Our HIke

Our HIke

Once a month we go on a hiking trip in the mountains, really it is more of a retreat. We have done this for years leaving our families and spouses behind to seek out sibling ventures in the wilderness same as we did as kids except now they are erotic ventures. I never thought I would enjoy raw sloppy sex with my brother. Although sometimes we would just go out of town or to see a movie enjoying each others company. But our all time favorite are the trips to this quaint little cottage deep in the mountains that you cannot get to by car. Lately we have both been over burdened from our home and work lives. So we agreed to go to our favorite place this month; our special hideaway.

Finally! The day had come, it was our day of the month. He picked me up and we got in his truck and enjoyed the ride up to the canyon. The road was not paved for the better part of the drive and the bumpiness made my insides churn with anticipation and throb even deeper. It was almost as enticing as straddling the seat of a Harley reaching unmentionable rumbling speeds stronger than my best vibrator. My eyes rolled back absorbing the warmth of the sun that came through the window. My brother must have heard me moan as he reached over to tug at my thin top proudly displaying the outlines of my curvy breasts. I glanced over at him, smiled and looked down to see the bulge in his pants knowing that it was the beginning of a hard on, a thick fat juicy cock for me.

Well the drive took us as far up the road that it would allow. We reached the creek and he parked parking area and he parked the truck then turned and said “almost there”. We climbed out of the truck put on our hiking boots grabbed the packs and began towards the trail. At the end of the trail was the sweetest creek these parts. The creek was about a half mile away from where we left the truck. Today the water was deeper with a more rapid pace, a pace that challenged the blood flowing through my veins. As always I begin the decent across the creek first with my brother watching my tight ass following behind me. When stepping on one of the rocks half way across the creek I lost my footing then slipped and fell into the icy cold water. He helped me up and took in a long full glare at my braless breasts and dark pink hard nipples staring at him through my now see through pale pink top. We reached the other side of the creek and we took deep breaths.

Without hesitation he grabbed my wrist pulled me back to him and pushed me to the ground then straddled me at the waist grinding against my pussy. He forcefully shoved my top up grabbed my bare breasts tugging and pulling at them. I pushed him off of me rolling over on top of him feeling his cock pressing against me so I began dry fucking him grinding my covered pussy against his ravaging hard cock. He pushed me off and we began rolling down the hill over and under each other until the slight hill leveled out. By now I am soaked and not from my fall into the creek but soaking slimy wet between my pussy lips. I was so wet that the pooling dampness flowed down the insides of my thighs.
“Hurry up … I need to fuck you now!” I demanded.

We continue on up towards the cottage just another couple of miles up the hill. The air is crisp and fresh. The leaves on the trees are beginning to change color. We reached an old rail road tunnel that is no longer used. “Come on brother lets take a break. Take a quick siesta here.” He agreed and we went in the tunnel just too where the light began to dim. He pulled the blanket from his pack and we stretched it out over the cold damp ground. I took my soaked top off and tossed it to him as I stretched out on the blanket encouraging him to come to me. He caught and brought my top up to his nose and smelt it and I grinned. “Sis you always smell so good especially when you’re drenched in erotic sweat.”

He abruptly pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the side along with mine then got down on all four and crawled to me. My breathing got heavier deeper and harder watching him crawl to me. “Brother, fuck me now, here!” He dropped his head down between my legs and ran his nose along my still covered pussy lips. “Dam you smell so sweet; sweeter and sweeter every time I come to you.” He continued on up my body rubbing his wet tongue along my firm stomach. Supporting his body up with his arms he instinctively grabbed at my excreting nipples took them one at a time into his eagerly hungry mouth. “Fuck man, get your ass up here brother don’t stop the train now!” As I commanded him, he came up and shoved his tongue forcefully deep into my mouth pushed me down on the blanket.

My arms went around him pushing my bare plump breast against his slightly hairy chest. He reached down yanked at my shorts ripping them down my legs exposing my pride and glory. “Fuckin’ A bitch your bald, when the hell did you do this?” He clumsily stumbled to get his shorts off, couldn’t get to them fast enough.

What a brother! Him standing in all his bare glory with his twitching hard cock stretched out calling to me, I was in heaven. Closely trimmed pubic hairs displaying the solid outlines of his tight balls tucked neatly under his cock. His frame is tight and solid. The sun shine glowed sneaking in from the tunnels opening outlining my brother’s frame; glowing expelling his best features.

