The Hitchhiker Chapter 15 - Home Sweet Home

The Hitchhiker Chapter 15 - Home Sweet Home

It was just past 11PM when we pulled into my garage, I grabbed the bag of things I brought and let her in. I told Alexa to turn on the bar lights as we walked in and May Ann said, “Jesus Tony, this is beautiful.”

“Make yourself at home while I put everything away.”

She wandered through the downstairs, went to the sunroom and turned on the outside light so she could see the large yard, deck and pool. Then she came back in, looked over some pictures and made her way upstairs. I found her sitting on the edge of my bed crying.

I sat next to her and said, “Hey now, what’s wrong little girl? I thought this would make you happy.”

“It does but when I look at everything you have, the pictures of your kids and the ones of you and your wife the reality of what I’m doing here set in. I’m using someone else’s father and husband for my own pleasure and it’s wrong.”

I held her in my arms for a long time and finally said, “Listen to me. I told you when we started this that I would never do anything to hurt you and when you felt it was time to move on that would be your decision. You’re right in feeling how you feel and if you want me to take you back to your apartment tonight I will. I’ll be sad about it but I will. It doesn’t change anything I promised because I think you’re amazing and deserve a couple breaks.”

She looked at me for a long time and said, “It’s not as simple as that Tony. If I was some slut who just wanted you to fuck me I probably wouldn’t have done anything with you after the day you picked me up but I’m not like that. I watch how you treat people, hear the things you’ve done in your life and I think about all the things you could teach me. There just aren’t very men around like you. Then there’s the age difference and I’m so confused right now, I don’t know what I should do.”

I said, “Can I make a suggestion?”

“Please do.”

“I think we should stick to the plan I told you about. We can sleep together in my comfy bed and I’m sure things will look better in the morning. All the booze and weed isn’t helping so if we wake up tomorrow and you want me to take you back I will. If you want to spend the day with me we can do that too which will give us a lot of time to talk and figure things out OK?”

She said, “OK, I don’t want you driving anymore tonight and I have to see what its like to sleep in this bed.”

I said, “Perfect,” and pulled back the covers, removed her clothes and covered her up as I removed mine and slid in next to her.

She kissed me for a long time and said, “I want you to make love to me Tony. None of the freaky shit we’ve done this week just simple love making like you do with your wife.”

I didn’t need to respond as I caressed her body and I kissed her. Our hands explored each other’s bodies as we embraced and our passion increased. I slowly made my way down her body and when I felt her clit her pussy was already very wet. I teased and caressed her pubic area as her breathing increased and we continued kissing. She grabbed hold of my hard cock and started stroking it as I sucked her tits and felt her hard clit. We continued like this until she finally said, “You’re going to make me cum if we keep doing this so please make love to me now.”

I got on top of her and she gasped as I inserted my cock slowly into her pussy. “My God every time you do that I almost die from the pleasure. MMMMM.” I started moving slowly in and out of her tight pussy as she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me. I started to fuck her harder and she cried out with pleasure but then slowed down and let her grind on my cock whenever I plunged all eight inches deep in her pussy.

“Oh Tony this feels so good. Please don’t stop.” I certainly had no plans to stop because her tight pussy was driving me crazy but rather started pounding her because I just couldn’t stop myself. She cried out, “Fuck that feels so fucking good you’re going to make me cum.” I buried my cock in her pussy so she could grind herself on me and bring herself to orgasm when she was ready. She was actually able to extend for a few more minutes before she put herself over the edge. “Fuck Tony I’m cumming now, oh please, give me all of your cock now, MMMMM!” I buried my cock in her one last time as her breath left her and she shook with the pleasure of her orgasm.

Just as she finished I felt my own orgasm start to build. “Oh God Mary Ann, whenever you cum it feels so good on my cock I can’t hold off any longer. Fuck I’m going to cum!”

She said, “Please cum in my pussy Tony. I want to feel you shoot your load in me.”

I buried my cock in her pussy as wave after wave of cum shot out of my cock and filled her pussy. “Oh fuck Mary Ann it feels fucking amazing! MMMMMMMM!”

I collapsed on top of her but quickly rolled to the side and took her in my arms as I recovered. She said, “After all the things you’ve done to me that was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. I felt like you wanted me for me and not just my body.”

“I was touched by your request Mary Ann and yes, I did want to make love to you.” We kissed again and enjoyed the afterglow of sex and the warmth of the covers. I asked, “Is there anything I can get for you? You have to be really thirsty right now.”

“I would kill for a tall glass of ice water right now but I can get it myself.”

“Um that will be a definite no. You wait here and I’ll be right back.” I kissed her and made for the kitchen where I grabbed two Yetis, filled them with ice and spring water from our water cooler and made my way back to the bedroom.

As I entered the bedroom I said, “These will keep the water cold all night Mary A…,” but she was fast asleep. I set the Yeti on her nightstand, got in bed and took a minute to admire her beauty. How could I possibly have let Jessica put thoughts into my head to go behind her back when the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen is crazy about me? She certainly has an amazing set of tits but Mary Ann is in an entirely different class. And I have the little problem of Sue coming home on Tuesday to deal with and a girl who’s head over heals in love with me. We certainly have some things to figure out tomorrow.

I reached over, turned off the light and held her in my arms as I fell into a deep sleep.

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