The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 2: Catgirl's Naughty Fun

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 2: Catgirl's Naughty Fun

The Rogue's Harem
Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women
Part Two: Catgirl's Naughty Fun
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Chapter Four: Realized Desires

Sven Falk – Despeir Foothills, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

I had never been more dumbfounded in my life as I looked down at my sister's pussy lips spread open by Zanyia's naughty fingers. That pink, glistening tunnel, flexing and clenching as my sister squirmed beneath the lamia, beckoned to me. I had dreamed of sliding into her tunnel for so many years, fighting against the taboo desires to bed my own sister.

To slid my cock into her incestuous depths.

And she wanted it, too. I had no idea she desired me. And suddenly, all the times she danced before me, casting her spells, masturbating to power her magic, recontextualized in my mind. She didn't have to do it in front of me.

She used it as an excuse to show off her body before me.

We were alone in the woods. Well, alone save for Zanyia, and she wholeheartedly approved. My dick throbbed before me, so hard, still wet from Zanyia's pussy. The lamia grinned at me, her eyes flashing like a cat's, lips smeared with my sister's juices.

“Kora,” I groaned, falling to my knees. I usually felt so confident with women, taking charge, enjoying their bodies, leaving them gasping and moaning. But now I felt like a virgin boy between the thighs of his first love.

Like the night I took Ava's virginity back in Az before he ruined everything.

“That's it, Master,” Zanyia purred, her left hand grabbing my dick, her right still holding my sister's pussy lips open. “Just slid into her. Savor her. Love her. It doesn't matter that she's your sister. Love is what matters.” Her tail swished back and forth, ears twitching. “It's so wonderful. I've heard of it, and you two have it.”

I shuddered as she rubbed my dick against my sister's incestuous flesh. Pleasure rippled up my dick. I bit my lip, fighting the urge to let out a mighty groan. My body shivered at the taboo feel of her wet pussy against my dick.

“Sven,” Kora moaned, her voice so wanton, her pale hands grasping Zanyia's pussy. “I want this. I want you. Always. It made me happy when I saw you with Ava, and jealous when I saw you with other girls. I wanted that. I wanted to be your whore and your lover.”

“You want to be my whore?” I asked, shuddering as Zanyia swabbed my cock's crown through those plump, wet pussy lips. My sister's pink flowered tattooed above her shaved pussy as enticing as her snatch itself. “You want to be like Ava? Begging for my cock, loving me, and then screaming out with the pleasure I give you.”

“Yes!” she moaned, her thighs wrapping about my waist. “Fuck me, brother mine. Love me! I know I can't ever be more than your mistress. Your sister-slut. But I'll take it.”

I groaned as I sank into my sister's hot, inviting depths. The incestuous feel of her pussy engulfed my cock. Zanyia purred, her rough tongue lapping at my muscular stomach, her tail swishing back and forth as she squirmed her cunt on my sister's licking mouth.

Kora rippled about me. I held my dick in her depths, savoring this moment of our union. Brother and sister welded into one flesh. We came from the same womb, the same mother, and now we were sharing our bodies. I groaned, loving this moment of trampling societal taboos. My sister shuddered, her hips wiggling, her pussy clenching on my dick.

“Don't tease me, Sven!” she moaned, fingers digging into Zanyia's ass. “Please, please, I need you in me.”

“Love her, Master,” purred the lamia. Then she rolled off my sister, unveiling Kora naked form to me. Her breasts, the left tattooed with entwining vines and a pink flower over her heart, quivered, the amulet shining between them. Juices glistened on her lips, her blue eyes glowing.

I leaned down and kissed my sister hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. Zanyia's sweet cream flavored our taboo kiss. My sister's breasts rubbed against my chest, the amulet hard between her two soft mounds. She trembled, pussy squeezing and relaxing on my dick.

And then we moved. Together. Our bodies worked as I pumped my cock in and out of my little sister's depths. She moaned into my mouth, our tongues dueling. Her arms seized me, fingernails digging into my back.

Zanyia watched, fingering her pussy, purring with such joy. She crouched, knees splayed wide, her breasts jiggling between them. She licked her lips, her tawny hair shifting in the wind blowing through our camp.

“Oh, you two are so pretty together,” the lamia purred, three fingers digging into her cunt. “I'm so glad you own me, Master.”

