Alice Labs: Chapter 2

Alice Labs: Chapter 2

You're a monster...

Produced by Alice labs through genetic tweaking. You're far too dangerous. Public? There'll be no such thing, Susci. I was told day after day.

It was the same scientist as well who would waltz in here, dressed in his hazmat suit, and speak through a voice jammer. Every day for what seemed like my miserable life. What was worse was the bondage they put me through so I wouldn't escape.

I was pulled up by two larger shackles that came around my wrists, then was the rope that cradled me under my breasts and down my stomach, lastly was the giant shackle that bounded my ankles together.

I was blindfolded as well. The only time I caught glimpses of myself were when the blindfold would fall off on its own and I could peer at the reflective floor. I saw my long, white hair, glowing red eyes and a great body. Vanity was a treat to me because it gave me something to look forward to.

I had a slightly above small waist, Large breasts that could possibly be a G cup, if not FF, my thighs were probably a little meaty, but they were great nonetheless. It was all encased in latex, for what the scientists called efficiency.

Yes, during the gene tweakings, I'd vomit, I'd throw up blood, lactate even, among other things. The latex made it easier to clean up entirely.

Oh... The door opened. Not just a simple small door, no, a large, iron, industrial door. I could hear two of the scientists from the above floors talking to each other.

"Here she is, S-VT05," a mechanically distorted voice sounded, "or what everyone else has been calling Susci."

"She stable?" The other voice asked, this one more feminine through the distortion. I heard the thunking of boots comic towards me before the blindfold was torn off. I kept my eyes closed as if I was sleeping, before opening them again.

"Genetically, yes. We've isolated most of the genes that went haywire and deleted them from the sequences," the masculine said. I looked over at him through the one way visor. He faltered a bit, I knew. I'd melt the damn glass on that thing.

"What genes went haywire?" The feminine tossed the blindfold away and walked over to the male, who had produced a data sheet.

"Here, in the productivity of calcium. Turned into a Chitin-like substance, grew around the hands and created the claws," he gestured absently to me.

"Hold on, here, why did you mess with these?" The woman pointed to a spot on the sheet.

"Uh... Well, we can't really leave gene sequences incomplete." The male cleared his throat before continuing, "look, we just do our job, Murichi."

"And your job is to mess with the girl's mammaries?" The woman punched him in the arm and he jumped back a little.

"Hey! Anything goes wrong and is left unfixed, and we have over forty million down the drain here!" He threw a hand my direction, staring down the woman as she stared at me. I stared back.

"How about this, Ron," this, Murichi, started, "I'll tend to her genes for now."

"Excuse me? Alice won't be hap-" the man was cut off with another punch to the shoulder.

"If Alice wants her money to be used wisely and you not get your ass killed for it going down the drain, then I'm gonna tweak her genes!" She then crossed her arms and groaned, "Perverted freak."

"It was a side effect in the sequence!" The man, Ron, stomped off towards the door as it closed. Murichi, however, took out a holographic remote and fiddled with a few buttons.

I felt myself drop onto the floor and give an audible thud throughout the room. Murichi approached my limp form and took off the helmet part to her suit, giving me a rather cheery smile.

Her hair was white, like mine, but she showed no signs of old age. Her skin was young and tanned, and her eyes a vibrant blue. "Heya there Susci~" she laughed a little, "or should I say Cutie?"

She waited for me to sit up comfortably as I could, still bound a bit by the rope. Murichi walked over and produced a knife to cut the ropes off.

"You're gonna poke me with needles, right?" I asked.

"Nope! Something completely different," Murichi sang as if she was so happy about this. I was downright scared, depressed, and confused. I don't find joy like this woman did.

She pulled a small pack out of her pocket and waved it around. "These are pills that kinda stabilize any loose ends in your genes, maybe it'll shrink those milk mountains of yours." She laughed and nudged my side. I stood up, towering over a foot and a half above the woman.

"Holy shit you're tall..." Murichi gawked at my height before coughing, "here, take them however you want. As long as it gets in ya, the pills will work."

I gently took a couple of the multicolored pills from her hands with the large clawed fingers of mine. It's as if someone made gloves out of chitin and then replaced my hands with them. I held the small thing in between my claws before putting both in my mouth and swallowing.

