Touch of need

Touch of need

A Touch of Need

The girl was lying on the bed facing the wall. Watching the shadows playing across the wall. She was thinking of him again. It was him that always made her so warm in the middle of the night waking her with soft kisses to her throat. But it was all a dream. She wanted that touch. She wanted the touch of the man she loves. Every time she woke to the soft kisses to her throat, she felt the heat curling in her stomach. She didn't know what to do. She always felt the wetness between her legs pooling there wanting the release that she knew that he would be able to give her. But he wasn't here. She slowly moved her hand up the inside of her legs to lightly rub against her wetness. She could use her fingers inside of her. It would hurt too much. She was still a virgin. So she never really did get the release that she wanted.

"I need him too much," she whispered to herself turning onto her stomach and closing her eyes, "maybe, he'll notice me tomorrow."

The next day school the girl was looking through the halls as she got her stuff for her next class. What she didn't notice was the man standing behind her waiting for her to close her locker door. As she did the man moved up behind her forcing her against the locker his face pressed against her neck.

"Hello, Tabby Jones," He heard the hitch in her breath as he said this against her neck kissing it softly making her knees go weak, "are you okay?"

"Nathan," the touch of his lips on her neck was like those she dreamed but it was to real as if those other ones have been real to, "yes," she could barely keep herself standing as he grabbed her around the waist kissing her neck again.

The way he was holding her waist was making the heat appear in her stomach again and the wetness slipping down her legs she knew that this was going to happen. The way he held her she knew he was going to do something right there in the middle of the hall.

He moved against her back moving his hips against her butt. "Tabby do you like this. Me pressing against you, kissing your neck," he kissed her neck and received a shiver in response in return, "what else do you like me to do?"

"Nathan," she shivered against his hips the need building stronger. She shivered again as his lips touched her neck making her weak but she knew he had her. He wouldn't let her fall, "there is so much I want you to do."

He moved his knee in between her already weak knees to rub against her underwear making her moan softly, making the wetness so much more intense. She forgot she wore a skirt today. "Tabby you're already this wet. Is this how I make you every night when you dream of me playing with you?"

She stiffened. How did he know that? He continued to move his knee against her underwear making her moan softly. The wetness was already soaking her underwear making it flow down her legs. He knew how to make her want him. The way he was moving his leg against her underwear was erotic. She didn't know how much longer he was going to do this to her.

"Ahem," there was a cough behind them, "you two better get to class."

"Yes Mrs. Johnson," Nathan straightened Tabby's skirt and backed away holding her hand, "come on Tabby we're already late," He started to pull her along behind him almost making her fall.

"Nathan, what did you mean when you said all that," she asked him. Keeping up with him was hard because she was still dripping. She looked at his knee. It was wet as if he fell into a puddle was the front of his pants, she blushed.

"I was just asking, I don't know what I meant by it," He stopped and pulled her to him kissing her right in the middle of the empty hall way and whispered against her lips, "You have no idea how long I've waited to do that."

Tabby's breath caught in her throat and she sighed against his lips. The touch of his lips against hers made her knees weak again making it where he had to support her, "Nathan, your all I want."

Nathan pulled away from her and continued to pull down the hall to their next class walking in, "Excuse us Mr. Davidson, I am the one that made Tabby and myself late today, I'll take the punishment."

Everyone in the classroom stared at Nathan like he just did something wrong. And started whispering among them, "Is he crazy?" "Who does he think he is?"

"Mr. Edwards I see you're honest as ever. I expect this classroom to be cleaned after school."

"Yes sir," Nathan let go of Tabby's hand as soon as they got to their desks, "Is it alright if I come over tonight?"

"Of c-course," her face was red and she knew it. She couldn't believe the things that have been happening all day. First he nearly makes her cum in the hallway, and then he kisses her and says that he's wanted to do that for a long time and now this. She wondered what else was going to happen, "I don't mind you coming over. It's just me tonight. Mom and dad are going out tonight."

"Good," he looked happy, "so I have a question for you."

She looked away knowing what he was going to ask. Her face getting redder by the moment, "what would that be?"