The audience spurred me to pleasure my sister with all my skill, to thrust my cock into her depths and feel her quiver around me. Kora moaned into my lips, fingernails scratching at my back as her hips bucked more, meeting my thrusts. Her nipples rubbed into my chest.

My hand stroked up her side, up to her breast. I squeezed her round mound, feeling the plumpness of her. I groaned into her sweet mouth, the friction of my little sister's pussy building around my dick. My balls ached and swelled, growing tighter and tighter.

I wanted to cum in my sister.

To flood her.

And her pussy clenched on my cock, eager for my incestuous seed.

I broke the kiss, resting my forehead on hers, staring into her blue eyes. “Kora,” I groaned. “My sweet Kora.”

“Sven!” She said my name like a charm, a prayer. “Oh, Sven, yes! Rithi's beautiful eyes, I've dreamed of this. I masturbated to you taking me. When I lay with men, I pretend their you.”

“How do I compare?” I asked with a grin, thrusting harder.

Her pussy clenched on my dick, her thighs so tight. “They pale. Oh, brother mine, yes!”

“Sister dear!” I panted, the pressure building in my balls. “I'm going to spill in you. But not until I feel you quivering on my cock. I want to feel you cum, sister dear. You want to be my whore, prove it!”

She grinned at me, her hips moving, her pussy rippling. She'd mastered the arts of sex at the temple. She knew every position, every technique to please man or woman. I groaned, feeling the way she worked her pussy on my dick, squeezing, clenching, relaxing, the skill.

“Pater's cock!” I groaned, thrusting harder, faster, my balls smacking into her depths. “You are teasing me.”

“It's so much fun!” she moaned. “It's a whore's job to satiate her man.”

“You're doing that,” I gasped. “Pater's mighty cock, what a pussy you have, sister dear.”

I kissed her again, our tongues meeting. My finger and thumb pinched her nipple, rolling her nub. She trembled beneath me. Her thighs gripped my waist hard, her hips pivoting beneath me, swirling her pussy about my thrusting cock. The silky slide of her hot, incestuous cunt sent surges of rapture through me.

Her fingernails bit into my back.

She moaned into our kiss.

Her pussy rippled about my dick. Paroxysms convulsed her sheath as I plunged my sword over and over into her. I groaned, the massaging friction of her orgasm sending rapture shooting through me, increasing the heat boiling my balls.

My thrusts grew harder, erratic. The pressure reached its crescendo. My sister trembled beneath me, cumming on my dick, as I slammed my shaft hard into her. I had to cum. I was too close. There was no stopping me.

“Yes, yes, cum in her, Master!” yowled the lamia, her fingers plunging into her pussy with such juicy sounds.

My sister's pussy milked my cock. She wanted my cum.

And I gave it to her.

“Sister dear!” I howled, breaking our kiss. My cum fired into her convulsing pussy.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, brother mine!” Her thighs squeezed so tight on my waist.

I spurted so much jizz into her. My balls unloaded into the heaven of her pussy. I groaned and gasped, trembling atop her. We cried out our incestuous rapture together. And then I collapsed on her. I nuzzled into her neck, panting, moaning.

She moaned into my ear, “That was amazing, brother mine. Better than I dreamed of.”

“Yes,” I groaned.


Kora Falk

“Rithi's beautiful eyes and skilled fingers!” I howled, squirming on the bedroll in the tent as Zanyia lapped at my cum-filled pussy. Her rough tongue dug through my folds, licking out all of my brother's jizz.

Sven watched, leaning on his elbow beside me. His hand idly played with my left breast, tracing the tattoo marking becoming a Sunbeam of Rithi, what other priestly orders called an acolyte. Those had been happier days back in Az. Before our parents and younger sister died.

“Gods, you know how to please a woman, Zanyia.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” purred the lamia, her tawny tail swishing above the curve of her ass. She knelt with her rump thrust up in the air, her face buried between my thighs. Her ears twitched like any cat's.

Her feminine, mischievous face pressed back into my pussy, her rough tongue digging out more of my cum. I savored the lamia's ministrations, pleasure rippling through my body. I squirmed then gasped as Sven pinched a nipple.

A hot shudder rippled through me. Making love to Sven, being his whore and mistress, fulfilled all my girlish fantasies. Satiating them beyond belief. Just the memory of his kiss, of his body on me, burned through my flesh.

And Zanyia licked out the proof of our illicit affair.

