Jake, Robby and a Surprise

Jake, Robby and a Surprise

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Jake Greenman sits in his music theory class, bored out of his mind and fiddling with a guitar to try and offset the anxious diffusion of young hormones throughout his toned, warm body. His brown hair, straight and thin in complexion, brushes lightly over his forehead and swoops back across his scalp, and he has to flip it back periodically. His guitar playing is a bit sporadic, his smooth, white fingers caress the fingerboard and glide superciliously up and down the sub-par guitar. He is around 5’8”, or so, and has a filled out body with an evidently firm butt that protrudes out and milky white skin housing ample thick muscles. He’s sitting on the round table in the middle of the room, his yellow and black mesh athletic shorts hanging down and sliding up so the top of his thighs are visible for a few inches before the shorts regain their cloaking dominance. His legs are similar to his arms, except predictably hairier, just the right amount for a sophomore boy. His thighs, after a few inches, are pretty bare, signifying that he’s not yet a man, but his developing body is in its later stages. His beaten down Nike sneakers are almost falling off, and his body sways in rhythm with the heavy blues he’s playing.
As he jams out, his friend Robby Kaplan listens, sitting on a stool a few feet away, across from Jake. Jake’s ebullient demeanor relaxes Robby, although he’s an atypically relaxed kid for a high-school sophomore. He feels comfortable, and runs his long and bony fingers through his short spiky hair, pausing for a moment to examine his naturally tan skin and almost hairless, yet sculpted arms. Robby’s around 5’11, but because he’s sitting on the chair and Jake on the table Jake towers over Robby’s slender figure. Robby’s tan legs, enveloped in a pair of thin and tight cargo shorts, are crossed at the ankles, and they are significantly hairier and tanner than Jakes’. Robby is wearing a gray t-shirt, which almost obscures his often subdued sex appeal, which manifests itself in the form of his hip musician’s look. He picks up a bass guitar and complements Jake’s aggressive blues playing, with a detached look on his serious facade and the thumping of the bass reverberating throughout his body. “Hey Jake, play that in E, we can practice the blues we’re supposed to learn for guitar club.” Jake looks down at Robby as he speaks, bouncing his body up and down as he keeps playing, a nonstop burst of youthful energy. “Got it Robby, Robby, dum dum dum, Robby, Robby.” Jake sings his friend’s name out, his hyped up body convulsing slightly. Robby smiles at Jake and turns the riff around, still complimenting his friend’s playing but letting his bass reverberate a bit longer in the quiet classroom.
Jake stops after a couple minutes and lets the guitar rest against the wall, and itches his left leg with his left hand as he talks to Robby. “Dude, I really think I’m screwed for the chemistry thing tomorrow, I don’t even know what it’s on man, fuckkkkkkkkkk.” He lets his last word drag out while stretching his creamy arms over his head and rubbing his biceps. Robby smiles, his friend often freaks out and blows things out of proportion. “Is this last period Jake? You can come over after school and we’ll study, Max and I went over the stuff yesterday, it isn’t too bad.” Jake looks a bit relieved, and stands up to stretch his legs out. “Yeah this is last period, and thanks brooooo, we can leave in a few minutes, I need to take a piss first.” Jake scampers out of the room and into the bathroom to go pee as Robby puts down his bass and begins to pack up. He’s not nervous about Jake coming over, they hang out all the time, but there’s something quivering in the back of his mind, some apprehension about his friend being in his room and exploring his stuff. Robby shrugged it off, “it’s my best friend Jake” he thinks, feeling a bit better but still anxious about being close to Jake when his parents aren’t home. These feelings don’t reveal themselves in his demeanor, he appears as outwardly sagacious as ever.
Jake comes to the door and motions for Robby to follow him outside. Robby complies, grabbing his messenger bag and swinging it over his slender but defined chest. He walks outside the door and the two boys walk toward the exit of the school. Jake says goodbye and hugs a couple of pretty girls in short shorts, and Robby just nods at all of them, smiling mysteriously. They burst through the swinging doors like Ulysses on the Aegean, and Jake’s confident and swaggering body leads the way through the crowds of chattering kids. Once they bypass this and start walking toward Robby’s apartment, around 10 blocks away, they start talking again. Robby is an honest kid, even if he is a bit reserved, and he trusts Jake, so he asks with trepidation, “hey Jake, have you ever been with that Sara girl? It’s totally cool if you have been, I just think she’s, she’s where it’s at man.” Robby blushes slightly and avoids Jake’s eyes. Jake chuckles and responds, “well Robby if it makes you feel better I’ve never been with her, even though Max has, and you’re fucking right, she’s banging!” Jake laughs and simulates thrusting motions with his hips. Robby laughs but is still a bit embarrassed, but chooses to let it slide for now, after all there’s no sense in him telling Jake that he thinks about Sara quite a bit, especially when he masturbates.
A few minutes later they arrive at Robby’s house. Jake is sweating mildly, a consequence of his early morning basketball practice. They go upstairs and Robby opens the door, tossing his shoes off and walking into his room and dropping his book bag on the floor by the closet. Jake follows his lead, talking as they walk to the bedroom. “Dude I’m beat from basketball, I wish I could shower right now. Your parents aren’t home?” Jake inquires, and Robby thinks to himself that it might be kind of cool to have his friend shower at his house, not in a weird sense or anything, it would probably just make them even closer friends. “Dude if you need a shower take one, I can lend you some clothes if you need them. And nah they’re not, both working. You want a drink man?” Robby walks out toward the kitchen, leaving Jake in his room, and Jake calls out a bit louder as Robby’s silhouette arcs around the corner hallway, “Really dude? You don’t mind? Dude I need like, a full change of stuff, you sure that’s cool? And yeah, get me some vodka bitch!” Jake laughs at this, and he’s only half-kidding. Robby shouts back “if you want some take it man, we have like 10 bottles of it. And I don’t care, take some stuff from my closet.” Robby sort of likes the idea of Jake wearing his clothes, and he wonders if they would even fit him.
Jake walks back into the bedroom with a red cup of orange juice that looks suspiciously watered-down. Robby looks at the cup and smiles slyly at his friend and sits down on his desk chair. “So you wanted to shower? Here, take some clothes.” Robby stands up and walks to his closet, and pulls out a t-shirt, some athletic shorts, and asks Jake, “you need boxers too man?” Jake chugs his drink before responding, and burps and says “yeah dude, these are fucking sweaty and halfway up my crack!” Robby lets out a mock sound of disgust and pulls a pair of Quiksilver boxers from his drawers. He hands the pile of clothes to Jake and says “shower’s all yours buddy, don’t get too many white stains on my walls.” He laughs and Jake puts the glass down and lightly hits Robby’s shoulder. “Shut up Robby, I’ll fucking repaint the bathroom if I want too!” He smiles and shuts the bathroom door behind him, leaving Robby alone in his room.
