Dance Magic

Dance Magic

My first experience at cheating was at a New Year's Eve party. My husband was just finishing university and we were at a party with another couple that were close friends. Now, that party turned out to be pretty boring, and as a result I was drinking way too much. Since we had bought more booze than we would need I didn't worry about my excessive consumption.

Part way through the evening our friend, Tom pointed out that he had heard of a 'house' party planned at the university which was just a short drive away. It wasn't long and we were at the party and there were students everywhere - Now this was a party! There was lots of dancing, music and people laughing everywhere.

Soon Tom and Bill (my hubby) were engrossed in one of their conversations. Pam and I wandered downstairs to the rec room where everyone was dancing. We got out on the floor and started dancing facing each other, as we often did when the boys couldn't be coaxed onto the dance floor. It wasn't long when a couple of guys joined us and soon we were dancing as two couples. I was feeling my liqour and dancing rather suggestively with this stranger, having a great time!

Then the DJ switched to a slow dance and without hestitation my dance partner stepped forward, sliding his arm around me and pulled me to him, hard. Now that's how I like to be held by a man and coupled with my alcohol-reduced inhibitions, I sidled right up to this handsome stranger. He was about my age - say 21 and well built. As we slow danced his hands slid down the curve of my back and onto my butt.

'Hmmmmm, that felt nice!' I thought and snuggled my face into his neck. He took that as his cue and his two hands grasped my butt cheeks and pulled hard, grinding my pelvis against his. I could feel the hard bulge between our hips. I nibbled on his neck. Slowly, we danced and with every movement he ground his hips against mine. I was enthralled ... his strong arms, heady aftershave and confident control overwhelmed me, making me his.

Then the DJ's voice crackled above the music "Okay everyone! Time for 60 seconds of Heaven!" and with that the lights went out. The music continued but we were plunged into complete and utter darkness.

"Anything goes!" someone shouted and a few giggles replied.

My dance partner didn't skip a beat, just kept dancing, holding me close, but after a couple of seconds I felt his hands moving up from my butt and as they passed my waistband they continued their upward climb on the inside of my blouse. I offered no resistance and soon his hands were sliding underneath my bra cups and massaging my tits.

I didn't even know his name!

It felt great! I kissed his neck eagerly, my arms wrapped around his neck.

"30 seconds" came the crackle of the DJ.

Those nimble hands began to move and in a split second I felt my blouse pulled up and off. Then my bra was gone, A second later his eager mouth was kissing my breasts. I tilted my head back moaning, I could feel my pussy lips swelling and slippery fluids lubricating me. Then he began sucking on my nipple ... It was heaven!

"15 seconds" the DJ declared, it seemed so distant. More immediate were those hot lips carressing my breasts and nipples. I was his to have, my hands tangled in his hair, all inhibitions swept away.

"5 seconds" I didn't care! Then on came only just a couple of lights up by the DJ, we were mostly in shadows. My dance partner pulled his head up and one hand cupped the curve of my back as the other clasped the back of my neck and pressed my lips to his. I succumbed to his guidance eagerly. Gradually, around the room the DJ was flicking on the lights. All the while my partner held me tight, kissing me eagerly as we slow danced.

I kissed back, hungrily, with no concern for the fact I was topless. I only wished he would kiss my breasts again. As we danced his lips left mine and found their way acoss my cheek and onto the side of my neck. As I leaned my head to the side, I opened my eyes. As we danced slowly about, I could see that most of the guys had their eyes on me while dancing with their dates. It made me feel aroused ... naughty. All that was visible was my bare back and my sides, as my tits were pressed against him. Entoxicated by the voyeurism, I leaned back some pulling just a little away from him so that more of me showed. I was rewarded with appreciating smiles. My partner was the envy of every guy there.

Then the slow dance faded and a fast song began. Lifting his head from the hickey he had embossed on my neck, my partner said "Well?"

