Tender Love II

Tender Love II

Introduction: To fully understand and appreciate this story please read Part I of Tender Love. Sorry it took so long for part 2, my Father passed away and I was distracted.

The young Latino woman lay on top of my naked form with my rock hard dick still wedged between the lips of her pussy, as if I were a human dildo for her pleasure. I could feel her hot love juices beginning to cool as it dripped from the sides of my thighs. She rested from the powerful climax she had just experienced from rubbing her clit against my cock.

She had crawled into my bed and straddled me, but instead of guiding my member into her love sheath, she had sat on top of my hardened cock, her pussy lips on either side of my shaft and rocked back and forth until she exploded and gushed juices on my midsection and down my balls and soaked the sheets beneath us.

I wanted her! I wanted to be inside her! I wanted to flood her walls with my sperm! God, I wanted to slam my dick into her with out abandonment. Even while she slept on top of me, I could feel my raging hard on throbbing and each time my dick twitched, she would jerk slightly and a soft moan would escape her mouth.

As we lay there I was so sexually excited, I knew I would frighten her from the fucking I wanted to give her. I knew my time of release would come and chose to wait. I knew how important it was to allow her to feel safe and comfortable with me and then I would be rewarded of my own release.

I decided to slid out from under her embrace and get a shower. I slowly rolled her to one side as gently as I could without awakening her. I went to the bathroom and began running hot water in the shower and went to the sink to shave before the steam clouded the mirror.

I stepped under the spray of hot water and lathered my hair with shampoo and also soaped up with body wash. I leaned against the wall of the shower as I enjoyed the powerful jets pounding my body.

I was still sporting a raging hard on, that wasn't going away any time soon when I felt her tiny hand encircle my dick. I turned to see her warm smile as she stood outside the shower with my shaft in her hand.

She spoke something in Spanish and proceeded to join me in the shower without loosing her grip on my dick. She pressed her petite body against my frame, water and soap began to run down her chest and between our bodies.

We kissed hungrily. Our lust was carrying us away . I ran my soapy hands over her tits and belly. Her skin felt like silk.

She was cupping my balls in her small hands and kissing my neck. I took her small ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her mound into my hardness, she moaned into my mouth as we french kissed. Our tongues danced in each other's mouth.

Her nipples pressed into my chest like bullets. Our hands explored as we lathered each other's bodies. We both were panting with excitement. She felt so good in my arms. I was out of control. My dick actually hurt from being so hard.

She turned her back to me and placed her hands on the walls of the shower and spread her legs. I step up behind her with my dick in my hand. She bent slightly at the waist and exposed her cunt lips to me.

Her pussy lips were swollen from being excited and gorged with blood. I ran my fingers between her slit and her knees buckled slightly. I held her up by her waist. Her opening was so wet and oozing with juices.

I placed the head of my dick at the entrance of her love hole., she moaned loudly. I pressed forward and felt the internal heat of her cunt as inch by inch entered her. At one point she shrieked with pleasure.

I drew back and thrust forward. Again and again I entered her most private part of her being. Slamming my meat into her with animal like grunts coming from my throat.

I let out a final growl from deep down as I let go with torrent ropes of cum. My eyes rolled back into my head, my head thrust backward as I slammed ball deep into her sweet pussy.

My hands gripped a fist full of her hip flesh as I thrust forward and pulled her tiny body back against my loins hard. I felt her knees give way as waves of pleasure hit her at the same time, enjoying her own climax.

Time seemed to slow down as my climax washed over me. As my orgasm began to subside I realized the Mexican goddess had slumped to the floor of the shower and was not moving. I think she must have passed out! I touched her shoulder and she gave way to a soft moan, so I knew she was alright. I began to think that she knew how to handle a man and it was then I realized when I had penetrated her there was no resistance and so it dawned on me now, she was not a virgin and was in fact, experienced.

Normally I am a gentle lover, kissing and caressing but because I had restrained my desires for her for so long , I had ravished her body. I had taken her like an animal! I remembered how my nostrils had flared and I had snorted like a bull, less the pawing of the ground with my hoof. I had to chuckle at my wild behavior. She looked up at me and we both began to belly laugh. My body was still trembling and my own knees felt weak.

