Panties [Chapter 1]

Panties [Chapter 1]

This story was originally written by scotsmitch2001 for me and I took his base idea and modified and expanded it into this story here.


The Panties

Chapter 1: Nick's Delimma
(Nick ventures into Jaclyn's room)

Nick lay back on the bed and sighed. When Monica said she was only going to be 10 minutes to freshen up, he knew it would be longer. She had asked him to come over and pick her up so they could go out for lunch.

Of course, she wasn't ready yet, she had to ‘freshen up.’

He looked around her room, delighted at how feminine it was. As a guy he couldn't quite understand the need for all the bright pastel colors, frilly decorations and girly nick-knacks.

He stood up and walked around her bed, letting his hands touch and explore the clothes strewn about.

He stepped out into the hallway and looked down towards the bathroom, listening to the sounds of the shower; he realized he would still be waiting for a while, again. He sighed and decided to head down to the kitchen for something to drink, making his way along the hallway.

As he passed the bathroom he knocked on the door and questioned Monica, “So how much longer are you going to be?”

“Not too much longer,” she replied, “I’m almost done.”

He grinned and nodded to himself, heading back down the hall, passing a half open door and glancing inside for a moment, “Jaclyn’s room,” he thought to himself.

He pushed the door further open and took a single step inside, letting his curiosity get the best of him. He didn’t know Monica’s sister all that well but he thought she was definitely growing into a gorgeous young woman. “If only she was a little older,” he thought to himself, fully entering the younger girl’s room and glancing around.

Obviously a girl’s room; white comforter, stuffed animals strewn over the bed, the scent of perfume, body spray and lotion lingering in the air.

He noticed a very large mirror on the far wall and walked over in front of it, realizing they were actually her sliding closet doors. He looked at himself in the mirror and flexed his arms a bit, laughing to himself.

He turned around and scanned the room. Not knowing where the thought came from, he began imagining her in her underwear. As he stood with the mirror now behind him he thought maybe that’s what Jaclyn did at night before climbing into bed. Possibly she stands in front of her mirror admiring her tanned and fit figure while running her hands over her soft skin.

Nick stepped over to the dresser next to the bed and pulled the top drawer out, curiously peeking inside. He noticed it happened to be her panty drawer, which were neatly folding and sorted by their types. He slid his hand inside the drawer, moving it around the various pairs of undergarments in the drawer, feeling all the different fabrics between his fingers. When his hands reached a soft, slippery pair he rubbed the fabric between his thumb and index finger, savoring the silky feel of her panties.

He pulled that pair from the drawer and on impulse raised the soft fabric to his face and pressed it against his nose, inhaling the sweet smell of a young woman’s clean panties. He felt a stirring in his pants and an immediate pressure against the front of his jeans; caused by his actions with the girl’s panties.

He dropped the pink satin bikini panties he had pulled from her drawer onto Jaclyn’s bed and quickly made his way to the bedroom door. He stuck his head out and listened carefully; Monica was still busy in the shower.

Furtively he rushed back to the bed; unbuttoning then unzipping his jeans, slipping them down to his knees along with the shorts underneath. Feeling his cock spring out into the open he groaned softly and sat down on Monica’s little sister’s bed.

He glanced over to her dresser, taking a close look at the framed pictures of Jaclyn, staring briefly admiring what he could see of her in the photos. He noticed Monica in a few of them and quickly pictured her amazing petite body naked in his mind. As his imagination ventured beyond what he knew from memory, he reached down and grasped the pair of Jaclyn’s panties on the bed near him and placed them over his cock; which now stood at full attention.

“This is so wrong,” he thought to himself as he slowly began sliding the silky material of the teenager’s panties over his throbbing penis. As the fabric caressed his cock he took a deep breath and leaned back to reel in all the intense feelings coursing through him at that moment.

He was trying to control himself but found it practically impossible to do so at this point. His breathing begun to increase in pace and his mind flowed with images of the two gorgeous sisters in all their beauty; he pictured them standing on either side of the bed completely naked and smiling at him.

He could no longer control the images that flooded his imagination. Memories of Monica on her hands and knees waiting for him, switching that image by putting Jaclyn in Monica’s place, imagining Jaclyn waiting for him on her hands and knees completely naked.

Nick was gently stroking the pink fabric up and down his stiff cock as images of the two beautiful women danced through his imagination. He stopped stroking and just squeezed the head of his member in a pulsating sensation through the shiny pink panties.

It was all too much for him at that moment and he took a deep breath, feeling it all coursing through him he clutched the cotton lined gusset of the panties over the head of his cock as his orgasm took control. He could feel his shaft pulsing and pumping out his cum into her soft panties as he held the fabric firmly in place over the top of his cock, allowing it to receive his entire load.

After emptying himself into her panties he leaned back against her pillows, relaxing and trying to regain his senses, breathing heavily.

As Nick started to recompose himself he realized what he’d done. He snapped up and sat upright on the bed, pulling the panties from his softening cock and set them on the bed for a second. He quickly grabbed the waistband of his jeans and the shorts underneath and pulled the up, buttoning and zipping them up.

Suddenly he caught the sound of the shower being shut off, he panicked. Grabbing Jac’s panties and folding them back up, he couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Should he toss them in the hamper, “No, she might notice they’d been tampered with,” should he stuff them in his pocket and keep them, “no, Monica would surely notice the wet spot that would develop on the outside,” should he put them back, “yes, that’s the best option,” he thought to himself.

He stood over the dresser and quickly shoved the cummy panties under a pile in the drawer. Unfortunately for Nick he didn’t realize how neatly organized she kept her underwear and hid them in the wrong place.

Just as he got the dresser drawer closed the door to Jaclyn’s room slowly opened and Monica stood in the doorway; her sexy body concealed only by a single towel.

Transfixed by his best friend’s beauty and almost naked body, Nick failed to realize the ramifications of her finding him alone in her little sister’s room. He felt his pants stir momentarily until Monica’s voice snapped him back to reality. “Nick, what are you doing in here?” She questioned him.

Struggling to find an adequate explanation as to how and why he ended up in Jaclyn’s room. He stumbled slightly over his own tongue, thinking about Monica’s little dog, “I saw Riley run in here and I wanted to say hi to her,” he managed to spit out.

“Well you can see her later, come help me figure out what to wear,” Monica uttered while grabbing Nick by his wrist and pulling him out of her sister’s room.

Nick couldn’t help but think what he’d just done. He started to feel guilty about invading Jaclyn’s privacy like that; doing something so perverted with her panties no less. The thought began to arouse him again as he felt Monica’s small hand around his wrist. He looked back in front of him and thought that if Monica’s towel was any shorter her big butt cheeks would be exposed.

He thought about what would happen if Jaclyn found out; how would Monica react if she knew that he defiled her little sister’s intimate clothing? “I’ll deal with that if it happens,” he thought to himself as he admired the sight of Monica dropping her towel.

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