Robby laughs, he knows Jake’s overblown personality well, and knows that much of what he says is silly male-posturing and bravado. Nevertheless, he finds it curiously right to be joking with Jake about sexual things. Robby rubs his long and thin fingers together, a bit bored, and horny too, wishing he could squeeze in a quick jerk before Jake was done. “Hey Jake,” Robby raps against the bathroom door to get his friend’s attention, “how about you paint the bathroom and I’ll take care of my stuff out here?” Robby’s voice quivers a bit, he’s nervous about asking this. The water is running in the bathroom and Jake shouts over it to be heard. “Chill Robby, I’ll be out in a minute anyway, I’m not actually going to bust one out in your shower dude.” Jake laughs and a minute later Robby hears the water shut off. The knob of the bathroom door turns, and Robby glances up from his position on the desk chair to see Jake walking out with just boxers on, holding his other clothes in his arms. He offers an explanation: “It’s hot in here and this shirt is too small.” Robby glances at Jake’s glistening body for a split second, but manages to snap out of it and motions toward his closet. Jake pulls on the shorts Robby lent him and procures another shirt from the pile. Now dressed, Jake plops down on Robby’s bed with his legs spread apart, “man I’m so bored, I don’t want to study for that test at all, and my hands are too sore to jam anymore.” Robby laughs, “well they’re probably not too sore for something else, you horndog.” Jake knows what he’s talking about and shoots Robby a dirty smirk from the bed. “Wow, look at this, Robby finally loosening up and talking some smack! Whatever dude, you’re the one that probably beats it to Sara every night.” Robby blushes profusely, and is unable to look Jake in the eyes. After a minute of Jake chuckling, Robby looks his friend in the eyes and says softly, “look, Jake, that’s probably true, I think about her all the time, don’t laugh at me man.”
Jake pauses after this, unsure of how to react. Robby is his best friend, but his baser instincts are to make fun of him first. “Really? I mean, really Robby? I had no idea you liked her man, I thought you just wanted to pound her. Do you want me to try and hook you guys up sometime? I mean, you have a chance with her, you’ve hooked up with Charlotte before, and they’re like best friends.” Robby finally looks back at Jake, still feeling quite awkward, and manages to grin sheepishly. “Um, well, eh, yeah, I like her a lot Jake, she’s so cute and pretty. I’d really appreciate it if you did that, I’d have no idea how to pay you back. And Jake, I still do want to pound her.” Robby smirks at this, and Jake nods back, knowing just how sexually appealing Sara’s curvaceous body is. Robby gets up from the chair and grabs his laptop, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Dude, I want to show you something. You know how Max went out with Sara for a bit? Well she sent him some, um, interesting, pictures.” Jake smirks, knowing what Robby is implying, and he scrambles over to where Robby is and peers over his shoulder.
Robby clicks a couple buttons and a picture of Sara, a stunning dark haired girl, appears on the screen. She’s not wearing a top or a bra, and she has a light blue thong on that barely covers her tight, virgin pussy. Robby scans through a couple pictures, one of Sara bending over, and another of her licking a lollipop. Jake’s eyes are transfixed on the screen, and after a minute he manages to speak. “Robby, I love Max right now, these pictures are so hot. Do you seriously jerk to these all the time? I don’t blame you dude.” Jake rubs his thighs over his shorts, getting pretty turned-on, and his smooth arms caress his muscular thighs as he stares at the screen. Robby looks at Jake as he speaks, knowing his friend is as turned on as he is. “Dude, she’s just, wow, every time I look at these I go crazy. And yeah, pretty much every night, I can send them to you so you can too man. Wow, how jealous are we of Max? He’s such a lucky asshole, I think she even blew him a couple times.” Robby moans as he says the word “blew,” the jealous seeping from his pores, and Jake laughs. Jake’s more open about this sort of thing generally, although Robby is surprisingly relaxed because he’s talking about his crush, which he doesn’t usually get to do so freely.
Jake leans back on the bed and Robby pulls his desk chair up to the foot of it, so Robby could be able to look up Jake’s shorts, if he was so inclined. Jake answers methodically for once, taking his time in selecting his words. “Well, I’m not jealous of him, I’ve gotten plenty of girls, although Sara looks pretty amazing in those pics dude. I never heard that rumor about her blowing him though, but if you say it it’s probably true. Hey Robby, is it just me or did looking at those fucking turn you on too?” Jake blushes a bit, but manages to regain his confident air. Robby laughs “Yeah, yeah, I’m horny Jake, but you are too, so whatever. I wonder how Max got her to do it. I heard a rumor about him being, you know, big down there. Maybe that was it? I don’t know, does a huge one really turn a girl on that much?” Robby blushes now, sex questions are okay with him, but asking his friend things about penises is too awkward for his nervous mind to handle without giggling.
Jake isn’t thrown off by Robby’s question, and rests his adorable hands on his thighs, looking for some excuse to play with himself as soon as possible, as he answers. “Dude, I don’t know about that, we’re on the tennis team together, and from what I’ve seen, his package is pretty much average.” Jake blushes as he says this, and feels compelled to add an addendum to justify his statement. “You know, because the team showers together and stuff, not because of weird shit. But yeah, I don’t know dude, I mean, mines obviously massive, but I don’t think girls care unless it’s really small or really big you know?” Robby laughs and puts his feet up on the bed, so they’re almost touching Jakes’. “Nah, I understand, really though? So then I guess it’s not because of that. Do you guys like, actually compare, in the locker rooms? Max is pretty cocky though, wouldn’t you expect him to be packing a big one? And shut up Jake, I don’t need to hear you brag about your...equipment.” Jake lets his feet slide out a bit more, so they’re only inches from Robby’s’. He likes the idea of being close to his friend. “Yeah man, we all shower together, it’s only natural that we compare. I mean, 20 naked guys, there’s bound to be some competition. And Max talks a big game, but it’s all talk. I remember the first time I saw his I laughed at him for being such a cocky bitch and having a normal sized tool. Me on the other hand...” Jake chuckles to himself and shoots Robby another slightly arrogant look. “Whatever Jake, whatever, at least I know Max is all talk, that makes me feel better, and you’re probably all talk too dude, your so cocky. But it’s okay, I’ll forgive you if you can hook me up with Sara and she helps me cum.” Robby laughs and Jake joins in, both boys reveling in the raw teenage sexuality they feel so comfortable in expressing.
At this point neither boy is consciously aware of their baser instincts, and aren’t inclined toward any sexual thoughts about the other. Granted, both of them conjured a mental picture of Max when they were talking about him, and Robby imagined Jake’s when he was bragging about it, but that’s about all. A flickering flame.
