Lil Jazz

Lil Jazz

My name is Patrick, I'm 21 and I work at an electrical goods retail store, in the warehouse. It usually consists of long hard days of having to receive a lot of heavy stock, like fridges and washing machines, also having to give customers their stock. It does get pretty tiring, specially during the summer months when it's hot. The warehouse has a second level to it, where we usually keep the outside units for air conditioners. Being out of camera view and only accessible by those who can drive the order picker (a type of forklift), what me and my fellow warehouse workmates have done is sort of turned it into our own retreat. We have managed to sneak up a decent sized T.V and a couch, just to, every now an then, take a break. Another upside to working out in the warehouse, is one of the girls in the office. Her name is Jasmine, she is only 17, just out of high school, and works full time. She has the task of not only having to put up with us guys in the warehouse, we are all a bunch of kids really, always messing around, but she is the one that would receive the stock into the system for the sales staff to sell it. Pretty much one of the most important jobs of the business.

She is short and petite. You could easily pick her up and just through her around like a rag doll, and trust me, I've thought about doing it to her many times. She has a smile that could melt a mans heart, perky tits, that aren't to big or to small, just a bit more then a handful, all you really need and an ass to die for. She was really quiet at first but soon opened up and she joins in the fun with us guys a lot of the time. She has a boyfriend unfortunately, and he has popped round a couple of times, he seems a bit of a dickhead really. He is the same age as me, and we have gone to a few work do's and he usually is seen checking out other girls and not really treating Jasmine with the respect she deserves. Jazz and myself have tended to treat each other to mild forms of flirting, but nothing to serious. That's how her nickname came about, Lil' Jazz, I would always tell her she is small and I could easily pick her up and throw her. She would face up and say give it a go. I would pick her up in a sort of bear hug and have her small sexy teen body pressed up against me. I would have the heart to throw her though, but I would hold her there for an extended amount of time.

Anyway, to the story...

It was just a normal day, except for the fact that I was the only warehouse guy to turn up for work today. Our manager was on holidays, and the other guy thought it would be smart to throw a sickie, in hindsight I should thank him. It was a busy one, a few deliveries, but nothing I couldn't handle. It was the middle of the afternoon and I hadn't really had much chance to really even notice Jazz today, but had finally finished putting all the stock away and was looking forward to just relaxing until the end of the day. I sat at our computer on the warehouse floor and started to surf the internet, just for random things to entertain me. When all of a sudden the power went out. Obviously a power outage in an electrical goods store is not good and we got news the power won't come back on until 7.00pm that night, so the boss decided to shut shop and send everyone home. The problem was, Jasmine didn't have her licence and she wouldn't be picked up until her mother finished work, which was around the same time the store would usually close. The boss was staying behind and I offered to wait with her until it was home time for her. I would have offered her a lift, but she lived a fair distance away and the other direction to where I go.

So we stayed, we both went up to our little retreat area and turned on the TV and started to watch a movie. We started chatting a bit, she was talking about her boyfriend and how she was ready to leave him, but she was scared to break it off with him because he might force her to stay with him, he was a dickhead after all. We kept talking and kept the mild flirting going for a while until she got up to get a drink. When she came back, she sat down right up against me. It was good to feel her warmth up against me. We sat there in silence and watched the movie, I wasn't really paying to much attention to what was on, instead was looking at her. She was wearing the normal button up work shirt, which she never buttoned up the top to buttons so you could easily take a quick peek at her nice firm perky tits. And she was wearing a skirt, which seemed to be shorter then usual. I could feel my cock start to stir at just the thought of what I could do to her. She subtly brushed her hand across my leg, right were my cock was hardening, I swear she could feel it.

“Do you like me Patrick?” She asked, completely out of the blue.

I was taken aback with the question and didn't know how to answer. “Um...uh... yeah, I mean your attractive and easy to talk to. So yeah I guess I do.” It was a strange answer for my standards, but she caught me off guard. But I was not expecting the next question.

“Would you fuck me? I've seen the way you look at me sometimes, looking down my shirt and my arse.” She said while looking so innocently.

The way she said “fuck me” made my cock harden even more. That's when she placed her hand on my leg and stroked it a little, brushing up against my cock again. Her eyes lit up a little.

“Yeah, I think you do.” She whispered softly by oh so sexy. “Let's see what we've got.”