"Why not!" I retorted pushing him backward. I put one of my arms across my breasts and my free hand buried in my hair as I began to dance facing him, my body gyrating to the music. This elicited several exclamations from some of the nearby guys.

'Boy this is fun!' I thought ' I feel soooooo sexy!' As I twisted and danced a couple of guys left their dates and began to watch me. They kept a short, comfortable distance away giving me room to dance. I could see their hungry eyes riveted on my breasts, hoping more would show. I was close to a wall, so I spun around, putting my back to everyone and put both hands up in my hair as I pressed my tits against the wall - teasing. 'Don't let them see too much' I thought 'that'll keep up the suspense!'

For a while I just ground my tits against the wall , gyrating my hips to the beat of the music. Then I spun around, at the same time covering my tits with one arm. A couple of sad moans came from the guys. I danced over to one of them twisting in front of him. He was a gentleman, keeping his hands to himself, so I leaned forward and planted a long, wet kiss on his lips and then dashed on. As I approached another guy he grabbed at me. I jumped back, waggling a finger at him and headed for another guy ... they soon caught on. One by one I rewarded each one with the best, wettest, sassiest kiss I could muster. I felt so hot! I had never had so many guys attention at once before. That alone was intoxicating.

Suddenly, she was there! Pam. Oh-oh, I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't approve. She was holding my blouse. "Come on!" she ordered.

"No Pam, it's okay." I reassured her " I'm having fun!"

"Come on now, before this gets out of hand!" she demanded, flashing angry looks at the surrounding guys.

"No!" I snapped, angry she was spoiling the mood. In defiance I put both hands in my hair, my arms out to each side and gyrated and jumped a little making my exposed full breasts bounce. That rewarded me with cheers and whistles. "See, they love me!"

"I'm getting Bill" she announced as she threw the blouse at me. I caught it and held it to my front, partially covering my breasts. She turned and strode off. I could see her climbing the stairs. She turned and waved for me to come. Still defiant, I twisted the blouse into a rope and spun it over my head. Then she was gone.

As I danced holding the twisted blouse over my nipples I watched the steps. Soon I saw Bill coming down the stairs. He hadn't seen me yet. Quickly I spun around, pulling on my blouse. " My husbands coming" I explained " sorry guys".

I heard a couple of comments midst the moans "She's married?", "Lucky guy!", "Too bad!" Then my dance partner was there, facing me.

" I believe this is yours" he held out my bra.

"Keep it, as a reminder" I offered pulling him close and kissed him, open mouthed and full of passion. Then pushing him away I started to dance.

Bill appeared, stepping up to me. I waited, what would he say, I was so mad at Pam!

"Pam says you're down here bouncing too much when you're dancing" he admonished calmly.

I felt a rush of relief. She hadn't told him! But she did send him down. After a little coaxing I decided I better go before one of the guys said something.

Once we were upstairs the four of us were off in a corner by ourselves. As we talked I cast a glare at Pam, she just smiled sweetly back. I burned! Then I complained about running out of my champagne - I had nothing left to drink. Tom left to see what he could find and a minute later he was back, a full bottle of beer in his hand. Now, I don't like beer, but Tom was giving it to me and I was determined to get even with Pam. So I tipped it back and chugged half of it, letting some trickle down my cheek onto my blouse, wetting it. My nipples went hard as I saw Tom's eyes follow the trickle ... guys love moisture anywhere on a girls body!

Bill piped up "Jackie, you didn't even thank Tom."

Here was my chance to get a little even with Pam, it was clear to everyone that I was drunk so I could get away with alot.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" I exclaimed casting a sideways glance at Pam "Thanks Tom!" As I said that I grabbed the back of Tom's head and pulled his mouth against mine. I kissed him wet and open mouthed putting as much desire into it as I could muster for as long as I dared. Our tongues explored each others mouths. As I pulled away I saw raw desire in Tom's eyes. Yes!!! Revenge!!!