After Sven came in me, he carried me into our tent and took me again. Another glorious union of our flesh while Zanyia watched in the corner, masturbating, so happy for us. The catgirl grew on me rapidly. Though it was wrong to keep her as slave, the simple joy she took in serving us and our incestuous love touched me deeply.

“Zanyia, you sweet thing,” I groaned. “Oh, yes.”

“Keep licking her,” my brother groaned, rolling my nipple between his fingers.

Tingles raced down to my pussy.

“Always, Master!” she yowled between licks, her tail swishing back and forth.

I stared at her tail, momentarily hypnotized by its flicking movement, a tawny blur slashing across the air, pausing and then slashing back. I ground my pussy into her mouth, moaning out my pleasure, bemused as the delight rippled through me.

And then her rough tongue found my clit. She lapped against my bud. My body quivered, my pussy clenching. I gasped out in rapture, my back arching. My gaze snapped up to the ceiling of the tent, the rising sun bleeding through the brown fabric.

“Rithi's beautiful eyes!” I moaned, crying out to my Goddess. “Oh, yes, Zanyia! Keep licking my clit. I'm going to explode on your mouth.”

“Yummy!” moaned the catgirl.

She flicked her tongue so fast against it. No human female had ever done it like that. Her tongue blurred as I squirmed. She drummed my clit. Every strike sent a rapturous beat through my body. My pussy clenched, forcing out more of my brother's cum from my depths.

Sven's blue eyes found mine, his handsome face grinning. “Just explode on her face, sister dear.”

“Yes, brother mine!”

My thighs clamped about the lamia's cheeks. I held her face in place as she played my clit. My body bucked. My toes curled into the bedding. I squeezed my eyes shut. Pleasure surged out of my spasming pussy.

Juices gushed out into the lamia's face.

She lapped at my cream and my brother's cum flooding out of my depths as I orgasmed. The pleasure surged through me. I bucked and groaned, shivering on my bedding. Sven kissed me, drinking in my passion singing from my mouth.

I quivered, a taut string of a harp plucked by a master harpist. My breasts heaved, the amulet swaying between them. The music serenaded my mind with ecstasy. Every note perfect harmony. A great crescendo surged through me, louder and louder until it hits peak.

And then the shuddering, buzzing decrescendo as it died to a delicious low, leaving me trembling.

Sven broke our kiss. “You are radiant when you cum, sister dear.”

“Mmm,” I moaned, a great lethargy sinking down on me. We'd been up since yesterday morning, traveling all day, and then our late night raid. “And you are masculine perfection. I should paint you in the throes of ecstasy.”

“I'd love to see that,” Sven said, his arms wrapping about me. “I would love to see you paint again.”

Though my blood simmered with the vestiges of my orgasm, and my heart rejoiced to have my brother's strong arms around me, sadness touched my soul. I couldn't paint him. Not so long as we were fugitives from Prince Meinard. Best I could do was make charcoal sketches.

As though he read my mind, my brother whispered, “We'll end him. We'll avenge our parents. Avenge Katriana.”

I nodded my head, fierceness beating in my heart. Fire roared in my memory. The horror of burning timbers crashing inward, great fountains of sparks spraying outward, smoke rising into the sky.

I rolled onto my side, feeling my brother's chest against my back, his breath on my neck. Tears burned in my eyes as I closed them. I trembled, fearing the dreams to come, the flames raging.

And then Zanyia snuggled against me, curled up in a ball, purring softly as she pressed her face into my breasts. My arms went around her slim form. She felt so light and young. Like Katriana. The smiling face of my little sister blossomed in my mind.

The flames snuffed as I pulled Zanyia close to me. I stroked her back as I drifted off to sleep. She wasn't our sister, but she had her innocence. Her joy of life. Laughter echoed in my mind instead of roaring fire.

No nightmares intruded upon my rest.

Chapter Five: Catgirl's Naughty Fun


My eyes blinked open, staring right into Mistress's round breasts. She still held me. I grasped her tits, snuggling into them, wanting to go to sleep. I closed my eyes, breathing in the sweetness of her scent, savoring the feel of her tits.

But I was awake.

My ears twitched. Other scents filled my nose. With a sigh, my tail swishing behind me. I rolled out of Mistress's embrace and into a crouch, my knees spread wide, my arms between them. I looked around the room, padding on all fours. I could walk on two legs quite well, but it was fun going on all four. It kept my nose closer to the ground.

