My girlfriend Kay #2

My girlfriend Kay #2

My Girlfriend Kay #2

My name is Gus and I live in middle Texas on a 500 ac. ranch with my girlfriend Kay ,We are I guess naturist we are self sufficient in almost every thing . We still have to go out and pick up things for the ranch ,gas , groceries . But mostly we keep to our self's , we do have friends in the burbs were we moved from and had a very good time with them in our younger days . I haven't thought a lot about them until last week . When I was able to catch Kay and Tex locked up ass to ass in the garden ,and after that Lucky our miniature stud horse had his way with her . I got it all on tape and Kay don't have any idea that I even saw the mating going on in the garden . Her with her beautiful tan ass and only a cowboy hat on .She still has no clue I filmed her and I don't plan on telling her right now , So I got this plan in my head . What if we were to invite some of our friends out to the ranch for a get together, they surly would like to come a few hours away to the country and relax . The plan was forming and I needed to get Kay to buy it , me expressing my solitude life to Kay all the time and telling her how much I loved it and her , She might get a little suspect of my plan .

I was hinting around about maybe getting rid of some of the Deer and wild Hogs on the ranch and wondering how I could go about it , one afternoon with Kay . She said why don't you call John and Kim and ask him if would like to get rid of them , Wow was she on to something , I said we could ask them to come for a visit and stay with us for a few days , You and Kim could do girl stuff and me and John can work on a plan to get rid of some hogs and deer.

Kay and Kim went to collage together and had been lovers durning that time , we had several hardcore sexual adventures with them when we lived in the burbs of Dallas .John and I worked for the same company and when they merged with a larger company they had a VRP ( Volunteer Separation Package ) I was able to come out on top with a good cash settlement and monthly salary until I'm 65yr old . So I sold the house and asked Kay if she wanted to move off the grid in the country and live out a life in middle Texas she was ready to go . We had been seeing each other for 2 years and decided not to screw up our friendship with marriage , we would be a happy couple and enjoy each other until we decided to make a change . Well 12 years has gone by and we are still living a life of love and peace and pleasure in our middle Texas paradise .

John and Kim showed up that weekend and were excited to see the ranch , we saddled up 4 horses and spent a lot of time just looking around the ranch , Of course we felt like we needed to be dressed , Kay had on short shorts and bikini top one that just covered the nipple , shorts so tight you could see her camel toe , wow what a body she had . Kim slid into something about the same her store bought boobs were looking fine , I could not keep my eyes off them and Kay kept teasing me , John was a lucky man she was a beautiful woman . I explained to John about how much trouble the deer and hog populations had grown unchecked and needed to get help getting rid of them as we were unsaddling the horses.Kim and Kay had started for the pool shedding clothes as they went , John and I watched them dive in an splash around for a few minutes,hugging and kissing mashing there tits togeather and riding each others legs with there pussy .

John said let joining them , well I was ready my dick was hard as a horse shoe , we slid off our clothes and dove in to the arms of our girls . The water was just right and we were able to not loose our erections , you know like in cold water . We swam around and ended up all 4 of us on the steps of the pool Kay and Kim sucking our dicks like crazy , before long I grabbed Kay and placed her on the pool side and started licking her pussy and sucking the juice out of that beautiful vessel . John turned Kim around and was sucking her pussy so she layed down on the step and started sucking my cockas John fed his hard cock to Kay . We all came at the same time , man it was great . We swam around some more and the girls wanted to get out and fix some drinks.We watched them walk into the house and our dicks got hard again ,what sexy ass's they both had . After a round of drinks Kay and Kim was felling no pain and over walked Lucky and his harem they were picking grass and one of Lucky 's mares was cumming in Heat so he was smelling her pussy and making that face that horse's make . His 14" cock slid out and he was slapping it on his belly . He mounted his mare and slammed that monster cock into her pussy , his legs spread out and she braced herself as he plowed into her with gusto . He fucked her for about 3 minutes and cum came spraying out and around her pussy as his cock slid out and sprayed cum on the ground , I looked at Kay and her face was flush and she had sweat on her lip, her hand was on her pussy with one finger out of sight in her hole and she was pinching her nipple .Kim was almost the same way her eyes were glued on the monster cock ,she said what a cock .That is a happy girl you can tell look at her take that son of a bitch, what a cock ,Her and Kay could not keep there eyes off the mating pair . When that cock came out and the mushroom head slid out there was a moan from both girls and a sigh as they both fingered there pussy .

Kay jumped up and said lets fix lunch and off inside they went , John and I setting on the side of the pool both our cocks hard our hands jacking up and down. John said that was hot did you see the girls ,they were ready to jump old Lucky . I bet if we wasn't here they would be over their sucking his big old cock and seeing if they could stuff it in there pussy's ,I said oh yes , come on I got something to show you , we went in side and and grabbed the camcorder slid open a door on the side and stuck in the tape and hit play . I filmed this last week of her and Lucky and Tex my old Dog . Kay thought I was gone to the store.Johns dick was pointing at the sky and leaking precum , He said this the hottest thing I have ever seen, Well the hunting thing was just a front to get you out here to help me with my plan . I want to film her some more and you know Kim will be wanting to help her get some more of that monster cock , Hell , John said she will have to fight Kim to get her share , Kim loves big cock . My plan was coming together . John said I got a hunting buddy in Dallas that films a lot of deer hunts I bet he could get us some good camera equipment . I said give him a call and see, about 20 minutes later he hung up the phone and said it will be here in the morning on overnight FedEx . Later that night after dinner I took a shower and went to bed , Kay came out of the bathroom and turned off the light and said I will be right back . In a few minutes she came back in and slid under the sheets her hand going across my chest to my dick followed by her tits. Her mouth slid over my cock right down to the short hairs ,I'm not as long as John but my dick is round as a beer can so it takes some doing to get it in her mouth . I'm thinking something is different these boobs are different her soft mouth sucking real hard on my cock .All of a sudden it came to me this was Kim sucking me as my cock got harder I reached my hands down to hold those beautiful orbs I have slobbered over all day . This was going to be a good weekend. to be continued.

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