Sex with my sister and her friends

Sex with my sister and her friends

My name is Jim. I'm twenty years old and still live at home while attending a local college. I have a good physique, having been on my high school swim team, and I continue to work out. The other guys on the swim team used to call me 'King Dong' due to my nine-inch-long, thick cock, which they saw in the showers after practices and swim meets.

I've been attracted to girls at least five years younger than me for as long as I can remember, so none of the college girls interest me sexually. My sister, Jill, is a sixteen-year-old knock-out with a grown woman's body. I've been lusting for her ever since she started developing tits. It isn't unusual for our parents to go somewhere overnight and leave me in charge when my sister is hosting a sleep-over.

One afternoon, while our parents were still at work, Jill was planning a sleep-over. We were sitting in the den when she mentioned that some of her girlfriends think I'm hot, especially Marcie and Sandy.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, really, Jim."

"What about you, Jill. Do you think I'm hot too?"

"Jim, you're my brother," she replied.

"What if we weren't related?" I asked.

"If we weren't related, I'd be interested."

I thought, "That's promising."

"So, when are you planning this sleep-over for?" I asked.

"A week from Friday," was her reply.

"Okay, I won't make any plans for Friday night or Saturday. You know Mom and Dad will disappear for your sleep-over."

"I know, but I wish they'd treat me more like an adult instead of having you stay with us," Jill whined.

"Jill, they do it to protect you girls from teenage guys crashing your sleep-overs and taking advantage of you," I say adamantly.

"Maybe I can take advantage of them," I thought.

I went to my room to plan how to do it. I started my computer and opened a text editor to enter the steps I needed to take.

I decided that the first step was to appear careless while taking a shower. My last class ends at 2 pm, and Jill gets home at 3 pm. I could take a shower with nobody home and forget to close the door. When Jill gets home, she has to pass the bathroom to go to her room. That gives her the 'opportunity' to see 'King Dong' through the clear glass shower enclosure, and I hope she brags about it to her friends. That should get their juices running.

The next steps would take place the night of the sleep-over. First, I'd spike the fruit punch they liked to drink when they got together with some vodka to loosen them up a bit. Then I'd make sure they could see the bulge in my shorts. After that, I'd have to play it by ear.

I put my plan into action on the Tuesday before the sleep-over. At 2:50 pm, I got in the shower after leaving the bathroom door open and slowly stroked my cock. At promptly 3 pm, I heard the front door close and footsteps coming upstairs.

As Jill passed the bathroom, she yelled, "OH MY GOD! Why didn't you close the door?"

"I was home alone and I guess I forgot," I answered, still stroking my cock.

Jill seemed mesmerized, as she hadn't moved or looked elsewhere. When she finally realized the situation, she had been staring at my cock for several minutes before she reached for the doorknob and closed the door without saying anything further.

I thought, "That went better than expected."

At school the following day, Jill ate lunch with her girlfriends.

They were chatting about several guys during the conversation when Jill gushed, "The most amazing thing happened yesterday!"

They all wanted to know the details.

"When I got home, Jim was in the shower and he forgot to close the bathroom door. Our shower enclosure is clear glass, so I got to see everything! He was standing there stroking his cock. It was huge! It must have been 12-inches long and it was real thick!"

"Stop exaggerating, Jill," said Marcie.

"I'm not, Marcie. Jim has a huge cock!" she retorted.

"I've never even heard of a cock that big, much less seen one," mumbled Sandy.

Marcie mused aloud, "Maybe we can get him to show it to us at the sleep-over."

Just then, the bell rang, ending their lunch period. As they left the cafeteria, Marcie told Jill to call her after school.

Later that afternoon, Jill called Marcie.

"Hey girlfriend, what's up?" Jill asked.

"Jill, if he's got a cock as big as you say it is we've got to figure a way to get him to show it to us," Marcie said excitedly.

"Marcie, I didn't lie, it's huge!"

"Do you have any ideas on how to get him to show it to us?"

"No Marcie, I don't. You know he tries to stay out of our way when I have a sleep-over."

"I've noticed that he likes to drink the same punch we do. Couldn't we spike it a little to loosen him up?" Marcie suggests.

"That might work!" exclaimed Jill.

That evening, their Dad asked Jill," Who will be here for the sleep-over?"

"Just the usual group, Dad," she replied.

"No Jill, I want a list of names."

"It'll be Marcie, Sandy, and Beth, Dad."

"Okay Jill, that's fine. Remember, no alcohol and no boys. Mom and I are going to visit Aunt June for the weekend. Jim will be here to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Dad, I'm fourteen, not eight. I don't need a babysitter!"