Jake decides he’s horny, and he has no problem broadcasting these feelings to his friend. “Trust me Robby, trust me, my cockiness is warranted, trust me. And no problem dude, it’s gonna happen, Robby’s gonna get some from Sara, Robby’s gonna get some from Sara!” Jake chides his friend slightly and keeps talking, “man, I’m so fucking horny, don’t you have any porn around here?” Robby is shocked and pleased at once, and he replies, “dude, I can’t wait, if it actually happens I’ll love you forever Jake. And um, porn? Um, well, you know, we have those pics of Sara, but why? It’s two guys here dude.” Jake smiles, and adjusts his shorts a little bit to accommodate his still soft penis. “It’ll happen Robby, see,” Jake shifts the computer so Robby can clearly see a picture of Sara bending over and licking a lollipop, “She’s going to make you jizz in her mouth man. And yeah, fuck it, I know you’re horny too, why don’t we jerk? Grab a pillow and hide your junk!” Jake takes a pillow from behind Robby’s bed and tosses it to him. He takes another pillow for himself and scrunches his legs up and places the pillow over his crotch. “This okay with you Robby?” Robby is nervous, but willing to follow his friends’ lead. It’s a queen size bed, and Robby jumps on the bed and lies next to Jake, about 5 feet away from him, both boys facing the open computer showing the same enticing picture of Sara.
Robby smiles at Jake, and begins to speak in short gasping sentences, “Dude, I’m so nervous, it’s not like I usually just jerk it with another guy next to me. Whatever, I’ll follow your lead, just don’t show me Little Jake alright?” Robby forces a grin onto his face, his heart racing with anticipation. Jake laughs, he’s unwilling to whip it out in front of Robby anyway, because he’s truly a bit insecure about the size of his penis. Jake’s hand slides under the pillow and presumably under his shorts as well. Robby remembers something and gives Jake a dirty look. “Dude, you’re wearing my shorts, don’t get them too messy or anything.” Jake laughs, “I’ll try not too man, but I’m not making any promises. Hey Robby, how big is yours anyway?” Robby looks over at Jake, amazed he’d actually have the audacity to ask that. “Um, uh, exc, wai, what? Dude I’m not answering that.” Jake laughs. “Dude you pussy, I bet yours is like 2 inches on a good day!” This conversation is making both boys horny, and Robby slides his slender fingers down below the pillow covering his crotch as well.
Robby engages Jake in some more silly banter. “Look Jake, you have no idea how big mine is, and it’s not like you’re going to find out, I’ll save that information for Sara’s soft, moist lips. Besides, it’s definitely bigger than yours.” Jake gasps at this, laughing a little bit. “Dude if you’re so sure about that then let’s fucking compare our packages already and see who really is the biggest, unless of course, you’re afraid!” Robby smiles but gets a bit nervous, it’s not like every day his best friend dares him to whip his dick out. Jake is nervous too but he’s alleviating it by talking more. “Puuusssyyyy, come on Robby, we’re friends, it’s cool.” Robby laughs, and figures he can meet Jake halfway by removing his shirt, which he does, slowly and sensually, revealing a tan and skinny yet toned chest and hard nipples. “Happy now Jake? You get to see half of me naked.” Jake smiles and does the same as Robby, rubbing his nipples after his shirt is off. “Ahhh that feels refreshing, and damn Robby, your nipples are already hard, you must really want to jerk it dude. Come on man, let’s just compare, I want to see how much smaller you are than me!” Robby is caught between the nervousness of his mind and the horniness of his penis, and isn’t sure of what to do. “Shhh Jake, let it go, I dunno, it seems to weird to me. At least I’m probably bigger than Max right?” Robby looks over at Jake and glances down at his smooth chest before looking him in the eyes. “I don’t know Robby, are you bigger than 6 inches? That’s average and that’s how big Max is, that stupid little shit. “ Jake laughs and looks at Robby, curious about the answer. “Well, um, yeah, I think so at least, are you?” Jake lets his fingers glide further down his shorts and under them, “fuck yeah I am Robby!”
Robby is silent for a minute or two as he concentrates intently on the erotic picture of Sara on the screen. His hand moves discreetly at first inside his shorts, but then the pace begins to quicken and a contorted expression stagnates on his face. “Hey Jake, having fun over there?” Robby says to break the silence and Jake replies, “Oh man yeah dude, this feels amazing, I’m rock hard and I’m thinking about Sara riding me and moaning.” Robby lets a soft moan escape by accident. “Sorry dude, good mental picture I guess. I’m hard too.” Jake laughs and nods in approval before sliding his athletic shorts down to his ankles along with his boxers. Jake’s legs and lower thighs are fully visible to Robby, and only a two foot region over his crotch is covered by his pillow, serving as quite flimsy barrier. Robby’s lack of protest signals his acceptance of what Jake just did, and Jake continues to beat off, even faster and more intensely now. Robby figures he might as well just follow Jake’s lead, and he’s too horny to think otherwise. He shuffles off his shorts and boxers too, letting them rest on his ankles. He lets out a sigh, “ah, that’s so refreshing Jake, good call dude, and I love watching myself jerk off too.” Jake laughs. “Yeah Robby, it’s always fun to see what’s going on down there. You thinking about Sara too?” Robby moans in concurrence. “Oh my God Jake yeah I am, I’m thinking about her sucking my cock and my balls and jerking me off. Dude i’m so horny right now.” Robby’s mind is fixated on Sara’s picture, distorting his sense of judgment, although he isn’t aware of that.
Jake figures that Robby is so horny he can ask him anything and get away with it. “Hey Robby, I’ve been wondering, don’t freak out on me now, but how big are you really? I mean, I know you’re smaller than me, but I wonder if you’re bigger than Max or not.” Robby breaks his focus to answer Jake. “Dude I’m telling you I don’t measure, I mean, if you want to see I’ll show you I guess, then you can tell me if I’m bigger than Max or not. How big is yours anyway?” Jake tenses up, surprised that Robby was willing to do this, and he gets a bit shy. “Um, well, you’ll see how big mine is dude, should we just like, toss the pillows away at the same time?” Jake keeps jerking, shifting glances between the picture of Sara and Robby’s legs. Robby glances over at Jake’s naked body, barely concealed, and nods in agreement. “Yeah, it’s okay with me I guess, we’re just curious right? Let’s go at the same time, one, two, three.” Robby removes the pillow from his crotch and tosses it off the side of the bed, revealing the rest of his body to Jake. Jake does the same at the same time, and both boys stare at each other as this happens. Robby and Jake are both naked, and their dicks are finally free and open for the other one to see. Robby’s penis is around 7 inches, possibly a bit bigger, around 7.5 or so. It’s thick and somewhat tan, and is curved upwards slightly. It’s circumcised head has a dark pinkish hue, and Robby let’s it stand there for Jake to see, his hands at his sides. Jake’s penis is smaller, probably 6.5 inches, and is fully straight with a light pink circumcised head and a nice dark bush of pubes. His whole crotch is quite white, and his penis is lighter than Robby’s. Both of their ball sacs appear to be about the same size, although Jake has a bit more hair on his.