"Will you go out with me," he asked close to her ear and she turned and nearly fell out of her chair when she noticed that he was on his knee and his hand had hers, "I'm guessing that's a no."

"No, I mean it's a yes. It's just that you caught me off guard with you being there on your knee," she was looking down in embarrassment. She can't believe he was asking her out. It seemed like two weeks ago he was ignoring her.

"I'm sorry," he got up and sat in his chair.

"It's okay," she was looking at the chalk board writing down the notes for the today's assignment.

There was a piece of paper on his hand and he looked at it. In her small perfect hand writing was three words.

Yes I will.

He stared at the piece of paper for the rest of the block and he just couldn't believe that she was saying yes after the way he's been treating her for the last two weeks ignoring her and everything. He loved her and he got what he wanted.

The bell rang meaning school was out and Nathan had to stay after to clean the room which was easy to do. All that needed was the chairs being stacked. He stacked them quickly and left to the student parking to notice that Tabby was at his car waiting for him, "Why aren't you on the bus?"

"I thought you might want to give me a ride home," she was smiling and walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face down for a kiss.

He complied and pinned her to the cars' side and kissed her harder. He moved closer to her grinding his hips into hers, he softly groaned as Tabby sighed against his lips.

Tabby knew he was getting hard against her and she nipped his bottom lip rubbing against him. She heard the soft moan in the back of his throat she pulled her lips from his and kissed down his cheek to his neck and lightly nipped there and she felt him grow harder against her stomach.

"Tabby, do you know what you're doing to me," he asked through his soft moans as she continued to nip at his neck.

"Paybacks a bitch isn't it," she asked as she rubbed against him again sucking on his neck.

He pulled away and opened her door for her, "but I can control how long you get your revenge now can't I?"

She got in and started to pout, "Nathan your no fun!"

He chuckled and went to the driver's side, "No one said I was nice."

She was thinking to herself, he's right. For the last two weeks he's ignored me and then he trashed my yard,"well, you asked me out didn't you?"

"I've always wanted to go out with you but didn't know how to ask you….what are you doing?"

While he was talking she reached over and started to undo his pants, "what does it look like," she asked as she leaned over the arm rest and pulled out his shaft and lightly licked the head sliding her tongue over it, "wow you taste really good," she pulled his lower head into her mouth and she felt him get hard instantly as she moved her mouth up and down taking him deeper into her mouth.

He moaned as she continued to suck at him, "Tabby how do you know how to give head like that?"

She continued to suck at him as she reached into his pants and lightly squeezed his balls and massaged them, "I just watched a lot of porn. All the blow job scenes intensely," she forced her mouth all the way down his shaft taking him deep down her throat and she gagged licking his head again she felt his sack tighten.

"Tabby I'm going to cum," he said between pants, "I love you so much."

"Then cum in my mouth," she continued to lick his head and then she pulled him into her mouth so she could suck him more and harder as she slid her hand up and down his shaft.

"Tabby I'm Cumming," he moaned loudly as he came in her mouth and it came out all over her face.

She sucked him and drank every ounce that came out his penis and looked at him as she wiped her face on his stomach and she licked it off him, "mmm, that was so good."

He looked down at her and smiled, "you know you just gave me my first blow job."

Tabby looked at his dick again and started to jack him off while he was driving. She watched the pleasure roll across his face as she moved her hand a little faster and harder up and down.

"Tabby, you know that if you do that much longer I'm going to have to pull over and take you right here in the car," he said through pants. He moaned when she flicked her tongue over his lower head.

The more she did this the wetter she got. She couldn't masturbate in front of him. Not with her being a virgin. So she just continued to jack him off and playing with his sack. He was about to cum again and so she slowed down to make the moment last.

"That feels so damn good," he couldn't believe that he was getting a hand job from the most beautiful girl in the school. Well to him she was. He felt like he was going to explode again, "Tabby…"

He didn't get to finish as her mouth wrapped around his member and she lightly sucked and teased him till he came filling her mouth and she swallowed every last drop of it.

He can't believe that he just got the best hand/blow job in his life. Where did she learn how to do that? She had him cumming. He was looking at her and he smiled softly, "Tabby we're almost to your house. There's a shirt in the back seat if you want to wipe your face off," he handed her a coke.

