My sister in law

My sister in law

It is a Saturday-morning. I have taken a long shower and decided also to shave my balls again. I still have an erection of shaving when I walk out of the bathroom while drying my face with a towel. Turning left to the bedroom I hear a startled ‘Oh, excuse me’, from the stairs which is located in front of the bathroom door. ‘I was not aware that you were in this bathroom. We thought that you used the bathroom upstairs. I just wanted to take a shower’. ‘OK, yes, good morning, excuse me’, do I say startled as well. I knew my sister in law was planning to stay the weekend with us, but I did not expect her to be arrived already. I walk to the bedroom, but turn around without thinking about holding a towel in front of me, say that I’m finished and the bathroom is free. My sister in law smiles a little bit and cannot prevent looking down to my penis. Because of my feelings about her, I have a full erection right now. Like there is not any shame. Like it’s saying, ‘Here I am, baby. All yours’. We look each other into the eyes and both smile with hesitation. I go to the bedroom, while she enters the bathroom.

I’m so excited that I cannot resist myself from jerking off. A little bit strange. My wife downstairs in the living room, my sister in law in the bathroom next to my bedroom. I always tell my wife that I do not jerk off, but in fact I do know, she does not believe me. Sometimes I am wondering if she knows about my collection close-up pussy pics? Does she smell, when I have jerked off while she was not at home? I also start to wonder if she suspects my horny feelings about her sister? We have a good and happy relationship, but I cannot resist myself jerking off now and then while having a fantasy about my sister in law. Last time was already a few weeks ago. She stayed the weekend at our house as well and took a shower. She left her towel to dry in the bathroom. While both sisters went shopping, I took a sniff of the wet towel hoping for to smell my sister in law. I took the towel, rolled it around my dick with the most wet spots touching my dick and jerked off.

At night the three of us have a nice dinner with a good wine. Maybe due to the wine, maybe due to what happened in the morning, my sister in law is flirting with me. We always have had a good relation, but after this morning there has changed something. I do look at her, but I’m a little bit hesitating because of my wife Linda sitting next to me. In fact she has her hand on my lap even at the height of my crotch. I have pay attention not getting an erection. What would be the cause of the erection? Linda’s hand close to my crotch or my flirting sister in law, Amanda, who saw me naked this morning? A little bit tipsy by the wine we go to the living room to watch television. Amanda sits on one couch. My wife and I lie against each other on another couch, kind of spooning. There is not much enjoying to watch so we are changing the channels a lot. Linda changes the television channel, by accidence or by purpose, to an adult channel that is part of our package. We suddenly watch two girls licking each other with passion. Amanda looks very surprised. Her sister is always able to show her something new again. Amanda heard of course about oral sex, but she has not seen or done this before. She tells that she thinks it is not hygienic to have oral sex. Linda immediately responses that I’m very good in doing so. Startled by the sudden, direct and open remark, both have to laugh. I’m blushing and look with hesitation to Amanda. Linda now tells her all details, how I stimulate Linda orally, how I can get an orgasm and ejaculation from the excitement by just licking her…. The adult channel now shows a couple that is fucking with a lot of noise. Stimulated by the openness of that evening and most probably by a little bit too much wine, Amanda tells she has never experienced an orgasm by fucking. Only by self masturbation. Linda tells her that her ex-husband did not do a good job in that case. Linda has often an orgasm when we fuck. Just a matter of the right position and movements. ‘And if he does not succeed, have him lick and suck you until an orgasm…’, Linda says.

