Adopted 2

Adopted 2

Adopted part 2

Patty refused to fuck her adopted son again that day, as often as he
pestered her for another chance to slide his seemingly always hard cock into her
pussy. Refusing him wasn't easy. She spent most of the evening finger fucking,
locked in her room and feverishly rubbing her wet pussy, all to thoughts of the
joy she'd experienced with her adopted son's huge prick.
The next morning, Walter came to the breakfast table completely naked,
with an enormous throbbing hard-on that was already leaking tasty looking cum
juice. He made a valiant effort to fuck his mother again, squeezing and fondling
her body as she served him breakfast, making her look at his magnificent cock.
Again, Patty turned him down.
Again, she had to spend the next several hours finger fucking. She knew it
was worth the effort. Her torrid fuck and suck session the day before had been a
one-time degenerate episode that could never be repeated. What kind of mother
spread her legs and opened her pussy for her adopted son?
Early that afternoon, Patty dressed and went shopping. The first thing she
heard when she let herself back into the house was the frantic moaning and
screaming upstairs. Patty just stood there, unable to believe her ears,
instantly feeling her pussy growing wet, hot and sticky under her panties. Then
she remembered what her adopted son had said the day before. He'd decided to
keep his promise. He'd brought home some young girl to fuck.
"Oh, fuck me, Walter!" The girl was obviously in the throes of ecstasy.
She sounded very young. "Unngh! Oh, fuck me with your big cock, fuck me hard!
Make me cum, Walter!"
Patty put the groceries on the kitchen counter. She was trembling. She
went upstairs, her mind already filing with obscene images, of her hung adopted
son slamming his dripping prick into some lucky little slut's gooey cunt.
The voices grew louder. Her adopted son's bedroom door was open. Patty
told herself not to look, told herself that the sight of her adopted son fucking
another girl would again put her lust for him over the edge. Patty couldn't help
herself. She stood in the open door, staring in.
The girl *WAS* hot, way too hot for Walter. She was pretty and sexy,
blonde and slinky. She was on top of Walter, who lay on his back, smiling up at
her, his hands folded behind his head. The girl had a very quick, nimble ass,
and she was now gyrating it in a frenzy, frantically pistoning her wet little
pussy up and down Walter's cock.
"Gonna cum," the girl panted. She clutched Walter's shoulders, shuddering
as she slammed her hairy little fuck hole onto the base of his prick. "Fuck me,
Walter. Love your prick, Walter! Fuck me, fuck me...."
"Get out," Patty hissed.
"Oh, shit!" the girl said.
The girl leapt off the bed, making Walter's cock slide out of her pussy
with an obscene popping sound. Patty advanced on her menacingly. Thirty seconds
later, the anonymous little slut was gone, having set a potential world record
in wiggling into her clothes and dashing down the stairs.
She was alone in the house with her adopted son again. Patty stood at the
foot of the bed, breathing hard, staring at her adopted son's enormous cock.
"What was the meaning of that?"
"I was horny," Walter shrugged, with a grin. "I told you I might bring
some chick over, Mom. I mean, if you won't fuck me anymore, why shouldn't I?"
"You're disgusting," Patty hissed. "A girl that age, fucking her like that
right in your room. With the door wide open. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Can't you ever think about anything but your big cock?"
"Nope. Matter of fact, I'm thinking about it right now. Why don't you let
me fuck your tight pussy again, Momma? Shit, I'd shoot my cum up your pussy than
that little chick's any day."
"You're disgusting."
"Come on, Mom."
He got off the bed, naked, his enormous fuck organ wagging obscenely
before him as he advanced on his chaste, secretly sex-starved mother. Patty just
stood there. She knew she could have left, or yelled at him again. But watching
Walter's gigantic cock boring into the young girl's pussy had made her so, so
horny. Her cunt was throbbing again, beating as it oozed juice into her panties.
Patty needed a good fucking very, very badly.
"Take your hands off of me," she said feebly.
But she didn't mean it, and they both knew it. Walter led her to the bed.
He put her on her back, letting his mother lie there as he stripped off her
clothes. Her large, stiff-nippled tit melons wobbled tantalizingly as he pulled
off her bra, and Walter paused to nurse on his mother's tits, to slurp her red
nipples deeply between his lips.
Off came her shoes, her skirt, her wet, cunt juice-smelling bikini panties.
Then the fuck-hungry mother was completely naked. Walter joined her on the bed,
crawling up between her legs.
"Cock 'em up, Mom."
