Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 3 I had to watch

Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 3 I had to watch

Chapter 4 ; Colin’s Private Party.
I made a million excuses to my boyfriend the last three days, and after my scare of him being in the hospital I tried to call to explain. He didn’t answer. Fuck. I left a bullshit message and scurried up the ominous entrance of the Trump International. I made sure not to be late not wanting another harsh butt fucking from my boss. My ass was still sore. Every time I thought about it my face flushed, and I felt hot all over.
Ridiculous hotel. Rooms were like ritzy apartments starting at $500 a night. Everyone was going to be at this party. Most of the guests were A-list celebrities or CEO’s from all sorts of walks of life. After I left Colin’s hotel last night I headed straight for the nearest bar. I spent all night hunting hot women for these “friend” Business partners Colin didn’t want to be stuck without dates. I looked for the classiest sluts possible and I had a pretty good list of talent for presentation. Most were young professionals who worked downtown. One girl even let me see her tits, drunk as fuck, probably thinking it was a joke secretly hoping she was being filmed. Bad girl. Perfect for what I wanted. She was just out to have a good time, bobbing her tits in my face asking me to take a shot from her rack.
Colin met me in the lobby. He was devastating in his silvery blue suit with black accents. I handed him the list and I thought I caught him steal a look down my blouse. I had dressed particularly provocatively today. There was a taller, skinny looking kid with him. I figured he was another of Colin’s breed, a young, too smart for his britches, software engineer. I felt him undress me with his eyes too. I turned to Colin trying to ignore it. I would do anything to fuck Colin. I thought briefly how Gene had filmed me fucking him, humiliated me in front of several elite business professionals, and how I was made to type naked in his office while he played with my body. Aside from my boyfriend finding out, I could only imagine how Gene would use the tapes if I didn’t obey his whims. I couldn’t wait for Mr. Lamar to offer my hot little body to Colin.
“Gina, I need you to entertain my brother this afternoon.” He motioned to the young guy next to him bouncing his legs as we sat in the lobby of the luxurious Trump International. He seemed anxious. He was handsome like his brother but with a longer nose. He looked like a punk rock kid dressed up in a suit that was too tight for his skinny figure. He couldn’t have been more than 20. His facial features were nicely developed. He tugged at a tightly bound tie. I smirked a little appreciating the discomfort he must of felt. He smiled widely at me every time I had to lean across the coffee table to hand Colin any necessary documents.
I eventually ended up as Steven’s date for that hot party and I felt like a fucking babysitter. I fed Steven drinks all night trying to get him to pass out. I suddenly found myself up in Steven’s hotel room.
“Your just trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me” He wobbled a little bit as he walked to the bed. “mmmmmm come ere’….lets….fuck….”
“Ya I don’t think so….and I don’t want your brother to know that I’m here so…..” I was cut short by a sound in the other adjoining room. I rushed over to close the adjoining door, but as I did, I couldn’t help but to peek through the crack. A pretty, very slim brunette was giggling as Colin forced her up against the door. He was kissing her neck and fondling her body as she moaned. I was hot with jealousy. I wanted to rip the bitch off of him.
He pulled off her dress. I watched helplessly as he licked down her chest kissing the top of her bulging breasts down to the bra covered portion of her tits. He lifted her up against the door letting the whore wrap her legs around his neck. I saw him push her visibly wet pink underwear to the side and bury his face in between her legs. She let him lift her high against the door letting out “oooohhhhs” with every lick. I could feel the familiar tingling sensation between my thighs. My face grew hot as I unconsciously pressed my lower body against the crack of the door trying to put pressure on my clit. Colin looked up at that bitch the entire time he suckled at her. I wanted it so badly to be me. I pictured myself riding his face as he stroked my pussy with the rigid movements of his tongue. I felt his hands on my hips as he gently rocked me into his mouth, back and forth, back forth, allowing me to push into his face hard.
He lifted the pretty girl off of the wall, carrying her high on his shoulder, than letting her fall onto a bouncy bed. She giggled like a school girl. He went down on her again, this time using his free hands to start to remove his clothes.
“Yes baby…..take it off…”I whispered accidently.
“What are you looking at?” Steven sat up looking at me groggily. Fuck, I thought. It was starting to get good.
“Uh….Your brother’s room is amazing…”He wasn’t buying it. Steven stood up and rubbed his eyes. I couldn’t help but notice the erection in his pants. What was he excited about? Did he know what I was watching? He strode over to the crack of the door peeking through the crack before I could block him. He smirked as he saw what I was looking at. By now that little brunette, slut next door was really loud. I could only imagine what Colin was doing now to her. Steven wouldn’t let me look.
