THE PAIN: volume 1

THE PAIN: volume 1

I left work late and started my way home and i couldnt help but thing about the man i caught masterbating in his hotel room as i mistakingly walked in on him as i was doing my job. i walked in thinking the room was empty to see him fully naked and hunched over a porn mag on his bed appearing to be ejaculating all over the sheets i would have to change. he was about 28 and his body was sweaty and red as he pumped cum all over the place with 1 hand rubbing his balls and the other milking his bell end, he seemed to be having a good time and so was i, watching a older man spill his load in orgasm, sweat dripping of the back of his legs as he probaly imagined some big tited blonde slutty anal goddess on the other end of his dick swallowing his cum. i stood and watching the poor lad seeing his legs shake as he moaned and i felt my pussy tiggle imagining me being ordered to lick it off the sheets! when his eyes started to open i closed the door and went back on the hall and walked fast away.
As i came to my bus stop i remembered that it was the really wierd guy who i was serving in the bar about two days ago and was really flirtatious and really rude and pervy and i took great pleasure teasing him by talking about sex and letting him look down my top and even told him that i will come up to his room and have sex with him but never did as i was saving myself for my new vibrator when i got home. I sat on the bus i was looking forward to getting home and wanking myself silly over the memory of him cuming on to his bed.
I got of the bus i walked the usaul path when its dark, i decided to talk a short cut down a dark set of streets in the red light distict of town as ive done i few times before when im turned on, the sight of young, sometimes younger then 18 girls "working the street" for passing cars so they can suck dick for money to pay there abusive pimps has always turned me on and the throught of me having to sell my body on that street, going from car to car being forced to suck oldmens sweaty limp dicks for little money is mine idea of heaven! i walk past the ladies in there long heals and ripped tights trying to imagine the amount of cum that will be dribbling out of her pussy right this minute and think that if only i could take her home just so i could suck the cum out of her unwashed pussy! mmm mmm! it would fall out of her it to my mouth all clumply, still warm. I turn round and happen to notice that a guy has being following me for a warl now and start to become nervous. I listen to his footsteps and hear they are quickening as i hurry to the safety of my home. He walks faster and faster till he runs and i start to get really scared and fear for my safety as he runs up behide me shouting "FUCKING WHORE!" "YOU FUCKING BITCH" I reach for your purse and try to find your mobile to ring the police but are suddenly am slammed into the brick wall on my left. He shoves his body against mine trapping me against the wall i try to pull my face away but he graps it with 1 hand covering my mouth and starts telling me, spitting as he talks that hes going to fuck me and hell hurt me if i scream as i can feel his hand up my skirt trying to force his fingers inside me he starts screaming and bangs my head against the wall so i black out. I waken to find myself butt naked tied up in an abandoned warehouse somewhere. I was in a room that looked propose built for rape and sex. I found my self hanging off the ceiling with my hands as far apart as possible, tighly bound to a black metal bar suspended above my head that was fixed to the damp ceiling with metal chains. Likewise my feet was bound in rope and and was tied to either side of the walls so my legs were held apart bar so i looked in like i was in star jump position. I could see that each rope was carefully arranged and tied so that it made a pully system like that on boats. After ten minutes of trying to shake my naked body free from my puppet like state and screaming i came to the conclusion that there was no way out for me, my young unexperience naked sweaty body hanging there in a damp room was going to have to take what my attacker wanted. And he probaly wanted everything: my pussy, my ass, my throat, my face and my titties were now nothing but objects.
My assailant shows up, a skinny bald man wearing nothing, he avoids eye contact and slowly walks around me rubbing his sweaty penis and stares at my body hung from the ceiling like a gaint sex toy for him to use. He goes behide me and i try to turn my head to see what he is doing but i cant see him, suddenly i feel his cold hand on my pussy, the feel of him assalting me makes my blood turn cold, his hand just placed in between my legs not even rubbing or fingering me make me feel helpless, i start to beg and cry "please dont do this" i sob like a baby "let me go, please.... i.. i wouldnt tell anyone" He stays silent and comes up and begins to massage my tits like he is cuddling me
"You know... i cant let you go now.... not after i paid all that money to have you. she said i can do anything i want to you except kill you and bruise you on your pretty face" he said in a kind voice as he rubbed my firm sweaty breasts. He grins and comes round to the front of me.
"what do you mean 'she' and 'money for me'" i ask throu my tears.
"youve being drugged for 3days, i saw you advertised on a underground porn site. pics of you and everything! you think im the first thats gunner rape you! ha ha! theres being loads! they just wanted you kept druged so you dont see there faces! ha you are a dumb slut! it read something like 'YOUNG SLIM GIRL TO BE USED FOR RAPE. £400 PER HOUR (EXTRA £100 PER HOUR TO FILM). £10000 TO OWN WE HAVE SAFE HOUSE BRING TOYS IF WANTED. THROATING, BEATING, ANAL STRECHING, ANYTHING GOES CONTACT THIS NUMBER FOR GOOD TIMES' good eh!"
I started to cry again out loud. "PLEASE DONT" I screamed.
He goes between my legs and starts to suck on my clit and rub the rest of my pussy, i tense my ass and try to lift my pussy of his tongue. i quickly become aroused but are fighting it with all i have. I then realize how useless it is. Crouched underdeth my dripping hole he then slides in a finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers "arrr please! noooooo! get off!" i cry.