Jake speaks first. “Damn Robby, wow, that thing is way bigger than I thought!” Jake is a bit emasculated, but he’s so amazed by his friend’s package he doesn’t seem to care. “Seriously man, wow, congrats, you’re definitely bigger than our friend Max.” Robby smiles, finally feeling like the confident one. “Well Jake, you talk a pretty big game, and yours isn’t exactly small, but it looks like you can’t talk anymore shit to me from now on. Dude, we don’t need to pillows now, let’s keep jerking. I so wish Sara was here, I’d even let her do the two of us at once.” Jake blushes a bit, still feeling sad that he’s smaller. “Robby you’d really let her jerk us both of at once? Thanks for being so charitable dude, but I think I get enough. Still, that would be pretty hot, I wish a girl was jerking me off now too.” Robby keeps stroking his big penis and replies to Jake, “Yeah why not? It wouldn’t bother me, it’s just you Jake. Oh man, oh Sara, Sara, mm fuck dude you’re right I really need someone to help me out right now too.” Robby and Jake both have one thing rising subconsciously in their minds, and they’re both scheming of ways to possibly “help” the other one out.
Jake breaks the silence. “Man Max would be jealous if he saw ours, we’re both bigger than him dude. And, you know, I’m just thinking, we both really want handjobs right now right? Why don’t we, you know? We’ll never tell anyone and it would feel so good Robby...” Robby looks at Jake, shocked at first but somewhat intrigued. “Ummm, Jake you’re so gay man. But, um, I really really want a handjob now dude. I don’t know, isn’t it too weird? It’s like, your hand on my cock dude.” Jake shrugs and moves closer to Robby. “Dude, just tell me how this feels, okay?” Jake’s around two feet away from Robby, and he reaches over with his left hand and lets it rest on Robby’s hard cock. Robby’s whole body quickly shudders with pleasure and Jake lets his hand stroke Robby’s cock up and down a couple times. “So, how was that?” Robby smiles and responds. “Wow, Jake I feel so gay but that felt so good, keep going man.” Robby shuts his eyes and Jake let’s his hand jerk Robby faster now, his other hand fondling his own rigid penis. Robby moans louder now and shuts his eyes. “Oh Sara, mmm Sara, jerk my big dick Sara, you want it so bad you dirty slut.” Jake likes how he’s pretending it’s his crush, and Jake guides Robby’s free right hand over to his thigh, letting it rest there as Jake jerks off Robby. Robby takes the hint and lets his fingers creep up to Jake’s penis, slowly rubbing his balls at first before sliding onto the shaft and rubbing Jake’s rock hard manhood.
The boys continue to jerk each other off, finally comfortable with each other and giving in completely to their sexual desires. Jake and Robby both moan Sara’s name, and they both jerk even faster. It’s Jake who initiates the next step of action. “Oh man, wow, Robby, this is so good, your hands are so smooth. Want to blow me dude? I’ll return the favor.” Robby laughs as his hand continues to stroke Jake, and he considers it for a moment before simply smiling at his friend and shuffling over to face Jake. He’s on his knees bending over, Jake is in front of him, and he starts rubbing Jake’s thighs and licking up one of them with his tongue before he gets to his balls, which his tongue caresses lightly as his hands begin to explore Jake’s chest. He takes a deep breath before his tongue finally licks up Jake’s 6.5 inch shaft to the very tip, and he licks and canoodles it before allowing himself to start sucking his best friend’s dick. Robby’s mouth engulfs Jake’s penis, and Jake lets out a series of loud moans befitting a boy who’s getting a spectacular blowjob from a boy with an expert tongue. Robby continues to suck, and he lets his left hand fondle Jake’s tight balls while the right hand rubs up and down Jake’s hairless and creamy thigh. Robby starts sucking faster, and Jake pumps his cock upward into Robby’s open mouth as he sucks, letting his lips and tongue fully suck Jake’s beautiful dick. Robby’s cock remains hard through all this, and Jake starts moaning out Robby’s name in lieu of Sara’s.
Robby likes this and he starts to deep throat Jake, letting his fingers explore his pubes as he manages to suck around 4 inches of Jake’s cock at a time. Finally he manages 5 inches at once, and Jake lets out a huge moan as Robby lets it rub against the roof of his mouth on the way out. Jake leans forward and jumps on top of Robby, pushing him back into the same position he was just in. Robby fondles Jake’s smooth back with his hands as Jake lies on top of him, and he rubs Jake’s soft, white, and hairless butt cheeks, loving how smooth they feel. Jake licks down Robby’s body, first his neck, then his hard nipples, then his abs, and finally to the shaft of his 7.5 inch throbbing cock. Jake has a bit of trouble because Robby is so big, but he manages to start sucking his dick with a great rhythm, in and out, in and out. Robby moans Sara’s name still, and his legs shake and stammer slightly as Jake blows his big penis. Robby can’t contain himself, he know he cant, his best friend is blowing him and a picture of the girl of his dreams naked is three feet in front of him. He keeps moaning, louder now, caressing Jake’s silky smooth hair. Jake’s legs are rubbing against Robby’s legs, each hair touching and adding to the overwhelming feelings of attraction the boys feel for each other. Jake continues to suck Robby’s cock, letting the head rub against his lips and augmenting Robby’s pleasure by jerking him off with his free hand as he sucks. Jake sucks at a furious pace, and Robby’s legs are really shaking now, it’s obvious he’s close to cumming. He lets Jake know by rubbing his cheek with his hand and smiling, and Jake gets the hint. Jake’s tongue slobbers all over Robby’s 7.5 inch cock, the pre-cum oozes out, and Jake licks it off expertly.
It’s finally that time. Robby’s body shakes and he screams out “oh Sara, Sara, Sara drink my cum, oh Sara!!!” The first blast of cum rockets into Jake’s mouth, and he swallows it quickly while his hands rest of Robby’s cock and balls. He keeps sucking, and the next blast spurts into his mouth and he swallows it again. The third load of Robby’s warm cum shoots out of his dick and Jake let’s some dribble down his chin back onto Robby’ dick. Jake sucks Robby’s cock until he finally finishes cumming, and he cleans off his dick with a few expert licks. Robby’s cock starts to fall limp, and Jake collapses into his best friends arms. Jake and Robby kiss each other on the lips tenderly, and Robby holds Jake in his arms as both boys feel absolutely content with themselves and their friendship.