"No, Walter. You know it's a sin. You don't really want to fuck Mommy
again, do you?"
"I said cock 'em up."
"Oh, Walter...."
Shamefully, hornily, the mother then did as her adopted son asked. She
raised her knees high over her shoulders, spreading them, completely opening
her wet, throbbing, curly-haired pussy hole for the invasion of his cock.
Walter grinned, mounting his mother. He fit the spongy tip of his prick between
the pouting petals of her very tight cunt.
"Man, I've really got a hot load now," he panted. "I was just about to
shoot off when you walked in. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard I'll probably knock
you off the bed!"
Patty didn't answer. She was too busy looking down, excitedly watching her
adopted son's immense cock-lance boring into her pussy. The stiff prick
stretched her pussy lusciously, making the walls clasp and grip exquisitely
around the invading thickness of his cock.
For nearly a full day she'd fantasized about this, about again feeling her
boy's prick slamming back into her pussy. Now it was deep inside her again,
boring deep inside her cunt. Shamefully the naked mother stared wigging and
humping, fucking her horny, itchy pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of
Walter's cock.
"Yes, Walter, it feels so good now," she panted. "It's time to fuck Mommy
again, honey. Unnggh! Fuck your mother, lover, fuck your mother's horny cunt!"
She cocked her long legs up higher, draping her ankles over his shoulders,
completely opening her gooey pussy hole for the skewering shaft of his cock. Her
hung adopted son started fucking. He braced his knees on the bed, looming over
his mom, supporting his weight on straight arms. Rhythmically he fucked her
tightly grasping pussy, spearing his big cock in and out of her cunt.
"Fuck me, fuck my pussy!" Patty gasped. She humped to meet his strokes,
her enormous tits bouncing and shivering, undulating every time her adopted son
fucked her deep wit his cock.
"Unnngh! Oh, shit, Walter, you've really got a big one! Give Mommy a good
fucking now! Harder, honey, harder! Fuck Mommy's cunt till I can't even walk!"
Walter moaned, experiencing the luscious tightness of his mother's pussy.
It seemed impossible that she had ever given birth; her cunt was tighter, and
sucked his cock more sweetly, than that of the teenybopper he'd been humping
only minutes before.
Now his cock was all the way inside her syrupy fuck channel, buried to the
balls. Patty felt completely overwhelmed by the size of his fuck shaft. It
stuffed her belly, reaching into the depths of her womb. Her horny adopted son
started working his ass rapidly on top of her, spearing his big prick in and out
of the clinging sheath of her pussy.
"Do you like the way I fuck you, Mom?" he panted. "Do you want me to fuck
you harder, Mom? Do you like the way I fuck your tight, juicy little cunt?"
"Yes, baby," Patty squealed. She started bucking her hips in a frenzy,
eager for harder, deeper thrusting of the wonderfully big cock. "Fuck your
mother, baby. Mommy's cunt's so juicy! Unngggh! Harder, honey, please do it
harder! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, Mommy needs a good cum so much!"
Walter sprawled flat on his naked mother, crushing her giant tits under
his chest. Then he started fucking her pussy as fast as he could. In and out his
huge cock sawed, spearing into her womb. Patty humped and shuddered beneath him,
grimacing and twisting her head from side to side, overwhelmed by the ecstasy of
being fucked with her own adopted son's prick.
"Mommy's going to cum now!" she gasped, almost shouting out the words.
"Harder, Walter! Unnggh! Fuck your mother, fuck your horny mother! I'm
cumming! I'm cumming!"
Her pussy spasmed violently in orgasm, spewing juice onto Walter's
hammering cock, sucking the aching stiffness of his huge, pounding prick. Walter
kept fucking as hard as possible, relentlessly drilling his organ into the
depths of her pussy hole.
The orgasm lasted for nearly a minute straight. When it was over, Walter
was still ramming his cock into her belly as hard as he could. He hadn't cum yet,
had kept himself from filling his mother's belly with his hot, spewing seed.
Which meant, Patty quickly realized, that she could suck it out of his big
prick instead.
"T-t-take it out, Walter," Patty panted, deeply ashamed of what she longed
to do next. "Please, stop fucking Mommy's pussy."
"Gotta cum," Walter grunted.
"I know. I...I want to suck it now. Please, Walter. Mommy wants to suck
your cock dry."
Walter stopped humping, pausing to smile knowingly down at his mom. Then
he slid his throbbing prick out of her pussy and rose from the bed. He stood up,
his cock pulsing as he waited for his mom to get on her knees in front of him.