Amanda does not believe what she hears and looks at me, looks at her sister. Such an openness. And all this after this morning… In the meantime I got an erection. Amanda cannot see, because Linda lies in front of me, but she teases by saying that I should not put my dick into her ass like I do. Immediately after she sits and points to the bulge in my jeans. ‘Look at that!’, she says. ‘Without any shame he lies on the couch with an erection while his sister in law is visiting us!’ ‘I think that you both do not have any shame’, says Amanda. ‘I do not know, where we should be ashamed of’, says Linda. ‘Everyone is the same and everyone fucks. I would not fuck everywhere, being surrounded by others, or fuck with everyone, but I do not feel any shame with some people.’ ‘I’m not sure about that’, says Amanda, ‘I would not have sex with anyone else than my lover’. ‘What about you, honey?’, says Linda, ‘do you have the guts to have sex with me in front of my sister?’ ‘I do not know’, I say, ‘I do not think so’. At that moment Linda opens my jeans and pulls my boxer down, which enables my erected penis to jump into the air. Linda pulls down my boxer and jeans completely and starts to jerk me off. Thereafter she takes my dick, puts it into her mouth and gives me a blowjob. I crossed a border. Lie down relaxed on the couch and holds her head between my hands to suck my dick. Amanda looks at us, looks at my dick which is bigger than this morning by the stimulation. I’m almost having an orgasm. Linda licks and sucks a few times, but stops and says that she and her sister would like to see me jerking off myself until my orgasm and ejaculation. I do not care anymore. While watching a guy licking a beautiful Latina on television, while looking at my smiling wife and flabbergasted sister in law, I continue to jerk off. I’m really excited. I almost lose control, but I manage to point my dick towards my belly when I ejaculate. Just on time to prevent flying cum into the living room, or even towards my sister in law who looks at me with big eyes. My wife licks my sperm from my belly. ‘Do you also want a bit?’, she asks Amanda with a big smile. ‘No, thanks, do not think so’, she replies.

‘I do feel sorry for you that you have not experienced an orgasm while fucking’, Linda says to her sister. ‘Maybe you should spend a night with him, while I have a night shift?’ ‘Excuse me’, I say, ‘do you say, that I should fuck your sister?’’Yes, like you would mind! I’m surprised you did not yet. Like I do not see the sexual tension between you two.’ ‘But you are my sister, he is your husband. I cannot start a relationship with him’, Amanda says. ‘Relationship no, but just sex, why not?’, says Linda. ‘If you would have sex together I would not feel betrayed or left as long our relationship remains the same: you and I, he and I’.

The following day Linda leaves home after lunch for an afternoon-evening shift. ‘Please enjoy you first legal time together’, she smiles when she shuts the door. With a little bit hesitation my sister in law and I look at each other and smile. I get a warm feeling. Amanda walks towards me, she takes my head between her hands and starts to kiss me on my mouth. I feel my dick growing. We start to kiss with passion, we walk to the couch and lie down. Amanda is on top of me. While kissing we discover each other bodies with our hands. I touch her shoulders, her back, her ass. I like her ass. She touches my breast, belly, hips and thereafter she places carefully her hands on my crotch with erected dick. She feels my erection bouncing my jeans. She raised a little bit, which enables me to touch her breasts, belly and thereafter her pussy covered by her jeans. I start to squeeze her pussy a little bit. ‘I want to take a shower first’, she says. We go upstairs. Take off our clothes, while looking at each other. We are horny. We take a shower together. She wants to grap a sponge, but I have it before her and start to wash her. From top to bottom. I watch every piece of her body. Now and then a quick kiss on her body. From neck, breasts, belly and back, I start with her ass, the back of her legs and feet. Thereafter going up towards her pussy. Her body glitters by the waterdrops. I cannot resist kissing her pussy. ‘Here? Let’s go to the guestroom’, she says.

After I washed my dick, I walk into the guestroom. She lies naked on the bed. Lying on her back, her legs a little bit spread and looking horny to me. This is the moment that we both had fantasies about. I lie down next to her. Kiss her face and breasts. Going down towards her pussy. I reposition to have my face between her legs, looking up right into her pussy. I start to touch her pussy lips. Spread her lips to see her pussy inside. I start to suck her lips and clit. She starts to moan. The moaning gets louder while I fasten my licking and sucking. She pushes het pussy into my mouth as far as possible. Moving and pushing her body while I suck her clit into my mouth and play with my tongue between her lips. I start to taste her juices. ‘I do not want to waste your cum on the bed’, she says. We reposition into a sexty-nine. I’m lying on my back, while she moves her head towards my dick and takes it within her mouth. I push my face between her legs to continue licking her pussy. Amanda does not feel any hesitation anymore and got my dick completely in her mouth, sucking it with passion. After a while I feel contractions within her pussy. Lovely juices flow into my mouth. The excitement of her orgasm with her sucking of my dick make me cum. My cum flies into her mouth. She swallows it. Both exhausted. We smile at each other and fall asleep.

After a few hours we wake up. We look at each other and think the same: continue where we left. She kneels above me. Pushes my dick that is already in erection again into her warm pussy. She starts to move softly while getting wetter and wetter. She moves faster and faster. I start to moan and almost breathless I have an orgasm. I ejaculate for the first time within the warm, lovely pussy of my sister in law….

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