After a few minutes of napping and recuperating, the boys open their slightly groggy eyes, still lying next to each other. Robby is the first to speak. “Jake, um, what did we just do man?” Jake keeps smiling, although he feels rather uncomfortable too. “Honestly Robby, I have no idea, but it felt good, so let’s not give it too much thought.” Jake gets up off the bed and grabs his boxers, sliding them on and saying “on second thought man, let’s take a shower and clean up quickly.” Robby looks at Jake curiously-he had already came and had lost most of his libido¬-but Jake clarifies by saying “nothing weird, just to get us clean.” Robby acquiesces and hops off the bed, still naked and a bit tired from his intense orgasm. He walks toward the bathroom groggily, unsure of himself and unable to address Jake confidently. He moves the glass shower door to the side and switches on the cold water, turning around and speaks to Jake’s chest, because he is unwilling to look him in the eyes for now. “Well, we might as well shower together, we already did all…that…stuff.” Robby steps into the shower and makes room for Jake, who takes off his boxers and hops in. Jake hasn’t had the chance to cum yet, and he’s still rather horny although his boner has retreated into a half-flaccid state. He’s being deferential to Robby and not letting his horniness get the better of him, waiting until his friend is in the mood to explore their lascivious desires again.
Jake walks into the shower, careful not to touch Robby or even talk to him too much; he wants his friend to be comfortable, and that comfort will only come with gentle patience. The boys are both under the water; it drips down their slender backs and flicks away any impurities their bodies may have acquired. Jake rubs his hands through his slick hair, caressing it and refreshing himself. Robby is more subdued, only letting the water grace his matted hair as he rubs the drops of cum Jake couldn’t catch from his thighs. Robby finally says something, after both boys have soaped their respective bodies up. “That wasn’t too bad Jake, I mean, it was so weird, but at least it felt great.” Robby looks Jake in the eyes and only offers a curled smile, nearly indistinguishable in the steamy haze of the glass-encrusted shower. Robby is satisfied and content, shedding his misgivings and apprehensions while the water is suctioned away by some larger force. Jake gets out first, and hands Robby a towel as his friend steps out of the shower. Jake dries his face and hair first, letting it remain shaggy and moppy on top. He then lethargically dries his body, enjoying the intimacy of the clouded bathroom.
Robby takes his towel and lets his hair remain wet as well, the water dripping down the nape of his neck. It seems natural, their communal nakedness, and the boys barely look at each other as they dry off, feeling as though they had reached a new level of comfort with their bodies. Robby wraps his towel around his waist and walks out of the bathroom, with Jake following behind. Robby goes onto the computer, sitting at his desk chair, and Jake stands over him, his hands on Robby’s shoulders. “So Robby, whaddya think Sara would have thought of all this?” Jake laughs at his own joke, and Robby ponders the question, furrows his brow, and answers curtly: “She would have either loved it or hated it, one or the other.” Jake takes his cell phone from his discarded jeans and begins to type a text message. When Robby inquires as to whom it’s to, Jake says “I’m texting Sara, nothing about this, I’m just seeing what she’s up to, you don’t mind right?” Robby cocks his head around and gives Jake a look of both intent and understanding and says “nothing about this, at all.” Jake nods his head and plops his still naked body down on Robby’s bed, finishing up his text and waiting for a reply. Robby goes on the computer but finds nothing of interest, so he stands up and stretches, his body still glorified in its barest state.
Robby grabs a stray pair of boxers from his closet and pulls them on, and tosses another pair to Jake, “you can keep them off if you want man.” Jake doesn’t put on the boxers but covers his junk with them, only because he’s getting slightly cold. Jake’s phone vibrates and he checks it, reading the contents aloud to Robby. “Sara says she’s like two blocks away and wants to know if we can hang out, what should I say?” Robby immediately spins around, contorting his body and staring at Jake with a frantic look on his face. He’s momentarily unsure of how to respond, but manages to pull himself together and say decisively “yeah, let her come over, but we need to get dressed now! Jake I’m so nervous already, will you try to fix me up with her?” Robby talks as he grabs his jeans and shirt and throws them on haphazardly. He then goes to the mirror and messes with his hair and slides into his sneakers. All this is done before Jake can even manage to pull on the pair of boxers previously resting on top of his soft penis. Jake laughs as he pulls himself off the bed and into a pair of shorts. “Chill out Robby, just be yourself, we aren’t going to tell her what we did, and of course I’m going to try and get you guys together, just follow my leads.” Jake finishes putting on his shirt as the doorbell rings. Robby walks away from the mirror and toward the front door, with Jake loosely following, Robby’s heart beating: a Cuban drum in the midst of revolution.
Robby pulls open the door gently, unsure of what to expect. Sara is standing in the doorway, her svelte figure appearing as the door opens like a silhouetted Elijah requesting a sip from the virgin cup. At first she wears a demure visage, which morphs into bubbly affection at the sight of seeing her two friends. Her skin, tanned and almost Greek in tone, is barely shadowed by dark hairs of silk on her forearms and perfectly smooth and velvety elsewhere. A pair of dark blue jeans envelops her legs, and a black tank top is covered by a tight-fitting gray sweatshirt that drapes over her curvaceous frame. Her lustrous eyes move from Jake in the background to Robby, and she looks him over discreetly, thinking to herself that Robby really does have a great sense of style, although part of her is curious to know what his body looks like sans the superfluous garments.
Sara steps into the apartment, inhaling the air still steamy from the running shower, and smiles, almost smirks, at Robby. Jake, seeing this, scurries in front of his friend to hug Sara before she can lean in to hug Robby. Jake and Sara are good friends, and Sara, while slightly ambivalent, lets Jake squeeze her tightly. She giggles discreetly and says “wow Jake, it’s like you really missed me, I only saw you like 2 hours ago in class silly!” Sara’s eyes perk up and she gives Jake a small pat on the cheek, like an owner rewarding an obedient pup. Robby’s innate jealously flares, but he quells it by reminding himself that Jake is on his side. He waits for Jake to finish greeting Sara bombastically, when they’re done, he simply looks at her and offers a pursed smile in lieu of a more boisterous salutation. However, the intent is clear, and Sara smiles back, her lips shimmering with gloss, and her hand graces Robby’s wrist and palm as her smile changes from intimate to radiant. “So Robby, have you been keeping an eye on Jake, making sure he’s not getting into too much trouble?” Again, the same smile. Although she tries hard to subdue it, the attraction is clear, and it pains Sara to offer Robby the same smile she would deign upon any other boy. However, she persists, and shaking the specter of Robby’s allure from her mind, she regains her outward indifference.