She took it and drank it to wash out her mouth so her mom and dad wouldn't ask why her tongue was all pasty, "thanks baby," she reached into the back seat to grabbed his shirt to wipe off her face.

They pulled up to her house and there were no cars in the driveway or in the garage. This was the first time that Nathan was actually at Tabby's house. He looked at her and leaned over to kiss her and she pulled his face to hers and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him. He licked her lips for entrance and she opened her mouth a little and he slipped his tongue into her mouth exploring every corner of her mouth.

Tabby pulled away and looked at him, "would you like to see my room?"

Nathan looked at her and smiled, "I would love to," He got out and went and opened her door for her, "you are beautiful, more beautiful than a rose."

The blush that stained her cheeks was a dark crimson, "Do you have to do that?"

Nathan chuckled and kissed her again pinning her against the car.

"Are we going to my room or not," She asked in between breathes, she grabbed his shoulders for support.

"Yea, I just wanted to kiss you again," He grabbed her hips and pulled her close.

She pulled away grabbing his hand and pulled him through the front door and up the stairs to a door, she turned around looking at him, "You can't laugh."

He looked at her and whispered into her ear, "Why would I laugh?"

"Because I'm a girly girl when it comes to my room," she watched his reaction but saw not one hint of laughter in his eyes, "okay come on in baby."

He followed her into her room and his jaw dropped, "Wow, this is amazing," there was plenty of posters on her walls and a bunch of photos when they were little, "Tabby, you even kept that necklace I gave you for Christmas a couple years ago."

She blushed, "Of course I did. You gave it to me. It was the first time you kissed me. Right underneath the missile toe. You gave me the necklace and it so happen we were under it."

Nathan was happy that she kept it. He set it up that way yet she didn't know it, "well I'm glad that you like it. I didn't think you would keep it after the way I've treated you."

"No matter what I think it was so sweet of you. And you're the first guy that I ever kissed," she was looking at the necklace hanging on the wall.

Nathan pulled her close and softly bit her neck, "Well, I'm your first for a lot of things aren't I?"

She nodded as a soft moan came out and her hands wrapped around her neck as he bit again and she moaned again. He was making the heat curl in her stomach the way his lips moved over her skin was so erotic that she couldn't stop the way he was making her feel. She was getting wet just from him biting her neck and kissing it. She held his head there moaning every time his teeth scraped her neck. It was so erotic the way he was making her feel. Her body moved against his on its own, her hand twined in his dark mane of hair.

*Do you enjoy this Tabby, the way my I'm making you feel," he shivered as her body moved against his. She was driving him mad, his hands slid up her side and lightly over her breast. She had no bra line, "are you wearing a bra?"

"N-no," She gasped as his finger started to rub her nipple through her shirt pushing the soft cotton against it, "N-Nathan..I-I want you so bad," she was moaning he slipped his hand up under her shirt to rub her bare nipple and her back arched thrusting her chest into his hand.

He moved her to her wall were he slowly slipped his knee in between her legs and slowing rubbed it against her underwear as he continued to rub her nipple, "Wow your nipple is so hard," he lowered his head and sucked on it through her shirt and she moaned loud.

She couldn't take it much longer if he kept it up she was going to cum without him actually doing something. She pushed him back a little so she could take off her shirt to give him better access to her breasts. She undid her skirt and dropped it to the ground so he could rub her with his knee. He got close to her again and he continued what he was doing but instead of using his hand instead rubbing her underwear slowly pushing his finger into her making her cry out in pleasure. He knew she was a virgin so he didn't do it too hard. Her underwear were soaking wet and he slid them down her smooth milky white legs and he crouched down so he could look at her shaved core. He looked up at her as she blushed and he licked her pussy making her knees go weak and she grabbed his shoulders.

She looked down as he did it again and a moan escaped her lips and it was loud. She couldn't believe how much he was making her feel just by licking her. He licked her clit and she moaned loudly. How is he doing this to me,she was thinking, I wouldn't allow another guy to touch like this. No, but this my first time experiencing the feeling that he was giving me. I only know about it from the way my friends described it.

