Taking Care of Needs

Taking Care of Needs

Yana is 26 from Shanghai China, she never married following Chinese culture, Chinese girls will not spend time alone with a man. When it comes to sex, Chinese women are traditionally shy and passive. Yana said " John, I will take care of your needs." " So, why are you are so reluctant when I kiss you and fondle your firm young breasts?" She replied " John, when I said that I shall take care of your needs, I meant that I shall take care of the work in the house, so that you can live comfortably." " Not my sexual needs." I said. " Yana, Don't make me laugh. I have servants to take care of housework. Being a man, I have other needs. The need of my cock. The need to kiss your tender lips. The need to fondle, kiss and suck your luscious young breasts and nipples. The need to touch and play with your virgin cunt, which has never had a cock. I need to thrust my throbbing cock into you!" She started crying and said, " No, John... please do not say such vulgar things." I got irritated and said, " Look, Yana...let me be blunt. I brought you here from China...not for marriage...but to live with me to take care of my sexual needs. Pictures of your lovely & delicate body excited me making my cock hard. I knew I had to have you...so I could caress, kiss and suck every part of your body. I fantasized on how I could enjoy your body." I continued crudely and shockingly, " As a matter-of-fact, I wanted to have the pleasure of roughly tearing open, your virginity and seeing you bleed and scream with pain, when my cock was in the process of doing so." " Now that you are here, let's come to a mutual agreement."

" You will receive a text from me when I'm on my way home...It will tell you to be ready...That means I expect you to be naked and waiting for me." I left for meetings at the office, I looked at my cell phone, it was I pm and my last meeting was ending. I texted Yana the message and to expect me in forty minutes. I arrive home going upstairs, as I
walk past the bathroom I see Yana standing at the sink nude. I take a step toward her, Yana feels her stomach lurch. She knows she is going to do this thing, but she grapples with the way it's playing out. For the first time since her arrival and our conversation, she wonders if she has gone too far. I put my hand on her side, just below her arm pit. My hands are big and strong. I easily cup her torso, using my thumb to brush against the side of her breast.
" Like this?" I ask. My thumb strokes her nipple, she enjoys the sudden sensation of my touch. It feels good to be fondled, to be touched. As her nipples harden, her reluctance melts away. She sucks in a breath, then exhales.
She hesitantly meets my eyes in the mirror. I smile, she bites her lip. I don't expect an answer, but she nods her head. She might be going too far, but she won't turn back now. I move closer. I smell like expensive cologne. Suddenly my hand is between her legs, rubbing her mound. My big fingers probe her soft pubic mound. Yana's mouth drops open. She didn't expect me to go there so fast. An objection is on the tip of her tongue. She wills herself to speak. But instead of protest, only a soft moan comes out. Her thighs begin to shake, she reaches for me to steady herself, feels the fabric of my shirt, my big body beneath.

Yana begins to gently rock her hips, riding my hand. She feels her wet pussy from her own secretions, rubbing against her swollen labia. The bathroom is eerily quiet, I'm gazing into the wall mirror, intently watching her reflection . Yana wonders what I'm thinking. Yana thinks of ' what it will be like to be intimate with a large much older man,'
I see her watching me and grins. Yana feels oddly pleased by my willingness to look her in the eye, acknowledging her. I stop fondling her, she smiles nervously. She squeezes her thighs together. Rocks her hips forward. Not sure what to do with her hands, she puts them behind her back. I take a good long look at her. She grabs her elbow. Waits.
" Nice," I say. I look her in the eye, my rugged gaze catching her off guard again. She feels her body flush with warmth, but she can't tell if it is humiliation or sexual desire. " I'm going to fuck you." I growl. This is what she has dreamed about, but she imagined she'd be married. She feels nervous. " It's okay," I say. I'm looking at her again. Sizing her up. " We're all alone," I whisper. She wants to make me happy. Her heart is pounding and she doesn't want to fall over. Her black leather shoes glow in the overhead light. She feels a warm glow. " Bend over," I say. " Hold onto the counter." Yana stands dumbfound for a second, even though she feels willing to comply. Her stomach tumbles. She dutifully grabs hold of the counter and bends over, presenting her butt. I slip my hand between her thighs from behind. I run my fingers lightly over her pussy. Her pubic mound is soaked.

She exhales noisily when I touch her pussy. She moans, lowering her head between her shoulders, her arms laying on the counter. She's ready for this, more than ready. My hand caresses the back of her neck. I softly coo to her, comforts her. Licking my fingertips, I place my hand under between her thighs again. My fingers rubbing her pussy, I slip my thumb between the warm globes of her butt. Yana loses herself as my fingers probes her slippery pussy. Raising her butt, she hangs onto the counter. I tell her I will be gentle introducing her to intercourse. After this gentle introduction then it will be rough when, where and as many times as I want. My language becomes coarser. She has never heard a man talk like this. She finds it strangely compelling. Relationships can be such mind games, but this is nothing like that. She begins to gently undulate her hips, softly moaning again. I stand by her side, one hand on her breast, the other between her legs. I'm playing her like a keyboard, my hard monster cock still in my pants. I tell her my monster cock will be painful as it stretches her hot tight slit, fill her cunt for the first time in her life. She is whimpering as she lets me have my way. Talk however I like. I move around behind her and push her legs apart. My pants are open and my shirt is up. My chest and abdomen is covered with thick black hair,
she gasps as she looks over her shoulder seeing my long thick cock. I'm stroking myself. Then I rub my cock head on the lips of her pussy. I'm about to do it, to do her. Yana feels a tingly feeling in the center of her chest. She wants to tell about her kindness. But it seems so random and difficult to explain. Before she can turn her thoughts and feelings into words, I push my cock between her legs, spearing her moist flesh. She groans, forgetting the kindness.