I explored around the small tent, blinking my eyes. I reached their packs, opening them up, eager to see what was in there. Mistresses had spare clothing, more pink clerical robes, along with pencils and brushes, and even parchment wrapped up in oilcloth. Master's had more of his clothing, plus food and other supplies, a whetstone, more small throwing daggers that looked like crosses with four sharpened ends.

And a small statue of a naked woman, the details captured exquisitely in alabaster. It looked to be the size of his hand from fingertip to palm. I sniffed it, and then studied the woman. She looked young and so pretty.

“Who are you?” I asked.

Master moved, letting out a sleepy sigh.

I set the statue back down and turned my head. He'd rolled onto his back, his slim, though still muscular body, mostly exposed to my sight. Including his dick. It throbbed half-hard on his belly, twitching with his heartbeat.

I licked my lips.

I padded quietly around the sleeping pair, Mistress still resting on her side, her blonde hair falling over her shoulders, her round breasts piled together, the ruby amulet trapped between them. Master's right arm lay trapped beneath her. Sensing he'd pulled away, she rolled over in her sleep, snuggling up against him.

They were so beautiful together. Even if they were brother and sister. Like that should even matter.

My tail swishing more, I grinned, padding closer to Master's dick. My claws extended from my fingers for a moment. I felt like a kitten again, staring at a snake I wanted to pounce on and play with. I wiggled my butt.

And attacked.

My hands seized his shaft in my hands, lifting it up to my hungry lips. My tongue ran up his shaft, sliding past my fingers, and up to his crown. Mistress's tangy juices lingered on his dick, faint but still there.

And so yummy.

His shaft twitched when I reached the spongy tip. I circled it. He groaned, his face twisting as he felt my tongue. I'd never voluntarily sucked a man's cock before. But I'd never had a Master who cared for me. I grew up in Istandar Zizthithana's kennel, trained from early on to please naga and the human males who pleased them. They whipped me and beat me and forced me to do so many nasty things.
But I'd do them so willingly for Sven and Kora.

My pussy dripped juices down my thighs. My butt wiggled, my tail swishing faster and faster. I purred as I licked. Master's cock swelled in my grip, throbbing with his heartbeat, growing bigger and bigger. My tongue probed at his slit, gathering up his salty precum.

He groaned.

“You like that, Master?” I probed again.

He groaned, chest flexing.

“Yep. And I'd bet you'll love this.”

I opened my mouth wide, mindful of my sharp teeth, and engulfed his cock. He was bigger than my last master, Warleader Therek. I'd never have to suck his cock again. Master killed him. So I put all my effort into pleasing the dick in my mouth.

I sucked.

I swirled my tongue.

I bobbed my head.

My hands stroked his shaft and played with his balls.

I stared at Master's face, watching him twitch and groan as I pleased his dick. His eyes fluttered, moving back and forth rapidly beneath his eyelids. And then they opened, the blue of the sky staring unfocused at me.

“Zanyia?” he groaned, sounding groggy.

I popped my mouth of his dick. “Master!” I squealed. “You have such a yummy cock.”

My pussy clenched, aching to be filled. And Master's dick throbbed in my hand as he blinked sleepy eyes. He needed to cum. I needed to cum. And I had the perfect solution to make that happen for the both of us.

“Pater's mighty cock!” he grunted as I impaled my tight pussy on his thick dick.

“Oh, yes, Master, you fill my pussy up so nicely!” I shifted on him, my purr rising in my throat, rumbling through my body. My fingers scratched at his strong chest, my claws safely retracted.

“You are a wanton one,” he moaned as I slid my pussy up and down his cock.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my hips swiveling, my ears brushing the top of the tent when I reached the pinnacle of his dick. “You make me so wet. You're such a wonderful master. I have to please you!”
“You're doing that,” he groaned as my pussy clenched on his dick.

Kora's eyes flicked open. “Sven?” she murmured, sleepy. “What's going on?”

“I'm riding Master's cock!” I said proudly, my small breasts bouncing before me. My fingers curled, scratching at his chest. “He's so big. He fills me up!”

“Yes, he does,” Kora smiled, pushing back her blonde hair to expose her face. “Aren't you just such a wanton thing?”

“That's what Master said!” I beamed, riding his dick faster, savoring the slid of his cock in and out of my flesh. Burning friction swelled in my depths.

So I purred with such joy.

My thighs flexed, lifting me up and down his cock. I swiveled my hips, stirring him through me. All the things the kennel masters taught me, I used. I squeezed my pussy tight on his dick when I slid up him. I shifted my position, letting his shaft caress different parts of my depths.

