Giving Up Control

Giving Up Control

Giving up control

"You better hurry up. You only have 30 seconds left."

"I'm trying, I'm almost there. Just give me a few more seconds, PLEASE!"

"Nope, you knew the rules. 3 minutes to cum. 10 seconds left"


"And time, HANDS OFF NOW!!!!

And so I stood there, my hard cock throbbing, on the edge and ready to burst. To make matters worse, I haven't been able to cum in over a month. I needed this relief so bad, and if I had 5-6 more seconds, I would've gotten in. But no, I stood there with my hands behind my back, as my wife looked upon me with a wicked smile on her face. She enjoyed seeing me in this agony. And now we play the waiting game for my cock to deflate so she could put my dick back in my cage and pull my panties back up. And if it takes me more than 3 minutes to get soft, I get punished. You would probably assume that my wife is the domme and I'm the submissive, but in fact our dynamic is the other way around. I'm the Dom. She's my sub. In the bedroom anyways, we've never taken BDSM out of our private sex life. That was until 3 months ago.

3 months ago....

"Goodnight Daddy." my two children cried out.

"Goodnight you two, sleep tight." I replied back

Finally, the kids are in bed and I can get to it. I opened up my laptop, and immediately go to the same site I go to every night my wife works. My wife, who is amazing and I love her more than life itself, is a night shift nurse. So the three nights she works, I get a couple of hours to myself after the kids go to bed. And I utilize it the best way I know how- marathon jack off sessions.

My wife knows about this. We both have healthy masturbation lives right along with our taboo sex life. We both love BDSM, and have a bedroom only Dom/sub relationship. We mostly focus on bondage and sadism/masochism, where I hurt her tits and ass in as many painful ways as possible. She’s average height, with brown hair, thick build, and 36c tits. Her ass is also to die for. I’m average height as well, a few extra pounds, and a ginger. 5 inch dick.

I open up the message boards on the porn site I frequent, and start browsing through any of the bdsm topics, and then on to anything with gay/bi. My mission is to find anyone to cam with, or cyber with. I post a few comments, hoping that someone will see the flag I'm putting up. This is the part my wife doesn't know about. She thinks I jack off to porn and use some of our toys. And that's exactly how this got started. But lately, something's been changing inside of me. Recently, I started watching more trans porn, and reading stories involving trans people. Then I found out about frottage, and that made me hard as rock. There's no questioning I was confused at first. I've always been straight as an arrow, and dominant. However, I was beginning to imagine and fantasize about cock more and more often. And wasn't long until I was jacking off to hardcore gay porn.

This itch was getting harder and harder to satisfy. At first, it was just a little harmless porn and stories. Then I signed up for message boards, just to have some innocent conversation of things of a sexual nature. Then a few flirtatious emails, showing each other our cocks. Then came the role play messaging. Followed by camming/facetime/zoom, whatever. I knew what I was doing was wrong. I needed to talk to my wife about this and be honest with her. Who knows, she may encourage it, but I'm too terrified that I could lose everything by revealing that I want to have sex with another man and I'm extremely attracted to cock and balls.

So I leave at it this. Some online play with guys only. That makes it not as bad as doing this with other women, right?

A flash of red gets my attention. I have a new message in my inbox. I open it, and see it's the older gentleman I messaged a few minutes ago. He's 58, and I'm 36, so I'm assuming this will be a "Daddy" situation where I'm the bottom. He's the first one to reply, so I guess that's where tonight is headed. We exchange a few messages, and sure enough, he's wanting a daddy/son roleplay. The idea makes me hard as a rock. We open the video call, and get started. Only a few minutes into it, I have my ball stretchers on, and a nice size butt plug shoved up my ass, while I slap the top of my balls with a wooden spoon. I'm in pure ecstasy.

"BOOOOO" the voice of my wife screams! I instantly jump out of my chair and scream from the surprise of my wife scaring me.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" I scream, before calming down realizing that it's just my wife. I catch my breath, and then I realize again, OH FUCK IT'S MY WIFE!

"So whatcha doing here baby," she said laughingly, very amused from her successful attempt at scaring the shit out of me. I stood there frozen, knowing it was just a matter of seconds before she realizes what is on the screen and what I was doing.

"I forgot my dinner in the fridge, and I couldn't resist doing that while you were jacking off -Wait, is this a cam? Are you video calling with a another dude?" she asked accusingly. I had no idea what to do. I looked over at the computer screen, as my online play partner quickly closed out of the session. I looked at the wife, and she just stared at me, mouth agape.

