India is a beautiful country. It was more so when the east India Company ruled its coast on all three sides. I was a small kid way back then, maybe ten or so. Calcutta was a bustling city, and was important by way of trade.
now Calcutta is infamous for the mighty monsoons. it rains almost daily at noon.
it was one wet rainy afternoon in Calcutta where our story begins.
due to the rains I had been devoting much of my time looking out of the window.
little drops of rain played an unusual music over the tin slant above me.i remember collecting those drops on my little palms.
on the street the office babus had crowded the tea stall holding steaming glasses of watery tea. the hawker had found solace under the gulmohur tree, much to my amusement he was all wet.
somewhere faraway I could see tiny figures of the urchins simmering in the rain water naked.
and from that far end of the street I could see maya coming.
maya was our maid, and she wasn’t beautiful at all. well she was all filled up however, and had huge hips that were draped in green sari(an Indian clothing item).the sari had ribboned over her waist and clung like a serpent. I could see her wobbly stomach surrounded by crowds of droplets that snaked their way down after soaking her ample bosom. her nonchalant sway,unwary of the hungry babus and their gaping mouths was an indication maya was used to beind feasted on the streets. well for me maya was a caring
keeper who took good care of wonder I loved her so much.
I continued watching the streets and the people when the door bell rang.
maya rushed in cursing the rains, her husband, the babus, the urchins and everything she could think of.
I ran towards her and she held me in her arms and kissed me.
“baba u been playing in rain…not good” she scolded me.
“but maya iam not wet” I defended my self.
“oy u must be baba… see your hair and arms”.
ok lets get you dry now baba………………..
Maya brought the towel upon me like a hail storm on a window pane.
She rubbed and scrubbed till I was red on my ears and arms. When she had done with it and her arms ached she stood akimbo looking down upon me like a darkened cloud ready to pour. “Baba I say u change your clothes right now”.
“Well no….I” I stammered.
I was taken by the arm and dragged to the adjoining room , Maya then peeled away my shirt and pants as she had always done.
she scrubbed my head and my hands and then my legs. I was grumpy as usual until she came upon rubbing my little ding dong!. ahh that felt so good I was overcome by my shy erection that stood up like a little knight ready to battle the mighty serpents.
Maya laughed at my red face and gave a keen look upon my popsickle.
She giggled so much it hurt my undercooked ego. Ah that was embarrassing.
the room was dark and the mighty shroud of the grumbling skies had begun to pour even more.after I dressed I was asked to leave as maya had begun to feel the need to stay dry too. Hastily, I left the room wanting to eat something. However I wanted to tell Maya I needed roshgullas.(cheese dumplings poured in sugar). And hot tea.
I rolled the door away from me slowly and found Mayas back turned toward me.
Her back was bare and reflecting tiny photons unto my tiny eyes.
maya bent to unwrap her sari from her waist and slowly she managed to scrape it down so that her buttock line began to show…….
as she peeled the green cloth away from her a new deeper chasm of her dark black buttocks was uncovered.sooner than id supposed it to be maya was naked.she was shiny and round.her big buttocks were curvy and gaze fixed on that single dark chasm were her two massive chunks of bums collided. that thin line wher I could poke my little ding dong into!
I had never seen a woman’s backside naked. for me maya had awakened a desire and curiosity I knew not existed in me.
I couldn’t sleep that night. images of her haunted me.i could see her sitting naked on a wooden stool and bathing. she had soap in her hands and was grazing the smooth soap on to her shiny fat deposits of breasts. the water was pouring all over her naked body.
I knew something was definitely wrong with me then.
days passed and so did the monsoons. I grew fonder of Maya .I liked it when Maya was around.while maya was unaware I had secretly begun to like her.
one hot afternoon while everyone was away from home except maya that had been asked to stay with me ,we decided to go out and sit under the gulmohur tree.the red flower and cool shade felt soothing . maya and I sat on the grassy patch of earth surrounded by hedges of summer flowers and evergreen plants. Maya rested her elbows on her lap and her chin on her palms.that made her lean a little earthward,exposing her rounded bosom that was urging to burst from her tight choli.
maya caught my gaze and chastely returned to her upright posture.
after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence maya began..
“baba u stay away from basantis kids”
“why” I inquired.”
“well baba basanti not good woman. she come to your mother daily at noon.”
“so what”
“oh baba u don’t know… “her voice turned to whispers.
“she opens up your mamas salwar and licks her hair”
“maya why does she do that?”
“baba I don’t know and even I wonder why”
“tell me more maya”
“yesterday noon when sahib go out to town…she come in slowly….and then baba she come in to madams room.”
“then how come you saw it maya”
“oh baba I climbed the large stool to peep over the raushandan(ventilator).”

The wind began to sway the leaves of the gulmohur and our voices dropped to hushes.
“ooohh baba I saw basanti open up the salwar(lower with elastic or string as a belt).
she lowerd it on the floor and your mama stooped to the floor.”
“no maya ur lying “ I said.
“hush now, basanti spread the buttocks of madam and sniffed like a squirrel,I don’t know but she seemed mad to me.your mama seemed to be liking it. then your mama did the same to her and later she stuck her finger into her butthole”
my mouth was dry now.
“they both sniffed each other fingers and seemed to like it.
after that the both disrobed and played each other milky banks”
“what are milky banks maya………….?”
“ha ha h a baba u really want to see them?”
“no ….” I stammered. resting my gaze on the butterflies.
“baba have u seen a woman boobs”
taken aback by Mayas question I transfixed my eyes to the ground.
“oh come on baba” Maya coaxed me .
“Maya we should just go home” the child in me was terrified.
