Polka Dot Pajama Bottoms

Polka Dot Pajama Bottoms

Hi there! This is my first story, I hope you like it and I sincerely appreciate any feedback, comments, questions, opinions, requests, etc… my only humble request is that you do so respectfully. I can continue this story if people like it. Thanks for reading, Enjoy!

Her apartment smelled of fabric softener, Om Nagchampa incense, and sweet cannabis. The balcony doors were all open and the heat of his anxiousness steadily seeped out into the tropical January night chill. She was wearing less than usual, this was the first time he had ever seen her shapely long legs. His eyes traced their way from her bare feet to her toned calves, lingering for a moment on her silky thighs, then up to her short fuzzy white and teal polka dot pajama shorts. He realized he was staring and flinched to bend over and remove his shoes at the door where he stood… desperately hoping she hadn’t caught him gawking awkwardly.

“Found it ok?” She chimed. “Yup, that wasn’t too far at all!” He smiled, relieved that she was oblivious and admiring her pretty smile. She leaned in to give him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. He had hoped to have been greeted with a kiss. He breathed her in and held her in a hug for a moment after she had already reflexively released. Her long soft curls draped over his hand loosely as it found the small of her back. She stood in his arm, very aware of his anchoring hand on her lower back and his pulse against her breasts. He inhaled deeply savoring the smell of her; his breath in the curve of her neck caused a sensuous shiver down her spine, briefly paralyzing her retreat, her neck had always been her weak spot. She was glad that he hadn’t tried to kiss her, she enjoyed his warmth in their momentary embrace and smelled his cologne, the one which she complimented him on the other day when they met. She smiled to herself… that smell turned her on.

“Come on in” She led him in by the hand and closed the door behind him. Her place was artsy and very clean and tidy, he was relieved. The last girl he dated was even messier than him. They made their way to the couch where he strategically sat in the middle. She went to set her phone on the dock to play some music then went to sit down beside him. They made casual conversation, laughing and listening. They eventually eased themselves closer together into a comfortable interlocking of limbs sunk deeply into the plush sofa and satin throw pillows. Hours had passed. He realized that he would have to take some initiative in seducing her. This would be the type of woman who was going to make him work for it. The prospect of that challenge instantly excited him and he unconsciously adjusted his shorts. He watched her as she talked, her gestures, her hands so graceful and expressive. Her exotic brown eyes were bright and mysterious and almost appeared to see right through him. Her teeth were bright and she flashed them each time he would make her laugh or smile. He was aching to get closer but didn’t want to get slapped in the process. He watched her mouth intently and at one point even caught himself mouthing her words along as she spoke, being so engrossed in the movement of her lips.

She was amused, and appreciated his willingness to hear about her career aspirations and academic goals, fully aware that he wouldn’t remember much of what she was saying. None the less, she continued talking for fear that if the conversation were to dwindle he would pounce on her like a cat planning a ninja attack on its favorite toy. She listened as he told her about his music, his friends and football… or was it baseball? She didn’t care much for sports and her mind was wandering as she struggled to maintain eye contact. She inhaled deeply, and something about that damn cologne hit her again all at once before she could even exhale. Triggering a surge of excitement to race through her body, she was completely caught off guard by her responsiveness to his masculine scent. She felt an instant rise in her body temperature emanating from deep in her core, her face became flushed and her supple skin was again enveloped by that familiar prickly chill. She blinked slowly, deliberately; trying to compose herself discreetly and regain some control over her flustered body. She met his eyes and realized he was no longer talking, but was watching her with a mischievous smile… Did he know? When had he stopped talking? Why was he looking at her like that? She became anxious and rhetorically offered to go get them some water from the fridge.

She shifted, extending her leg from under her to put her feet on the ground in an attempt to escape the awkwardness in her living room for the refuge of her kitchen only a few feet away. His primal instincts took over him and he became a hunter calculating the optimal point of attack. In his peripheral view he watched as she outstretched her bare leg and began to lean forward, never breaking their eye contact. The moment one foot touched the ground he saw his moment of opportunity and sprang forward. His lips met their target straight on and his hands reached out to the arm rest behind her, cornering her against it as he pressed his body to hers. With one leg still folded underneath her and the other on the floor, it was a matter of seconds before she had no choice but to position herself under him horizontally to avoid twisting the foot that was still tucked under her. The fact that she wasn’t fighting it actually shocked her more than the bold act itself.

He was lying on top of her now, kissing her passionately and greedily. She parted her lips slightly, whether it was an innate reaction to his unintentional gyrating against her or an attempt to object, neither of them could really tell. She leaned back on her elbow and lifted her free hand to his chest, applying only a very slight pressure against him as if to communicate “I could stop this at any moment, so don’t get carried away…”. She at least wanted to retain the illusion of some control in the situation. It seemed her body was winning the fight with her better judgment and she realized the unsolicited domination of this blue eyed stranger in her home was making her undeniably wet in her little polka dot pajama bottoms. Almost intuitively he sensed her arousal and decided to push her further. He took her passively opposing hand by the wrist and lifted it above her head. She uttered what was almost a protest to her new constricted predicament just as his mouth moved to her hypersensitive neck and the only noise that escaped her lips was a breathless feminine moan of surrender.