"What the fuck is going on? You need to answer immediately" she barked out.

"I'm so sorry babe. I've been curious for a little while, and decided to experiment online. I fucked up, I know. I should have come to you about this." I said, in a pleading manner.

"Yeah, no shit. So you've been going behind my back getting off watching submissive gay men perform for you?" she said pissed off.

"Ummmm.......well, sometimes." I swallowed and took a deep breath, deciding I needed to be completely honest. I was fucked already, so what did it matter. "And sometimes I sub for other men. You could instantly she wasn't expecting that.

"Wait, what? You perform for them? What do you do for them?" She asked. She almost sounded excited in the way she asked, I thought for a second.

"I.......well.......masturbate for them, um, do CBT for them, and fuck my ass" I answered. I looked at my wife, and you could tell she was still processing all this new information. We just stood there for what seemed like eternity. Finally, my wife broke the silence.

"Alright, I need to figure all this out right now. Sleep on the sofa right now. I'm going to bed. I just need some time to think." she said as she walked away to our bedroom.

"Well, at least she's not instantly divorcing me, or worse killing me," I thought to myself. I plopped down on the sofa, and laid on my back. Through all of this, my cock stayed hard. I took out my butt plug and took off the ball stretchers. I definitely didn't feel like jerking off anymore. I just wanted to go to sleep, and get what was coming next over with. But for whatever reason, I was still turned on. "Welp, no sense in letting this go to waste" I said to myself, as I started to stroke my cock up and down. Only took a couple of minutes before I was on the edge of the orgasm. I positioned my hips upward and got ready for the load that was currently boiling up in my balls. I furiously jacked my cock as fast as I could until that sweet sensation came over me and I shot multiple loads on my face, including one right in my mouth. I had never ate my cum until a couple of weeks ago. I subbed for a dom one night, and he told me to lick up my cum. Loved it instantly, so now I try to give myself a facial every chance I get. I got up and got a rag to wipe my face off, and anywhere else I had cum on my body. Then I laid back down, and went off to sleep, trying not to be fearful for what the next day is going to bring.

I woke up the next morning around 8. I was surprised I didn't hear my kids up already. I wrapped the blanket I slept in around me and proceeded to my bedroom to see if my wife was awake or not. I opened the bedroom door to see the light was on, but my wife wasn't. I was about to walk out to go check other rooms in the house, until I saw the white piece of paper on her pillow. I walked over to her side of the bed and grabbed the note and read it-

"Dearest Husband, I was awake all night thinking about your betrayal of my trust and what I should do. I've always been loyal and obedient to you, so seeing you go to other people for your satisfaction is hurtful. I had no problem with you jerking off to porn, but what you're doing is unacceptable. Also, I waited until you fell asleep and looked at your internet history, and your account under that message board. I've seen all your perversions you've shared with the rest of the internet, but you wouldn't share with me. I've decided what will happen next. I've left to go shopping. I took the kids and dropped them off at my parents. They'll be staying with them for the next couple of days until we come to an understanding. If you've put on any clothes, take them off and go and kneel by the front door. Do not move from there. Not even to go the bathroom. Just kneel there and wait for my return. I've set up the kids old video monitor, so I will be watching"

"What the hell does she have going on in that mind of her" I thought. But I knew I better do what she says. I cannot have this marriage end. I walked out of the bedroom, and headed to the front door and got on my knees. I had no idea how long she was going to be, but I just kneeled there anyways. A couple of hours passed, and I was in hell. My knees were killing me, to the point I was almost in tears. On top of that, I never pissed went I woke up, so I'm in excruciating pain from needing to piss. If she doesn't get back soon, I'm not going to have a choice but to you just piss on the floor. I hold out for another 30 minutes, but then it couldn't hold it back any longer. I pissed, and pissed hard, all over our hardwood floors. I felt the piss splash back up, hitting my thighs and ball sack. Soon, a puddle of my piss formed around me. I felt so humiliated, but I was too terrified to break her instructions. I would do anything to make sure she doesn't divorce me.

A few minutes later, the door opens, and my wife walks in with several bags, and she just laughs.

"Get up and clean up this mess you made. Then come into our bathroom. I could tell you tried your hardest to hold your pee. That was a good boy to follow my instructions." she said patronizingly. It was at that point, it became obvious what was she doing. She was going to make me her bitch.