"Young lady, as long as you're living in my house, you'll live by my rules!"

Jill looks at the ground and mumbles, "Yes Dad."

"I didn't hear you, Jill."

She looks up and repeats, "Yes Dad."

"That's better. Is your homework done?"

"Oh shoot! I forgot about it!"

"Get upstairs and get it done!" Dad insisted.

Jill ran to her room and slammed the door.

"Kids!" I exclaimed.

"You were just like her a few years ago," his Dad reminded him.

"I know, Dad. It's amazing how a few years maturity changes your outlook. You'll have to excuse me, I have an exam to study for."

"Go ahead, Jim. I'm glad to see you being serious about your education."

Thursday, the girls meet in the school cafeteria for lunch.

"Marcie, are you serious about spiking the punch?" asked Beth.

"Yes Beth, we're serious. How else will we get to see Jim's cock?" Marcie replied.

"We'll just have to make sure we don't drink too much punch," stated Sandy.

"Beth; Sandy; relax. Jim doesn't drink at all so he should loosen up pretty quickly," said Jill.

"I'll bring a half-pint of vodka with me," Marcie informed them.

The bell rings, ending their lunch period. As they leave the cafeteria, Jill says, "Plan on being at my house at 4:30 pm tomorrow."

The other three girls say, "Okay," and proceed to their afternoon classes.

I had no classes on Friday, so I was home when our parents left. I then went shopping for supplies for the sleep-over as my parents asked him to. Besides junk food for snacks, I bought two three-liter bottles of fruit punch. When I got home, I poured a half-pint out of each bottle and replaced it with vodka that a friend of mine at the college got for me.

When Jill got home from school, she asked me if they could use our parent's punch bowl instead of pouring the fruit punch from bottles.

"I don't see why not," I reply, "it will make it seem like more of a party."

Jill says, "Thank you Jack," then kisses my cheek.

At 4:30 pm, Marcie arrived, followed by the other girls. I poured both bottles of fruit punch into the punch bowl, then went to take a piss. While I pissed, Marcie added another half-pint of vodka to the punch bowl.

When I came back downstairs, I half-filled an eight-ounce cup with the punch. The vodka that I added wasn't noticeable. I grabbed a couple of other bowls, filled them with potato chips and pretzels, and then took them into the den, where the girls talked and danced. I purposely got nice salty things to encourage them to drink the punch.

A few hours later, the girls were starting to feel the effects of the punch, as was I. While the girls were starting to slur their words and were a little unsteady on their feet, I felt my inhibitions dropping away. I go into the den to check on the girls.

Marcie wraps her arms around my neck and says, "Hey Jim, I hear you have a big cock."

"I do," I reply, "The guys on the high school swim team called me 'King Dong'."

"Can we see it?" she asks.

"What are you going to do with it if I take it out?"

"Wouldn't you like to know!"

As I start unbuckling my belt, Marcie yells, "He's gonna take his cock out!"

The girls gather around me as I unbutton my shorts and lower the zipper. I drop my shorts, revealing my nine-inch, thick cock.

"My God, Jill wasn't joking about the size of his cock," said Beth, amazed.

"I've got to feel that man-meat inside me," moaned Stacy.

I lay down on the floor and ask, "Who wants to ride my monster cock?"

Stacy strips, then straddles my hips and lowers herself onto my cock. When she's taken as much as she can, there are still three inches outside her pussy. She starts riding me, up and down, and orgasms quickly.

"WOW!" Stacy exclaims, "I was cumming almost from the moment he was in me!"

While Stacy rode me, the rest of the girls stripped.

As soon as she is naked, Marcie says, "I don't know if I can get that thing in me but I'm sure gonna try."

She took the same position as Stacy and slowly sank on my cock. Amazingly, her pubes met mine. As she moved up and down my cock, the head hit her cervix on every down movement.

"I love your cock, Jim!" she yelled.

A few minutes later, her pussy convulsed around my cock as she came, then as her orgasm faded, she unmounted me.

Beth then asks me, "Are you any good at eating pussy?"

"Sit on my face and find out," I reply.

She does, and I lick through the folds of her pussy before spreading her lips, curling my tongue, and thrusting it into her hole. I wet a finger and used it to circle her clit. As I wiggle my tongue in her hole, I press on her clit, and she explodes, her juices flowing into my mouth.

"Enough!" she yells, so I release the pressure on her clit and remove my tongue from her pussy.

"How was that?" I ask Beth.

"Too much, too quickly," she replies.

"Jill, what about you? What do you want?" I ask.