Patty did it. It made her feel like even more of a slut to kneel like this in
front of her adopted son, to be on her knees looking up at him as she popped his
cock into her mouth and started sucking to draw out its load of spunk.
"Give me some good cocksucking, Mom...."
Patty stared hungrily at the huge cock throbbing in front of her face. She
gripped it in her fist, sliding her hand down to the base to hold his cock in
position. Then she popped the cock knob into her mouth, and then she started
sucking it.
It tasted especially good now, from fucking two wet, creamy pussies in a
row. Contentedly Patty gurgled as she nursed on the big prick, thrusting her
tongue into the cum hole to lap up the oozing jizz. The cock knob was already
very fat and puffy, and the cum cream oozed out every instant. Patty's pussy got
itchy again as she thought of how much cock juice was jacked in her adopted
son's balls, of how heavily he would soon be showering her tonsils with cream.
"Man, you like putting my cock in your mouth, don't you, Mom?"
Patty didn't answer. She was too busy sucking cock. Loudly and wetly she
slurped on the tasty prick, hearing her own gurgling, smacking sounds of
cocksucking pleasure filling the bedroom. The prick grew even stiffer, beating
on the roof of her mouth. Patty thrust her left hand between her thighs,
beginning to rub her wet pussy. Shamelessly she finger fucked herself and sucked
the hard cock at the same time.
Her mouth was stretched to bursting, contorted obscenely as she struggled
to accommodate the blood-beating thickness of her young adopted son's cock.
Patty bobbed her head, her blonde tresses bouncing on her shoulders, urgently
fucking her mouth with his cock. She tightened her fingers around the base of
his cock, and then she started beating his prick meat much harder than before,
urgently whipping her right hand up and down the pulsing stalk of his prick.
"I'm gonna shoot," Walter gasped.
He clutched her head with both hands, lunging forward, cramming another
half-inch of his cock between her lips.
"Suck it, Mom, suck it good! Unngh! You're a great cocksucker, Mom! Oh,
fuck, I'm cumming now!"
The giant prick started spewing, spraying rich gobs of cum juice down the
cock-loving mother's throat. Patty nursed feverishly on her boy's giant cock,
loving the taste of his cream. Again and again, the sappy white stuff sprayed
out of his cock tip, spurting on her tonsils, running down her throat. Patty
clung shamelessly to the huge, squirting cock, jacking and sucking it, feeling
her belly filing up with cream.
At last the sticky white cock juice stopped blasting out of his hard-on.
Patty popped the big, wet cock out of her mouth, panting as she stared intently
at the cock knob. She felt completely depraved now, unable to suppress her
constant craving to fuck and suck with her own adopted son.
If she'd gone this far with him, she might as well go the rest of the way.
It had been a long, long time since she'd felt a prick anywhere near as huge as
her adopted son's boring into her tender little shitter.
"You''re a dirty boy, Walter," Patty panted, still jacking his
fuck pole slow and hard. "You're a dirty boy for wanting to fuck your mother
like this. Don't you feel dirty for letting Mommy suck your cock?"
"I'll...I'll bet you fantasize about fucking Mommy's tight little asshole
too, don't you? That would be just like you, you perverted little boy. Do you
fantasize about fucking my hot little asshole when you jack off, honey? Is that
where you'd like to shove this big cock of yours next?"
Walter just grinned in response, his prick throbbing harder than ever.
Patty rose unsteadily to her feet. The idea of asshole fucking was morally
repugnant to her, but that meant nothing to the puckered, pink hole that was
now already throbbing lewdly in and out. It just happened to be the case that
Patty had been born with an unusually sensitive, itchy little asshole. Whenever
her cunt got wet, her asshole usually felt hot and tingly too.
"You'd better get some Vaseline from the bathroom, Walter. I guess you're
never going to get over your sick desire to fuck your mother unless I let you
fuck my asshole too."
Walter disappeared into the bathroom. Patty grabbed a pillow, thrusting it
under her belly to elevate her hips. She felt completely ashamed of herself,
knowing how badly she needed this torrid session of assfucking with her adopted
son. Shamefully she gripped her rounded little white ass globes, spreading them
wide, revealing her pink, puckered shit orifice to her only adopted son.
Walter returned to the bedroom, finding his mother sprawled on her stomach,
holding her ass cheeks open. He grinned, again joining her on the bed. Patty
heard him moving behind her, uncaping the Vaseline jar. She whimpered as her boy
started putting the lube liberally all over her little shitter.
