Predator Series: The Beginning: Chapter 2

Predator Series: The Beginning: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Fear Settles in aka: Scared shitless

Reality over ego starts to set in. I pull her head off of my penis and look at her as her mouth lay open, gapped, with saliva and the little bit of cum from my penis as I pulled out. Shes dead. Oh fuck, I killed her, she suffocated on my dick. What am I going to do, I think to my self as I go into a frantic frenzy. I picked her up, threw her in her car. Shit, I cant leave her, and I can't take both cars. I got it. I will park my car in the abandoned lot near us.

I hop in to my car and drive it into the abandoned lot. No one will bother with my car, its a piece of crap Toyota. It's a 93 model Toyota tercel, blue, rusty blue. I sigh once more leaving my car, my baby, my ghetto pimp ride. I laugh on the inside realizing how white I am for saying something like that.

I turn around and look at her car, as I do a smile comes across my face. It's a jag, a beautiful dark green jaguar at that. As I walk to her car I really take it in. I'm not a car buff, but I can tell this is a brand new car, as I get closer and can actually make out what it is, I realize its a Jaguar XKR, 2010 model at that. As I gawk at the car I motion to get in the car, and as I open the door I realizes how this car came into my possession. I moved this corpse, I mean woman into the passengers seat. Her hair being a mess as well as her face, damn, got to clean her up, just in case. I search her car for something to clean her face with. Not a damn thing. Starting to realize that this might be a one of those sales cars you see that the sales reps get to drive around to 'test' out. I look for the keys, lucky me, already in the ignition. I start the car, and it acknowledges with a nice rumble. Got to love the V8 engine. Standard, luck is just shining my way today. I take off the break and put it in neutral, I give it some gas and watch the RPMs tick up to about 3500 and slam it into first gear as the back tires light up I give a satisfying yell as I burn rubber off the tires and transfer them on the pavement and then make a sliding right hand turn and park. It was less then a hundred feet to my car but I wanted to test the car and see what its got. Why not? Shes not going to need the car where shes at.

I hop out of the jag reluctantly, and go in my car, grab my belongings and some McDonald's napkins off the front passengers seat where I had eaten at the day prior. Get back in the jag, and proceeded to clean her face off. Looking at her again as I clean off her face, she still strikes me as an actress just which I knew who or what movie. I finish cleaning her face off, then I remembered, from the movie 'Serenity'. Thats who she looks like, the mechanic woman from 'Serenity'.

I start to look for some ID or some kind of purse. Nothing in the front seats or console, nothing on the passenger floor board. Would never have thought it be in the passenger rear floor board. I look through her purse to see if I can find an ID or something. What I find makes me smile. I reach in her purse and come out with about 800 in twenties. I count it out, yep 800 American dollars. My luck keeps getting better by the moment.

Reality once again is setting in, damn that reality. What am I going to do with her. I can just dump her and the car somewhere. No I cant do that, CSI coming to mind, me dumping my cum into her throat and stomach and her mouth, not to mention they can find out what paint my car is from the paint transfer. Damn me and my over active mind. The hospital. No, cant drop a dead chick off, the date rape test they do will point towards me, not to mention the dead part and the questions on how she came about, dead. A grim realization is starting to come over me, I am stuck with a dead chick in her car. Fuck. I crank the car up and drive off. Only one place, my place. It can at least get me in to a secure place where I can think.

After spending about ten minutes adjusting this woman in the front seat to look like she is passed out rather then her current condition, I sped off towards my house. It must have been about ten minutes in to the drive before I noticed that her skirt had road up her legs from all the 'stop and- go' driving I have been doing with the car. I noticed she was wearing some sexy panties. From what I could tell they were a light purple and semi-sheer. I seen that they were semi-sheer because of the racing stripe she had. This is going to sound bad but I figured shes not going to be complaining any time soon, so I decided to have a little fun. I took my hand and moved it up and down her thighs, feeling her smooth silk legs that she must keep waxed because I could not feel a single hair on them at all. That I did like in my women, clean, shaved or waxed. I moved my hand up to her crotch and rubbed her vagina through her panties some. I wanted to taste her at this point. Almost losing control of the car a few times I managed to move aside her panties and stick a finger in them, supposed to know, but she was soaking wet from before as my two fingers moved inside her with ease as far as lubrication goes. As far as just sliding in, not very. She was tight, almost virgin tight. I slid my fingers in further then further, till I could not go any further. I moved my fingers back and forth in a scissoring motion, just then I hear a moan creep out of her mouth.