"Jim, I want your cum and I want it deep in my pussy. I finished my period two weeks ago, so I'm fertile. I've always dreamed of you putting a baby in my belly."

The other three girls gasp when they hear Jill say that.

"Get on your hands and knees, Jill, and spread your knees out."

I get behind her between her spread knees, notch my cock at the entrance to her love tunnel, and slowly push. As I get deeper into her, I feel a minor tremor in her pussy, so I slow my push. Eventually, she has all of me in her with the head of my cock against her cervix.

I start pulling out, then thrusting in, and Jill moans, "Yes Jim, fuck me just like that."

I haven't cum yet tonight and feel my cum rising, but I know I must wait for Jill to cum first. I keep the pace slow and easy.

After a little while, Jill yells, "Now Jim, fuck me hard and fast!"

I do as she asks, stroking long, hard, and fast.

"Jill! I can't wait much longer! Cum with me!" I yell.

I make a final deep thrust and hold there as I shoot my cum time after time. Jill's pussy goes crazy around my cock as she cums with me before her back arches, her eyes roll back in her head, and she passes out. When she comes to, I withdraw my cock. The girls have already gathered around us, worried about Jill's condition.

Marcie asks, "Are you okay Jill?"

Jill replies, "Marcie, I couldn't be better! Jim has hopefully fulfilled my dream and knocked me up."

I look at Jill and say, "If I didn't fulfill your dream, we'll keep trying.

"Oh, we'll keep trying alright, even if you did succeed," she replies, smiling.

After Jill's and my performance, the girls settled down for the night. I went to my room alone, knowing that Jill and I would be fucking for a long time to come. When I fell asleep, I dreamed about Jill with a big belly.

After Jill's friends went home the following day, I sat her down to talk about what she had said the previous night.

"Jill, did you mean what you said about wanting to carry my baby?"

"Yes, Jim. I meant every word."

"When did you start feeling that way?"

"Jim, I've felt that way for a long time, even before I had my first period. I was just afraid to admit it to myself. What about you? How long have you wanted to have sex with me?"

"Jill, I've lusted for you since you first started developing tits."

"Jim, what will the folks say if you knock me up?"

"I don't know Jill. We'll have to cross that bridge when it happens."

"Jim, you said 'when it happens' not 'if it happens'."

"I know what I said, Jill. Knowing how you feel, I have every intention of knocking you up."

Jill gets up, moves over to me, sits on my lap, and kisses me. This is no sisterly kiss, but one of a lover to their mate.

When we break our passionate kiss, Jill says, "Let's try making a baby again."

"Your bed or mine?" I ask.

"Neither," Jill replies, "Lets use Mom and Dad's bed."

"Okay, you horny bitch," I reply.

We go to Mom and Dad's bedroom holding hands.

"Jim, I want to feel what it's like to have you undress me," Jill almost moans.

I move behind her and whisper in her ear, "Raise your arms."

Jill complies, and I grab the bottom hem of her t-shirt, pulling it over her head. I then massage her tits through her bra while kissing the back of her neck.

"Mmmm. That's nice," Jill says.

I unclasp her bra and push the straps off her shoulders, letting the bra fall to the carpet, then continue massaging her bare tits.

"Oh yes Jim, that's even better," Jill moans.

I squat behind Jill, inserting a finger into each side of her waistband. I pull both her shorts and panties down to the carpet. She steps out of them. As she stands there naked, I stand up in front of her, lower my head, and suck on her nipples, one at a time.

"Oh Jim, please fuck me now. I need to cum." she moans as she gets on the bed in the doggie position. I join her on the bed, notch my cock at her entrance, and slowly push into her. Before I'm halfway into Jill, her pussy convulses around my cock as she cums.

"Ohhh, yes Jim. Make me cum."

I keep pushing into her until I'm fully seated, with the head of my cock against her cervix. I start stroking, out then in, out then in, slow and easy. As I do that, it feels like my cock is growing, both in length and girth.

Suddenly, Jill screams, "NOW JIM! HARD AND FAST!"

I start pounding her when I feel her cervix give way. The head of my cock is now deep in her womb as I continue to pound her.

I'm about to cum when her pussy goes crazy around the shaft of my cock, and she screams, "AYEEEEEEE, CUM WITH ME JIM!" as her pussy thrusts up at me while her back arches.

"I AM," I yell as I pump what feels like gallons of cum into her fertile womb.

When our mutual orgasms finally begin to subside, Jill collapses. I roll us onto our sides, my cock still in her pussy and my arm over her side, cupping a tit.

"That was wonderful!" she said, still panting hard.