Robby pauses before answering, and does so while looking Sara straight in the eyes. He is entranced by them: their sullen, silent gaze tinged with a warm, communal loneliness. He has to physically shake his head to break his stare, and replies in a voice of slightly feigned confidence, “oh I’m doing the best I can, but you know Jake, he can get pretty crazy.” Robby has a hard time saying this without shooting Jake a glance, which Jake returns with a mischievously evil wink. Sara, unable to catch the double entendre, nods her head in agreement, giving Jake another demeaning “humph” while innocently giggling. “Well good job Robby, it’s not always easy to keep Jake here in line. So, what do you boys want to do?” Sara’s eyes dart around the room and she walks into the living room, taking a seat on the black leather sofa. Robby and Jake follow her, and Robby sits on the couch next to Sara while Jake leans against the armchair perpendicular to the couch. Jake says “I dunno Sara, you’re the one that wanted to come over, you think of something!” Jake laughs, entertain himself mostly, and stands up and scampers into the adjacent kitchen. He calls out from inside, “hey guys, look what I found in the fridge!” Jake returns holding a six-pack of Corona beer. Robby and Sara glance at each other while Jake is talking, and Robby finds it difficult not to stare at the stunning grace of Sara’s physique. However, he restrains himself, and Sara responds to the tantalizing treat Jake has uncovered. “Eww Jake! It’s a school night! Well, if you boys have one each then I’ll have one too…” Sara lets her words trail off, unsure of whether this was the best answer, but she trusts Jake as a friend and her gut tells her Robby is a good boy, whatever that might end up meaning.


Jake hands a beer each to Robby and Sara, and procures a bottle opener which he courteously uses to open all three bottles. As Robby and Sara continue their small talk, mostly about school and their friends in common, notably Max, Jake stands in front of the couch and lowers his bottle for a toast: “Well guys, here’s to having some fucking fun on a school night!” All three of them giggle, but Sara the most, and they all take swigs from their respective bottles.
Jake walks out of the room, leaving Robby and Sara alone for a moment. Robby lets out a small burp and immediately blushes, looking at Sara, trying to explain himself. “Sorry, drank a bit too fast I guess, and sorry about Jake, you know how he gets a little in your face sometimes.” Sara looks at Robby flirtatiously, twinkling her long eyelashes, examining the curvature of his visage. Subconsciously she’s constantly aware of the deep sexual passions any boy arouses in her; the thick muscles and throbbing appendages indigenous to the sex occasionally make her shiver when they seep into her perception. She’s outwardly aware of Robby’s raw sex appeal, and although she hasn’t declared to herself that she wants him, she is indisputably impressed with his physical structure. While continually smiling, she speaks, “it’s fine duuuude, it’s cute when boys burp. And don’t worry, I’ve been friends with Jake forever, I know what he’s like when he’s drunk. Soooo Robby, how are you?” During this last question Sara adjusts her body so she’s crouching on her knees on the couch, facing Robby and looking up into his eyes with a submissive expression and smacking her lips. She’s flirting for the fun of it, but she also feels sexually deprived, having just broken up with her boyfriend Ben last week. They never had sex, but they fooled around enough for her to feel a yearning to be touched by a boy again.
Robby, part flabbergasted at the way Sara is talking to him, is also a bit oblivious, assuming she’s simply being convivial. However, he is at least conscious that she appears interested in him, and this assurance leads him to answer her in a confident tone. “Not bad Sara, not bad. I’m hanging out with my best friend, which is cool, but I think I’m really good because I’m with you.” Robby blushes and stammers on: “besides, I know you think it’s cute when boys burp, but I think everything you do is cute.” Robby’s face turns a shade of vermillion and he attempts to avert her gaze by glancing around the room at various objects of little importance. As Sara is about to respond, Jake comes bursting back into the room, unaware of Robby’s previous statement and unable to sense the tension of the unresolved conversation between his two friends. The blues of the day is paused in limbo on its dominant chord, awaiting its conclusion with heightening trepidation.
Jake hops into the lounge chair and polishes off his beer. “Wooh! That was good guys, I’m pumped!” Jake lets his shorts slide halfway up his thighs, and both Sara and Robby take glances, enjoying the glimpse of his muscular, thick legs. Jake continuing to talk primarily for the sake of hearing his own voice, says, “man I need to see Charlotte soon, I haven’t fooled around with her in forever! And what ever happened to Amanda? If she and Max are over, I want a shot with her too!” Meanwhile Sara is stuck, nearly trancelike, with her eyes fixated on Robby, dying to respond to his sudden outburst of affection but unable to with Jake present. Jake continues to rant, somewhat incoherently, but Robby can’t focus on what his friend is saying. He’s yet to give much thought to their previous encounter, and it momentarily drifts out of his consciousness as his mind concentrates on his feelings for Sara. It’s Sara who speaks, devising a plan to resolve their conversation. “Hey Jake, one second, I need to go on the computer and email something to my friend, Robby can you show me how to work yours?” Sara pops up from the couch and immediately scurries toward Robby’s room, leaving the boys in the living room alone. Robby shoots Jake a look, his face still flushed, and says, “just, you know, give me some time alone with her dude, stay out here or whatever, I’m going to go for it.” Jake smiles and gives Robby a hi-five and slap on the butt as he walks past him toward the bedroom. Robby, bulging with a potent cocktail of trepidation, struts toward his bedroom, wholly unsure of what to expect. His hands are in his jean pockets, and he walks into the room trying to formulate his facial expression into a mixture of confidence and humility, depending on Sara’s reaction. Sara is sitting on Robby’s desk chair, her legs crossed and her eyes tracking Robby as he walks into the room and leans against the closet wall. He speaks to break the silence: “Look, I’m sorry about before, I was just being a bit too honest I guess, I hope this doesn’t make this awkward between us Sara, I love hanging out with you…”
Sara lets Robby talk, mostly because she’s unsure of what to say herself. After he is finished he blushes awkwardly, and she instinctively blushes as well. Although her demeanor is often one of chilled detachment and supercilious laughter, she is deeply flattered by her friend’s affection for her. However, she’s still at a loss for words, and revels momentarily in the silence, composing strings of words in her head and mulling over what she ought to do. It certainly isn’t out of the question for her to start fooling around with Robby: although she had never thought of him in “that” way, she’s aware of his physical attractiveness and is not disgusted by the idea. She thinks about what her friends might say if they found out, and what would happen if Jake walked in. This serves to calm her slightly; Jake is her good friend, and he’s probably already aware of Robby’s feelings for her. Finally she speaks: “Robby…Robby, it’s fine, it really is, I was really flattered, I just never knew you felt that way about me. I mean, I think about you sometimes and you always put a smile on my face…” Sara lets her words trail off as well; now she is the one revealing her fragmented emotions. She trusts Robby, and she’s being honest, the thought of Robby always conjures up pleasing thoughts in her mind, just never in a sexual manner, until now. Her eyes, narrowing augment the vulnerable expression explicated by her puckered lips and furrowed brow, bury their gaze deep into Robby’s eyes. His eyes are wide, almost gaping, as though they cannot believe what they are seeing. His disillusionment comes to pass as Sara stands up from the chair and walks so she is leaning against the bed, facing Robby, about four feet away from him. She lets her body slack against the bedpost, and each hand is folded inside the other. Robby steps closer, but can’t bring himself to make a move, and his feet and hands are shaking as he creeps forward. Finally he manages to blurt, in almost a whisper: “Sara, you’re beautiful.” Sara turns pink at this and springs off the bedpost, wrapping her sleek arms around Robby’s neck so her eyes are level with his lips, and leans forward. She whispers into his lips “and you’re so sexy Robby.” She draws out the words “so” and “Robby,” keeping him hanging on each syllable and nearly making his body convulse from the penetrating rhythm of the sentence. Robby allows his hands to drape around her backside, and he pulls her body into his, leaning down so his moist lips can graze hers. The first touch of lips is like the final sealant between castle walls, ensuring their everlasting union. He lets his tongue taste her lip gloss, and the passion of the kiss melodiously evolves. Their tongues caress, mixing reckless attraction with sweet abandon.
