Legally Binding, Ch.4

Legally Binding, Ch.4

I watched as her expression rippled from blank incomprehension to shock, to a slowly dawning understanding and acceptance, and finally to a deep sense of release and then: pure happiness. Her eyes overflowed again, but for a different reason. She nodded vigorously, unable to speak, and threw her arms around me again as if she were accepting a marriage proposal.

“Is that what you want?” I said softly into her ear.

“Yes. Ohhhh…yes!” She kissed my cheek, my jaw, my neck, and held me even more tightly.

I waited until her first enthusiasm had been expressed, then gently disengaged myself. I gave her a long warm kiss, gently removed her tears with light strokes of my thumbs, then took her by the hand and led her over to the client chair, which I pushed back until it was nearly at the window, and stood her in front of it. I went back and fetched the desk lamp, which was by now the only source of light in the darkened office, and placed it on the floor next to the chair, adjusting it so that Nadine was softly lit from head to toe.

Then I sat down in the chair facing Nadine, who stood uncomfortably in the light, trying not to fidget. Not being able to see my face because of the way the light was placed must have added to her nervousness.

“All right, Nadine,” I began. “You know who and what you are now, right?”

She nodded and spoke in a near-whisper, “Yes. Yours.”

I nodded back, though she probably couldn’t see it. “Good. You’re no longer the scared little girl who tried to hide herself inside those ridiculous clothes.” I said it as a statement.

She looked down at her wrinkled suit as if surprised to find herself still wearing it, as if she had put it on days ago and somehow forgotten to change. She looked back up at me – or at least where I was sitting and said, “N-no…” She stopped as she noticed the tremor in her voice and began again, more firmly. “No. I’m not.” She clamped her mouth shut and stared in my direction as if daring me to contradict her, but then ran a nervous hand through her hair before catching herself.

“Good. Then you won’t be needing them. Take them off.”

Her thin façade of confidence crumbled almost immediately. “H-here?” Her eyes darted to the window behind me and to the lights of the square below. “But…”

“Nadine,” I interrupted. “I understand that this is new to you. But you belong to me now. So you’d better get used to doing what I tell you - when…I…tell you. Now, STRIP!”

The last word was spoken, not loudly, but in a harsher tone than I had ever used on Nadine before, and for a moment she cringed. Then she slowly straightened up and gave me a shaky nod of acquiescence before starting to unfasten the gold buttons on her jacket. One of them must have become loosened by getting dragged around on top of the desk, because it came off in her fingers and fell to the floor. Nadine followed it with her gaze as if she planned to go and pick it up.

“Eyes here, Nadine,” I said from my chair, and she returned her gaze to me. She finished unbuttoning her jacket and slid carefully out of it, one shoulder at a time, as if it were fragile and might tear. She held it dangling from her hand for a long moment, not knowing whether she was supposed to just drop it to the floor. Eventually she extended her arm and offered it to me.

“Good girl,” I said, leaning forward to take it from her and folding it onto my lap. She smiled, tentatively, as if I’d just given her a gold star. Then she began on the buttons of her blouse. She was very methodical, working her way from top to bottom without hesitation, her gaze only flickering to the window for an instant as she tugged the blouse free of her skirt and slipped it off her shoulders. She paused only long enough to unfasten the buttons at the cuffs before slipping her arms out, one at a time, and holding out the blouse for me to take.

When I had done so she instinctively dropped her hands to her sides for a moment to allow me to look at her. Her bra was plain white, which was to be expected, but had some embroidery on the cups and a bit of lace as well. “Very nice,” I commented. “Continue.”

She quickly reached behind her to unfasten and unzip her skirt. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband, preparing to slide it down over her hips, but then she couldn’t help herself – she froze, unable to tear her gaze away from the window, her breathing ragged.

“I doubt that any of your clients are out there right now,” I said, to snap her out of it. “The skirt, Nadine.”

Her gaze darted back down towards me, and I could see she wanted to plead with me to allow her to stop. But after just one more moment of hesitation she made a soft mewling noise, lowered her skirt and stepped out of it. She handed it over, letting go with just barely noticeable reluctance. She looked down and noticed, to her chagrin, that she was still wearing the ragged waistband of the pantyhose I had torn away earlier. She quickly shed that as well and gave it to me. I tossed it to the floor.