Her reluctant groan hummed into his ear. Its vibration amplified by his own trembling anticipation and excitement, eliciting an animalistic hunger as he devoured the sweet taste of her flesh. His mouth moved with a passionate aggression from her ear down her neck, he found her collar bone and moved further to continue this exploration of her throbbing chest. His hand wandered behind her back in search of the arm that she was propping herself up on. He found her wrist easily and lifted it above her head to join the other, rendering her incapable of getting away, even though by then there was nowhere else she’ d have rather been. With both hands now bound above her head she sank deeper into the corner of the sofa, his mouth following her down. He took both of her wrists above her head with his one big hand, freeing the other for his conquest.

The pulsating constriction of his shorts intensified when he looked down at her for a moment, soaking in the site of the beautiful brunette below him, submitting to his control and squirming in anticipation. She was hot and flustered, hair disheveled, flushed cheeks and chest heaving rhythmically as she helplessly awaited his next move. He admired her erect nipples pointing up at him as they rose and fell under her tight aquamarine spaghetti strap tank top now stuck to her skin from the moistness of their body heat, lewdly outlining her perky voluptuous breasts. He looked back up at her face, her mouth was ajar as she stared him right back in the eye, almost challenging him. He gave her a devilish smirk and surprised her with a sudden suggestive thrust of his groin. He had tactfully managed to position himself directly between her now open legs and was pressing his erection against the wet crotch of her little shorts. The unexpected pressure directly on her sensitive clit caused her pussy to suddenly spasm uncontrollably. He watched her eyes roll back and close as a soft involuntary whimper escaped her pink lips. That was the only invitation he needed. He moved his free hand up to the back of her neck to her bouncy soft curls, entwining her hair around his fingers and then tightening his grip. Her eyes reopened and she looked up at him. He tightened his grip even more and when he was content with the leverage of his grasp he held her head so that she was forced to look him directly in the eye. She was hungry for more and he could see it, he was going to give her everything she wanted and more, much more. Slowly he began grinding his pelvis against her, looking her in the eye, tightening his grips on her hands and her hair. His thrusting intensified and became more calculated, he was teasing her and himself. Deep hard strokes and rocking in circular rhythms followed purposeful successions of repeated forward thrusts, all the while she tried her damnedest not to break eye contact, but once in a while would slip in the bliss and he would tighten his grip on her hair forcing her to come back to him.

As he continued to dry hump her with vigor he didn’t realize his shorts had been working their way further and further down. He was so enthralled with the pleasure that he was deriving from the simulated sex he was having that he didn’t immediately notice the front of his shorts had worked their way down about 6 inches, subsequently leaving the only thing obstructing his engorged member from its prized target to be his thin boxer brief with a missing button on the flap, and her now soaking wet polka dot pajama shorts. When he finally acknowledged this new unrestricted sensation, he began pumping even harder, until the head of his dribbling cock made its way through the opening in his briefs and found her warm wet shorts were not doing a very good job at keeping her covered. It wasn’t long before his determined prick found its way around the crotch of her shorts and through the leg opening. He almost exploded right then and there when his dick made direct contact with her tight slippery slit. He had assumed she would have been wearing panties, and she definitely was not.

He lowered his head to her and kissed her hard on the lips, exploring her with his tongue and growling primitively into her mouth. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, communicating her desire for more. He took his queue and aligned his member in preparation to enter her. He pulled away from their kiss and with his mouth against her ear he whispered coarsely “Mmm, you naughty girl… I’ll have to teach you a lesson about what happens to naughty little girls who don’t wear panties…” and just as a despairing moan escaped her lips he plunged himself deep inside her to the hilt. She cried out in pain and ecstasy, and within minutes exploded into a drenching, quivering, convulsing orgasm all over his engorged tingling man meat. He grunted loudly and tried to keep his composure as her vice like cunt sucked him in to its velvety wet walls and squeezed him repeatedly tighter and tighter until her intense climax subsided. He was so deep inside of her that he could feel his head against her cervix and he knew in that moment if he didn’t pull out soon he would blow his pent up load all over it. The fervid geyser that was emanating from his swollen balls was fighting its way out; quickly he tried to pull all 7.5 inches of his thick meat out of her hollow clutches, this time not quite as abruptly as his initial entry. One inch, two, three inches…. Four inches… she was moaning and rubbing her beautiful breast while running her hand up and down his chest and torso, he knew he would probably still be hard even after he came, this was just too damn hot, and he was anxious to fuck her right, and a bit embarrassed that he couldn’t last longer… 5 inches… almost there, he can feel it about to blow…6 inches… Suddenly her legs wrapped around him again, pulling him back in.

“Shit, I am going to cum, hang on I need to pull out!” He said frantically, his voice cracked. She grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and pulled him into her, bringing his face down half way. His cock now completely back inside her, she leaned forward to meet his face, the juicy clutch was too much for him to bear when she maneuvered forward to lean into him. She kissed him hard, her tongue probed his mouth and he blasted his gooey cream with abandon deep into her pussy, whimpering and grunting into her mouth as spurt after spurt projected from his still rock hard erection. He was trembling against her as she pulled her mouth from his, brought it up to his ear and whispered “Mmm… you naughty boy, I’ll have to teach you a lesson about what happens to naughty boys who cum before I say they can..."

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