“OHHHhhhhhhh FUCK YA…………AWwwwwww…… FUCK COLIN……..YES FUCK ME……..OH FUCK ME COLIN……….OHHHHhhhhhhh SHIIiiiiiiiiTTTTT!”
Suddenly Steven turned away from viewing the squealing girl.
“Get down on you knees” He ordered me like he was my boss. I almost walked out, but Mr. Lamar had instructed me to do whatever to entertain Steven or I would “suffer consequences”. I slid down to the floor looking angrily into his eyes thinking about the harsh punishment I would receive from Gene if I didn’t.
“On all fours” He joked. I spread my hands apart to position myself like a dog and positioned my tightly covered figure facing away from the crack with my ass cheeks slightly hanging out of the short red dress. I looked up at him as if to say is this good enough fucker?
“Look through the crack, I want you to watch” It was the first interesting thing he said all night to me. I watched as Colin began to thrust his hot, muscular body against the hot little slut on the bed. He held her legs widely apart clenching his perfect butt as he thrust deeply into her visibly wet pussy. He was grunting, although it was hard to hear over that bitch’s noises.
As I watched her convulse several times shivering through very loud orgasms, I felt a pair of large hands slide underneath my tight red dress. Steven played with my thong strings. I was so aroused I didn’t care as he started to pull tightly, tugging on my wet panties. With the other hand he rubbed and caressed my ass. I imagined they were Colin’s hands as I watched him fondle the girl and play with her perky fake tits. Her frame was much too small for such a large rack. Her pretty mouth open and wailing as he climbed up onto the bed still inside of her.
“Ohhhhhhh FUCK ME!!!!! YESSsssss……..OH GOD COLIN……….Mmmmmmm……GIVE IT TO ME…….”
Steven slid down my underwear to my bent knees. He lifted my dress just above my ass. I felt his lips fall on mine from behind. He spit on my clit and rubbed his finger up and down my pussy. He didn’t need to.My slit was slippery ready for his throbbing prick. I let my thighs spread as he rubbed me, waiting and needing to soothe the lust to be fucked.
“Your so wet” He whispered. Fucking duh Steven, I was watching my own private porno. His other hand reached up to my zipper, pulling it gently down to reveal my naked flesh. Unclasping my bra, he released my tits so that he could play freely with my nipples.
“I’m gonna fuck your ass off” Steven quietly said to himself while he started to really enjoy my body, touching my swelling nipples and stroking my sweet little pussy with his free hand. He moved around to put his index finger in my open mouth as I watched Colin force the slut on his bed to exhausting orgasm after orgasm. I sucked at him generously, feeling my cheeks tighten around his digit. He tried to pull it out but the suction kept him tight trapped in my saliva. I tasted my delicious juices on the finger he had used to insert into my pussy.
“Oh you fuckin’ like that?”Steven whispered.
I heard the whore in the other room scream out “OH SHIT! …..Yes don’t stop I love it….I love to be fucked by your hard cock Colin….uhhhhhhh shit…….ohhhh fuck play with my titties… with my…..uhhhhhh fuck……..ohhhhh shit”.
My breathing started to grew rapid watching her arch her back, pushing into Colin. I got a great view of his prick being swallowed hard by her drenched cunt. I felt a burning hot flush on my cheeks, realizing Steven was about to rape me. I watched as Colin flipped the hot little piece of ass and started to do her doggy style, her big tits swinging in the air. He reached over to tickle her nipples. I saw her whine when he pinched and flicked her mounds of breasts that were about to hit her in the face because of how fast Colin had started to fuck her. “ooooohhhhhh your so bad Colin……yes do it to me like that……that’s dirty…”the bitch giggled obscenely.
I didn’t realize how lewdly exposed my body was until Steven’s long very strong dick pulsed inside of me, stroking my muscles and gently soothing the burning desire for cock I had. I squealed slightly as I pushed back on his large erect dick. I had learned to tighten and cause those muscles to ripple any length of cock in my pussy in order to pleasure a man and bring him to orgasm. I felt my self contract feeling filled completely almost to my cervix with his penis, letting those muscles work their magic. I looked back for a second to see the white film of my juices bathing his cock.
“Mmmmmmm Fuck ya….”I said quietly rocking back on his dick.
