Lonely Julie Chapter 12 Last Chapter

Lonely Julie Chapter 12 Last Chapter

Chapter 12 Lonely Julie Last Chapter

When the 11 year olds Mandy and Timmy had headed for the beach Julie and Sally went with the 14 year old boys Terry and Hank, who was Mandy’s brother.

The girls slipped their T shirts and shorts off and told the boys to take off their shorts as everybody went naked around the cabin. Terry and Hank both had a hard penis before their shorts came off – being with two beautiful 29 year old women and being naked was simply a dream for them – especially as Julie was their school Matron.

The women spread on the big bed and the boys sat on chairs with eyes glued to the naked women.
Sally picked Terry “ Hey Terry come over here and let me show you something !” Terry walked around to Sally’s side of the bed and Sally beckoned to him “ Come on Terry, up on the bed and kneel over me – right up close to me”

Terry stood on the bed and then knelt as Sally pulled him gently towards her and then he lowered himself with his bottom on her breasts and his stiff penis right by Sally’s mouth. She eased him closer and he gasped as his cock went into her mouth and she began to suck him off.

He knew he could not last long and Hank and Julie watched as he began instinctively to fuck Sally’s mouth. For both boys it was their first experience of Real sex. They had watched each other masturbate and Hank had seen his little sister Mandys cunt a few time but this was REAL.

It was less than a minute before Terry felt his semen bubbling and grunted “I’m cumming FUCK”. Sally kept sucking his prick and then held it an inch in front of her mouth so both Terry and Julie and Hank could see his spunk spurt into her open mouth and her swallowing it.

Terry collapsed onto Sally with semen still oozing out of his prick and she hugged him to her naked body. Julie and Hank had watched the two of them sucking and thrusting and both were ready to start on each other – but Julie had a more urgent problem. She had been holding back her shit for the whole morning.

“Hank dear” she said “grab the bowl there and hold it for me, theres a dear”. Hank too the plastic washing up bowl and as he moved to the bed Julie Swivelled outwards and put her hands under her knees and faced the young teenager with a wide open vagina surrounded by blonde wispy hair, and with her small brown anus below it – all facing Hank just two feet away. “Ready” she asked and Hank nodded, unable to speak in his lust.

He held the bowl just below Julies ass and watched her anus open smoothly and wid and the head of a dark brown log of dung eased out – 8 or 9 inches before Julie squeezed her ass to make it drop into the bowl. A stream of slightly lighter shit followed in a rush and it was too much for Hank. He clung onto the bowl but his penis twitched uncontrollably and ejaculated a stream of spunk onto Julies shit, her cunt and up on her pubic hair.

“SHIT” Hank gasped and as he said it, Julies first gush of urine spurted out over the top of the bowl and onto Hanks spunking cock and up onto his stomach. Julie moved slightly to point her piss down into the bowl and then farted and pushed out another soft brown turd which dropped with a splishing sound onto her dung and urine.

Behind Julie on the bed Sally watched as Terrys semen dripped a little from her mouth and Terrys young cock quickly regained its stiffness as he saw Julies shit pouring out. Hanks penis was still soft and Julie half turned to Terry “ Terry get here NOW” and she pulled the boy around in front of her and guided his cock straight into her vagina – still dripping urine.

She pushed out onto his cock and Hank could only watch as his friend fucked the woman he had just helped to shit. Julie began to orgasm before Terry and Hank saw Sally masturbating on the bed behind the two fuckers. He looked down at the pile of Julies Dung and urine in the bowl in front of him and his young cock began to stiffen again.

The four of them were exhausted and lay on the bed with the bowl on the floor – and went into a fantasising doze.

Timmy and Mandy were wandering slowly back to the cabin through the woods. Both were now naked carrying their shorts and holding hands.

“Timmy I do want to fuck you know “Mandy said and Timmy smiled and said “Well right now I need to crap so I’d better do that first” “Come on then” Mandy said “DO it!”.