"Stick your fingers in, Walter. Get Mommy's little asshole nice and juicy."
Walter did as his mother asked, straightening his fingers, thrusting them
into the gripping interior of his mother's shit tunnel. Patty groaned, fucking
her tight, itchy asshole onto his hand. Then she heard a new sound behind her as
her adopted son basted his huge cock liberally with Vaseline.
"That's enough, Walter. Time to fuck Mommy's asshole now, honey. Hurry,
honey, give Mommy's asshole a good, hard ass fucking!"
Walter mounted his naked mother, aiming his swollen cock tip at her
rubbery shit hole. Patty gasped with intense pleasure as she felt the cock
cleaving into her bowels, instantly stretching her burning asshole to the
bursting point around the invading thickness of his prick.
It had been so, so long since her last asshole reaming. It was probably at
one of her gangbangs at a Frat house in college.
Patty's asshole was already sucking and spasming needfully in response to
her adopted son's cock, sucking and gripping Walter's prick to welcome it into
her body. Patty bit her lip, suppressing the slight pain she felt as her asshole
stretched to accommodate his cock. Then she started humping again, wiggling at
the same time, trying to help her hung adopted son stuff every inch of his fuck
pole into her narrow, gripping ass.
"Fuck your mother, fuck Mommy's little asshole!" she pleaded.
Patty released her buns, no longer needing to hole them open. She thrust
her hand under her belly and started finger fucking, rubbing her aching clitty
as hard as she could.
"Mommy needs assfucking, Walter!" she panted. "Deeper, baby, really ram it
in now! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, fuck Mommy's asshole as deep as you can!"
Walter grunted as he heaved on top of her, forcing his immense cock deeper
and deeper into the Vaseline-slickened heat of her asshole. Then it was all the
way inside her, buried to the balls, his huge prick pulsating as it soaked in
the indescribable tightness of her shit tunnel.
Patty started humping harder, moaning and crying as she shamefully fucked
her stretched, tingling asshole onto his cock. Walter pulled out slowly, then
rammed his prick back into her bowels. Then he settled into a hard, fast rhythm,
slamming his prick in and out of his mother's horny little shitter.
"Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!" Patty pleaded. She finger
fucked her pussy in a frenzy, simultaneously thrusting her asshole onto his cock.
"Unngggh! Mommy's got such a horny little asshole, honey! It needs fucking
super bad! Oh, shit, please do it harder! Oh, darling, fuck Mommy's asshole as
hard as you can!"
Walter did as his mother asked, ramming his cock up her shit chute as
hard as he could. The enormous fuck organ had swelled even stiffer, and Patty
sensed that her hung adopted son would soon be basting her bowel tract with
another load of cum.
The orgasm burst suddenly deep inside her, making her pussy gush onto her
fingers, and her asshole spasmodically grip and milk around Walter's hammering
cock. Patty shrieked with shameful pleasure, humping and bucking and thrusting
as hard as she could.
"Fuck my asshole, fuck Mommy's horny asshole!" she cried. "My asshole's
cumming now, Walter! Fuck it, fuck it good! I'm cuummmiiinnngggg!"
Walter collapsed on top of her, ramming his cock to the hilt in her
tenderly sucking bowels. Then his load of cock juice spewed out of his balls. It
slashed out of his cock tip, spraying into his mother's asshole, deluging her
shitter with an ocean of cream. Hornily the naked mother flexed her shitting
muscles around the huge, erupting cock, helping him draining his balls
completely in her ass.
* * * * * * * *

She had to do something about Walter's craving to fuck her. Patty paced
her bedroom several hours later, trying to ignore the wet ache in her pussy,
wondering what she could do to end her shocking liaison with her adopted son.
She'd make him see a counselor. Yes, that was right. A counselor could
help him deal with his uncontrollable sex drive. Patty went to her bureau,
finding her address book and thumbing through the pages. She still didn't think
that her own lust had anything to do with the fact that she'd let her adopted
son fuck her. She blamed it all on him.
Margaret Kelly. She was a therapist of some sort. Patty had heard about
her because Margaret Kelly sometimes worked with young people referred by
Walter's school. Margaret was supposed to be a mother too, with a growing
adopted son of her own. Having a record of school referrals was as much
endorsement as Patty needed. She'd make sure that Walter saw Margaret Kelly as
soon as possible, to discuss his shocking desire to suck and fuck his very own

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