As Tom recovered, he joked " Gee, no problem. Hey I got a whole case in the back seat of the car!" He emphasized the back seat and I saw Pam's eyes glare. Revenge is sweet and kinda sexy too! Not only did I get her, but I got to kiss my husband's best friend (something I had always wanted to do) hot and heavy right in front of our spouses. There was something very erotic about that.

Pam asked me to go to the bathroom with her, so off we went. As soon as we were alone she cornered me saying "Stay away from Tom or else! Go do whatever you want downstairs, you're not my responsibility anymore!"

"Hmmmm, I don't know" I taunted "I'm having lots of fun up here and that was the best kiss I had tonight! Lots of tongue!"

The look I got told me I was dangerously close to getting my eyes scratched out. We parted ways. As I wandered around upstairs I contemplated catching Tom alone and stealing another kiss. As I thought of it my pussy warmed with fresh slippery fluids. Maybe we could duck into one of those bedrooms and ... No! Remember Pam! I may be drunk but I'm not suicidal. I flirted with a couple of guys but the music from downstairs kept calling me. Finally I surrendered to temptation and headed down.

In the dim light I scanned the crowd looking for him. The DJ was playing a fast song and it was pretty crowded. Then I spotted him moving toward me, smiling.

"I didn't think you were coming back" he said pulling me onto the dance floor.

"I probably shouldn't have" I mused "What I did earlier, what you saw ... me dancing. That's not me." The music changed to a slow dance. "I'm drunk."

"Being a little drunk just lets the real you out" he countered as he pulled my body against his and started to slow dance. "I think you liked all the attention, that you want men to look at you and to want you."

"Are you mad at me?" I asked, looking up into his soft brown eyes. How could I care so much for this perfect stranger?

"Mad? Hell no! I find it sexy - I find you incredibly sexy!" he declared pulling our hips together. One hand pressed firmly on the curve of my back while his other gently carressed my breast through the blouse.

I melted again. His lips found mine and I felt his cock bulging between us. As we danced I could feel juices running down my thighs. I would do whatever he asked of me ... anything.

"Will they do that 60 second thing again?"

"Oh yes. Its coming up anytime" he said.

"Good" I whispered as I snuggled my face into his neck. We continued our slow dance across the floor until the DJ declared "60 seconds" and the lights went out. My heart quickened before he even moved. Then he grabbed the bottom of my blouse and peeled it off again. I willingly surrendered to him, his lips moved down my neck and to my bare breast, his open mouth covering my entire nipple. He was so sexy! His tongue tormented my sensitive nipple.

Then he was kissing my mouth again. As one hand held the curve of my back, the other carressed my breast. "Unbutton my jeans" he whispered.

Eagerly I obeyed. I fumbled a little ... my hands were shaking. I was nervous. Finally the clasp came free.

"Pull down the zipper" he urged. It came down easily. Without any further direction my hands reached inside his jeans, found his briefs and tugged them down. I was rewarded when his swollen shaft filled my hands. As I grasped the slippey rod a moan of pleasure came from his lips. This encouraged me and I slid my hand up and down his shaft. He responded with more moans.

"30 seconds"

I stroked his shaft again and again. What a turn on! Then his hands were pulling my skirt up and soon it was around my hips. He pulled himself free of my hands thrust his shaft against my panties. It found it's way downward to the slippery insides of my thighs, just below my panties.

With a groan he slid his shaft between my wet thighs. I could feel his shaft running along my pussy lips with only the flimsy panty material between. I ground my hips against him. Again and again that shaft slid between my wet thighs.

"15 seconds"

"These gotta go" he utterd hungrily, his fingers firmly grabbing my panties front panel pulling it to the side. His next thrust slid between my panty fabric and and my pussy lips. The entire shaft slid along my swollen wet lips, not entering me but fully between my lips.

"Uggggghh" I groaned. I was so arroused. Then he slowly pulled his hips back sliding the shaft along the full length of my pubic area. "Take me!" I begged. Tantilizingly he slid his cock back along my lips, but didn't enter. It was driving me wild!