It hurts as I try to push the cock head further in her. " Oh God...John...it's to big...please stop...take it out."
A hard thrust follows, forcing more of my cock inside her.
“ Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………argggggggggggggg!” She shrieked as my heavy body leaned heavily on her, ramming my prong forcibly into her. The long silky black hair whipped wildly from side to side in disbelief of what was happening. “ Oh, pleaseee.…..pleaseeeeee.…….oh, it hurtssssssss………hurtssssss so baddddddd!” she wailed in agony, sobbing at this horrible fucking. “ Oh Godddd, ohhhhhh………help meeeee…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...…noooooooooo!” she whimpers as the cock pushed through her hymen. I'm turned on by the chants of the distressed beauty “ Oh….oh….oh……oh….oh…!” All in timing with each of my forceful thrusts. Finally, there is only 3” inches to go. She has somehow managed to take 9” of my thick snake up into her. I slowly reared back till only my cock head was enveloped. Then, I slammed into the petite frame with all of my weight, my cock plunging mercilessly and drawing a loud piercing scream. “ Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Yana screamed in agony as the intense pain shot through her.
She groaned, panting to catch her breath, with pain emanating from her ravished and brutalized pussy. Shivers ran through her pain racked body as I begin slow thrusting strokes, withdrawing my cock slowly and then sliding it back in. Bent in two over the counter, I lean further forward and this brought shock waves throughout her pain wracked body, but these are now shock waves of pleasure. Something she had never imagined experiencing, after all these years of dreaming of having a man inside her. My thrusts in this new position has caused my cock to now continuously rub against her clit, causing this never before felt sensation to continue.

Suddenly her mouth opened, her body tensing, arching up to keep the long snake of cock buried deep in her fertile womb. “ Ohhhhhhhh...…ohhhhhhhhhh.....……ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.…….ahhhhhhhhhh......…ahhhhhhhhhh.……..oh, yesssssssssssssssss …..yesssssssss!” she screams as contractions shook her entire petite body. Never had she imagined experiencing an orgasm of such magnitude. This orgasm made her dreams over the years seem distant. Her body shaking from the aftermath of the exotic sensations of a mind-shattering orgasm. Drifting slowly back down to earth, reality begins to set in as the pulsing snake pulsed madly within her, threatening to strike and spit out its venom. Fear set in as she contemplated the disastrous consequences should I unleash my seed deep within her fertile womb. Looking back over her shoulder, she begged “ Please...…please...John..…….please take it out....….please, oh please.....…I’ll get pregnant!” Then she gasped and arched up again in another mind shattering orgasm brought on by the hot gush of the sticky hot venom. Yana is in a daze and was not aware of what was happening around her. When her hips were released, her body fell limply onto the counter. When my monster cock was being withdrawn, she attempted to push back against me, trying desperately to keep the pleasure giving shaft within her. She is unaware of her pleas “ Oh, no…..noooooo……….ohhhhh don’t...…please leave it in!” Minutes later, her belly now empty of the monstrous cock, she is down on the floor and positioned on all fours. It is quite a sight with her creamy smooth ass making a beautiful presentation to me. Her thighs spread wide, thick slimy blood tinged goo seeping out of her, drooling down each thigh onto the floor below. Large hands on her hips, holding her steady, Yana was not fully aware of the danger of her position. Then she feels a thick hot arm lying on top of her buttocks. Then it came to her, I had one hand on each of her hips again, that hot fleshy bar on her buttocks was in fact my hot cock. Realizing what I intended to do, she begins squirming and tried desperately to escape the grasping hands.

Holding tight onto the small hips, I smiled knowing that the lovely young woman realized just what I intended to do. Nothing better than having an innocent young woman know my vile intent and have her squirm to save the plundering of her tight ass. I was going to love ramming my long cock up her tight little butt. Letting my cock slide down into position, I got the exact response I had been hoping for. Smiling, I listened to her stammering “ Please.…..please ..….no, John.....…please...…no one’s ever touched me there.……..please!” With a wide grin, I couldn’t believe my luck as I prepared to claim her cherry little ass and I was going to love hearing the beautiful young woman scream when I shoved it to her. “ Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh………..owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” Yana sobbed, her ass hurting so bad, even more painful than her pussy. Tears streaming down her face as she hung her head down in shame as I rammed my lengthy cock into her once virgin ass. What Yana didn’t expect was me reaching around her thigh to finger her sensitive clit while I fucked her. She groaned as the combination rubbing of her clit and ass fucking brought her unexpected pleasure and to a wild climax.

The humiliating and degrading sexual acts caused her to faint. She lay unconscious on the now cum drenched floor.
Two hours later, Yana’s eyes squinted as she tried to focus through the bright overhead light shining down on her. Where was she? What a nightmare she had just had. Trying to get up, she groaned at the sharp pain emanating from between her thighs and buttocks. Then it hit her, this had not been a nightmare. She had been brutally fucked by me. She managed to turn over onto her side, then looked down at her body, groaning at her degrading condition. Reaching down to her aching vagina, she groaned in despair as her first touch of her matted hair gave an indication of just how much filthy slim had been deposited in her. She groaned as she touched her tender cunt lips, inserting a finger into her puffy lips. Swallowing hard, she gazed at the withdrawn finger covered in a thick layer of grayish filth.

Fortunately for her, a large beach towel had been put on the floor. She used the towel to wipe her body, trying desperately to wipe her body. ‘ How could a man generate so much filth?’ she pondered. Crawling on the floor to get to her bedroom. She knew she was unable to stop me, in any way. She has to bear my perversions & lust. As I never use a condom, in all probability, I will certainly make her pregnant. Her life goes on. Only that--as I'm so huge, her body responds to me well and as a woman she is extremely satisfied.

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