I continued to watch Colin as Steven slowly slid his massive cock in and out of my very wet pussy. I could hear my pussy sloppily except his entire length as he pushed the farthest inward he could, my juices streaming from my cunt. The girl was on her knees now looking up at Colin while she suckled his delicious looking prick. I heard Colin tell her to suck him off and swallow all of his hot cum. Mmmmm a pleasant task, I felt myself flaming, hot with jealousy. Steven grabbed tight to my hips flailing into me while I craved Colin’s cock openly licking my lips. My breathing was erratic but the noise in the other room masked my soft moans.
“Ohhhhh FUCK YA…..” I turned to look back at Steven’s cock plunging into me causing my but to bounce against his shaft. “MMmmmmm Fuck me! Ya……FUCK……ME……STEVEN.”
Steven reached under my body with his right hand and played with my clit. I started to feel chills run down to my pussy. I came right as Colin streamed onto that girl’s mouth, on her knees, enslaved to becoming his nasty little cocksucker. She submissively spread her mouth wide letting him shoot onto her tongue and face, than swallowing hard on his hot load. She smiled as she licked her lips and allowed him to let her clean him completely. I felt myself shoot all over Steven’s throbbing prick when she started sucking his cock again. I circled Steven’s cock, rotating my hips into his crotch. Letting out a pretty audible “mmmmmmm yah… …..GIVE THAT DICK TO ME STEVEN……I WISH IT WAS YOUR BROTHER’S BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO FUCKIN WORK……..FUCK YA……OOOOOOOHhhhhhhhh GOD YES!!!! FUCK ME STEVEN”I said squirting all over his cock, my body convulsing as the hot liquid streamed onto both of us.
I looked back through the crack. I watched the perky tits of the brunette sucking off Colin bounce, as she moved up and down his shaft and licking under his balls. He made soft grunts as she finished him off.
I could feel my tight cunt start to squeeze Steven to ecstasy. His cock grew so large I felt he was on the brink of explosion. He suddenly pulled out of my steaming pussy and grabbed me by my tight ponytail, dragging me a little across the carpet. Despite the burns I quickly recovered realizing he was just like his brother. I smiled as he spilled giz all over my tongue.
“Ohhhhh FUCK YES!” He said loudly, I hoped we wouldn’t get caught, “Your fucking better than my girlfriend…..OHHHhhhhhhh SHIiiiiiiiiiTTTTT……AWwwwwww YA!!!”
He flowed from my mouth down to my neck. He squirted quite a load and he was messy about placement. He rubbed his prick all over my face like my boss had done yesterday. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft inspired by the slutty cocksucker in the other room. When he started to pull it out of my mouth, I reached a hand out grabbing his semi-hard cock, shoving it back in. I let him touch the back of my throat, his large prick easily massaging my tonsils. He slightly choked me but I let him have his way in my mouth, squirting his semen deep into my throat. He moaned loudly. With my free hands I pinched and rubbed my tits feeling his cum dripping down all over my breasts. He dropped to his knees and I continued to bath his cock, fondling his sack with my left hand. He collapsed back on the floor and grabbed my hand pulling me over to his body as he fell. I lay with him while he recovered, nervous about the slightly open door between their rooms. I heard small noises from the other room until eventually another door was heard closing. That fucking slut. How much I had wanted to be her.
I entered his office the next morning in an expensive grey jumper dress I had bought from Guess a few days before. My legs were bare and exposed as my new “master” wanted. Strangely the stairs had been locked today and I was cornered in an elevator by Frank. He had thoroughly taken advantage, sliding his digits up the back of my dress. I tried to not let anyone notice his roaming hands by playing with the cuff links on my white ruffled blouse I had on underneath the tight buttoned up dress. He fondled my ass cheeks. My floor came up right when he found my pussy.
Gene was in a meeting with the two brothers. He shot me a look of anger as I intruded. I started to retreat.
“No, come here Miss Martin.” He didn’t move, staring as I walked half naked during the worst winter I had ever suffered over to his desk. “I understand you went to Colin’s unveiling last night.” I nodded remembering the steamy scene I had witnessed.
“Did you enjoy it?”He was up to something I could tell by his mannerisms and the grin on Colin’s face. I tried not to look at him still angry over the jealousy I felt from watching him fuck someone else last night. I dropped my chin to look at the floor.
“Yes, Mr. Lamar.” I lied.
“How much?” He was definitely testing me. I saw Steven shoot a look at Gene. He so obviously loved to make me look like a fool. I couldn’t answer. He let the silence fester causing me to feel awkward, delaying the shocking moment ahead. Than he broke the silence to clear his throat and tell me something I was not ready to hear.