He sharply pulls his fingers out of my hanging pussy and walks over to a black leather bag with "The Toolbox" written on it, he puts it my the side of me and tells me that he has the right to do anything he wants just as long as i dont die from his actions. "You ever had anal sex Jenny?"
"no" i say as i hang there from the cieling naked and beated, sweat dripping down from my pussy.
"well to nights your lucky night Jenny" he knelt down to his bag and unzipped his bag and paused....... "dont be scared jenny" he reached in and pulled outa polished wooden baseball bat and bottle of lube. "NO, NO FUCKING DONT PLEASE, PLEASE NO!" I called out like a wuss
"ive done this before jenny you'll pass out after a couple of minutes, dont be scared Jenny" He walks the few steps up to me as i shake my naked pre-rape body from side to side furiously in a stupid bitch attempt to escape having my anal passage ripped to pieces. "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh this will be the least of your worries when other people get her" he whispers "they let the least evil ones go first, then on your last person he or she will have paid enough to kill you". i feel the large head of the cold wet top of the bat against my virgin asshole, "NO NO NO....... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" I scream as he pushes the bat into me with all he strengh streching my arsehole "deep breathes jenny stay with me focus on the pain" he says as he pushes it deeper "ARRRR ARRRR" i cry as the burning pain makes by back and body straight up in intense anal cramp The pain is so great i get a blood rush to the brain and i nearly pass out until He then forcefully opens your mouth and forces a large black dildo into your throat. I gag and try to spit it out. He pulls it out and beats my nearly pasted out face face with it until its stinging with pain. I then willingly accept the foreign object into your mouth and learn to breathe between the deep thrust down my throat to avoid such beatings again, i start to hyperventilate. and with the ball all the way up to the handle inserted in my ripped, red roar ass and my throat blocked with a heavy black rubber dildo restricting my breathing i eventually willingly pass out.
When i come round the pain in my ass is replaced my deep anal cramp and i am tied painfully to a old wooden sawhorse with my thighs tied down to the back legs of the and hands bound painfully to the front legs so i am forced in to the doggie postition. My sore clit is pressed tightly to the central beam in which a large pulsating warm vibrator has being strapped i feel the pleasure roam through my bodyand subsequently are extremely aroused and i feel the warm goo of my body flowing freely out of my pussy and i am nearing orgasm every time i move. Then he walks in again naked dick in hand beating off over the my pain and rape. "Your about to cum you little whore ar'nt you?". He steps up round to the front of me and inserts his smelly erect dick into my mouth "Hope you good at deep throat Jenny said you were when i asked about you!" He jabs his long wide hard dick deep into my throat. I try desperatly to breath through my nose but the salvia built up blocks my nose, "GOOOOOOOOOOD FUCKING WHORE" he screams at me as he grab the handle of the bat and starts to try ro move it round in wide circles "SWALLOW ALL OF ME, JENNY MAKE ME CUM YOU WHORE OR ILL FUCK YOUR PUSSY WITH THIS BAT ILL MAKE YOU NEVER HAVE KIDS YOU WHORE NOW SWALLOW!!!!!" I try to take all of him down my drowning throat in the hope he will stop i open my mouth my widist and try block out the hell that im going though. Pulls out his dick from my soaking mouth and and kicks the horse over on the cold floor with my body attached he stands with one foot on my throat and starts to try to squeeze my neck to the floor "YOUVE BEEN A GOOD GIRL JENNY.... OHHH OHH OH FUCK OHH FUCCCC......K.K" he starts ecaculating all over my whoe body and up my back and bum. the warm seamen raining down on me landing on the bat and my face, i try to shield my mouth and turn it away as his cum falls on to my mouth, i close my lips as tight as possible looking up at him in sheer pleasure deeping with sweat and me on the cold floor in sheer pain bruised and analy raped.
He takes a few deep breathes and the last of his spunk drips on to my face, he takes his foot of my throat and steps round to the back of me "hold still" he says exshausted. He grabs the handle of the bat inserted in my ass and pulls the object out painfully and quicky "ohhhhhhhaaa" i say as its puled out of me.
"shut up" he says "Ive got a mate coming tomorrow... im a love machine compared to him, hes tring to buy you before someone kills you by accident so i would suggest you do the stuff hes into!" He then walks around me and squeezes my tits. "It would be better for you working for him, you two could make exetreme videos if not whats for sure when your to bruised and streched they'll be advertising to the people who will kill you". I start to cry and begging for him to just let me go now that he is finished. He laughs and remains me that im not his and he was just preparing me "the rape bitch" for her slut fest and that i have a busy night. He slaps my face and walks off saying "shes all your boys!!!!!!!!!" i look all around and see 10 fat smelly pervs run in each naked with there dicks in there hands. They all gather round and fondle me and one forces his fingers into me and rips into my ass and one shoves his dick into my mouth. One squares his spotty face against mine and starts to spit as he talks "Your in for a long night whore and weve paid a lot of money so don’t resist it will only you hurt more…............... LETS DO THIS BOYS!!!! the others start hitting MY face slapping your tits and ass and punching your stomach so I tighten up in pain and squeeze their dicks harder. The rape and beating go on for a full night When they are finished i can hardly move, am severely beaten… and are left on the cold wet with fluids floor humped in a heap on the floor. This is what my life will be like.

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