"5 seconds"

With one last sensuous thrust he pulled free, pulling himself back into his jeans. "Nooooo" I pleaded softly, desperately.

"Come on, let's dance" he smiled "pulling me close as the lights began to flick on. Again I melted into his arms, topless.

"Okay, whatever you want" I whispered.


"Anything!" I answered eagerly.

"When the fast music starts dance for us again!"

I looked up into his eyes "You really did like me dancing topless?"

"Like I told you, I find it sexy and I find you incredibly sexy!" he confirmed. "When you dance and all the guys want you - I want you more! When you kiss them - I see red with desire!"

The music changed from slow to fast again. It had been a real turn on and this time there would be no one to stop me. I thought about those hungry eyes watching me and my swollen pussy swelled even more. I stepped back, one arm across my tits and the other up and out to the side, my hand in my hair as I began to gyrate. In seconds I had the circle of guys admiring me. I danced over to one eager fellow and leaned forward and kissed him open mouthed and wetly ... Oh how exciting to kiss a stranger! - I am soooooo Naughty!!! I kissed another tongue and all and went on to a third. The third guy waited til our lips were locked and suddenly grabbed my waist with both hands pulling me tightly against him, still kissing me.

It felt great to be manhandled! Instead of pulling free I wrapped both arms around his neck and kissed him more. His hands found their way upward and cupped my bare breasts from the sides. Slowly, deliberately, I pulled away, keeping both hands on his shoulders. As I pulled free his gaze travelled down admiring my exposed tits. There were whistles from the guys around us. Without warning I spun around, putting both hands in my hair, as I bounced across the floor, letting my tits giggle and bounce for everyone to see. Then, just a moment later I put my hands over my tits cupping and covering them. I stood in front of another guy, dancing and twisting, hot and sexy and feeling out of control and loving it!

"Undo my skirt!" I ordered him. He looked surprised. "Go ahead, undo the snap on the side!" While I danced in front of him he tugged at the snap until it came free and my skirt dropped to the floor. Now I was gyrating in front of him with nothing on but my panties. The flash of a camera burst to one side, I ignored it.

"Wanna touch?" I offered, my voice husky with desire. He nodded eagerly. "Go ahead ... don't be shy. Just don't move anything" I encouraged him. His hand reached out and touched my breast, just above where my hand covered it and slowly slid his fingers across and down between my breasts. This elicited cheers from the others. Encouraged, he slid his hand down my belly and slowly acoss my panties to the area between my thighs. I shifted my feet, spreading my legs. He took the cue, sliding his hand along the ridge of my panties my wet pussy lips was making.

I tilted my head back and moaned. There were more hoots from the guys. Then I turned on one heel and danced across the open space, my two palms cupping my bare tits as I pranced. I could see their eyes devouring me. My ears were filled with a roaring noice and the room spun a little. I felt so sexy, so utterly aroused and sexy ... I wanted more!

I chose another eager looking guy, stopping just a couple of feet in front of him, and began a gyrating, sexy dance. As I danced I spread my fingers letting my nipples poke through. He smiled and whistled. Feeling a rush of adrenaline from being so bad, it spurred me on. Slowly I slid my hands down off my breasts and onto my belly, all the time twisting sexily my bare tits bouncing in front of him. There was another camera flash.

"Wanna touch?" I asked. Without a hesitation he reached out and cupped my breasts in his hands. Oh, how erotic it felt, a stranger carressing my bare tits as I danced nearly naked in front of a crowd of horny men! I wanted more! I stepped up to him and kissed him hotly, his hands still carressing my breasts pressed between us. "I could fuck him right here in front of everyone!" I thought hungrily. Then I grabbed his hands pulling them out and I spun on the spot finishing with my back pressed against him and his hands cupped my breasts as I faced the rest of the guys.