“You may not realize it Miss Martin, but it’s illegal in this state to fuck a minor. Steven is only an innocent 17, and he tells me you got him quite drunk last night.” My mouth dropped, I couldn’t believe what Gene was saying. What was worse was thinking of how the three had probably planned the whole thing to force me into a new task through blackmail. He continued seeing my surprise, “He also shared with me that you took advantage of him. It seems that while forcing him to watch his brother fucking some girl, you sucked and fucked him dry.”I bit hard on my lip, not sure how to explain this.
“What do you have to say for yourself?” They all looked expectantly, awaiting my answer. I felt myself get flustered as I stuttered trying to explain, mostly to Colin who I still wanted badly. I tried to resolve the bleak situation saying I didn’t know his age, that he asked me to get him alcoholic drinks, and whatever else I could do to justify the lies they had been told.
Gene sat back in his high leather chair letting me rave on. After I was done with my weak explanation, ranting about my innocence in the situation, both he and Colin burst out, wholeheartedly, laughing. I shivered at their cold reaction. I had been in trouble for being a naughty girl before, but never anything this bad. Never anything, ILLEGAL!
“Why you naughty little slut” He retorted. “Well obviously you’ll have to be punished for taking advantage of my client, but Steven enjoyed it I’m sure.”
“Oh fuck yes I did.”Steven admitted gladly. “She has a mouth like a Hoover. The bitch was wetter than my girlfriend most of the time I fucked her. She enjoyed it” He smirked back at me, the lying son of a bitch. I wanted to knock him out.
“Now for your punishment” Gene said. But it wouldn’t seem like much of a punishment. I had already fucked Steven, practically by Mr. Lamar’s request and I had wanted Colin badly. If I fucked all three right there it would have been better than when Gene had forced me to be spanked in front of the copier by Frank and some of his buddies before I left yesterday.
“Alright Colin I’ll see you later” To my surprise Colin and his brother nodded laughing as they left the office. He had purposely done it to let Colin see me red with embarrassment for watching him last night. I felt a wave of sadness and degradation fall over me. I let a tear stream down my face.
Gene walked over to where I was standing helplessly. He unprecedently took me into his arms with his strong hand stroking my back. Than he said to me,“You’re a bad girl….you know that you get what you deserve.” He pulled my face away from his chest letting me look at him with my teary eyes. “Yes sir………. I deserve it.”I was starting to fully submit to his rule. He whispered in my ear the other names I was to call him while he admonished me in private; master, daddy, sir, Mr. Lamar always in front of my co-workers. He dominated me completely and I gave myself up to it.
He stripped me down to my panties. My tits stood prominently defying the cold air in his office while he stroked my ass cheeks. He licked my left nipple, biting on me from time to time leaving little red teeth marks on my breast. He suckled my right, covering it lavishly in kisses and licks while he fondled my body. I felt him pull my face to receive a deep kiss. I moaned softly as he let his thick fingers fall into my flowing hair. He plunged his tongue into my mouth while I accepted it readily, confused why I had become so aroused through my sadness. I kissed his neck in appreciation for his sudden tenderness. I felt a burning desire for him to have me again, preferably on his large mahogany desk.
He kissed me several more times while sliding his hands over my stomach and playing with the wet spot on my panties. He rubbed my clit generously. I felt like a confused little girl that knew she deserved reproach for doing something bad. What had I done though but every sexually disgusting thing he could think of, demanding I perform it perfectly to his standards? He pushed me to my knees where I saw the impressive tent pitched in his trousers. I had been taught long ago how to please a horny dick and I played with him outside his pants. I sucked on his head through the material and felt the length of his shaft pressing my lips firmly to its sides as it grew even more erect. It created friction when I moved my head up and down on his member through the clothes, happy to tease his cock and watch it bulge further out. I undid his belt and pulled it quickly from his pants, handing it to him. I stood, and bent over the desk in case he felt I needed my bad little ass to be beaten. I looked back through my tousled hair to see him happily staring at my cheeks vulnerably awaiting a good retribution.
As he beat my bottom lightly, tapping the leather of his belt on my ass, he told me what my new task would be.
“There’s a bastard of a man who I’ve wanted to ruin for a long time, and your gonna help me destroy him. In exchange I will allow you to continue to work here and not turn you over to the police for raping Steven,” I wanted to protest the allegation but continued to let him inform me of my punishment, “Somehow Miss Martin your going to have to seduce this man and make it look like rape. That shouldn’t be hard for you, you’ve always been my manipulative little slut anyway. Besides you know him. He’s your boyfriends’ father” I gasped a little. I looked back saying, “Mr. Lamar…..uh……I…..Please I can do anything but that….please don’t make…”
“Get here especially early tomorrow.”He barked back to my plea. I was helpless.

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