And before I could react, she jumped off the couch and onto her knees in between my legs. She stroked both her hands up my inner thighs until she reached my belt buckle. She undid it and slid my zip down. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I didn't want it to stop. I helped her remove my pants and soon enough she began sliding my boxer shorts down. My 8 inch cock was fully erect now and when she slid the boxers down over it, it popped out and almost slapped her in the face.

“Oh wow, your big.” She mentioned with wide open eyes before grabbing it with her warm hand and started to slowly stroke it. She used her other hand to unbutton the rest of her shirt and took it off. She had a sexy lace bra on, which looked to be a size too small, because her tits were just waiting to pop out. Once her shirt was off, she lent in and started to softly kiss the head of my cock while still stroking softly.

“Oh god that feels good.” Was the first words I had said for a while now, but it was all I could muster before he opened her mouth and took half my cock in her mouth. Her warm mouth felt so good, only aided by the fact that she was flicking her tongue around the head. I couldn't believe it, one of the sexiest girl I had ever seen, someone I had fantasised about while jacking off so many times, was bobbing up and down on my cock like a professional. It was feeling so good and I felt as if I was about to blow my load. I had to stop her before I came.

I grabbed her and dragged her up on top of my lap, I told you I could easily pick her up and throw her around. She straddled my lap and placed her lips on mine as I started to undo her bra. It came off and her tit popped out from their restraints. I had to take a look at them. They were perfect, not too big, not to small, just over a handful size, the nipples were hard and not too big, just the way I like it. I took one nipple in my mouth and licked and sucked it. I could hear her moaning as she played with my hair.

“I want you inside me now.” She kind of demanded and she got up and practically ripped of her skirt to reveal a sexy lace G-String. She turned around and slowly, teasingly, slid down her underwear, revealing a perfect arse and a pussy to die for. She had an amazing gap, and you could see her pussy juices almost leaking out. She was soaking wet as I started to play with her arse. I slid a finger inside her and felt how tight she was. She couldn't take it any more, she hit my hand away, turned around to reveal a completely shaven smooth pussy. She straddled me again and grabbed my cock and eased it into her entrance. She took me all in slowly, she felt so good. Tightest I've ever had.

“Oh good your so big, never had something large before.” She said as she started to move up and down on my cock. The pace was getting faster with each movement and soon she was bouncing on my cock hard and fast. I watched as her tight 17 year old sexy body was riding on my cock.

“Oh god, fuck me Patrick, your making my cum.” She started moaning louder and faster. I quickly picked her up and tossed her back over the couch and bent her over and slid my cock back inside her. I was known to fuck very hard and deep doggy style, always made the girls cum in my experiences. It didn't disappoint this time either. I didn't start off slow this time, I was fucking her tight pussy harder, faster and deeper then before, and soon enough she was almost screaming as I started to feel her pussy contract around my cock as she started to cum.

“I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!!!” She finally let out as she climaxed. It was pushing me over the edge.

“I'm about to cum.” I quickly let out, to warn her. She popped up and and went right to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started pumped my shaft hard and fast while flicking her tongue around the head of my cock. I started thrusting a little and soon enough, I shot my load, the first shot went straight down her throat and she swallowed it, then she slipped my cock out and aimed it at her perky tits and allowed me to shoot the rest of my load on her tits.

She placed my cock back in her mouth a milked the rest of my cum out, swallowing every bit of it, before she started to collect the rest off her chest the lick it off her finger, all while looking at me. I had never seen anything so god damn sexy.

Once we had finished cleaning ourselves up, we sat back on the couch, both still naked, and cuddled up against each other. I kept running my hands all over her body, she had such smooth skin.

“So, what happens now?” She asked me.
“I don't really know. I really liked that, would really love to do that again sometime.” I answered.
“Well, we could easily keep doing it behind my boyfriends back, it's not like we really see each other unless he wants a root. But you don't have to worry about that, I'm gonna be all yours, never gonna let him touch me again.” She said with a smile before kissing me again. We just sat there naked until it was time to go home. We had one last kiss goodbye, and as she left for her mothers car she grabbed my cock which made it almost instantly hard again.

A few weeks later, she broke it off with her boyfriend after finding out he had about 3 other girls going at the same time. We started dating and our sex life was always amazing, she knew exactly how to make me cum hard and I had no trouble making her climax every time. She even came up with the idea of maybe a threesome with one of her girlfriends, which most of them were just as hot as her. But that it another story.

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