Which sent new thrills racing through me.

Master's left hand, calloused from fighting, rubbed at my right thigh. He stroked me, grinning at me while his sister nuzzled at his neck. Her breasts pressed against his body. He held her with his right arm, his hand squeezing her curvy rump.

“Gods, Zanyia, you are so wild,” groaned Master, hand squeezing my thigh as it slid up to my waist. “Just so hungry—”

“Sven!” a small voice said from his pack, feminine and refined.

“Ava!” Kora gasped in fright. And then, to my utter shock, she bolted out of the tent. Literally diving naked through the flaps to escape.

“What?” I gasped, impaling my pussy on Master's cock, my head swiveling around. Who said that?

And then, climbing out of Master's pack, was the alabaster statue of the naked woman. I blinked my eyes, grinding my clit into Master's pubic bone. The statue moved with a willowy grace, hips curving, stone breasts jiggling like they were not made of hard rock but firm flesh. She climbed down from the pack and made her away across the tent to the bedding.

“I was so worried,” the statue said. “You didn't call me back after the raid.”

“Sorry, Ava,” Sven said, his right arm reaching out and snagging the statue about the waist with his thumb and forefinger. Not a hard grasp, but gentle. He lifted her and set her on his chest.

The statute took a moment to steady herself, shifting as his chest rose and fell with his movement. She turned around, staring up at me, hands going to her hips. “Well, I see why you were distracted, Sven.”

“That's Zanyia,” Sven said. “This is Princess Ava of Kivoneth.”

“His betrothed,” Ava added.

“I'm his slave,” I said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Slave?” The Ava statue whirled around, staring up at Sven. She stamped a little foot into his curly chest hair. “You have a slave?”

“It's complicated.”

No, it wasn't. “Master saved me from the cruel warleader who owned me. He killed him and claimed me.”

“I told her she was free,” Sven added. “She didn't listen.”

I giggled. “It was so foolish of you to try and free me, Master. I'm a lamia. We are all slaves. So you see, Princess Ava, he's my Master. I love him and Kora.”

“See,” Sven said. “No helping it. She just won't obey this one command I gave her to be free. She followed us back to our camp.”

“And you fucked her brains out instead of telling me you were alive?” The statue walked up his chest towards his face. “Sven Falk, if I had a bigger proxy, I would slap you so hard. I've been up all night with worry while you've been enjoying a lamia's pussy.”

“Sorry,” he said. He picked up the statue, bringing it closer to his face. His thumb stroked her buttocks. “It just all happened so fast. We killed the slavers, rescued the slaves, and we were just so keyed up. Had excess energy to release.”

“You, I can understand,” Ava said. “But Kora, too?”

“She was... tired,” Sven lied.

“Well I'm not happy about it, and you owe me something pretty.”

“Deal,” Sven grinned. “I'll steal you something beautiful.”

“You better.” Then the statue shook her head, her stone hair swaying like it were real.

I reached out and stroked it, feeling the hair as hard as stone and yet flexing. My pussy clenched on Master's cock. What amazing magic.

“I still can't believe Kora forgot to tell me,” Ava huffed. “Even if she were tired.”

Master groaned as I slid my pussy up his cock again, not fucking him hard or fast, but slow. I grinned as he shot me a look, then told Ava all about the fight and how he saved me. My heart thudded so fast, my pussy clenching on his dick, drinking in all the excitement of it.

“Well, that does sound like the adventure,” Ava said. “I'm hoping to get into my father's study soon. I have a new proxy that should work. I want to find out how he can control an entire army! That should be impossible.”


I slid my pussy faster, clenching, drinking in the friction. My breasts jiggled as Master groaned, “Yes. That would be wonderful. But don't take any risks.”

“He would never hurt me,” Ava said, bitterness dripping from her words. “He loves me.”

“Still,” Sven groaned, his finger still rubbing her ass. Did she feel what the statue felt?

“I had a new proxy sent to Cheyvn,” she added. “It should be waiting for you at the Buxom Lass.”

“We should be there in a few days,” Sven groaned, his eyes flicking to me. “Gods, yes.”

“Is that lamia slut still riding your cock?” Ava twisted her head. “You, whore.”

“Yes?” I moaned, staring at her.

“That's my man your fucking. So you better make him cum hard.”