The path and the woods were warm and totally deserted. Timmy stood on the grass path and slightly opened his legs. Mandy went behind him and stood almost touching has bottom. “I’M going to catch it Timmy” she said and the Timmy pushed his bowels and Mandy saw the first shit easing out of his hole. She put her hands under it and caught two big turds. Timmy farted and pushed again and another softer bit landed in her hands. Then he pissed! And Mandy ran around to stand in his urine stream which hit her in the crotch and ran down her young legs. She held his own dung in the stream and laughed as steam came up and she smelt the shit.

When Timmy stopped they both looked at the faeces in Mandys hands and Timmy reached down to take some in his own hand. He went behing Mandy and rubbed the dung on her backside and, squealing, she rubbed the rest on his body and then on her own.

They stood , steaming and laughing, two 11 year olds with no cares in the world. They walked back to the beach to go in the sea and wash off and then began to kiss each other standing in the waist height water.

Timmys cock began to get hard and Mandy took it in her hand. “Put it in me Timmy – please” she said. And Timmy did ! He lifted little Mandy up in the water and lowered her gently onto his stiff penis. “OUCH” – Mandy cried out as her hymen broke and a small stream of blood trickled into the sea. The salt water made her cunt sting and she clung onto Timmy like a little teddy bear. He stayed motionless in the water his penis right inside Mandys cunt – and then slowly- he bagan to fuck her gently and soon her pain was gone and she began to fuck him back.

The fuck got more and more urgent and the surprisingly, Mandy was the first to begin her Orgasm.

She thrust down onto Timmys cock and began a meaningless uncontrollable chant –“ FUCK FUCK FUCK OH GOD I’M FUCKING OH shit I’M CUUUMMMINNG. Timmy I’CUMMING” and her body convulsed into her second shattering orgasm of the day standing in the sea with her 11 year old lover whose own ejaculation was also starting.

“FUCK MANDY IM SPUNKING IN YOU IM SHOOTING CUM OH UUURRRGGGHH FUCK” and he shot his load deep into Mandy before they both half collapsed into the salty water and waded ashore.

Clean and tired the two walked back to the cabin and found the others sleeping naked on the bed- with a bowl of dung and urine on the floor beside them.
Mandy woke her brother Hank who looked longingly at his little sisters hairless vagina.

When the others woke too, Sally walked out to the stream with Terry and they both pissed into the stream. Hank asked Mandy what they had got up to and she told her brother that they had fucked each other and he could be next if he wanted to.

The six of them, Mandy and Timmy 11 years old, Hank and Terry were 14 and Julie and Sally were b oth 29 – went to bed pressed tightly together that night. Terry on the outside was pressed into Sally, next to her Timmy was against Julie and on the outside Hank was tight against his sister Mandy.

It was minutes before the boys pricks began to delve into the women.

Sally guided Terrys penis into her Anus and murmured to Timmy and Julie –“Terrys fucking my ass SHIT”. The bed began to rock as Timmys now experienced cocked thrust doggy style into Julies hairy wet cunt and Julie said into Hanks ear “ Timmys fucking me Hank – now you can fuck your sister”

Hank and Mandy were both ready and Hank eased his stiff prick into his sisters vagina and began to fuck her gently at first and then harder as every body lost control.

Groans, Spunk, cunt juices and the as the girls began to cum – urine as well began to soak the bed and unintelligible screams filled the air “ FUCK< SHHITT< FUCK ME< GOD I’M PISSING< I’M FUCKING CUUMMINNG OH SHITTTT>”

They fell asleep and in the morning swapped partners –to fuck some more.

Hank shit the bed when he ejaculated the third time and Mandys dung spurted out when her brother fucked her again.

Julie was contented. She lay on Terry and just pissed on him and then drank it when Hank stood up and urinated on all of them.

But it was when Sally and Terry together stood up in the bed- feet wide over the others and began to defecate their dung onto Julie and Mandy and Hank and Timmy that Julie realised she had the intimacy she wanted and she wasn’t lonely any more.


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