I instantly felt euphoric, like I was in a state of carefreeness. It didn't last long until I doubled over, vomiting a small amount of blood. Murichi patted my back, comforting me as well as I could and saying that this was common and not to worry about it.

Evidently the pills flushed out cells that had faulty coding and then sent them through the stomach lining while mixing with blood. Then it was expelled he easiest way possible depending on the amount of faulty cells. In this case, there were a lot.

It was a full four minutes of constant vomiting. Murichi patted my back before smiling at me, "Sorry about that... But you should feel good about now, huh?"

I spat the last bit of blood in my mouth and nodded, standing up easily after the ordeal. I felt more fluid, stronger, my chest wasn't as heavy as it felt, still FF cups, and I stretched out.

"It feels more..."

"Like you got a younger body?" Murichi finished my sentence and then clicked a few things on the remote. I inspected the "younger" body I acquired and found it more toned and slimmer.

A small partition of the room opened up to a showering area, and I blinked in amazement. I also felt a small amount of anger boil up inside me, all this time I was just switched from sweaty latex to clean and not even showered.

Murichi walked to it and ushered me towards her. I reluctantly walked to meet her at the glass door, ducking inside to look around a little clearer.

There were metal tiles on the ceiling that water would come out from, and numerous benches, bowl shaped chairs, and tubs dotted the floor.

"Alright, time to cut you outa that suit~" Murichi had near stripped down to her underwear, and just her panties. Her large, double D breasts were open to the world and I blushed faintly.

"Wh-What are you doing...?" I asked.

"I'm gonna help you with your shower," she flipped the knife around in her hands and giggled before expertly slashing my latex to pieces. Not one red mark showed on my pale white skin as the strips floated down around me.

The blush was more apparent as I gulped, hiding my parts from the other woman. Murichi then pushed me towards the area before turning on the hot water on a heavy type of rainfall setting.

I watched her grab a few bottles off the shelf not too far from us and then come back, making me kneel down on the ground. She then dumped some sweet smelling liquid on my head before lathering it up with her hands, washing my waist-long hair.

I was in a state of bliss for now, it was relaxing having this woman wash my body. It was more like I had a small amount more of freedom. As Murichi was washing me, she slid her arms around my shoulders and grabbed my breasts in her hands.

I felt her's press into my back and I gave a soft meep, she then softly spoke into my ear, "I think you're a real piece of work, Susci." She spoke my name with such sensuality, I felt as if I was going to swoon.

"M-Murichi..." I wanted to protest but all I could say was her name. She rubbed my breasts together in her hands, teasing my nipples and sucking on my earlobe.

"Oh I wish I had these, such nice, big, soft pillows~" Murichi giggled and licked my neck, "Oh Suuuusci..." I felt my face twitch at my name and I gulped.

"Y-Yes.... M-Miss Murichi?" I didn't even move my head to look back at her. All that I did was grow a frightened, submissive face.

"I'm gonna give you, the time of your life," She reached around me and sat on my lap, kissing up my chest to my neck and then finally my lips.

I didn't want to move for a couple reasons, Murichi may get mad and lock me up again, and I loved this. There was something about a woman that I loved. Especially when she rubbed her wet body against mine, caressing my breasts with her hands and sucking my tongue in her mouth.

I sat my hands on her shoulders and returned the kiss a little, unsure of if I should continue. I closed my eyes and blushed harder. I was... Imagining myself. Vanity was a treat to me after all.

I felt Murichi push me down on the floor, letting the water too around us as she let go of the kiss to let me get some air. She moved down to my breasts and sucked on a nipple, pulling on it with her teeth. I groaned in pleasure and bit my lip, nearly drawing blood at the experience.

Murichi licked deeply, as if my tits were candy and they were very delicious. She gave both love, however, and pulled against the other with her fingers. I arched a little as her other hand was sent down to my crotch. She didn't wait to shove two fingers inside my virgin cunt.

It was already soaking wet from the experiences beforehand, but became increasingly more due to the stimulation. I felt her fingers press against my walls in search for that special spot. Surely enough she found a lot of good spots, but she even gave my little pleasure button some stimulation by rubbing her thumb against it.

I moaned out and let my head roll back. While she sucked on one tit, and pulled at the other, she giggled and shoved another finger inside me. I went limp and took that, feeling her fingers inside me in such a pleasurable way.

