!” Jessica cried.

“He sure can, you want her locked up for whoring without a license?” Logan asked.

“No, but you better give her a license anyway,” James replied thoughtfully.

They had to drag Jessica to the Blacksmith’s shop, Brian Borru a big brawny white Irishman was wielding a big sledge hammer and he flattened the red hot rivet through the boys collar, as he cowered in complete shock.

“No! Please!” Jessica pleaded but as soon as the boy was finished they pulled Jessica in.

“Please don’t collar me like that,” Jessica pleaded, “I’ll do anything.”

“That’s the general idea,” James laughed, “And that’s why whores are collared and have wrist and ankle rings as well.”

“No!” she pleaded.

“Brian ain’t killed no one yet, Miss,” Thomas reassured her, “Maimed a few but.”

“All right,” James sighed, “Watch out, she’ll burn easy,” James advised, “Plenty of water.”

Jessica fainted as they laid her beside the anvil. She never felt the heat of the red hot rivet of the swish of the sledge hammer passing her ear, nor the feel of the leg and wrist irons as they were riveted in their turn, but finally it was done.

Sheriff Logan checked out the irons, sometimes slaves made the rivet holes too big and the rivets pinged out but this was a sound job so he signed the register, “Just the branding.” he added.

The boys looked at each other, “Didn’t I say?” James asked, “Forehead I think,” he added.

“No way!” they protested but they were collared now and Brian expertly welded the new date to the brand and heated it to cherry red.

“Now hold still or I’ll burn a hole in your brain!” Brian warned as they brought the boys to the hearth, he pushed the brand into the fire and when it was cherry red he whipped it out and touched it lightly against Zach’s forehead, he screamed as his flesh burned and promptly fainted, “Hot damn I got rthe six around the wrong way,” Brian swore, “And the next”

Next it was Barny’s turn, again the red hot brand again the sizzle and smell of burned flesh but Barny merely screamed.

Then it was Jessica’s turn, “Forehead boss?” Brian asked.

James thought a while. “No, on her ass where folks can see it.”

They held Jessica down while they did it her ass flesh sizzled and burned but the brand was only brown hot so as not to destroy her soft white skin but she still passed out.

“Right, I shall see you good people tomorrow,” James declared, “Send her to the village when you finish, I’m sure you will find some way in which she may amuse you.”

James wondered what to do with Jessica now she was a slave, should she be kept at the main house as a house whore and fucked by visitors and friends and himself, as happened to many attractive and / or well built young slave girls, or should she pick cotton, or be kept chained up as a piss drinking village whore for visiting slaves to use as a cum dump.

He rather liked the last idea.

To be continued.

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