I swerve the car to the shoulder of the road. I sat there, motionless, and eyes thrown forward not wanting to see if she was alive or starting to wake up. As cars honk and drive by that I cut off while I made my move to the shoulder, I did not want to move. It must of been at least five minutes of nothing before I got the nerve to look at her. I mean If I was a woman, just violated to the point of blacking out and then woke up in your own cars passenger seat with a mans hand all up inside you, someone you never met before a day in your life, and hes driving you to god knows where, what would you think? After five minutes of no screaming, no hitting, no crying, no pleading, no nothing at all, I look over and see that shes still knocked out. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing the fact I am not going to be charged with rape and murder, just rape, and kidnapping and a whole bunch of other stuff my mind was telling me. As I regained my composer and drove onward to my abode, I told myself just not to touch her until your safely in your garage.

I pull up to my house and hit the garage door button I grabbed from my car earlier. I previously forgot it when a friend picked me up so I never forget that bad boy. They make life so much easier. I pull into the garage and watch the door as it slowly shuts. I sit there and watch the door creep shut half expecting to see cops rush into my drive way sirens roaring and megaphones blaring. There was nothing. This was to easy except for that episode on the road where she moaned and woke up. If she had done that before I put her in her car and drove off from where I had raped her orally. I could have just left her. Her none the wiser. sitting in the car staring at her, waiting for her to do something realizing just now after looking at her for about five minutes I could have just checked to see if she was breathing. I am such an idiot I scolded myself. Maybe I deserved this. Maybe this is a dream? Maybe when she wakes up she will forgive me and not call the cops? No I don't think so not after what I had done to her. Which brings a thought to mind, maybe I planned this when I saw her? Maybe I wanted this? I don't know, and at the moment my mind is telling me I need to do something before she does wake up and start the screaming and crying and hitting I foresee in my head.

I get out of the car and scrounge around some in the garage grabbing some nylon rope and some rags. I made sure the rag wasn't used for any chemicals that might stir her. I made sure everything I used was clean or not used. I opened the passenger door and put the rag in her mouth and used a second rag to tie around her head and keep the first rag in place. Then I used a knife I fount on my work bench to cut the rope into more manageable pieces. I thus tied her arms behind her back and her ankles and I even tied her knees together to make it easier for me. I then picked her up as she moaned only when moved to much, and I tried to keep all movement slow and to a minimum.

As I picked her up, I carried her into the house in my arms, kind of like a sick demented wedding day. I went to my living room. If she woke up, I didn't want her waking up in my bedroom. I sat her down in my reclining chair Made sure she was comfortable and made sure the ropes were taught, but not to tight to leave marks. I went over to my couch and sat down. Big mistake. I fell asleep.

I woke when I heard a thud. I opened my eyes and realized that It wasn't a bad dream after all. There she was laying on the floor, trying to move like a worm. Good thing I tied her knees together otherwise she could get up and hop away. This also provided me with a little more time to get up and sit her back in the chair. As I did gently and calmly I went to speak in a low soft voice.

"Please don't be frightened. I don't mean to hurt you. Well I didn't mean to hurt you. Did I hurt you?" I managed to blurt out,

I noticed she was shaking and had a deer in headlights look with her eyes wide and focused on me. I tried to explain my situation as with her blacking out, and me putting her in the car because I thought the worst. The ride over here was just that, I left out the fingering and moaning part, and summed up the rest. Her eyes lightened up and she didn't look half as scared.