She's enjoying it. The way her muscles were retracting around my tongue was amazing. The more I do this the wetter she gets,He continued to lick at her and suck on her clit she was soaking and she tasted so good. He stood up pulling off his clothes and lifted her slowly.

Her legs wrapped around his stomach and he carried her to the bed, "Tabby…do you want to use a condom?"

She looked at him with wide eyes, "you're asking me," she asked him and he nodded, "but what if I got pregnant?"

"I was planning on asking your parents for permission to marry you. It's your choice if you want to use protection," he laid her back on the bed looking down at his dick and her pussy. It seemed as though they were meant to be joined. She was soaking wet and he was rock solid.

He slowly moved his dick over her clit and watched as her face became a mask of pleasure and she lightly moaned and he lightly split her pussy's lips and lightly thrust enough not to make her cherry pop just enough for her to get used to his size. He pulled out and started rubbing the head of his dick against her clit and making her moan loudly.

"Are you ready…," he asked her and she nodded, "it's going to hurt."

"I know it's going to hurt, but I want you to be the one to do it...I don't want to use a condom. I want you to fill me up with your cum like you did my mouth," she was looking into his eyes with trust evident in them, "I know if I say that I'm not ready now you'll stop and if I say that I am I know that you're going to be gentle."

He nodded and placed the head of his dick at her entrance and looked at her. When she nodded he slowly pushed into her watching as her eyes shut and he grabbed her hands. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him, "it didn't break. Can you please do it again baby?"

Nathan looked down at her and smiled as he kissed her and pulled back slowly and thrusted fast and hard. He felt the wall that stopping him access into her, "Tabby, it's going to break," she cried out as he broke through the barrier and he stopped to let her body adjust to his size.

"It feels so good have something so warm inside of me…" she said in between gasps, she kissed him and moved her hips against his in a suggestive movement.

He nodded and slowly thrusted into he going a little deeper and she cried out. He stopped and she said to keep going so he did and soon her cries became moans as his thrusts became a little faster. She moaned as he continued his pace and he soon started to lift her hips.

"N-Nathan I'm going to cum," the heat started in her stomach and it traveled low and fast and he continued to thrust as soon as she came she squirted on him and she was shaking. And he stopped to let her body calm down. As soon as she started to move her body against him he flipped so she was on top and she gasped as he stretched her more, "Nathan it hurts…it hurts!"

"Relax my love we were made for each other," he said as he started to slowly move his hip up thrusting slowly into her as he pulled her down. She moaned loud as he did that, "Damn, you so tight."

She started to lower herself using his shoulders as a balance so she wouldn't fall forward against him. He still had her hips and she continued to thrust down onto him going faster and he was moaning as she tightened around him and he grew in side her making her moan as he stretched her more. He started to pull her down faster and thrust up into her and she was moaning louder with each thrust, "NATHAN HARDER," so he thrusted into her harder and faster going deeper and deeper with each thrust and he knew that he was reaching his peak soon but she was tightening more and more around him and she screamed, "I'M GOING TO CUM!"

She came lifting her hips off him as she squirted all over his stomach and dick and he pulled her back down onto him and continued to thrust into her, "Tabby I'm going to cum soon."

She smiled and started to thrust down on him harder and faster. She watched as grasped the bed with his hands as he continued to lift his hips. She reached down behind her and started to massage his nuts as she thrust down onto him harder and faster. She felt his sack tighten and she knew he was going to cum so she just pick up the pace.


He grabbed her hips and pulled her down on him a couple more times and he came in her filling her till the brink where she couldn't fit any more in her. And he lifted her off him and watched his cum came dripping out her pussy onto his stomach and watch as her pussy convulsed. She bent down and licked his stomach cleaning it of every drop of cum that was on it.

Two hours later….

They were lying next to each other on Tabby's bed with her back against Nathan's stomach. They just had sex about four times and they were both tired. Tabby turned look at Nathan but he was sound asleep with a smile on his face and she snuggled closer to him with his dick pressed against her butt. She smiled and closed her eyes and whispered, "I love you so much Nathan Edwards."

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