“I will, Princess.” I reached out, picking her up from Master's grip. I held her with gentle fingers, my thumb rubbing at her small breasts. They were conical, her nipples tiny pebbles.

She let out a little purr of delight.

“Do you feel that?” I asked, stroking across both her tits with my thumb, my excitement spurring me to ride Master's cock faster.

“Yes,” she groaned. “I'm linked to the statue through imbuing it with my essence. I feel what it feel while I possesses it.”

“Wow,” I purred. Then I lifted her to my mouth and slid my tongue between her thighs, brushing the curly mound of pubic hair between her thighs.

“Oh, Gods,” she moaned, shivering in my hand as I licked her tiny pussy.

I grinned, licking her snatch over and over, tasting the alabaster, wishing I could taste her pussy itself. I fucked Master harder and harder, his moans echoing through the tent, almost drowning out the princess's gasps.

My hips swiveled, stirring Master's cock through my pussy. I clenched down on his shaft, riding him so hard and fast. His dick reached so deep into me. My back arched, my tail swishing back and forth so rapidly.

Pleasure surged through me. I purred as I licked the statues pussy, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. Every time I slammed down Master's cock, pleasure rippled through my body and sparks flared from my clit crushing into his pubic bone. I trembled, tail swaying, ears twitching.

“Oh, Sven, she's delicious,” groaned Ava. “If she insists on being your slave, you have to keep her. And treat her well. I want to meet her. I want to feel this tongue on me for real. This is incredible.”

“I want that, too,” Sven groaned. His hips thrust up, his dick knifing into my depths as I slammed down him. Then he bounced my light body back up his shaft, the pleasure surged through me. “I want to watch you squirm on her mouth and cum! You always are so beautiful when you cum on a woman's mouth.”

“While you fuck her from behind!” moaned Ava. “Oh, Sven, I miss you so much! I miss you in my bed! In my pussy!”

The statue convulsed in my hand, twitching, humping her small pussy against my lapping tongue. She screamed out in orgasmic delight. I made a woman cum in another place. I shivered in rapture, slamming my pussy down Master's dick.

My clit struck his pubic bone as he thrust up, bouncing me.

Pleasure shocked through me.

My orgasm erupted through me.

I purred so loud, rumbling out of my throat. My snatch spasmed on Master's cock as I slammed back down him. I squirmed, sliding his dick around inside my cumming depths. Rapture rippled through me.

“Gods, her pussy is milking my cock, Ava.”

“Cum in her, my love!” the princess moaned. “Flood her!”

“Yes,” he groaned, his hands squeezing my thighs so hard. He thrust up again. I rose halfway up his cock, my pussy spasming the entire way. “Gods, yes!”

Hot cum flooded my pussy. I yowled my delight, the jizz spurting so hot into me. My Master's cum. Maybe one day he'd breed me. I shivered, my pussy milking his cock of every wonderful delight as I trembled, my tail slashing back and forth behind me.

So wonderful. The best Master in the world. His sister loved him. And this princess who could possess statues. What a stud.

“Sven,” mewled the princess. “Oh, Sven, she is a treasure.”

“She is,” Master said, grinning at me, his sandy-blond hair spilling about his handsome face. The shape of his chin, the boldness of his nose, gave him a dashing look. The type of man who'd slip into a man's house, fuck his wife, and steal his money. And do it all with a smile on his lips.

“Bring me to his mouth, Zanyia,” Ava ordered, so imperious. She knew how to handle a slave.

“Yes, princess.” I brought her delicate form to Master's lips.

“I love you, Sven. I miss you so much.”

His lips touched her face.

“I love you, too, Ava.”

And he loves his sister. I almost blurted it out, but the way Mistress dove out of the tent held me back.

And then the statue went still in my hand, no longer soft-yet-hard. I shivered, my body buzzing from my orgasm. “Wow, that was so amazing, Master. How'd she do that?”

Chapter Six: Princess's Taboo Passion

Princess Ava – Echur, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch

I lay panting on the bed, the memory of Zanyia's giant tongue licking across my pussy and then up my entire body still burning through me. I rubbed my small tits, thinking they should be bathed in saliva. My nipples still tingling from my orgasm.

I shook my head, banishing fully the connection with the statue. I could still feel the proxy in the back of my mind, like I could feel all of them. They were waiting there, little knots for me to untie and open up like a box. Then I could slide my mind into them and control them. Few had the gift of Imbuing. Only those of with the blood of the God Krab, descended from several different demigods he'd bred with human women.