"Yes, it was," I agreed, also panting hard.

We stayed cuddling like that for a while when Jill noticed that she wasn't leaking any cum.

"Jim, you didn't fake cumming with me, did you? I'm not leaking any cum."

"No Jill, I didn't fake it. You may not have felt it, but I was in your womb when I came."

"Really? That means it's almost guaranteed that I'll be pregnant!"

"Yes, that almost guarantees it."

They get up and straighten their parent's bed.

"Lets go grab a shower," Jim suggests, "we're both all sweaty."

They enter their bathroom, and Jim turns on the shower.

As the water heats up, Jill asks, "Now that it's almost guaranteed that you've knocked me up, what are we going to tell Mom and Dad?"

Jim looks at her while adjusting the water temperature, saying, "The truth, of course."

They get in the shower, and a concerned Julie says, "We can't just tell them we were having sex."

"Yes we can, Julie. For one of my forensic science labs we had to do DNA testing. I used cigarette stubs from both Mom and Dad for the test and guess what it revealed; they are brother and sister."

"What!!!," she exclaimed, "how can that be?"

"I'd guess they just live together as husband and wife but couldn't ever get married. That might be why they moved over a hundred miles from any relatives when they were younger. I didn't want to confront them about the results of the test, but the situation has changed. Once I get my degree next year, we can do as they probably did and move away from here."

"Oh, Jim, I'm so glad we won't have to lie about our love for each other."

"There's still one lie that you'll have to tell, Jill."

"What's that Jim?"

"Because of your age, the doctor is required to notify the police and child services of your pregnancy. Both agencies will pressure you to reveal who the father is. You'll have to tell them that you don't know, or I'll end up in prison for statutory rape for a very long time."

They have sex several more times before their parents return on Sunday afternoon, at which time they go back to their usual routines. Three weeks later, Jill tells me that she's missed her period. I go to the drug store and buy a pregnancy test kit, giving it to Jill when he gets home from school.

After school the following day, she knocks on my door, smiling widely, and hands me the test strip, saying, "You did it; you knocked me up!"

When our parents get home from work, I tell them that I have important news to tell them and call Jill to join us.

When Jill enters the room, she stands next to me and puts her arm around my waist. Before either of us can say anything, our Mom asks, "Jim, is Jill pregnant?"

"Yes, she is and we're both very happy about it," I reply.

Dad then says, "We'll both help you as much as possible until you two get your feet on the ground."

Mom speaks up, "Jill honey, we'll have to start home schooling you before you start showing."

"No Mom, we're not home schooling. You didn't have that opportunity when you were pregnant with Jim. Besides, I'm proud to be carrying his child!" Jill retorted.

"" Mom stammered.

Now Jim spoke up, "Remember when I got a cigarette butt from each of you for my forensic lab project? Well, that was for DNA testing and it showed that you're brother and sister. It was easy to calculate how old Mom was when she was carrying me and that is the same age as Jill is, fourteen!"

"Mom, Dad...The only thing we ask is that things stay the way they are until Jim graduates and gets a job. Then we'll move to another city so we can live as man and wife. Until then, I'm moving into Jim's room and my room can be used as a nursery," says Jill.

Dad looks at Mom and says, "Boy honey, they sure sound like we did!"

Three months later, Jill's pregnancy is starting to show. Mom takes her to the doctor, who declares her healthy and capable of carrying the baby to term. He asks if Jill knows who the father might be, explaining that the law requires him to report it to both the police and child welfare services because of her age. As planned, Jill states that she doesn't know who the father is because she got drunk at a party.

Looking skeptical, the doctor states, "If that's your story, stick with it and don't change any part of it. The police and child welfare services will be looking for any variation in your story and the only way to protect whoever it is you're protecting is to be consistent in your story."

Jill smiles at him and says, "I told you the truth, Doc."

Mom and Jill come home and give Dad and me the good news about Jill's health and the information about the police and child welfare services.

Over the next few months, child welfare services visited several times. Jill stuck with her story, and they eventually stopped bothering us.

Jill's belly was huge during her eighth month, so were her tits compared to the nice little B cups she had when I knocked her up. Six weeks before her due date, she started lactating. I loved the taste of her milk and nursed at her whenever she was uncomfortable.

Little Jamie decided it was time to escape her prison exactly on Jill's due date after four hours of labor. She weighed nine pounds four ounces at birth. I had a job offer with a Sheriff's Department Crime Lab not far from home, which I accepted before graduation. After graduation, Jill, Jamie, and I moved into an apartment two counties from home and started life as a young family.

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