She was now standing before me in only her bra and panties. She was breathing more heavily through her nose and I saw that her eyes were bright, almost feverish.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Nadine?”

Startled, she began to shake her head in vehement denial…then stopped. I watched her taking stock of herself: a questioning, inward look, followed slowly by a look of unwilling acknowledgment…and finally a look of shame. “Ohhhhh…” she breathed, and fell silent, her head down.

“Eyes here, Nadine.” Reluctantly, she raised her face towards mine. “I didn’t ask you that in order to make you feel bad, Nadine. I asked in order to help you understand. If you learn nothing else from me I’m going to teach you to not only accept what you are, but to take pride in it.” After a moment I saw something soften in her expression and she stood a little straighter.

“That’s much better. Now stop thinking so much and focus, Nadine. What are you doing right now?”


“Good. And why are you stripping?”

“Be…cause…you told me to?”

“Right. And you like doing what I tell you, don’t you, Nadine?

“I… Y-yes. I do.” She hesitated then said more firmly, “I like doing what you tell me.” She gave me another tremulous smile, a student hoping for the teacher’s approval.

“You’re doing very well, Nadine. Good girl. Keep going.”

Her smile widened at my praise and there was no hesitation as she reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. She quickly slid it down her arms then took it in both hands and held it out to me like a prize. Her nipples were quite visibly erect and it was plain to see that she was becoming more and more aroused. As soon as I took the bra her hands flew to the waistband of her panties as if she couldn’t wait to get them off.


Startled, she looked up at me with her thumbs still hooked in the elastic of her panties. After a moment she slowly pulled them out and allowed her hands to fall to her sides.

“Come here.”

She quickly came to stand directly before me, her knees almost touching mine. I reached up and traced each of her nipples with the tip of my finger, causing her to shudder and draw in her breath.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Nadine,” I said, now lightly pinching each nipple in turn, “but we have a little unfinished business, you and I.”

Nadine was longer in my improvised spotlight, but I could see she was puzzled. I continued pinching her nipples while I took my free hand and tugged upward on the elastic waistband of her panties, slowly drawing them more and more tightly between her legs, as I continued. “I gave you a number of instructions yesterday, didn’t I, Nadine? Do you remember what they were?”

Nadine was biting her lower lip and practically dancing in place with arousal as the pressure on her nipples and between her legs increased. “Mmph!...Oh!...Oh god! Yes, you told –“

“I think it’s time you started addressing me as ‘Sir’, don’t you?” I interrupted, bunching the front of her panties in my fist and beginning to tug them back and forth, her pussy lips now plainly visible as the fabric was drawn between them. I seized one nipple and gave it a much harder pinch.

“AH! AH! Oh shit, oh god!” she shrieked. Her hands were fluttering at her sides as if she desperately wanted to stop me but knew she didn’t dare, and she was rising up on her toes, trying to lessen the pressure on her pussy. “Yes, YES, all right, Yes, Sir! Oh please…oh god…”

I stopped jerking on her panties and released some of the pressure on her nipple and pussy. She settled slowly back onto her feet, gasping for breath through her mouth, tears streaming down her face, her eyes tightly shut as she tried to recover.

“Eyes here, Nadine.” She quickly opened her eyes again and focused on me. “Go on,” I said, giving the slightest tug on her panties as encouragement.

“Ye-yes, S-s-sir,” she stammered. “Y-you told me to call you a-and ask for my panties back. You t-told me n-not to…touch myself. You tol-, you told me not to wear any p-pantyh-hose or, or p- …AHH! SHIT, OH GOD!”

She danced on her toes again as I yanked up on her panties. “Any pantyhose or…what, Nadine?” I released her nipple long enough to flick a fingertip against her clitoris, making her cry out, then seized the other nipple. “I didn’t quite hear that last part.”

“P-PANTIES! PANTIES, SIR! AHH!” she squealed. “You told me not to wear any PANTIES, SIR!” She continued to dance to her pain and arousal.

“And yet,” I said, in my most reasonable voice, “…you seem to be wearing panties at this very moment…aren’t you, Nadine?” I gave her nipple another twist.

“SHIT! Oh, shit - yes, Sir! I’m…Oh, god, yes, Sir, I’m wearing panties, Sir! I’m so sorry, Sir. AHHH!”

“I’m sure you are, Nadine, especially right about now.” Another back and forth jerk of her panties, eliciting another yelp. “But the fact remains that you failed to do as you were told.” I released her nipple and slapped each of her breasts lightly with my open hand while keeping her up on her toes.