Until my father, we could only control a single proxy at a time. But he had an army of them. Statues of stone that crushed all in their path. In the decade since my mother's death, he'd conquered half of the warring provinces, seeking to reform the Kingdom of Zeutch.

Two hundred years since High King Peter's death, and no one had emerged to claim the old kingdom's crown. But now he controlled half the country. The western princedoms would fall to him. He'd be a tyrant.

I couldn't believe he'd let his own peasants be taken by Shizhuthian slavers. He had done horrible things before, but this on still shocked me. I thought he cared about his people. He may be a terrible man—he killed my betrothed's family, save for Kora, just to annul our union, and now wanted me for himself; he wanted to marry his own daughter, to violate all the rules of society—but I still thought he cared about being a good ruler.

It was a horrible thing to hate my own father, to plot against him, but the man who carried me on his shoulders when I was a child, who built me little toys he controlled to bring me such joy, was gone. Now instead of giving me delight, he took them from me.

“Princess.” The dulcet tones of my bedmaid, Greta, came from the doorway to my bedchamber. She stood there, trembling. The buxom girl, younger than me, wore a low-cut dress of black frilled with white lace at the bodice and hem. Blonde pigtails fell about the sides of her face. “Your Lord Father wishes to speak with you.”

I shivered still in my nightgown, the blue satin clinging to my small breasts, the fabric so thin. Would today be the morning he finally gave into his lusts and took me fully.

“Send him in,” I said, trembling as I reached for a robe.

He swept in past my bedmaid, thrusting her to the side. She gasped as she fell onto her backside. My father gave not one whit as he marched towards me, back straight. Ice eyes fell on me, sending a shiver through my body. Everything about him, his blond hair, his fair skin, his eyes were pale, like all the blood had leached out of his body. The satin doublet and hose he wore, both blue and gray, did little to add in color to his appearance. Even the red griffin, standing rampant over his heart, looked leached of vibrancy. The symbol of House Kivoneth should be bright and bold.

“Father,” I said.

“I heard you were sick, daughter,” he said, standing before me as I sat on the edge of my bed. “That you didn't rise for breakfast.”

“I couldn't sleep,” I said, looking away.

He took my hands, his fingers corpse-cold. “You look flush.” He breathed in. “Your skin so pink.”

I swallowed, the scent of my fresh pussy wreathing the air. “I...”

“Longed for your father?” he said, his cock swelling the front of his hose, the tight clothing clinging to his legs and crotch. He brought my hands to his dick. I shuddered at the feel of my father's shaft through his clothing. “Aching for me to visit you.”

I looked down. “Of course not, father.”

“You don't have to lie to me, Ava.” He held my hands against his dick.

I took a deep breath. My hands clenched his dick. Maybe I'd get away with a handjob. “I try not to Father. But you're just so....handsome.” I looked up at him. “Strong.” I licked my lips. “And bold. I never see you. You're always in council meetings.”

“Missing me,” he asked, his dick throbbing beneath my touch. “I miss you, too.” He let go of my hands to stroke through my strawberry-blonde curls. “Such a beautiful daughter. You've blossomed into a rose in her full bloom.”

“Thank you, Father.” My hands pulled down his hose. His cock came out, short and thin, the tip beading with precum already. I grasped it, feeling the warmth here that his hands lacked. He wasn't entirely bloodless.

Which was a pity.

His hand moved down to my cheek as I stroked his cock. His cold thumb slid across my flesh. I tried so hard not to cringe. If he believed me devoted, he would confide in me. I needed more information. Why did he need the slaves? What was his secret behind his army?

His thumb ran over my lips. He pushed it into my mouth, groaning. His dick twitched in my stroking mouth. “Such a beautiful mouth,” he groaned. “Your lush.”

I sucked on his thumb, my tongue swirling around it. Precum flowed from his dick. I stared up at his pale-blue eyes, his face twisting with pleasure. I stroked his dick faster and faster. Maybe he'd cum fast. It's been over a week since he'd stolen into my bedchamber.

I massaged his balls with my other hand, teasing his tongue. My hand flew up and down my father's dick. I sucked so hard on his tongue. I hated the way my body responded to his body like it would for Sven, the heat growing in my pussy.

Traitorous pussy.

“Yes, such a sweet mouth,” he groaned, pulling his thumb from it. “So loving.”

“Yes, Father,” I moaned, putting all the wanton lust I could into it. “I love you so much.”