A cacophony of emotions is searing through Robby’s mind. Lust, tinged with desire and fervor, swell into a fiery amalgamation of nearly unbearable heat. He’s nearly sweating, as his lips are locked in a tender duel with a single harmonious goal. Her hands explore his backside, running her fingertips down from the nape of his neck to the edge of his boxers. She ruffles his shirt as she embraces him, sliding those smooth fingers under it and reveling in the heat emanating from his bare skin. Robby lets a barely discernable moan escape as he pauses to intake the passing air. His hands, significantly larger than Sara’s and darker, stay wrapped around her tightly, as though he is intent on never letting their lustful bind tear apart. She presses his body against him, determined to get so close as to actually feel him, to feel each breath he takes as her own. His throbbing manhood is erect inside his jeans, and Sara feels it pulsating against her waist. At the instant she becomes conscious of what is touching her, all her inhibitions burst out of a dusty corner of her mind and are released upon Robby’s body. Before he can caress her any further, her lips break away from his, the sea parted. She thrusts herself forward again, not kissing but almost thrusting her lips onto his neck, letting her tongue lick from the tip of his chin down to his protruding collarbone. She reverses course, kissing back up his neck and diverging to his ear, nibbling on the lobe before murmuring those words every boy pines to hear: “Put me on the bed Robby.”
Robby, displaying both deferential subservience and masculine assertion, complies. Sara takes small footsteps backwards as Robby’s dexterously moves with her, letting his body collapse into her until Sara falls onto the bed and sprawls herself out. Robby takes a moment to comprehend the scene that has unfolded in front of him, and pounces tenderly on top of Sara. He is careful not to cause her discomfort, and he gingerly strokes her neck with his tongue as it slides lightly, so lightly it is barely discernable, down her chest to where her shirt finally restricts his ability to embrace her uncovered skin. The encumbering article of clothing poses little problem, and Sara’s face flushes while she lets her arms rest behind her head so Robby can slide her shirt off easily. It slinks off and Robby’s eyes grow wider yet at the sight of Sara’s chest and stomach, along with her light blue bra. Her skin is absolutely unblemished, and seems to be goading him on, lassoing his judgment and reining him closer to her. Her heart is palpitating, despite her valiant attempts at upholding her outward egotism. Robby heart accelerates as well, and the two thump in confluence with each other. He has trouble containing himself, and has to pause to adjust the package in his jeans before his lips and hands descend once more down to the cavernous depths of Sara’s unexplored torso. His hands rest upon her shoulders, and her arms are still lying limply behind her head.
Robby arches his back forward and lowers his lips to hers. His legs are spread wide; he’s on his knees. He is on top of Sara in such a way that her legs lie in between his, and he is able to bend his body over so that only their lips are touching. Sara’s hands rise like phoenix ashes and tug on Robby’s hair, wrenching his body onto hers. Their chests touch, Sara’s blue bra on Robby’s t-shirt, and he immediately lets his lips canvas her neck, sliding lower so that they are now encasing her collarbone with tender, fleeting kisses.
Meanwhile, her hands, those opalescent, cajoling creatures of desire, rummage Robby’s mane of thick, silken hair. Robby’s mind, vertiginous and purged of comprehension, treks on in blind pursuit of selfless climaxes. With this release comes the expulsion of all his reservations, and his ravages her body with delicately sensual touches. She ruffles his hair as he continues to lick lower, so that her body begins to writhe in unbearable anticipation. Finally his tongue reaches the seam of her bra, and he traces the tip of it just inside the bra cup, sketching a vague outline of her supple breasts, leaving a thin trail of saliva just above the fabric covering her sumptuous chest. Sara is biting her lower lip, and a slight noise, nearly a whimper escapes: “Ro…Robby!” Robby pauses, and gazes up at her. She lifts her head up at an angle so she can look him in the eyes and her cheeks turn crimson. “Sorry,” she says, “keep going Robby.” She blows him a kiss and her head lowers to the mattress again. Robby, incredibly aroused by the innocent air Sara exudes, complies. He wipes the smirk off his lips and uses his probing fingers to slide under Sara’s bra and gently massage her now rigid nipples. Meanwhile, a rigid object trapped within the fabric of his jeans is being humped lightly against her leg, pulsating while his body undulates back and forth as he fondles her.
Sara alternates between letting out giggles and whimpers, and becomes cognizant of what is rubbing against her leg. Her body involuntarily twitches, and she presses her chest upward to bury Robby deeper into it. She wants him, she wants every part of him, doing everything to her. She feels an aching and burning inside her for him, for everything he has to offer. She’s beginning to sweat as well, and a warmth begins to radiate from the area between her legs. The first drops of a warm liquid oozes out, meshing with the fabric of her jeans, leaving them damp and emanating heat.
It would be prudent for the reader to stay conscious of Jake in the other room, as both Robby and Sara have succumbed to their desires and forgotten the impending reality. Jake knows what is going on in the other room, having heard Sara’s moans from the couch in the living room. He creeps toward the closed door, standing near the entrance and getting aroused by the noises he hears. He begins to rub himself again; he hasn’t had a chance to cum yet and he knows that he has some alone time. At first it’s simply over his shorts, but soon he plunges his hand under his shorts and begins to fiddle with his hardening penis, imagining what his friends are up to.