She grunted as the pain stung her. “OW! OW! Ohhhh… Yes, Sir,” she moaned.

I continued, “In fact, you failed to follow every…single…one of my instructions, didn’t you, Nadine?” emphasizing each of the key words with further slaps to her breasts, making her breath hiss in through her teeth.

“AH! JESUS FUCK! YES, SIR! God, I’m so sorry, Sir! Please…!”

I aimed a slap at one of her thighs, making her cry out again. “Spread your legs! Now!” She hastened to comply, biting her lip and weeping openly. I dragged her back up onto her toes by her panties again and began swatting her pussy. “You’re nothing but a DISOBEDIENT (Slap!) LITTLE (Slap!) SLUT! (Slap!) – Isn’t that right?”

“YES! YES! Oh, god, YES SIR! I’m…I’m a… I’m n-n-nothing but a dis…dis…” Suddenly she gasped. “OHHHhhhhh…GOD!!! I’m gonna….” Her eyes started to roll back, her mouth fell open and her knees started to buckle.

I was on my feet in an instant, seizing her chin in one hand and pulling on her hair with the other. Her eyes flew open as I forced her to stand up again.

“LOOK AT ME, Nadine!” She was hyperventilating, barely able to focus, despite the pain. “You will NOT come, Nadine! Do you hear me?”

Her pelvis was twitching against me and her eyes started to flutter closed. I released her chin so that I was holding her up by her hair then slapped her face lightly. “STOP IT! Right NOW!”

“OWWW! SSSSSsssss….”

She grimaced with the pain and forced herself to stand upright to relieve the pressure on her scalp. It was just enough of a distraction: I could see that the wave was receding. I put my face right against hers, stared directly into her eyes and said, “You do NOT come without my permission, Nadine. From now on your orgasms, your pleasure – and your pain – belong to me. Is that understood?”

Her eyes were wide and panicked and her lips quivered as she replied, “B-but I di-didn’t mean… I wasn’t…I couldn’t help it, I…” She read my expression correctly and stopped. She looked down, caught herself and forced herself to meet my gaze. “Y-yes, Sir. I…I understand, Sir.”

I released my hold on her hair and she fell to her knees with a low moan. Then, unable to help herself, she threw her arms around my legs again and hugged herself to me, her legs curling beneath her as before. “Th-thank you, Sir,” she whispered. She rubbed her face against my thigh like a kitten. A moment later she spoke again – a barely heard murmur, more to herself than to me: “This is so wonderful…”

I reached down and gently caressed her hair to let her know that I had heard. We remained like that for a long moment, enjoying the silence and the soothing darkness of the office.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so much trouble for you, Sir” – a soft whisper. Then she turned her face up to me. “I guess I really am just a disobedient little s-s…“ She tried to pull it off but stalled on the final word.

I ruffled her hair. “Disobedient little…?”

She must have caught the playful tone of my voice because she rose to her knees and sat back on her heels, her spine held straight. She tried again. “S-slut, Sir.” I saw her tiny smile at the hesitation, and watched as she made herself sit up even straighter. “I’m a disobedient…little…slut, Sir.” And to her own surprise she giggled, reaching up to cover her mouth with her hand as she did so. “I’m sorry, Sir,” she said, smilingly openly now. “I’ve never been a slut before. I’ll have to get used to it, I guess.”

She rose from her heels to her knees and leaned forward, placing her hands on my hips for support. “Is this what sluts do?” she purred, putting out her tongue and licking the front of my pants. “Or this…?” - reaching over with one hand and beginning to unzip me.

I seized her by the wrists and drew her to her feet, continuing to raise her arms until they were fully extended over her head and her body was pressed against mine. “That’s what my slut does…when I tell her to.”

Her smile was only slightly abashed, “Sorry, Sir.”

I grasped her wrists in one hand and kissed her hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth and using my free hand to cup and squeeze and stroke her pussy roughly through her panties. She moaned against my mouth and her hips jerked against my hand. I refused to stop or release her until she was making little whimpering sounds and I was sure she was right on the edge of orgasm again.

When I suddenly dropped her wrists and stepped back she nearly fell to her knees again, her breath escaping in a huge, “UH!” her eyes wide with shock.

“Stand up straight. Keep your arms above your head.”