“Are you going to stand there all day? Come fuck me, fuck your sister. I’m drenched, soaking wet for my brothers hard cock.” He walked to me with his silhouette consuming my every breath. I get on my knees to meet his hard cock welcoming it with my open mouth. I licked the oozing goo from the tip, it tasted so good. I ran my tongue along every crevasse from base to tip. Enough teasing and tasting, finally I consume just the head poking my tongue just into the opening tasting the joy of what was to come. My tongue circled around the smooth tip while he was in my mouth I slowly go further down his shaft. The veins evidence as they pulsate against my wet lips as I go further down - he went deeper in my mouth. I grabbed at his balls and squeezed gruffly rubbing them together. His enormous cock was deep in my wet mouth bringing tears to my eyes and gagging me with each of his thrusts he was so deep in my mouth. I slid my fingers back to his ass pulling his balls with them and began rubbing his tight asshole. He fucks my throat harder and faster, I suck harder and began poking his virgin ass gently and slowly as not to steer away from his cock. He begins moaning as my finger starts moving in and out of his ass as my head bobbed fast and hard on his cock.

He took my hair and guided me off his cock and as I went back my fingers slipped away from his balls and slid out of his ass. Disappointing as it was I knew what was to come and quickly anticipated his next move. His fingers slid inside my dripping slick glistening soaked pussy then found my mouth. My juices tasted as good as he always does, it is never a disappointment for his soaking fingers with my pussy juices to find my mouth. As I sucked on his fingers he slipped his big thick cock in my cunt. I moaned in acceptance of shear lustful pleasures. He is slow in his approach today not to cum too fast.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your sister hard!” He picks up my legs throws them over his shoulders forcing his cock in even deeper in my pussy. Oh the pain was enjoyably harsh. My body started shivering under his and squirted against his cock. He yanked himself out threw my ass up to his mouth, as if I were a rag doll, to drink every drop of juice squirting against his face and into his mouth. He engulfed my clit in his mouth as I squirted and shook even harder to the touch of his watering mouth against my rock hard clit. My body calmed with every ounce of my ejaculation that he extracted out of my limp body feeding his every desire. He inserts his even harder cock back into my almost damp pussy just enough to lubricate his cock. He pulls out and enters my ass. “You’re ass is so fuckin tight sis, I’m going to fuck it open, loosen it up and fuck you quick and hard.”

He is good…my ass opened more with each thrust. He did not work up to the moment just a quick injection of his burning cock into my ass. “Fuck yes, fuck yes, I’m cumming, don’t stop, fuck me brother, fuck me harder!” My body began to vibrate against his again squirting even harder against his body that intruded mine.

After my body calmed enough he pulled out taking a quick dip then began to titty fuck me. My hands cupped my breasts licking each nipple then wrapped them around his shiney veiny cock. I watch his twitching cock slide between my tits. His soft neatly trimmed balls rubbed freely against my flesh. Drips of sweat fall from his body onto my tits and his cock. The sun shimmers in lighting up the droplets on our bodies. He had pre-cum oozing from the head of his cock. I lifted my head to meet his cock as he pushed forward licking each drop of cum and sweat from his cock. He moans “take it all drink up sis my savory cum don’t leave a drop.”

“Stick that cock in my mouth. I’m thirsty and want your cum. Fuck my mouth Brother! Fuck my mouth!” He followed suit shoving his cock in my watering mouth. My eyes teared up gulping every inch one at a time as he gives them to me. I sucked hard so hard that my cheeks caved in while I moaned and gagged savoring his salty cock. He’s out - popping against my sucking. A web of spit and pre-cum is strung along from my mouth to his cock breaking its connection falling down onto my chin and tits. “Come here sis, take it like the whore you are. Suck that cock for your brother.” He forces his cock past my lips brushing across my teeth and so deep I could not control my gag reflux and choked on his hard cock. The sight of my gagging on his cock was all it took and he was ready to cum.

He popped out of my locked lips around his cock shooting his sticky hot cum all over my face. He stroked his cock in my face and I eagerly wait with my mouth open. “Give it to me. Don’t stop, shoot it all over my face brother.” He shot all over my face and in my open mouth. I swallowed his sweet cum oozing down my throat. My hands smeared the cum on my face like finger paints. I sucked my fingers dry then catch more of his cum on my fingers and put them in his mouth. He sucks them dry and collapsed on the blanket next to me.

After our bodies calmed down we returned to our journey to the cabin. On the way we were both quiet until the silence was broken with “WOW! You’re one hell of a fuck” we said to each other in sync.

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