I stepped from the tub and dried myself and turned to her and extended my hand and helped her to her feet. I rapped a big towel around her torso and she stepped out and onto the rug. I began to dry her hair as she used both her hands to hold the towel in place.

I padded her arms and moved down to her legs. I was eye level with her swollen pussy lips, that looked puffy and red. As I tried to dry her mound she pushed gently on my hand to stop. I realized she was too sensitive to be touched at the moment.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed and gentle laid her down and removed the towel and covered her body with the blankets. I shut off the lights and made my way beside her in bed. It was nice to cuddle with her and feel her warmth.

We laid there in each others arms and she drifted off to sleep and I thought about how she was so experienced at such a young age. I would learn the answer to my thoughts months later as we both began to learn each others language and she relayed this account to me.

I had learned her name was Bonita, which meant pretty. She shared a small hut like shelter with her mother and father. She wasn't sure what the name of the village was called because she was young and they moved around, wherever her father could find work in the fields.

Her dress had consisted of a one piece cloth her mother had found and cut holes for her head and arms to extend from. It was the same makeshift dress I had seen on her when I first laid eyes on her that dark night along Interstate 10 in Arizona. She owned no undergarments, such as a bra or panties, nor did she have socks or shoes but went barefooted.

She said when she was 11 or 12, she wasn't sure how old she was back then, she was by a stream where she hoped to bath and wash herself. It was early night and she remembered the stars were bright and the moon was full and shone round about enough you didn't need lighting to see where to walk.

She had finished washing and was preparing to slip her dress on when she heard a rustling sound a few feet away. Before she could fully turn to see what had made the noise, a figure grabbed her, clasp a hand over her mouth making it impossible to scream.

A male voice told her to hush up or he would seriously hurt her. She recognized the voice belonging to her favorite cousin. He was breathing heavily and she felt his hot breath on her ear and neck as he spoke. She was afraid and didn't let on she knew it was him, fearing he might panic and kill her.

He dragged her into some small underbrush and began to feel her up. At first she resisted but his touch excited her in a way she hadn't previously known. First, he squeezed her breast through the thin material, then he worked his hand under her garment and found her mound. He roughly massaged it and had his way with her. She felt herself becoming wet and thought perhaps she had peed herself, but realizing this was different and pleasurable.

When he worked a finger into her slit, electricity shot thru her from head to toe and her whole body tingled. She was unsure of what was happening to her. She knew what her cousin was doing was wrong but she was no longer afraid because she knew who it was and had actually fantasied about him in the past.

He pushed her simple designed dress above her waist to just above her titties. She felt him working with his clothes and then he was on top of her. She was still resisting some but felt the excitement herself.

She felt the hardness of his thing pressing into her belly and he was nervously adjusting himself. He was able to guide it to her entrance and he pressed himself into her. She felt her pussy lips part somewhat and his cock was in her about an inch. She felt pressure and some pain. Her cousin drew back some and thrust forward violently. Pain shot through her and tears came to her eyes. She wanted to call him by name and tell him to be gentle but changed her mind as fast as she had thought it.

She felt herself giving into his advances and tried to relax. He began to move slowly in and out of her hole. It stung at first but it was a good kind of hurt. Soon he was going faster and had a rhythm.

Her body was now on fire. He pulled on her hair some and breathed hard and was kissing her neck. She felt so alive and the sensation was overwhelming. She bit down on her bottom lip. She held his body to her now rather than pushing against him. She was twisting her head from side to side and moaning.

She felt it coming, a pleasure building in her lower body. Just when she thought she would pass out, her orgasm hit her, wave after wave. Then she felt her cousin shoot hot cum inside her. His dick jerked several times and he collapsed on top of her.

After several minutes her rolled off her, gathered his belongings and ran off into the night. She lay there looking up into the stars wondering about all these new sensations she was having. Her pussy muscles kept contracting, sending aftershocks of pleasure thru out her body, like mini orgasms.

She later revealed to her cousin she knew it was him and they became regular lovers until her parents discovered them one day and that’s when they decided to risk taking her to America.

She said that is why she had laughed that day we made love in the shower, because I had ravished her and was pulling on her hair and grunting, it reminded her of her cousin raping her.

She said she loved her cousin and that is why him raping her had been good and left no scares. Bonita said she loved me and she loved how we made love, which always left her panting for more.

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