She was still gasping for breath. “Oh…oh…yes, Sir,” she managed, and followed my instructions.

“…And my slut does not do that,” I said, as if continuing my earlier statement, …when she is in the middle of being punished.”

I had been expecting a look of dismay. I was disappointed. She stood there as ordered, arms stretched above her head, one hand grasping the opposite wrist, but it was as if by taking that position she had entered some Zen state of perfect and perpetual arousal, where release was irrelevant. Her nipples were erect, her breath was still short and her panties were now soaked, but her expression was dreamy as she replied, “Mmmm…yes, Sir.”

I left her standing like that, went around to the back of her desk and rummaged through the drawers until I found what I was looking for. I returned and sat in my chair, beckoning her over to stand in front of me.

“Turn around,” I told her, and she did so, murmuring “Yes, Sir”.

“Lean forward – hands on your knees.” Again, with a soft-spoken “Yes, Sir,” she did as she was told, presenting me with her very nicely shaped behind in damp cotton panties. I uncapped the marker I’d taken from her desk and wrote Disobedient Little Slut on the white fabric. Nadine giggled as I wrote – it must have tickled somewhat.

“Stand up again. Turn to face me. Hands above your head.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I used one hand to pull her panties up snugly and hold them there while I wrote Disobedient Little Slut on the front as well. In her position Nadine couldn’t really bend her neck far enough to see what I was writing, but I could see her watching. I finished and snapped the cap back onto the marker.

“Can you read upside-down, Nadine? Look down here.”

Keeping her arms in place, Nadine leaned forward to look. “Yes, Sir,” she breathed. She straightened again and looked at me. “It says, ‘Disobedient little slut,’ Sir.”

“That’s right, Nadine. It says that on the back as well.” I began idly stroking her pussy through the crotch of her panties with the tip of the marker as I continued. “And since you seem to have trouble remembering who and what you are, you’re going to wear these panties every day until I say otherwise.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I pressed the cap of the marker lightly against her clitoris, making her gasp. “And since you seem to prefer dressing for work like a sexless librarian, starting tomorrow you will continue to do so: conservative suits and blouses, hair up, sensible shoes, glasses in place – and these panties underneath.”

“Yes, Sir.” She smiled slightly at this, and I could tell she was picturing herself going through the day as I’d described. Her smile disappeared and her mouth fell open as I pressed the marker tip harder against her clitoris and began to rotate it as I continued to address her.

“AND…now listen carefully, Nadine. Every time you meet with a client in this office – no matter who they are, no matter how many meetings you have in a day – at least once during every single meeting you will excuse yourself and visit the bathroom you have here.

I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began using the marker – it was one of those large, nearly cock-sized ones – to tease her pussy lips apart. I could see her mouth trembling as I continued. “In the bathroom you will strip to these panties. You will kneel on the floor with your legs spread. You will call me on your cell-phone and when I answer you will say, “I apologize for being a disobedient little slut, Sir.”

Nadine’s face fell. “B-but what if I…AHHH!” She screamed as I pushed the marker most of the way into her pussy. “AH! Ohhh, SHITSHIT-OMIGOD!

“Shut up, Nadine. I’m telling you what you’re going to do.”

She was bouncing up and down on her toes, biting her lip and grunting, tears rolling down her cheeks, trying desperately to control her arousal. “EE! EE-yessssss…ssssiir!” she finally managed, as she forced herself to be still.

I slipped the crotch of her panties over the still-protruding marker to hold it in, and continued, “After you finish speaking with me you’re going to masturbate through your panties until they –and your hand – are good and wet. Pay attention, Nadine!”

Her eyes had started to close, but they flew open again. “Oh! Ohhh…yes, Sir.”

“Then, and only then, you will get dressed and return to your client. You will not wash your hands. Is that understood?”

Her eyes were practically crossed with arousal at this point she managed a nod and a breathless, “Y-yes, Sir. I… Ohhh, god. I unders—EEE!” She squealed as I gave the bottom of the marker a light tap through her panties.

“Good.” I stood up, facing her. “But we’re not done with your punishment yet.”

I snapped my fingers and pointed at the floor in front of me. Nadine sank to her knees, letting out her breath with a whoosh of relief. I reached for her wrists – still obediently held above her head – and placed her hands on my hips so that she was facing the front of my pants.

“Belt,” I said.

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