Behind the door, Robby, unaware of Sara’s wetness, slips his hand deftly behind her back and unhooks her bra. As he peels it off and her raw flesh is revealed in full for him to see, Sara pulls him back down and forces his arms up over his head. In his ear she whispers, “your shirt’s coming off too big boy.” She doesn’t renege, and immediately she is sliding his shirt off of him, tossing it aside. Robby’s nipples are hard as well, and she digs her fingers into his back; the sight of his bare chest excites her even more. Robby and Sara pull themselves closer to each other, and Robby’s hard nipples rub against Sara’s hard nipples as their chests touch. This goes on for a few minutes; the chest rubbing intermixed with their tongues locking together yet again. Eventually Robby breaks away and starts licking Sara’s nipples, then progressing and starting to suck on them, slightly harder, until she makes no effort to conceal her moans. Sara hands run down Robby’s chest and begin to massage the defined and bulging muscles that spread across his rib cage. She feels the small hard bumps that are his nipples, and rubs faster, grabbing onto his chest as though this could somehow bring him into her. Finally, Sara can bear no more. She pulls Robby’s head up to hers, and whispers, “I want to see it.”
Robby, surprised by her sudden outburst, is unsure of how to go about this. He replies, “should I just, take it out?” Sara nods but then changes her mind. “No, go and strip for me Robby.” Robby begrudgingly gets off the bed and stands to the side, and Sara positions herself so her legs are spread directly in front of the standing Robby. Her small, delicate hands begin exploring her own body, first by grazing over her nipples which Robby had already so passionately kissed, and then down her stomach, down to the edge of her jeans. She slides her fingers over the fabric, rubbing her thighs first, and when she realizes the extent of her wetness, she immediately becomes frantic and starts to rub herself, over her jeans, determined to feel more and more pleasure in her most sensitive area. Sara undoes her jean button and begins to rub around her panty line, feeling her tender skin and arousing herself with the though of Robby. Robby, smiling, amazed by the spectacle before his eyes, says, “here goes nothing Sara.” Sara leans up and stares at Robby’s crotch, awaiting his show. Meanwhile, Jake is still outside the door, hearing their words and continuing to stroke himself.


Robby, immobilized in limbo between the tenuous forces of insecurity and sexual carelessness, stands over the bed, watching the now panting Sara explore her virgin body. The satin of the bed sheets mingles with the tender skin of her backside, and she sways her body sideways so every uncovered inch feels itself being entangled by a Bouillabaisse of intoxicating passion. Robby’s penis has now swelled to its maximum size, and is aching to be released from the confines of his now stretched-out jeans. First he kicks his shoes off, effortlessly, and begins to rub himself. Those dark tan hands massage his firm young body, tracing down from his nipples to below his belly button. They slip under the jeans momentarily, pause to vaguely itch his masculine clump of body hair, and undo the button to his jeans. He stands trembling as Sara’s eyes pierce him in agonizing anticipation. Sara giggles to break the palpable tension. “Same time Robby?” Her eyes glimmer and he looks at her flabbergasted, unable to believe his good fortune. Robby replies, “yeah, um, sure…” His words trail off and he undoes the zipper to his jeans, both hands now inside them, ready to pull down his jeans and boxers in one motion. He waits for Sara’s command, which comes in the form of her slinking her fingers back under her jeans and undoing her zipper as well.
Robby can no longer control his shivering and tense fingers. He gets Sara’s attention with a flicker of his eyes and she focuses intently on his abdominal region. Releasing himself he thrusts his jeans and boxers down in one swoop, leaving them lying down around his knees. His engorged and firm penis finally escapes and springs upward, standing perfectly erect and at attention. Robby blushes profusely as Sara’s eyes widen and she emits a deep, sensual gasp of pleasure. “Robby, that’s so much, so much, bigger than Max’s!” Her eyes confirm her sincerity, and the increasing size of the puddle spotting the crotch of her jeans confirms her attraction. Robby, encouraged by this new piece of information and yearning to ravage Sara’s body, lets his hand slide up his thigh and begin caressing his balls and the shaft of his penis. Sara begins to whimper again upon seeing this, and outside in the hallway, Jake has his shorts around his ankles.
Sara sorts through her cluttered and spastic emotions and formulates an acceptable intention. She squirms slightly and shuffles her body forward, managing to push herself to her feet. As she hops of the bed she struts closer to Robby, her jeans and matching light blue thong lowered so her creamy white butt and pulsating pussy are exposed. Robby’s cock stands at piqued attention still, eagerly awaiting whatever Sara has in mind. Sara’s nearly at a loss for words, and although she loves to “talk dirty” to arouse a boy, she’s having trouble thinking coherently because the specter of Robby pleasuring her continues to permeate her thoughts. Sara saunters forward, her eyes glued upon Robby’s throbbing member, intent on pleasing him until he is constricted into returning the favor. Her cunning does not show on her unsullied visage of innocence. A small smirk forms along the edges of her lips, and as one hand stretches forward to pull Robby into her, the other rests on his abs and begins descending.
Robby emits a short gasp of pleasure, shutting his eyes tight, determined to heighten his other senses, most notably his sensitivity to touch. Sara begins to stroke his penis, evenly rubbing up and down its hard shaft. Her other hand pulls him close to her, so she can feel him breathing heavily onto her forehead as she fondles him. Sara rubs smoothly, sliding her hand back and forth over the full length of Robby’s manhood. Robby stands confidently, his eyes now gazing down, spellbound by Sara’s sensual actions. Sara’s tongue presses up against his chest, exploring its protruding width. Robby’s muscles convulse as she does this, and the tip of her tongue,

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Julia's first fuck

This is my first story, so please tell me what you think! Julia was a fifteen-year-old freshman. She was a little over “5’2”, and had a knockout figure. She was one of those petite, curvy girls. She had 32C tits, and tiny waist that faded into a perfectly round ass. She had an angular face with full lips, and creamy ivory coloured skin. Long chestnut brown hair tumbled down her back. But her most striking feature where her eyes. They were large, intelligent and bright blue, half-hidden under a fan of dark lashes. Ben was the quarterback, the popular guy. He...


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Lil Jazz

My name is Patrick, I'm 21 and I work at an electrical goods retail store, in the warehouse. It usually consists of long hard days of having to receive a lot of heavy stock, like fridges and washing machines, also having to give customers their stock. It does get pretty tiring, specially during the summer months when it's hot. The warehouse has a second level to it, where we usually keep the outside units for air conditioners. Being out of camera view and only accessible by those who can drive the order picker (a type of forklift), what me and my...


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Mama's Replacement

Only in my dreams could I conceive what is happening. I must be dreaming, this can’t be real, can it? I wake from the dream of having sex with my wife. A dream I now realize, because my wife had died two years ago. The dream is of my wife twenty-years-younger, but I'm the age I am now. I'm still groggy from sleep, but the dream seems to continue in my mind, as I'm feeling intense pleasure in my groin. I run my hand under the covers wanting to stroke my cock. Wait, my cock is hard, and something is moving...


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