“baba do you get an erection when I tell u my story”
“Maya…………” I was indeed shaky then.
Maya grabbed the space in between my legs and squeezed what ever she thought she had in her hand.
I squirmed in pleasure.
“baba’she whispered
“You are erect!”
I had no control over me by then.
Maya slid her strong hand from the sides of my short pants and began searching for my ding dong.
it made me uneasy and I began fidgeting.
When she had a comfortable grip over my erection she stroked it at leisure.
I kept staring at the ground, unable to look Maya in the eye.
“Ok baba u seem to like it” she teased me.
“Ok baba here give me your hand” and she held my hand
she led my hand under her sari.
at first it felt like my hand was cruising an endless ocean of her soft silky cloth.
layers after layers of cloth passed until it began getting warmer and my hand began feeling the thinning of the cloth.
at last my hand felt something it had never touched before.
the back of my palm rested on a warm and soft skin tissue whose physical form I could only imagine.
there was an abundance of soft hair and everything was moist.
it felt like I had touched the eye of a fowl unknowingly!
maya guided my hand even further until It had rested upon the soft silky mound of flesh that was oozing with a sticky fluid.
maya urged me to spread my web of a hand and explore.
she rested upon the support of her strong hands while she began to slip to the ground.
I floated my fingers on her flesh while maya squirmed in pleasure. our breaths were heavy and deep.
the sun was shining brightly above us and Maya kept panting and lifting her heavy bosom into the air.
“oh baba come with me” she commanded.
we got up an tidied ourselves .Maya brushed away the grass from my behind without dusting herself. without a dime of fear she led us to the shed where our milch cows were housed. the shed had a wooden door ,a quarter of which was no more. And the remaining portion too was riddled with holes and minor cracks.
she closed the door and bolted it with the rusty latch.
I never said a thing.
there was the fear of being caught .the mali(Gardner) usually came to sleep in the shed at noon .But today he was nowhere in sight.
“baba you want to see my vagina” her voice was barely audible.
she slowly lifted her saari from her ankles like a bathing towel and pinned it under her chin. the spear like rays of the sun filtering from the shed door fell upon her thighs.
the enlightened area opened up for me to see what gifts Maya was offering.
she pointed to the fleshy mound while holding the sari under her chin.
I touched where she pointed. The pubic hair was clinging onto her flesh and looked like a trampled wheat farm.
Like a plough my fingers kneaded her soft skin. My nimble fingers felt the pubic silk softly. It fascinated me how a woman could grow hair in that region. I wondered if she had tiny black hair on her nipples and butt hole.
I let my fingers return from their adventure to their master.
“What baba! Maya “said repulsed.
“Here let me show you the taste of the tanpura(pumpkin)”.
Maya undid the knot of her sari and it dropped to the ground.
She slowly turned revealing her back towards me and bent slightly.
Lo and behold… I was gazing at the biggest buttocks I had seen in a woman.
her strong hands pulled apart her butt cheeks to reveal a walnut shaped vagina. However there was that tiny little hole, just about the size of a large chewed bubblegum sleeping above that walnut of her vagina. That sinister looking space was dark beyond recognition. I could make out tiny hair growth, sparse yet appealing.
“baba feel me there” it was a request that tore through my conscience. I hovered my middle finger just above that tiny butt hole and readied to feel what lay forth for my plundering .”Stop” it was a command.
“What Maya. ?” I whispered
baba please spit on that finger. I eagerly spat on it.
Well the way was easier then.. I slowly landed on the hole surface with a soft silent skid.
Then with a soft plop my finger invaded the first resistance offered by her hole with ease.
The tunnel was warm and I edged further till a faint moan escaped the lips of my trembling Maya who still held her butt cheeks strongly in her hands.
Maya began pushing her heaving buttocks over my finger. This was more than I could stand and I stretched my finger deep into her. maya shrieked and rested her hands and knees to the ground. “Oh baba what u done to me”
Horrified I pulled my finger away as Maya lay on the floor visibly In deep agony.
“iam sorry Maya?” I was afraid.
Maya lay like a cow who has freshly delivered a calf.
From where I stood Mayas bare buttocks were kissing the grassy barn floor while she rested with her back towards me. her breast completely covered. “baba sit beside me”
I sat beside her . “baba u smell your fingers. now!.
I did so and it felt like my own stinky butt when I tried smelling it at nights in my bed, only it was far stronger here. Then Maya smelled from it and took several sniffs before slurping away the syrup stuck on my finger.
“baba take off your pants” Maya was requesting now.
I took off may pants and she held my little penis in her hands.
I cant say if instincts overtook me but I lay behind Maya overwhelming her.
my arms garlanded her waist . My little ding dong then stuck up her huge dark buttocks.
it felt a little funny as I was no match for the mighty Maya. However as I said my instincts made my push into mayasarse. I found that resting place for my dingdong. I followed the path my fingers had made and begun pushing in.
Maya lay defeated neither moaning nor making any sounds. but she was enjoying it. her hands webbed to the ground making preparations for my ever increasing thrusts. the push became stronger and felt a strong force erupting in me. What seemed like an urge to piss transformed into an uncontrollable eruption. My little innocent mind made me believed I had pissed in side may and I lay there trying to suck in back the fluid I had spewed.
I shyly pulled away my stick shame from behind Maya leaving behind a trail of white sticky fluid. “Holy god” I thought
“What have I done to Maya?”
Maya got up and wiped the cum from her sari and asked me to wipe her arse clean.
We both then hurried out of the barn.
NOTE. it did not end between Maya and me and we had many more trysts.
I understood what Cumming was. Maya and I shared many clandestine afternoons thereafter.

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