"Well this could be interesting," I thought. I usually need to be in control. But it might be hot to give up that control. Especially if it's what keeps my wife happy and not divorce me. So I cleaned up all my piss and headed to the bathroom to see what was in store for me next. My wife was running a bath when I walked in, still naked, and I was getting hard again.

"Get in, now," my wife demanded. I slowly got into the steaming hot tub and sat down, trying to get my body used to the heat of the water. "Bath, you need to get the stench of piss off of you before we do anything else. Now, as you do that, I will explain what's going to happen. As I was reading all your posts and comments on that message board, it became apparent to me that you have other sides you haven't told me about. It seems you have a submissive side and a gay side. I've decided to entertain those sides, and let those fantasies become a reality. Because despite how shocked and angry I was last night, I was actually a little turned on. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I'm going to be the dom, and you're going to fuck other guys for my pleasure. But make no mistake sweetie, this is going to go the way I want it go, not the way you want it to go. And you will be an obedient little bitch, won't you? Because I will divorce your ass the second you hesitate on anything I say. And will the evidence of cheating on your computer, I'll get full custody of the kids and get alimony and child support from you. I'm sure that's not what you want. So you will obey my every demand, understood?"

"Yes dear," I said meekly. I didn't even think about it. If this is what it took to save my marriage and make up for what I've done, then so be it. It might not be so bad. I am going to be doing what I've been jerking off thinking about doing, so how bad it could it be.

All of sudden, SLAP! "You will not refer to me as dear, or sweetie, or honey, or babe, or anything of that manner. From now on, all replies from you will be Yes, my queen or No my queen. That is also how you should address me. Is this understood?"

"Yes, my queen," I replied, still nervous about this whole ordeal.

"Very good. Now the first thing we're going to do is shave and rub Nair all over body. No more body hair you my dear," she stated.

I wanted so bad to protest. I had very manly body hair, with a thick patch of chest hair. I didn't want to be hairless, that sounded humiliating. But I did what I had to do and allow my wife to shave me hairless. It took some time, but finally she was finished and there wasn't a hair on my body to be found besides what was on my head. I hated the way I looked. Especially my penis. It looked ridiculous without any pubic hair anymore.

"Aww, are you sad you don't have any more hair? Well you should have thought of that before you went behind my back to jack off with dudes. Now you better thank me, you ungrateful bitch!" she snapped.

"Thank you, my queen, for making me hairless," I replied, head down, feeling defeated.

"That's much better. Now let’s dry you off and go to the bedroom for your next surprise," she instructed. After I dried off, we walked to the bed and I saw all these outfits spread out on the bed. Women's outfits. Panties, bra's, lingerie, skirts, blouses, some make up and a wig. It became clear what was next. Part of me felt so embarrassed and ashamed, but another part of was getting turned on. And that part of me was winning, as evidenced by my rising cock. My wife instantly noticed it.

"Oh so you are liking this. I was wondering if you really wanted this, or if it was just a fantasy, but it seems I have my answer. The boner never lies" she said, with a smile.

"I am curious to try on panties, my queen," I replied.

"Very good. For today, put these on" She held out pair of white, lacy thong panties. I slid them on, and almost gasped at the feel on them on my feet. It felt amazing. I slowly pulled them up my legs, enjoying the sensation of the fabric on my skin.

"Why the hell haven't I thought about wearing her panties when I jerk off before" I thought to myself. I pulled the panties over my cock and balls, my hard on stretching out the fabric and forming a wet spot with precum. She then handed me a matching bra, and watched amused as I put that on.

"From now, when the kids are not here, or asleep, this is what you will wear. You want to be a slut online, I'll make you dress like a slut for me," she informed me. "Now, jerk off, you little bitch." I didn't really care for the name calling. I never did it to her, but if that's she wants, I'll put up with it. And dressing in bra and panties, jerking off in front of my wife, this is hot as hell. 6 months ago I would've hated the idea of this, but now it's getting my juices going. It doesn't take long, with the fabric of the panties touching my dick while I jerk it, for me to getting close to cumming. I asked my queen for permission to cum, assuming she would punish me for not asking. She gave me the green light, but to cum in my hand. I did as she told and had an amazing orgasm, shooting more than just a handful of cum into my hand. She directed me to eat all of the cum I caught in my hand. "Oh man, this keeps getting better and better. I still felt embarrassed, but I was starting to give in to the fantasy and I was enjoying.


I snapped out the pleasure of consuming my cum and looked down. "Oh fuck," I thought, as I watched my wife locking up the cock cage she just snapped on my now soft cock.

To be continued...

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