I breathed heavily during it as she amped up the speed, and soon, she found my special spot by wiggling her fingers around. I gave a shreik, or something close to it, while placing a hand on Murichi's head. She quickly let off and even fingered me through my orgasm.

I squirted all over her hand, soaking it in my juices before she stopped a little after. She enjoyed over pleasuring by my deduction.

"Mmm~ such a nice taste~" she said, licking her hand. I blushed and gulped, turning over to my hands and knees to prop myself up.

My arms were taken out from under me as Murichi ran her fingers across my sensitive pussy lips once again.

She laughed a little before chiming, "Oh hold on there~ I wanna see how it tastes." She bent over in front of me and gave my cunt a lick. Her tongue felt much different than her fingers and instantly got me in a state of pleasure.

I let out a moan and she grabbed my thighs, hugging me closer to her tongue as I felt her mouth lips around my cunt lips. She gave soft kisses before broadening her tongue across my slit. It was agonizingly teasing.

A few suggestions went through my head before I settled on one I particularly liked. I quickly spun around and pushed her to the floor. For a second, she gave a look of fear as if I was going to murder her.

I sat on her face, grinding my snatch into her mouth as my girlish hips squeezed her head. She let out a playful giggle and slapped a thigh before licking hard. I let out another moan and bit a finger before using my hand to reach down and rub her through her panties.

She jerked a little and eyed me up from the floor. I smiled back, grinding her lips harder into me until she got the hint. She went back to softly licking up my cunny, giving me a couple shudders as I focused on propping myself up.

Her tongue danced around my puffy lips as I breathed at a regular, shuddered pace. It wasn't bad, it felt good to be in this state. I was whining like a little girl before biting my fingers. I was nearing my second climax and it felt so good getting there.

At the moment it hit I felt like I passed out. In fact, that's exactly what happened. My conciousness drifted away from me into the afterglow I felt. Maybe twenty minutes, an hour, since I was passed out?

I fluttered my eyes open and expected the blindfold to be replaced. Instead, it was the bright white ceiling of a normal room. I bolted upright and found myself on a rather plush mattress.

"'oly shit!" I heard a voice, along with the clatter of something from my left. I looked slowly and saw a bright, blue haired woman wiping away a bit of coffee from her mouth.

She was tall, busty, thin... Practically someone who had the best body money could buy. While looking her over in her outfit, she laughed a little.

"No, I'm not in the Navy, and yes, they're real~" she smirked while I blushed. She read my damn mind. She seated herself on a chair and crossed her legs, albeit rather slowly as if she wanted me to catch a glimpse of her undercarriage.

Her skirt was a little short... But no matter. I sat myself a little more comfortably as the woman took another sip of her coffee, "So, you've been asleep for five weeks." She flatly stated.

"Five... Five weeks?!" I shouted. Wait... My voice. It was more feminine and rather pleasing. "Whoa, wait what? Ooh~" I cooed at my sweet as honey words.

"Yup, you uh, got some more tweaks before we moved you to G block," the woman shifted and grabbed at her bra strap underneath her half jacket. "God damnit Murichi, you got the size wrong again..."

I cocked an eyebrow and smiled cheekily. As much as I wanted to know more about my five week coma, I wanted to know about this woman. "So... Who are you?"

"I am Alice Johanson, C.E.O. of -fuck- Alice Labs." The woman snapped the strap into place and leaned forward a little. "You are gonna be a... Uh..." She squinted and shrugged. "I forgot what Murichi called you originally, but you get to fuck all day, basically~"

I didn't believe her. I tilted my head to one side and she waved off her last statement before continuing, "Alright. You should have noticed that horn on ya, right?"

I traveled a hand, noticeably more chitinous and more like a glove off some armor, to a protrusion on my forehead. It stuck out a good ten inches, ending in a bolded point with some small ridges at the base.

"That, is an ovipositor. Of sorts," Alice made some jazz hands, oddly for no reason, "Basically, the stuff that shoots out of it takes th..." She got bored of her own explination and stood up energetically, pointing at me.

"That horn is like a penis! Shove it through someone and ya get 'em preggers with an egg!" She coughed, "Not recommended to Impail them, they need to be alive for that~" she smiled devilishly and sauntered off to a door.

"If you need anything, Murichi's on call to this monitor here," she briefly pointed to a holograph before sliding out and shutting the door. I grumbled to myself and looked around the near empty room.

I needed to redecorate...

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