The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 15

The Way I Dreamed It Part 2 Chapter 15

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. . . . . . Here’s the beginning to Part 2
Written by Dragon of the Underworld
Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75

The Way I Dreamed It
Part 2
Chapter 15
Five years later
It was a beautiful afternoon that looked like it was quickly going too turned in to a downpour soon; however the three figures in the forest didn’t care.
One figure was hiding in some bushed trying not be detected as he quietly spied on the other two figures, he tried not move or make any noise. There was no way he was going let himself get caught. Once the figures were out of sight the figure let loose a sigh of relieve thinking it was over.
Sure he could do more to hide but then it wouldn’t be fair.
“Ha we found you daddy” said two little five year olds behind Naruto.
“Aww and here I thought I had out smarted you” said Naruto.
“Mommy said you’ll never out smart us” said Emi the blond little girl who had a smile just like her dad. (A/n just so you know Emi means smile and it is a Japanese name). She quickly tackled Naruto in to a huge hug as they both fell on the ground.
“Hey wait a minute you two were using your Byakugan” said Naruto as he could see that Saya the midnight blue hair little girl still had it activated.
When the girls were born everyone thought that they did not have the Byakugan because they had their father’s eyes. Years later everyone found out that the girls indeed did have their mother’s bloodline, once when the girls were really mad at some one and without realizing it they had activated the Byakugan; this happened just months before they turned five.
Their Byakugan wasn’t the same as the Hyugas, because they had normal eyes when they activate their Byakugan their pupils reduce in size till they disappear and the color of their eyes would dim down but not complete giving them a sky blue color to their Byakugan.
“Mommy taught you that didn’t she?” asked Naruto.
“Mommy said if we used our Byakugan we could find you faster and we could return home quicker” said Saya while Emi just smile and nodded.
Naruto grabbed Saya with one hand brought her down to him as he tickled her and Emi at the same time. Being helpless all the girls could do was laugh.
At Naruto’s request Hinata stayed home to rest, while he took the girls out to play. Hinata wanted to be close to her little girls so she wanted to go with them to the forest but because she was tired and had some nausea earlier in the day Naruto asked her to stay and so she did. You see Hinata was pregnant again she was four month pregnant.
Three figures stood on a tree branch each covered in a dark cloak with read clouds on them.
“Is it time yet” asked Kisame, they were far from Naruto and his daughter so they wouldn’t detected them.
“Not just yet, we have to wait for nature to do her thing first” said Itachi.
“Today we will complete our goal” said Zetsu.
“This is going to be real easy” said Kisame.
The wind started to pick up blowing the cloaks of the three figures in to the wind giving the indication that the weather was about the change.
“I wanna get this over with already” said Kisame
“Don’t worry Kisame it’s time” said Itachi as he held his arm out feeling the rain drops hit his hand.
“Good” said Zetsu.
“I just hope the others can do their job as well” said Kisame.
“Let’s go” said Itachi.
Hinata was sitting on the couch surrounded by her friends. To her right was Tenten holding her two-year-old son Hyuuga Kenshin. Neji and Tenten had been together for four year but decided to have a baby just two years ago.
To Hinata’s left was Ino who too was very pregnant, seven months to be exact. Ino wasn’t the shallow girls she used to be now she was with Chouji; they’ve been together for two years.
Sakura who was sitting across from them was still single; she still couldn’t find a guy that she thought could measure up to Sasuke.
“So how much time do we have left” asked Tenten, the girls were just hanging out talking about girl stuff.
“I don’t know maybe thirty minutes before they come back” said Hinata.
“I don’t know about that it looks like it’s going to rain” said Sakura.
Hinata got up.
“Were you going Hinata” asked Ino.
“I have to go get some fresh clothes for the girls just in case they do get wet” said Hinata as she went to the girl’s room.
“So Ino how long has it been since you had sex” asked Sakura.
“Since I found out I was pregnant” replied Ino.
Hinata came back with some clothes in her hands and sat back down.
“Hinata your pregnant too how can you stand not having sex for such a long time” asked Tenten.
“Hey what about Naruto, remember she said that they basically do it ever day, imagine a guy going from sex every day to no sex at all” said Sakura.
“I-I . . . I just have to” said Hinata while on the inside she thought about something else.
‘They would go crazy if I told them what’s been happening’ thought Hinata.
Naruto could feel the rain fall on his face.
“Looks like playing times over . . . . . . By the looks of it it’s going to rain harder, we should get back” said Naruto looking as the girls.
“NOOoo I wanna play in the rain daddy” said Saya.
“Yeah me too” said Emi.
“I don’t think so you girls will get sick and mommy is going to kill me if you do . . . . . . Come on” replied Naruto while he stood up and all three began to walk towards the village.
As they walked Saya quickly ran up to Naruto and jumped on his back.
“Saya what are you doing” said Emi.
“Daddy is going to give me a piggy back ride, right daddy”
“Sure sweetie” replied Naruto.
“Daddy carry me too” asked Emi.
“Ummm ok here hold on to my arm and don’t let go ok” he said as he extended out his arm and Emi took hold of it, Naruto then lifted her up and walked with both girls on him.
“Walk faster daddy” asked Saya as the rain began to finally pour down drenching them.
“I thought you wanted to get wet” replied Naruto.
Instead of walking faster Naruto jumped backwards as he slid on the ground, he had just avoided a kunai headed his way and if he hadn’t moved that kunai would have hit Emi right on her head.
Naruto put Emi down and moved her behind him and quickly made a clone to stay close to them as took a step forward.
“Who are you and what do you want?” said Naruto out loud.
The three figures appeared and Naruto could only tense up seeing four members of the Akatsuki
“Now I’m ganna guess you now know why were here” said Kisame.
The clone Naruto grabbed the girls and tried to run home but was stopped by Kisame, the clone disappeared after he was hit on the face causing the girls to fall.
“My you have some pretty girls” said Kisame.
“DON’T TOUCH THEM” yelled Naruto.
“If you don’t come with us then I will kill them” said Kisame as he stood over the girls; he swung his sword at them.
“KISAME STOP” yelled Itachi, Kisame stopped half way.
“Since you want some action you take Naruto and I will take care of the girls” said Itachi.
“Now you’re talking” said Kisame as he dashed at Naruto while Itachi appeared next to the girls.
“Wait I’ll go with you just don’t hurt them” said Naruto.
“Good, Kisame take Naruto and let’s go” said Itachi.
“Wait we should take the girls just in case” said Zetsu.
“No is there no need” said Itachi.
“I really think we should” Zetsu said again.
“No I said I was going with you, you don’t need to take them” said Naruto.
“Itachi just grabbed the girls and let’s go” said Kisame.
Itachi grabbed both girls.
“Noooo"— Naruto screamed before he was knocked out.
“Daddy!!” screamed both girls.
Itachi quickly performed a genjutsu making the girls fall asleep.
“Just like I said, easy” said Kisame.
The four figures then disappeared as the rain continued to pour down and the sky was as dark as it could be.

-Part one of the story focused on how Hinata was able to finally get the confidence to do what she needed to do to make a life with Naruto. PART TWO will focus on Naruto’s fear of possible failing his failing and losing his family
I have set my goal of ruling the world aside and instead decided that I will make the most reviewed story..
. . . So don’t be shy and tell me what you hate, what you love, what you want to happened, and what you think
SO REVIEW . . . Later

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