"If I take your gag off do you promise to not yell, or scream or anything like that? I want to end this situation as soon as possible but I need your help. Can you do that for me?" I pleaded,

She nodded yes in approval, and I took off her gag, and she didn't scream or yell or anything that I feared. What she did, or rather what she said was ten times worse.

"I hope you have had a good life because once I get free I am calling the cops and they are going to throw your dumb ass in jail for a long, long time." she managed out with a hoarse voice from the assault earlier,

"Look I am sorry but I didn't mean for any of this to happen, I just wanted some head and then something came over me, something animalistic, primal, an urge I never felt before" I said,

"All the more reason the cops should throw your ass in jail." rolled off her tongue,

"Please theres no need to get the cops involved..." I said before she cut in,

"Isn't that what I said before you raped me?" she said,

"RAPED? you gave me head." I said,

"How do I know you haven't already had your way with me? I been out of it, and for all I know you have done used my other holes for your enjoyment." she barked,

"Wouldn't you at least feel some kind of feeling if I had done that?" I managed out,

"How do you know what I feel and what I don't feel? It doesn't matter, the cops will believe me, and from the taste in my mouth, thats all they need."

She had me there, and as scared as I was I was believe her every word. Then I started to think harder. She is tied up, and in my house, and theres nothing she can really do unless I let her. I got to think and act quickly. Lets see, ways for her to contact the outside world. Land lines, cell phones, and physical talking. Right okay, if I take care of these I can prolong myself getting thrown in jail or worse. I abruptly get up from my chair and goto each phone in my house and take out the phone cords making sure to grab both cables if there was one connecting the handset to the base, and throw them on the kitchen table. I then go back to the car where I had left her purse and grabbed the whole thing, then put that on the table. I put my cell phone on the table as well just in case she tries to get it off of me.

I collect all the items off of the table and goto my bedroom and find my firesafe I keep tucked away in my closet under the flooring. I peeled back some carpet and chiseled away the cement for my fire box in case someone tried to steel it. Its not to large, just large enough for what I need it to do. I was able to fit everything in the fire safe but the purse its self. While going through her purse and putting her belongings in to my fire safe, I was able to get a better understanding of who she really is. Going through the normal feminine items, a few tampons, makeup, hair ties, and the that sort, I came across her ID, she is 27, not bad, only two years older then I am. five foot five and a half inches tall and well the ID says 118lbs, but that must be in her cup because she doesn't look any bit over 110. Finally some good information, her name, Lorie Meyer. Lorie is such a pretty name. I had and ex named Lorie. Having gone through her entire purse and not finding any pictures was reassuring, odd, but assuring. Throwing everything in the lock box, and putting everything back the way it was, I take her purse and throw it in the closet, and get up and walk to the front room.

I walk into the front room to find an empty seat and empty room. Damn where did that worm wiggle to I ask my self. I look in the kitchen, nothing. Move to the hall leading to the door, there she is. I move to pick her up and she starts squirming around.

"Now, now, theres no need for all that." I tell her,

She manages a howl as I start to tickle her. I have sisters and if there is any thing that would stop them from thrashing the way they want is to tickle them and make them thrash the way I want. just as expected she straitens her body and then curls up into a fetal position. I pick her up by her waist and throw her over the shoulder and hold her ankles so she can not kick me and just wiggle.

"If you go to kicking you might fall off and seriously hurt yourself."

I informed her as I carted her back to the living room and set her down on the seat again. I sat in the chair, and tried to be civilized and have a nice civil conversation.

"Look Lorie, I did not mean to bring you here and on top of that, I did not mean to make you blackout. Whats done is done, and now we need to figure out how to resolve this situation where, one I don't see any cops, and two, you are back where you need to be." I said while watching a smirk appear on her face,

"We don't need to figure anything out, for all I care you can rot in hell. As soon as I get free the first thing I am going to do is goto the cops. Secondly I am going to be there when they pick you up and slap the handcuffs around your wrists." she said with an evil grin,

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