"Now you get to decide what the guys see" I whispered as I leaned my head back next to his cheek. Taking that as his cue he began to slowly slip his hands back exposing more and more of my breasts. This earned cheers and whistles from the crowd. He kept sliding them until his hands cupped from below, supporting my breasts but hiding nothing. I never stopped gyrating. My ears were ringing with desire and now the room was spinning. If he hadn't been holding me I would have fallen ... Oh I was so hot and horny!

"Show them more!" I urged. His hands slipped downward finding my panties, and he slid one inside the front of them. More whistles and cheers blended with the roaring in my ears as I felt his fingers sliding inside my wet pussy.

Groaning, I closed my eyes, arching my back and my two hands knotted in the hair of his head. I felt a new pair of hands on my tits as he fondled my pussy! As I opened my eyes I saw 2 more guys as they both carressed my bare breasts. I felt more hands tugging my panties down and groping the inside of my thighs. Another camera flash.

Only desire roared in my ears, my vision blurred some and I closed my eyes, surrendering to my hunger. I felt so aroused. I only knew I wanted to be taken, to feel a cock fill my throbbing pussy. Eagerly I moaned "Yessssss" Nothing mattered, just that my needs would be sated.

Then I felt a pair of hands lifting me up, sweeping me away from ecstacy. "Noooo" I begged. A door opened and then I was dropped backward on a bed. A strong naked body climbed on top of me. As his lips met mine, in the ever so faint light I could see it was my dance partner. "Yesss!" I whispered. I yearned to be filled with that huge shaft! I grabbed his butt pulling him hard against me. In the darkness his shaft fond it's mark and he thrust deep into me. Groaning and moaning wildly I twisted under him as he thrust again and again. It was incredible! It felt so good as his hips ground against mine.

Then he gasped and his body went rigid and I felt hot jism fill me, spurt after hot spurt. It felt so good, beyond any sex I'd ever had. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum!

Then he started to pull free "No" I pleaded "I want more!"

"Are you sure?" came his confident voice.

"Yes" I groaned "Mooooooore"

Then I felt a pair of hands slide across my breast from the right and another pair from the left. His hands were still on my hips! There were others in the room! They had been watching the whole time? A wave of erotic passion washed over me ... 'They watched us have sex. They wanted me, like when I was dancing!' I thought. A fresh erotic surge filled my pussy.

"Still want more?" he asked.

"Oh yes!" I groaned "More!!!!"

Three pairs of hands carressed me, running over my breasts, my tummy, thighs and pussy. I lay there on the bed writhing and groaning in incredible pleasure, his cum pouring out of my pussy being slid along my thighs by fingers of men I didn't even know.

A pair of hands spread my legs and a face pressed into my pussy, the tongue finding my clitoris. I was being pulled to the side a little until my head hung over the edge of the bed. Suddenly a wet slippery cock brushed against my lips. Eagerly I opened my mouth accepting it, feeling it slide deep into my mouth and throat. All the time throbbing!

The third set of lips found my breasts and began sucking on them. Heaven!!!! I was in sensation overload! Then the one kissing my pussy climbed up and thrust deep into my already cum filled pussy. Thrust after thrust drove me wild ... I was on the edge of orgasm but couldn't quite make it. Then his shaft spasmed and more hot jism spurted inside me. That fantastic sensation made me suck the third cock even harder! Suddenly he groaned and pulled his shaft partway out of my mouth, leaving just the head inside my mouth. Hot spurts of cum filled my mouth to overflowing. Jism was running down my cheeks.

I felt a fourth set of hands push the guy between my legs aside and a fourth hard shaft penetrated my body. I peaked! My pussy spasmed and then came and I felt my muscles clenching that hard cock like a fist. My back arched and I moaned uncontrollably. In a couple of thrusts through my spasming pussy he came too, more hot jism pouring into my already overflowing pussy.

Fully spent, it was all I could do to get back upstairs and then I needed help from my unknowing husband to get back to the car. He would not realize that the awesome sex he would have over the coming months would be due to me fantizing that I was being taken by those four strangers while the two of us made love.

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