I leaned forward, opening my lips wider. I engulfed his cock with ease. He slid past my lips. I could suck Sven's dick to the root, sliding him down my throat. My father proved no challenge. My cheeks hollowed, my tongue swirled.

His balls tensed in my hand.

“Yes,” he growled, hand grabbing my strawberry-blonde hair in a tight fist.

His precum flavored my tongue with exciting salt. As much as I hated it, the incestuous thrill of sucking my father off, of enjoying the cock that fucked my mother and impregnated her, shivered through me. My pussy grew so hot. I squirmed, rubbing my snatch against the sleek satin of my nightgown.

My clit throbbed. I closed my eyes, not fighting the urge. Let Father think I enjoyed it more than I did. I shoved my hand between my thighs, pressing the smooth, cool satin against my mound, rubbing on my clit through it.

It lacked the rough delight of Zanyia's giant tongue, but it sent a wicked thrill through me.

I let my wanton moans out, humming about the tip of father's dick. He groaned, his hips thrusting, working his cock in and out of my mouth. Such rapture kindled in his pale eyes. Passion spread color across his face.

“My sweetling,” he groaned. “My beautiful princess. What a queen you shall make.”

I dug my fingers harder into my nightgown. My juices bled through. My pussy clenched, the incestuous pleasure building in my depths. My clit drank in the slick feel of the wet satin, sparks flaring in my depths.

I sucked harder on his cock. I never looked away from his eyes. He groaned, both hands now gripping my hair, holding me in place as he used my mouth. His cock slammed into the back of my throat with every thrust.

“My darling princess,” he gasped. “Gods, what a queen. My radiant rose, yes!”

His cum spurted salty into my mouth. I shivered, swallowing my father's seed. It ran thick down my throat, warming my belly. The incestuous heat reached my pussy as I gulped down a second and third blast.

I rubbed my clit hard.

My pleasure burst through me.

I quivered, moaning about his cock. I sucked out the last of his cum as the shameful orgasm rippled through me. Such humiliation drowned my mind as the rapture washed through me. I squeezed my thighs tight over my hand, hating how greedily my orgasm made me suck at his dick.

“What a queen,” he panted again, pulling his cock from my mouth. “Thank you, my radiant rose.”

“Of course, Father,” I moaned and braced myself as he leaned down.

I hated the feel of his cold lips on my burning forehead. My breasts rose and fell beneath my nightgown, my cheeks burning. I hated how much my body enjoyed surrendering to his lusts, the way a part of me anticipated the day he spread my thighs.

“I will miss you.”

“Miss me, Father?” I asked.

“I have to travel. Building the kingdom presses on me.”

“Of course, Father.” I shivered. “I shall pray for your return and wait so eager for it.”

He gave me a fond smile, like he had when I was a child and sitting on Mother's lap. “Try not to rub your naughty pussy sore as you eagerly wait.”

“I'll try, Father.”

Then he put his cock away and strode out of the room. Greta curtsied as he past. He closed my door with a thudding slam behind him. I shivered, listening to his footfalls crossing my sitting room and leaving my apartments in his castle.

I let out a groan.

“I'm so sorry, my princess,” Greta said, rushing to the cabinet to fetch a cleansing drought of rose water. “It's not right what he does.”

“No, it's not,” I said, hating how my body still buzzed from my orgasm.

“But your performance was masterful. I truly believed you came. That you loved his seed.”

I didn't contradict her.

She scurried over with the crystal goblet filled with the pale-lavender drink. I took it, downing the sweet delight, parched from both my orgasms. When I emptied it, Greta took it back from me and hurried back to put it away.

“Greta, be a dear and fetch my newest proxy.”

“Of course, my princess,” she said, opening a cabinet and pulling out a cedar box stained dark brown. She brought it to the bed, sitting it on my lap.

I touched the box, running my thumb across the lock. It wasn't a proxy, but I had imbued it to lock and unlock at my touch. It clicked. I opened the lid revealing a small beetle expertly carved of jade, right down to the segmented legs. Gerhard had proven his skills worth every gold dupondius I paid him.

My thumb ran across the carapace of the beetle, a hint of its wings peeking out the back, hidden by its shell. I felt the bit of my soul in it, imbuing the construct. Most proxies I owned were in my own likeness, or at least were human.

But they didn't have to be.

“Let's find out what my father is hiding in his study, Greta.”

To be continued...

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